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Equifax is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and powers the financial future of individuals and organizations around the world. The company organizes, assimilates and analyzes data on more than 820 million consumers and more than 91 million businesses worldwide. Its database includes employee data contributed from more than 5,000 employers.

Equifax corporation operates or has investments in 24 countries in North America, Central and South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. If you have a complaint or dispute you can send mail to Equifax Credit Information Services, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374. You can also call the corporate to dispute a report at 1-866 349-5191 or for questions related to becoming an Equifax business customer use 1-888-202-4025.

The services Equifax offer are Credit Report Assistance where in you can get free annual credit report, Dispute info on credit report, Request a fraud alert. You can also phone customer service to place a security freeze on reports and purchase credit score. The company also offers Credit Education where in one can learn about Credit Score, Credit Report, Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection.

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I have been trying for over 2 months to place a security freeze on my credit, so far Equifax has gone out of their way to prevent me from doing this. I have answered all their questions correctly that the y asked over the phone, they claimed they couldn't verify it was me. So asked me to send in my information including copies of drivers license, utility bills, birth certificate, I sent everything they asked for, for myself and my husband in the same envelope. A month later my husband received a letter stating that they received his information and had placed the requested security freeze, two days later I received a letter stating that they received my request for a security freeze but they were unable to process it because I didn't provide the documents needed! The documents were in the SAME ENVELOPE as the request, and the same envelope my husbands information that they received was in!!! These people are totally incompetent at doing there job!!!!


Equifax's "customer support" is filled with a bunch of ignorant people, who do not even know their basic policy procedures.

I have been trying to get a removal of my credit freeze since the beginning of June 2019. However, since I don't know the exact month and year I put the freeze on, I'm denied.

Further, because I can only get one free credit report (I've used mine), the free monitoring trial I used to get a copy of my report apparently does NOT match "the official report Equifax has." So, when asked a series of questions about my report, I can't "pass the security questions about my report."

However, I relay my personal information:
Name, address, DOB, etc. But for Equifax, that is not enough. To get my information, I had to fax in a copy of my driver's license and social security card, and wait TWO WEEKS for an update, as I was told it could take up to 14 days.

BUT, when I did that, I went through the same issues! Then, I demanded to talk to a supervisor. However, I was then told that on my cover letter, I HAD TO SPELL OUT THAT I WAS REQUESTING A LIFT ON THE FREEZE, SOMETHING THAT NEITHER OF THE RANK AND FILES MENTIONED TO ME! I would have waited ANOTHER TWO WEEKS, AND NEVER KNOWN THAT I NEEDED TO REQUEST THE FREEZE ON MY FAX'S COVER LETTER!

I just tried to confirm that they actually received my fax from 06/24/2019, and THEY REFUSED to do that via chat. They want me to call in, and I would go through the same issue for the third time!

How is it that I can get copies of my credit info from a credit monitoring site (something I would have to PAY FOR, if I don't cancel the trial!), but I can't even get a freeze lifted, contacting Equifax, direct?

As long as I am on it, why should we have to ever pay for our credit reports, or access to our FICOs? This is our personal information. With the data breeches, and Identity Theft targeting even kids--with hacking technology that allows them to *predict social security numbers*--and Identity Theft being HUGE, We The People should be able to have full access to our reports and FICOs, and any other information, as our credit is virtually everything from jobs to getting a place to live.

I had put a freeze with all of the agencies, and only spoke with Equifax, as that is who my Credit Union used for pulling my credit. As a result, I have a few Hard Pulls. I haven't spoken to the others, as I don't want to fax in copies of my driver's license and social security card to more companies whose "customer support" appears to be in India.

Also, if by the credit reporting agency's "logic," if I have all of my information, but can't answer information about my "official report," then how do they know that the person faxing in the driver's license and social security card didn't steal it? I know my personal information, and have those forms of ID, but it's not enough.


Called to find out why my credit report requested via phone on May 4, 2019 has not yet been received. Could barely understand the girl on the other end of the phone. I answered all of her questions and then she asked me to FAX a copy of my SS card and drivers license. At that point I asked for a supervisor who informed me I had failed the identification questions. He also had a difficult to understand accent. I then asked for his supervisor - he said he had none. I asked for his name and he said it was Eugene. I asked for his last name and he said he could not give me that. I asked for his badge number and he said it is pxr143. I asked for a phone number to call with a complaint and he said there was none!

Where do I go from here?


Me and my wife requested our free annual credit report on 4/6/19 from our home telephone. We still have not received as of 4/24/19. We called last week and they ask all personal info and even want to know all my about my credit card and loan info. I told them I called them to send me a report so I could verify their report was correct. Switched to a supervisor. Told me to call back Monday. My wife called back on 4/24/19 and they did the same thing to her. He left the telephone with her Social Security # to look up her account. Came back asking about loans, credit cards, etc. She gave him information about a loan. He wanted more information. She told him "Do I have to give you all my whole credit report from last year. She said she was going to call FBI to see if they are legit. Equifax was hacked awhile back. It seems we are always talking to an Hispanic person at Equifax. I am not Hispanic. So, am I talking to someone from Equifax trying to steal our identity and they want all my information? We have received all our others credit report but this one. We have never had a problem getting our credit report until this year.


Just now looked at credit Karma and my Equifax score dropped 7 points citing 3 reasons. Increase at Belks of 81.00; decrease at Synovus in excess of $100.00; and decrease in Suntrust account in excess of $1300.00 for a net decrease owed in excess of $1300.00. This makes no sense!!!! I previously complained about a 47 point drop in my score with no change in my credit. Said it was going to executive committee some 3 months back and I have never heard anything. What a poor way to do business!!!!


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my Equifax confirmation number 2775585371 dated 6 june 2018.
claimof 534000.00 is not mine.small claim court.
plaintiff; elle mortgage corporation.
I checked with small claim court they confirm its not mine and they don't handle any claim over 25000.00 dollars.checked with bigger
court they says file number on credit report is not correct.contacted plaintiff they says they have no claim against me plaintiff lawyer
suggested to contact court and Equifax to correct the mistake. I checked with Equifax and send them the copies of my communication
with plaintiff but my credit report is not corrected. I need correct file number from Equifax and details of the claim. everybody is washing
their hands on this issue and negative credit report is jeopardizing my finances and business. please I need help I cannot afford to hire lawyer.




I finally get an email 9 days after a decision was made regarding a dispute. I still can not get access to view the result, I have called numerous numbers listed for Equifax and seem to get stuck in a never ending loop of wasted time. Never once getting an actual human being to help me. I tried online chat and was told to call, so I call and the automated time waster tells me to go online. WHY WONT ANYONE HELP ME GET THESE RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!! A simple response from an actual human being could go a very long way, instead Equifax just wants to drive people crazy by sending them on a continuous loop of disappointment.


This company is reporting incorrect information. Needs to clear negative out of files and stop hurting my credit rating. The negative charges from 2010 needs to be removed at once. Otherwise I am going to end up calling 1-888-202-4025 to tell management exactly how I feel.


If you want to know your credit report, credit score, check your credit rating and get identity protection with daily monitoring and alerts then Equifax is the right point to step in. It not only provides individual services, but also for Business and Commercials. Equifax 3-Bureau Report, ID theft insurance are all special services given by Equifax. Each product is available for the fixed price and you may also cancel at any time. I suggest you to opt Equifax for safer transactions. You can register here online and get the services anywhere and anytime.

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