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Charles Schwab ( is an American brokerage and banking company based in San Francisco, CA. With over 300 branches nationwide and over 12,500 employees, Schwab reported revenues in 2014 as US 2.9 billion. Charles Schwab is traded publicly on the NYSE: SCHW.

If you have a problem with your account you may call 1-866-855-9102. You may also write to the CEO, Walter W. Bettinger, II at 211 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. You may also call corporate headquarters at 415-667-7000. To set up a new or log into a current account you will find the Customer Login Center here.

Founded in California by Charles W. Schwab in 1971, Schwab became a leader after the deregulation of brokerage commissions in l975. During the downturn of 2008 Schwab went mobile and to the cloud. You may find social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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Terrible experience with Quicken Loans which administers the mortgage services of the Schwab Bank. Our closing was all set but Quicken Loans would not advise us of who would be coming to our home to perform the closing. I guess we were expected to allow a complete stranger in our home. I asked several times about the identity of the person and who the person worked for. Quicken sidestepped the question. I cancelled my application which was approved for closing. I am a former employee of Charles Schwab and was surprised to experience such awful service.


My son was home from college over Christmas break, I noticed his left rear tire was not hold air pressure. We removed the tire and took to our local Les Schwab tire center. They said it would be done in an hour, returned an hour and a half later told the tire was fine. Tire still not holding air took to Discount tire in next town. They said it had not been dismounted anytime soon and the leak was around where the tire and wheel meet. (bead). They cleaned the bead and mounted and balanced no charge. Excellent service. Just like Les Schwab use to be. You would think they would help out when you are sending your kids back to college 5 hours away. Les Schwab business model has definitely changed in the last 10years. Great spokesman for Discount Tire though.


I filed a dispute about 8 days ago after being contacted by Fraud prevention. I was contacted by a dispute rep and was basically called a liar. She said someone I knew used my card and I had my card and was at the gas station at the time of the transaction. I told her I would get a police report and she basically said it will do no good. I was robbed by both t\he individual who use my card and my bank. There is no assurance your money is protected with this bank and I will notify my employer of the in satisfactory service.


I would like to start off letting you know I have been a les Schwab customer for about 20yrs.I used to think les Schwab was the best place to go. All my family and friends use them. Well I have to say that the last 10 years or so the quality and service has dropped traumatically. I have had several things happen to me. first I bought 4 really nice rims and tires. My rims are black with some silver I guess you would call it..I've noticed that the holes where the lug nuts are were getting very chipped up, I went to les Schwab and they tell me that's from rocks on the road. now I'm not stupid, but how can I prove that unless I can video each and every time they rotate or do something that would deal with removing the tire. I too have a friend who had the same similar problem. Les Schwab said they are not responsible for that. All this was at the les Schwab in maple valley, WA. Next I have a rear seal blow. Took it to les Schwab in Milwaukie Oregon. They fix it. I get back to where I was staying at the time and noticed the center cap missing. Called them they have no idea. I live in port Angeles wa. I get back and they got me a new one. Free of charge. cool ok les Schwab her in port Angeles rotates my tires. My boy friend goes to do a brake job and notice one of my lug nuts are the wrong size. tooo big oh they give us the right one. just recently port Angeles les Schwab rotated my tires. now my 4 locks and key lock are all missing. but they are will to sell me some. so where did my tire locks disappear too and they key. Something that I paid for when I bought the rims .so i I'm very up set and I wont be dealing with you guys anymore and I will make sure everyone I know knows about this. I have spent a lot of money to you guys and them to be treated like this.. Is it because I am female and you think I don't know anything. I go to les Schwab and ask them to look it up on there computer to show I bought them and the rims and they tell me they cant go back that far. So now hopefully I can find my receipts. what a Hassel. also they is this guys that works at this les Schwab hes tall older guy with glass and very short thin hair drive the vehicles like he is a race car driver. Not very professional. then my boy friends daughter took her car there and watched them break one of her lug nuts and say they didn't even though see saw it and said something they flat lied to her face right there. why because she is a young female. And they charged her for it. anyways as you can see very un happy. you guys better get better employees who care or you guys will probably lose a lot of business in time.If you want to reply its fine if you don't that's fine too. just means you don't care that's debbie


Ultimately, I do not have any strong complaints against Charles Schwab. I will say this. The recent commercials about "the big company that acts like a small company" really bother me. It's not genuine or honest at all. This is a huge investment company! And they do not act personally like it shows.


Charles Schwab helped me a lot to understand the current share market perfectly, fair market price comparisons, reasonable brokerage fees with attractive discounts and absolute customer-centric services. However, I will say that sometimes their customer service is less than great. Also, good luck getting ahold of someone to helpĀ  you at the corporate office. They rarely prioritize helping customers out at all. If you are a share market savvy, then Charles Schwab is the right place to make your right choice if you watch your account. Just make sure you have money set aside for fee's and do not expect support anytime soon.

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