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I received two emails yesterday to say that one of my orders was unavailable and my money was being refunded. Order no (29395369. I went ahead on this information and ordered another gift for my friends in Essex. Today I received an email from Aldi to say it's oK the order is still live and will be delivered.

You need to cancel the original order and refund my money. I realise mistakes happen but this is a disaster. My friends will think I am being overly generous this year.


I made the mistake of buying my adult foster daughter a cell phone. She promised she would not default on the bill. I would like to know why you did not shut the phone off before you turned a huge bill over to I.C. Systems for collection. I talked to a very nice gentleman at I.C. Systems and made arrangements to pay $100.00 a month for 11 months. the final payment would be in December for $147.00. Totaling $1247.00.

A couple days ago, I received another phone call from a very rude girl from IC Systems telling me I am responsible for the entire bill. I hung up on her. Both phone conversations were recorded by I.C. Systems. My husband is retired and I am working part time to pay this bill. I am also a senior citizen. So far, I have sent I.C. Systems $500.00 of the total I originally agreed to pay, $1247.00. I don't own a cell phone and don't want to. But, I have talked to several people about this and all of them said that if they defaulted on their bill, after the second month the phone would have been shut off. Again, why wasn't it before it came to this?

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