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In September 2014 our Carrier air condition unit failed to work. Under warranty AMG replaced the condenser in October the air con then worked but didn't seem to get as cold as some houses I've been in. I went to use the air this week found it didn't work again so went to get it regassed but the unit was full just phoned AMG but because the unit is now out of warranty. they say I would have to pay. My concern is that a condenser should last longer than 2 years and that the problem was first reported under Carrier warranty, so why a charge?


My outside heat pump units condenser fan stopped working last Friday 8-12-16. I called my service contractor and he verified the problem and was told he would contact his supplier to order a new motor (which is still under warranty) on Monday 8-15-16. My service contractor called me back on Monday and told me Carrier customer service informed my contractor they don't have the part needed to repair my unit and don't have any idea when any motors will be available.

I personally called carrier on hearing this and talked to Stephanie (a senior employee with carrier) she said they don't talk to customers only suppliers. I explained my wife has ''MS'' and medically cannot handle this heat. It is presently 81 in our house at 8pm, she again said there is no one able or willing too give me any info she would only give me a case #oo536922.


I have a Central AC model no 38 BB-180 serial # 100739. The thermostat is broken. The dealer does not have a replacement for more than 3 months up till now. I live in Cairo, Egypt and customer support will not help me. Please let me know how I can contact Carrier headquarters with my complaint. Can I file a grievance online?


Moving American jobs to Mexico is the problem! I will never be inclined to purchase carrier products and or tell anyone to do so. In fact I am going to do my best to tell people to boycott this company. Corporations are not people. People are people and America suffers for nafta and corporate greed.


Traveling on business right now but I wanted to show my support for the good people of Indiana. I will never buy another Carrier product again.


I just heard that Carrier is moving 1,400 American jobs from Indiana to Mexico. What a joke! Boycott Carrier. They want profits, fine. What will happen when they do not have any customers left here in the United States. Here is the link:

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