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Established in 1998, TaxAct® is one of the major companies in the US, offering budget-friendly digital and download tax preparation solutions for tax professionals, individuals and businesses. TaxAct is the only major company engaged in offering tax software for free filing for simple federal (1040 EZ/A) and state returns.

The company also offers customers with a ‘Price-Lock Guarantee’ that encouraging filers to lock in their deal. TaxAct also offers a comprehensive suite of “Do-it-Yourself” (DIY) tax preparation products, which have been designed to grow with customers, as their tax scenario evolves.

The company is headquartered at Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the United States. If you have a problem with TaxAct, you can call the customer support team of at 319-531-3626. Or you can contact them by email at the address

TaxAct, the flagship product of the company, has been designed by professional and highly qualified tax accounts and programmers. Common issues with TaxAct 2015 Online Editions include four simple, quick and affordable products. They are all customized to address the needs of taxpayers’ unique filing situations, including Free, Basic, Plus and Premium. 

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I tried to file my taxes electronically but because I could not find my prior years code I had to US Postal mail it that evening... Yet I paid for the basic and the deluxe filings. Concern and question is... will both be deducted from my return and why was this 'glitch' the thing that prevented and inconvenienced me. I usually have no complaints about your service and program but I thought i would bring this to your attention. I do not want to pay twice and wish there was a way, electronically of proving my identity and getting that needed code and save much needed time.


The guy Ed who did my taxes is awful. I’m having an issue with getting me refund. And told him I wouldn’t use them anymore. Because of lack of assistance. He stated thanks.


i filed online my taxes on feb 23, 2019 and have not even got a response from the irs that they received it....every time i call they say they have no info on me....please help me get my refund.anthony miskar


First, always paid for a CD and can no longer get one. Second, have problems with the program itself as it is not a intuitive as it was previously. Last, but not least, find it next to impossible to reach TaxAct customer service. This was the case even when trying just a minute after the office opened for business. Due to the much high price and the problems encountered, will not use TaxAct in the future and would not recommend it anyone.


I have been filing my taxes with their company for the last 4 to 5 yrs. They are charging extra for imports, but when I click on it to import my information from the following yr, it doesn't transfer. Then they say that the following yr would be at a cheaper rate and it isnt. Please look into this. I believe they are ripping off customers. And when trying to call the customer service #, they give me the run around.


Cannot contact any TaxAct people on their website - it is screwed up...

Guess I'll have to find another tax Company to file my Taxes with this year..


I just spoke a customer service which and she was very rude and not helpful at all, her name was Monica (so she said) she called back twice to say something smart back to me, which was very unprofessional!!!

I needed to access my account, which I was having trouble doing to change a social security number that I inputted incorrectly. Monica, from taxact support, told me there was nothing she could do for me. I have been using taxact for years and never have I encounter this problem. I will not be using this anymore, therefore I am forced to go else where. What a shame.


For the second year in a row using TaxAct program for my state taxes I have gotten them sent back. The information that was given was correct. The was that TaxAct process the return was incorrect. My wife is retired from the state of Michigan and a Michigan Pension Schedule has to be included with the form. It was not. Her retirement was listed as a different income. I now have to submit another return after paying for this one. I have a bit of a problem with all this. Plus I had to pay for e file. Because they did not include this schedule they had me paying $485 instead of receiving a $320 IRS refund. I want to know how I can contact TaxAct corporate office with my complaint.


I signed up with TaxAct online to do my taxes. Something happened and the website shut down and logged me off. I went back and could not get my password right. Has anyone else called corporate to complain about their system? Seems like there is lots of problems and just in time for tax season!


Continue to be impressed by the team at TaxAct. I will probably still go to H&R block this year, but if I do change I will certainly check them out.


Love these guys. I went to check out there software and found an easy-to-use federal income tax calculator. I did not even have to sign up to use it. Wow that's customer service!

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