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I purchased 3 toilet seat from Jadika bath world ,near samrala choke,Ludhiana .they asked me this seats in 10year guarantee or warrantee period. In which two seat handle leakage problem .I called your helpline number no one pick or response in this number.so I mail to you please look in this matter as early as possible.


Well we have homes in SW Michigan and in Chicago Have put Kohler products throughout both places. In our Chicago apartment we have two low boy beautiful Kohler toilets. One has a Kohler washout in lieu of the bidets we used in Mi home. The washout has worked well for about 9 years but twice the lid has disconnected from the seat itself due to poor design. We replaced the lid at a cost of over $100 the first time. The second time Kohler told us that there was nothing they could do and that the product had been discontinued. I believe the Model # is K4711or similar. As a result of poor customer satisfaction and lack of Kohler support to us we have ordered a Toto toilet and Toto Washout. Not what we would have chosen but what we've been forced into. All in all we have 6 Kohler toilets in two homes (all of which Kohler has records for) and this is how we've been treated. We were sent to some parts replacement company which charged us for the washout lid replacement the first time. Just wanted Kohler to know we are so greatly disappointed in your company to which we've given so much business. Gunther is a retired architect and always used Kohler sinks, toilets, faucets, etc. No longer will we recommend Kohler products to anyone We have discovered that Kohler competitors warrant their like products for life. Hope that Kohler corrects these issues going forward because we always prefer American made products.


I have a Kohler Kitchen sink faucet part number 10416-cp-ab with a manufacture date of 03/21/2007. This faucet started leaking out of the top and bottom of the unit, however the bigger issue is that the chrome on the faucet is peeling of in areas. I replaced the carried for the leaking, but the faucet needs to be replaced as it does not look good with the chrome peeling off and it has sharp edges. Please let me know what can be done to rectify this problem.


I purchased a kohler BEITOUtm Head shower with 3way thermostatic mixing valve for my shower area from Kolkata. Dealer name: Tile shop Topsia Kolkata for my new house along with other items of Kohler worth about 4 lacs of rupees.
I am having such a horrible experience with the above mentioned item that I am really disgusted.It is defective and they are asking for money and 2 weeks time to repair it
Please take necessary steps to install it asap and relive me of this predicament.
Even before I could start using it it is defective and your service people not only attend to complaints late but do not attempt to solve our problem


I understand there was a fire at the main plant in January and all orders were postponed. I'm not upset about the additional 3 week delay. It was the horrible delivery service! There was no call before the arrival as promised. When the guy came back a few hours later (because he couldn't wait the 20 mins for someone to be there), it was only 1 guy. How is ONE person supposed to carry a soaker tub and shower base into the garage?
My bad-back hubby had to help him, but what if he wasn't there? Was I supposed to carry this? What is the delivery charge for??

I'm so disappointed with this Kohler experience. Never again


On 8-9-17, I ordered a Kohler Walk in bath from E-Z Baths in Baton Rouge, LA. the E-Z rep that came to measure the area for the bath. A few weeks later the company representative called for a installation date the first week of SEPT. I gave them Labor Day 4-5 SEPT, as he said they would need two days to install it.
On 4 Sept. two of the E-Z bath installers presented to my home. They performed some demolition and when they went to install the bath realized it wasn't going to fit the area.
It was overwhelming for the area and the room. I told them it wasn't going to work and asked for an option? They indicated I would have to go with a different company. Thus, they loaded up the Kohler Walk in bath and returned to their company in Baton Rouge, LA.
The company representative had called me on the phone to see if I wanted to order the other tub? He said he "wanted me to be Happy!" I did not feel comfortable with the other tub he e-mailed me the specifications on it and said it was the same price. Would maybe be in by the end of the month of SEPT. I canceled the order on 9-9-17, as it is not going to fit either.
To my dismay, I feel that the entire experience was handled poorly. I am not interested in working with E-Z Baths.
Thank you for your time and interest in pleasing the customer. Any queries: call me at 228-233-0153.

V. McCann


I have 2 new toilets, and I'm already having problems with both of them. One won't flush, and the tank keep emptying on the other one. Now, I'm already having to pay for repairs, which is completely unacceptable. Both Kohler toilets were purchased at Home Depot, and are the same model. I have had nothing but problems with both of them since purchase: one won't flush and the other has all of the water emptying from the tank after filling. Also, the fill volume in the bowls is insufficient, and can't be adjusted. This is very disappointing for products from a company with such a good reputation for high quality. I would like both toilets to be replaced with another Model, and installed at no cost to me.


I purchased Kohler water tap from Goel Bath House Meerut for my sink about 01 year back. It got choked about 6 months back and water is not flowing properly. I requested Goel Bath house to resolve the problem but they say they only sell products for service and tell you to contact customer care yourself. Can you help in getting the problem solved.


My shower door, that was purchased at Loews, BURST for no reason. Parts of it were across the bathroom. I am grateful no one was in the Bathroom at the time. I went to Loews and they told me that you would sent me a certificate for a replacement.


I purchased 2 Kohler toilets with installation and they were installed by your plumbers ( Delta ). There wasn't anything wrong with the old ones but my city was giving a great rebate to install 1.28 gallons per flush and being a disabled veteran I put in ADA toilets. The lady who lives in the apt. under me complained of water stains on her ceiling. I spoke to Home Depot and they sent the plumber to look at it. The plumber told me that they were going to come back the next day to repair it, that it was a broken PVC under my toilet.

Now I'm told that they want me to pay for it or submit it to my HOA. I am so upset about this. I live on my military disability and my social security. I believe if it was done the right way the first time, this problem would never have happened. I should've realized it when it was installed because the plumber told me that he had to use 2 wax seals. My plumber said that it had to crack upon installation. Thank you for hearing me out.


In all my years of my business I always recommended to my costumers to use KOHLER since they are the top of the line. I retired and bought a house, so I ripped out the bath room and used all KOHLER bathroom products. It has been done now over 2 1/2 years and what I'm mad about is my sink the finish is gone its dull and even your faucet the drain cap is worn down to metal. The toilet has a stain like a old tea cup and doesn't wash out. I need help with this It's only me living here they should last longer then that. Please let me know what you can do about my complaint.


My plumber screwed up. He ordered an extension kit from a supply house. He drop it off. When I went to install it, the inside threads were damaged. Kohler customer service rep gave me the run around. I'm a contractor and I always recommend Kohler, till now. There customers service really SUCKS. I will not recommend or buy another Kohler product.


I wanted to get the excellent quality of toilet tools for my newly built house and I got it in Kohler. Kohler is the best provider for world-class toilets, shower, bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, whirlpools, baths, lavatories, toilets, bidets fixtures. Kohler is the leader of design and technology. Comfortable life is always luxurious and luxurious products are always of better quality. Kohler has the World's best suppliers to deliver the products on time and maintains the brand image always. I suggest you to try Kohler if you are planning for a perfect fixtures for your dream house.

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