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I am a senior Citizen who after 4 months in hospitals and rehab centers came home only to realize that I could no longer us my bathtub to shower. I called Re-Bath and had a sales representative come out from the Troy location. She wrote up a proposal to have my tub removed and at my request she wrote up to have the liner come out to the wall which would make it 31 inches wide. This would make it easier for me to shower. She told me that I would no longer have to worry when I shower. I was told by her that my floor tile would have to be cut to accommodate the new liner as it would be wider than the tub I currently had and that it would be even with the new wall material they were installing.

I requested two grab bars for safety. The cost of doing this seemed expensive, but I knew I had to do something as I could not shower with what I currently had. I took a loan for the required amount as I am on a fixed income. I waited for about 5 weeks for the installation to get started. Upon arrival of the installer I was told the wall tile would not be removed, so I called Re-bath and spoke to the sale representative who was not only rude, but insulting, so I called the owner about my concerns and she assured me that I would get what I was told and on the contract.

I mentioned the floor tile being cut and the installer said it was no problem doing it and both the owner and installer assured me the end result would make me feel at ease and not to worry, so I let them start the work, which took about 8 hours and after completion was told not to use it for 12 to 16 hours. I was shocked to see that the liner was smaller than the tub, but what could I do as the work was already completed. The next day I tried to use it, only to find the inside dimensions were one inch smaller than what my tub dimension was.

I now have less room to shower and do not have the dimensions that the contract states. The grab bars are smooth and slippery as my hands slip right off of them and just recently the side grab bar came lose as it was put in with small plastic anchors. This could have resulted in serious injury, but thankfully my son was there to assist me as I cannot shower alone with the mess I now have.

After many phone conversations with the owner trying to resolve all of the problems they gave me, I realized I was being handled and was at a loss to resolve anything with them as they were argumentative and kept diverting from the issues I had. I have made complaints with the Re-Bath corporate headquarters, The BBB and hired an attorney all without any resolution as they have smeared my character, lied about the timeline, had their attorney prolong this ordeal so I would keep spending money I did not have.

The owner's of Re-Bath in Troy have caused me Grief, anxiety and daily stress all because they would not do what they were paid to do or be willing to put in the correct liner. No attempt has been made to correct what they have put me through. I was told to take down my reviews for a very small refund. I did and never received a penny. They have asked me to lie about what transpired and sign a release form. They continue to lie everywhere I post a review and pay to have them taken down.

This is an extremely expensive conversion and after the fact I have found much cheaper places that would have done a better job for half the money. I have also had to have shower doors put in as water spilled out all over the floor creating a dangerous situation. After I had already paid down to have this work done I visited their showroom about two weeks before the installation and asked about having a chair and shower doors put in.

The owner or Re-bath said I would not need either and now is responding to my reviews with trying to say I looked at everything before the installation and had prior knowledge of what I now have. This is not only not true, but I have a contract written by them showing that the dimensions of the liner are supposed to be 31 inches and instead I have 28 inches. Re-bath is a crooked company that will lie to make a sale and after that they are o to their next victim. Beware of this company and these people. I post this in hopes of saving someone else from being ripped off like I have been.

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