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Toll free phone number: 1-800-543-3562

LifeLock an American identity theft protection company that helps detect fraudulent applications for various credit and non-credit related services. LifeLock offers many products including Standard, Advantage, Ultimate Plus and Junior monitoring services.

If you have a problem and need to reach LifeLock customer service call toll-free 1-800-543-3562, customer service hours are 24 hours a day.  LifeLock Standard offers identity theft detection and alerts within its network, lost wallet protection, address change verification, black market website surveillance and reduced pre-approved credit card offers.

If you need to reach the head office, the company is Headquartered at Tempe, Arizona and located at 60 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 400, Tempe, AZ 85281. The CEO is Hilary Schneider and her direct email address is

LifeLock announced its plans to take its identity theft protection business public and filed for an initial public offering worth up to $175 million.The company started with a $2 million in seed funding, with another $5 million in its Series A funding in 2006 from Bessemer Ventures.

Common issues and complaints relate to everything in the Standard plan plus fictitious identity monitoring, court record scanning, data breach notifications, credit card, checking, and savings account activity alerts, and an online annual credit score and report through TransUnion.

LifeLock Junior protection provides identity theft detection and alerts, credit file verification, black market website surveillance and file sharing network searches. LifeLock also provides a $1 million guarantee in the event of identity theft.

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Cannot give MINUS stars
Am NOT impressed with them. After you tell multiple agents about compromised identity, and them taking detailed notes, you still have to write it out all again on their forms. They do not listen but ‘hear’ what they want, then do what they want. Have requested many times to be removed from mailings but they don’t take info to be removed, so continue to get their junk mail.


Just spoke to your rep named Grace, who was supposed to resolve a week long issue with my account. She had no idea what I was talking about (even though I had been assured any agent would be able to help me.) The conversation was torture because she spoke with such a heavy accent I had trouble following her. She did not REALLY listen to me, and more than once just took off on Lifelock talking points from your manual - I had to interrupt to be heard. She got my payment schedule all wrong, and still kept reading from some script which further confused me; the more she read, the faster she talked, making it more difficult to understand her. At the risk of "offending," may I suggest that you hire people for the phones who speak English better - it is embarrassing and frustrating for all, making for an unpleasant and inefficient experience. Also, PLEASE LISTEN to us and identify OUR problem before you start giving us "answers" that don't fit our situation! This call could have been a lot shorter, and my question answered quickly IF your agents were not required to go through some telephone protocol, AND if they spoke English proficiently. Lifelock has a sterling reputation, upon which we rely, and for which we willingly pay. BUT, this call fell very short of my expectations, and shook my faith in Lifelock and its agents. If you listen to a recording of my call, you will understand my point. I'm sure Grace is a lovely person, but we need agents who speak English clearly! In a PC culture, 'we' are pressured to say nothing; but this is not personal, it is about the professionalism and efficiency of Lifelock customer service. This experience fell short. When language is a barrier, then Lifelock needs to accommodate its customers, not its employees. Thank you for your consideration.


No phone service available after signing up!
Hour long wait times, listening to awful elevator music, then the call drops and you have to start all over!! So unbelievably frustrating.


It's incredibly frustrating to try and vet your account or even get a refund on cancelled services. It was so easy to sign up, but now reaching the billing department to request a refund? How impossible. Can anyone help me?


I haven't been able to get on to the Lifelock customer service portal. I've asked the employee's and they either don't care, don't know, or won't check to see if it's turned off.


Lifelock is supposed to protect you. But my complaint is that the charge you so much money up front that you are getting scammed. I tried to call the Lifelock customer service number, to ask them about their services, but it was closed. How are they going to protect me if they are closed for business?


Thanks to Lifelock that secured my information and identity safely. My colleagues who have face several issues earlier suggested I get Lifelock secure my information so that it doesn't get miss used. Lifelock made me understand the implications incase our details are used by fraud people. This could cost a lot if we do not keep our information and details in safe hands. That's why I choose Lifelock to do the job of securing my information. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their details safe and not getting them in wrong hands.

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