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I call your tech support on 10/18/18 and a ticket was opened 00860716 for a very simple questions on the T5 thermostat.
Question was, what is the heat range of the T5, and I never got a answer, the staff could not answer. I could not find the range on the box or on your web site. I bought it anyway because I like an earlier model I have in my other home.
Here is the problem after purchasing I found the heat range is the same as the cool range 50 -99 degrees F which is much different then your other thermostats which have a heat range of 40-99 degrees and cool range of 50-99 degrees. This is important because I need the 40-99 range because I am not at that house very often I like the heat to stay around 42 degrees this will be a substantial heating increase to me. I am asking if you could allow me to swap my T5 for your T6 which has the specs I need and are very clearly printed. I asked all the right questions but you did not respond. I am asking again if you will give me a voucher or a call or send me the T6 and I will return the T5 , I am a avid Honeywell customer.
Thank -you for your consideration in this matter.

Craig Brooke
15 Haverstock Road
Franklin, ma 02038
cell 774-277-0286
home 508 533-3751


The Honeywell Customer Service is completely useless (whether you still have the Warranty or not!).
I have a problem with a thermostat. I repeatedly tried to call Honeywell Customer Care at 1-800-468-1502. The answer is always the same: ‘We are overloaded with calls. Please call later’ – and then hang up. I called the Customer Service at 1 (877) 271-8620. They are in India and tried to reach USA Customer Care at 1-800-468-1502 and SURPRISE, SURPRISE they had the same answer: ‘We are overloaded with calls’. I sent a message to Customer Support – no response.

Gregory Natanson


I bought a hot water heater at Lowes I have had it for 2 years now I have to keep lighting pilot for the last 4 month it has be going off! I had the plumber come back and tell me the Honeywell wv8840b1109 has a manufactures defect and should be replaced to contact Honeywell and they should send me a new one! I have had to light the pilot 4 time this month! I have 3 small children in house that can not go with no hot water! This has cost me a lot of money! I can not afford any more to have a plumber to keep coming out! I am a single mother and I can not afford to keep doing this! Please advise me what to do!


I am a very unhappy customer. I installed a Honeywell Furnace Humidifer two years ago. It was installed by Corestar, a reputable company servicing the Kitchener Waterloo Ontario region. I have had five service calls since it was purchased with a repeated problem of the unit leaking from under the humidifier. Today, I discovered yet another leak, with water damage to my basement. My Plumbing Company was called and indicated that they were unable to fix the leaking problem. They indicated that the problem is in the unit. I would request that Honeywell replace the unit or refund what I paid for the unit.

Total Cost $1,051.70. Lodder Brothers Ltd is the Plumbing Company who has been called a number of times and o also has Corestar. The Unit is the TrueEaseTM Humidification System. I look forward to your reply.


No complaints about Honeywell. I got a heater for my spare bedroom and it works great. However, it does seem like a pretty cheap product and the smell seems a littel weird when the unit gets too hot.


Honeywell have some good products on safes that one can use to keep their valuables. I have purchased a digital safe from them and its very convenient and of good quality. Model was Honeywell 5107 Steel Security Safe. It can be locked with a key or with the combination lock of your choice. You can choose your number for the code for the combination lock. It also tells you if the batteries are getting low. We are totally satisfied with the locker and are carefree whenever we go out.

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