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TransUnion is a major global provider of information and risk solutions. The company is engaged in offering solutions that helps businesses optimize risk-based decisions and aids customers to better manage and understand their personal information.

TransUnion is headed by Mr. James M. Peck since December 2012, who is the President and CEO of the company. The corporate headquarters of TransUnion are located in the Chicago, Illinois. Complaints related to credit disputes and claims can be written by hand to P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016.

If you have a problem, call the TransUnion customer service number at 1-855-681-3196. The best hours are Monday - Friday, from 8am – 11pm EST. The technical services support team can be contact by phone at 1-800-985-4208 or email address at You can also get technical service online at

Some of the major product complaints of the company include customer credit reporting, fraud and ID management, analytics and consulting, data breach services, credit education solutions, healthcare revenue cycle management and portfolio management, among others.

Outside of their primary credit report complaints, other problems reported by customers relate to AdSurety, Prama Suite, DecisionEdge, eScan, TLOxp, CreditVision Suite, ClearIQ and Identity Fraud Score.

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I submitted a dispute about my credit report and asked what exactly is the collection record for. Nobody could even tell me, yet they have no problem putting it on your report and say by law they have to put it on there if requested. Then They spin the question on the dispute to the balance is wrong not what I asked and say its verified. So I call today and speak with Rod a manager and ask why they didnt respond to my question and respond in 30 days and he wouldnt answer my question directly and just hung up. So without any knowledge of what this collection is for they just put up whatever. No proof of it as I requested. Now he wants me to start all over for the third time And they wonder why your mad when you speak to them. They act like robots and cant even be understood most of the time. Its a real pleasure having to speak with them. Not really.


A few months a go, you took off about 40 points on my credit score because of something submitted by Retail Associates concerning an ambulance billing from EMS, Shreveport, La, from a year before..that of January 17, 2018. What you DON"T know is that my insurance to Blue Cross/Blue Shield and to Medicare were submitted in a timely fashion on the day that the emergency occurred. A month later, to the day, February 14, 2018, I had another emergency requiring EMS Services and submitted the exact same information to them that I had submitted on January 17, 2018. For some reason, even though the billing was handled the very same way, the January 17 ambulance ride was never submitted to my insurance company or to Blue Cross. Fast forward a year, to March of 2019, and the EMS Station that handled my January 17, 2019 ambulance ride to Christus Highland Hospital on East Bert Kouns in Shreveport submitted my "non-payment" to Retail Merchants Association in Shreveport. I immediately contacted Retail Merchants and discussed this issue with them, and then I proceeded to contact EMS billing, as well. From my end, I did all that I could do to rectify the huge hit you gave me. A few days ago, it was stated on my credit information, by you, that I had "paid my debt", no other information, and you only "rewarded " me with about 8 credit points.

I am furious that this will stay on my record as a "late" pay, and that you have only returned a meager amount of credit points, when I am totally not at fault for any of this. Please, please rectify this false claim as you have left it.

Mary Beth Tucker


Called to correct information on personal information. Answered all questions to document who I am and then was informed I had to send validation information to them to correct their incorrect information. I asked if she understood the hypocrisy of that request and she could not understand that I had already verified who I am just to correct their wrong information. She refused to assist in any way. She stated some creditor had provided the wrong information years ago and that TransUnion will not correct even though I have verified who I am and have provided them with the correct information. Inept and rude. She continually interrupted me during our conversation.


Poor customer service. Chantel Smith is a supervisor in the specialist department. She is rude and in professional. She refused to listen to my concerns and pretended to hang up on me. She later returned to the line after I stated I was contacting the FCC to report this concern. I again attempted to explain the situation to her and she would not listen and told me she was done and then asked if there was anything she could help me with. I again attempted to explain the problem I was having and ask how we could resolve the issue. After explaining the concern again she became hostile on the phone and told me to hang up. I asked to speak with her supervisor and was informed she has several and that wasn’t going to happen. She then put me on hold for a long period of time. A male Marvin Williams answered and stated he was her supervisor. I explained the problem and concerns I was having with both chantel and my original concern. He informed me new information that I would need to do to resolve a problem Transunion caused back in September.


Martina Grey (supervisor) and Richard Smith took my call and did not listen to my problem. They repeated over and over that Transunion uses a "model" different from Equifax and Experian. My complaint was that the scores reported for Equifax and Experian on the Transunion site had not changed in a year yet the scores for Transunion had. If they were using the same "model" on all the scores, then all the scores would fluctuate and that obviously there is an error. Not to mention the fact that they are reporting scores from Equifax and Experian that are almost 100 points less than Experian and Equifax report on their sites. I have a score from the Experian site that is reported as 697 and the Transunion site the Experian score is 597. I accessed these scores on the same day.


Hello my name is Michael Taylor and on 5/12/2018 I was try to retrieve my 3 credit bureau's from Annual Credit Report .com some how I got transfer to I assume that I was still on Annual Credit Report .com so I call your call center and spoke with Dana Emp# 3326
I told her my situation and how it was a mistake then she ask me for my info I gave it to her and then she looked into it and said unfortunately I can not refund you money because you click to authorized for the funds to be removed I explained to her it was a mistake and how I though I was still on Annual Credit Report .com and how I would not have purposely do because I though I was just give my card info like I do every year and she treated me like I was a lair as if I purposely did this and I did not I believe it was going to charge 1.00 like every year I did not want to pay 29.95 for something that I free then she said I can show you where you agreed for the funds to be removed again I told her this was a mistake that this was my mothers day gifts money she said sorry sir no refunds I ask to speak to her supervisor then there are no supervisors here until Monday I don't want the service I don't even know what it is I just need my money back please I did not purposely do this


This credit reporting agency is horrible. The support stinks, they have an internet support and a consumer relations dispute support and the two do not communicate nor can either one see all my account info. It sounds like they only have people from India working for them, is this a company based in the USA or India? And we wonder why we have data breaches all the time with many of the scams coming from India, Dell computers has the same issues of data theft from their India support for the refurbished sales department.

Anyway, nobody was able to help me after more than 3 hours on the phone with different people, supervisors etc. People laughing in background because the lady I was talking to could not pronounce the word characteristics when they read their scripts as responses as to why I would not be able to have access to my own credit report online with a vague response, then some guy was dictating to her to say based on information in your account because she couldn't say characteristics. I asked well what was the reason for not being able just to CREATE A LOGIN to their website so I can gain access. She just kept reading generic response that I can't get access but couldn't explain why. I asked for a supervisor, she didn't seem to want to transfer asking please sir I can try to help you, I told her to explain why I can't get access to my account so we could address the issue then got the same dead end. PLEASE transfer me to your supervisor....

Got a supervisor and and apparently the previous girl cleared up the 219 error which is multiple reports submitted to my account or partial reports from creditors which needed to be cleared up in the data transfer. Supervisor told me there were no errors on account, I asked and he confirmed it could be a possibility because previous girl cleared up the error however I would have to call back another number for their internet department in order to get a login created 855-681-3196 the consumer relations dispute department offline is 800-916-8800

Finally after trying to create a login myself online and getting the same error, called the internet help and was told it may take a long time for the updates they did to hit my account before I can create a login. I asked if they could communicate with their other department to resolve the issue instead of me having to call back and forth and nothing getting resolved so this lady called back the consumer relations dispute department explained what happened and transferred my call. I spoke to this guy who ended up filing the disputes for me over the phone however after I asked if I would EVER be able to access my own account online and he said I needed to subscribe to Transunion in order to view my account info online? What nobody else knew that? Is it free or a paid for service? Free

OMG WTF.... this is ridiculous... So now have to call 800-813-5604 to subscribe free to "something" in order to get online access.

Worst communications, support etc. of any credit reporting agency. Who the hell is monitoring these people and their access to our information.


Your fucken assistance with fucken credit is just a shite website


Firstly they don't answer the phones keep dropping the lines. Call center agents are totally clueless. I am trying to get 2 invoices to pay for Imperial account 5248 and Danmar account 100843 without any luck. But TransUnion cannot give us services. Send mail to my home and support addresses without getting any response back. Is anybody working at TransUnion to assist me please?


I have had a Target Red credit card since 2007. They refused to take my payment on 8-17-16 at 11:20am when payment was due by 8-16-16. I called the moment I remembered and as always intended to pay in full. I always pay any amounts due in full. Citing they have made a late payment exception for twice in 12 months, they could not take this payment and remove late fees of $25, interest and the negative reporting to the credit bureaus including TransUnion. This is stupid. three times on 8-17-16 and 9-26-16 I asked for a supervisor and was refused. I was placed on long holds and told a supervisor would call me back within 24-48 hours.

You're telling me that inside of this massive corporate Target organization, there is not one supervisor available to talk to me? I want the late reporting, fees and interest removed. I only have a $200 credit limit with them anyway. It's not like this is a big limit card. the amount due on 8-16-16 was $90.88. 9-26-16 phone calls only infuriated me further. One tried to strong arm me into paying over the phone and not even listen to what i had to say. What sort of shim/sham operation is this anyway?


I have had my credit checked lately and TransUnion have told me I only have a 780 credit score, and I have never been late on any payments in my history and have payed off every loan. And every credit card with consistency, all these years,,the only reason you gave me was I didn't owe enough people,and that should be a plus,,not a minus. I am presently seeking legal counsel about this but I wanted a response from you folks at the TransUnion corporate offices before I proceed. I am not some credit default person. I should be in the 800's.


I am a victim of credit card fraud by TransUnion. When I tried to use their web site to place a freeze, the site wouldn't accept any pin I created. Tried for over a hour, then tried to get phone number to find out why web site wasn't working. Has anyone else had problems with their credit report?


I'm complaining about your TV commercial for using/help destroying one of my childhood memories of the King and I, play and song of "Getting to Know you", I grew up with that song and had the opportunity to see the live play with Yul Brenner and Debra Kerr and has had a very lasting vivid impression and shame on you for associating this song with crime and identity theft. That commercial is very insensitive. I'm asking that you please remove that commercial. I will also email the TransUnion complaint dept. with my feedback.


I was glad to use TransUnion to see my recent credit score. However, the site seems pretty slow to load and it was a little scary getting my financial information by credit card online. I would like like to see Experian and TransUnion have a more trustworthy website. Their corporate office would see less complaints that way.


We paid off a vehicle through our credit union refinancing program with TransUnion. After the vehicle was paid off with Toyota, Toyota continued taking a payment from our checking account of over $500. This is a LOT of money for us. They will not give me back my money, (which they agree they owe us). without a lengthly and expensive process. I will spend hours getting them esoteric information I have never heard about from my bank and then faxing it to a long distance phone number. I'll get Fax charges and long distance phone charges. I can only guess what will happen with this paperwork in their system.

I wonder how long I will be in a struggle to get my money back. How many times must I fax this information to TransUnion before it gets to the right place? This is setting up barriers on purpose to prevent customers from getting money that is due to them. There is no reason for such a long and expensive process. They would not accept emails or personal delivery of these papers to any dealership. I loved their vehicles and we had been long time Toyota fans, however, their financing is set up to cheat people. I will try to avoid Toyota dealerships and TransUnion in the future.


Reporting that I filed for bankruptcy protection. I had been a victim of identity theft. It's someone else. This credit bureau isn't helping me out with this public record deleted information.


Hi , I am deeply upset Vodacom has listed me on Transunion and I don't know for what reason. I was applying for a bond and First National Bank declined me. I phoned Transunion and asked am I in arrears with Vodacom , they said "no" and I asked them but why am I on you records ,they couldn't give me an answer. I phoned Vodacom and asked if my account was in arrears and they said " no , your account is up to date and I have never ever been in arrears with Vodacom. " Vodacom can't even give me and answer. Please could somebody from Vodacom help me as I need to remove my name from Transunion. This urgent so please sort it out.

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