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William handyman come gave me quote, but when I was ready and reached out to him to do work HE NEVER RESPONDED TO DO THE WORK NOW I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO DO THE WORK HE WAS TO DO!!


I had seemless white Alluminumm Gutters put on front back of my house back in early spring, April I believe. Home Advisor recommended Clarence Gibbs, General Contractor. Paid $1400 for The Gutters and 3 downspouts. Everything was good til rain started. Then the water just pours from underneath front gutter down on the front porch steps, which was main reason we wanted gutters. Very unsatisfactory work. I have contacted Mr Clarence Gibbs twice since then and continues to put me off saying they will get to it. Well it didn’t take long for them to come put them up, so why is it taking months to get them here to fix the front one now?
Mr Gibbs: # 252-202-5991.
P.O. Box 2387
Manteo, NC 27954
This is the info I have on Gibbs Construction

Thank you, Shelia Allen
Very Disappointed! $1400. Lot of money for gutters that don’t work!!! # 252-209-1426


We started getting harassed buy a Dustin Mickey back in December 2017 to join Home Advisor. He promised us all kinds of stuff that they build website they had so much work for him turning people away and he did not tell us about how we would have to pay for leads or any of the stuff. Then when March came or taxes came in all of my we had we went ahead and join because we believe in him and we've got nothing believe we've gotten have been bogus emergency room leads the snow is nothing there. In last Friday we were told that we could get our money back as long as it wouldn't been in 90 days and we called yesterday to go ahead and get our money back and they told us we couldn't that was not true and if you'd listen to your recordings the lady last Friday blue it was the 30th told us that we could get our money back this is all the money we have I need surgery is done and we were trying to get this business going to leave something to our children when we're gone these people had to come in and stolen our money nothing promised all this stuff and did nothing for us when I saw that you have a class action lawsuit going on and I plan on it's a scam hurting other people thank you. Oh awesome have emails of where Justin has sent me emails making these promises Dustin.


HomeAdvisor put in a shower. They failed to give me the sku and style numbers of bathroom tiles. The doorway was widened to 32 inches, but frame was left swinging in the air with no support. Because there is a one inch gap between wall and frame. Tile was installed in shower with a chip in it. Support does not respond to email or calls, has not repaired wall that was damaged installing new door. Contractor is a jerk, he also tried to get away with huge overcharges.


Has anyone had any complaints about Home Advisor? I knew Service Magic several years ago, they were an old school company.


I have used HomeAdvisor a lot many times. I put a request for what I need and they send me leads. They work really fast. Anyone that needs any type of repairs or service. Give Home Advisor a chance. You won't be disappointed. I have used their services many times and out of experience I am writing a review. Try them once and you will know how they work.

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