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TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation is an American brokerage firm specializing in corporate-led or personal stock market investment/trading. There are over 5,000 individual registered investment advisors and 6 million clients. TD is publicly owned and traded on the NYSE:AMTD. In 2013 revenues were reported as US 2.7 billion. There are over 400,000 trades every day by ‘trade architects’.

If you have an existing account you may call 1-800-669-3900 to receive Customer Support. You may also find contact us information for English, Spanish and international help. To contact CEO Fredric Tomczyk with a personal postal correspondence you should address you letter to him as TD Ameritrade, 200 South 108th Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska 68154. The corporate phone number is 1-800-237-8692.

Joe Ricketts founded TD Ameritrade in 1975 in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2010 TD announced a strategic relationship with AARP. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Tried several times to withdraw the final amount in my account ($750) but TD Ameritrade rejects it each time! Was planning to re-invest $500K back in when I understood what Trump was doing with the economy and tariffs etc. However, this final debacle has turned me off TD Ameritrade, will re-invest in another company instead.


Dec. 20th I called and asked what it would cost to purchase shares of GE. I was told $ 6.95. Today, the 21st, before writing ck., I called to make sure of amount. When figures didn't match instead of $ 6.95 I was being charged $ 99.00. I refuse to pay that amount. We have four accts.: # 862834378, 789059786, 885026432 and 885026435. Total value over $ 900,000. If necessary I will move these accts.


I received a phone call from an investment firm today that reported that td had made a referral to them and were interested in my potential business. Upon questing they said I had given permission to td for this soliction. I had not. I expressed my disbelief that td would do this, especially without my permission. The man did sound credible and knew about my td connection. He reported that his company has a partnership with you. What gives? Do you guys really do this? I have a very large amount of money and have been contemplating getting back in the market with you people but now I am feeling skeptical. Please explain.


I use TD Ameritrade banking online to pay my monthly bills. I usually date them for the 4th of the month since that is when I get my Social Security. Some months TD can send payments electronically but most of the time it is by check.

I spoke to the bank & was advised that it is your fault since the company that you use accepts a limited amount of electronic payments. A few months ago I ended up overdrawing my checking account a few times because my payment was deposited before the date on the check. October's payment was going to be a little late so I called and made arrangements to get an extension until Nov 8. When I was online with TD last week I made the pay date Nov 4 a day after my SS came.

Today I found out that TD sent a check and with the holiday on Monday Nov 7th I am worried how long it will take you to post it as paid to my account as I only have till Nov 8th to pay what I owe. I can't believe a Fortune 500 company cannot get their payment department in order. You certainly charge enough for your products. This never happened before you switched companies a few ears ago.


I am TD Ameritrade user and been asked to move my account. The service is bad and seems no response or very slow in response in account or application opening. I have just moved all my funds from TD Ameritrade and I am facing the difficulty in trading the Future Options. My orders had been rejected and I had submitted the Form 13 and Signature card to TD Asia but yet I didn't receive any email response to my case.

I don't know whether the email successful send over, is the form submitted successfully go thru or in progress and ready for me to carry out the trading? I called them and the response is there are too many email queuing and they have to view and clear or the request one by one. Is there resource constraint in Singapore and causing all the delay? Please help as I am thinking should I request to transfer back the account to TD US?


Tried to get a mortgage loan as a Canadian. The various departments could not figure out what was required. Offered us a favorable rate, in writing. then changed their mind and increased the rate with no real excuse. then out of the blue changed it again. We sent bank documentation our required documentation in excess of 30 times. They could not understand it. I provided job verification- been in same job since 1995. They did not believe and requested 6 times. I have close to 50 emails often asking for exactly the same thing.

We lost confidence and went elsewhere. Have received money and now I m told I owe TD money- which was paid a long time ago, they won't do business without up front documentation. Now I am told I was denied mortgage- is this sour grapes. I don't want it but it states my credit rating is negative. I have an excellent credit rating. Cant believe this and I want my name cleared. This is just the tip of the iceberg I don't want to write total report here. I am disgusted by their service


This morning, I contacted Ameritrade headquarters, I was just calling to ask about my accounts or just investing. I was literally screamed at by an Ameritrade representative, for some general questions!. I will not detail the conversation which lasted about two minutes. Not to mention the sarcasm along with the screaming! I believe with our modern technology, these discount brokers as Ameritrade will no longer be a necessity!. Researching, on your own will lead you to a wider scope of business investments that are suitable for you. If not, I would definitely consider another brokerage other than Ameritrade. The screaming by Ameritrade was not the reaction I expected of professionals not a spoiled child, and very immature.


Year after year I receive an annual dividend from a thinly traded company. I have not received voting proxies, annual reports or timely dividend payments. The latest word is that the dividend paid on December 10 could take up to two months to reach my TD Ameritrade through Cede by the payor and Broadview/DTC representing TD Ameritrade. In a time of instantaneous funds transfer through the automated clearinghouse, this type of delay is completely unacceptable.

TD Ameritrade employees would not work for two months without receiving their paychecks, why should their customers? A manager had the hubris to leave this information in a voice mail. We have had three accounts with this company and its predecessors for over 20 years totaling three-quarters of a million dollars, but I am looking at moving all of them with this continued poor service.


The application says that my stop loss limit was not executed. Why does TD continue to have bugs when I try to trade online? Shouldn't this be the kind of thing that you can use quickly and easily. Come on I moved my funds over from another trader but now I am thinking twice about the decision.


I had placed a stop limit order to protect my down side. Well the stock went down and only approx. 3% of the stock was sold and I lost over $20,000. This is an unacceptable practice and would like TD Ameritrade to refund all the money that was owed or I will have to take other action. Please advise ASAP.


Just received my IRA for IRS - no gains for 2014. I registered with TD Ameritrade under their superior reputation for IRA's! Must be old news or past history of Amerivest part of Ameritrade! I cannot imagine the Amerivest teams that invested my earns on absolute junk mutual funds! I am tempted to contact the Amerivest team handling my IRA account with Amerivest! Amerivest deserves a special reward for despite record strides in the stock market 2014, I had nothing to show for any gains for 2014.

A stupidity and incompetent award for Ameritrade in lousy choices and decreasing rather than increase my investment IRA!!! I will not detail all the problems I am having and have had already with this company! I do have another account there. I should close the account and transfer to my other brokerage. Despite the fancy platforms, ( which countless customers have incurred huge losses) Ameritrade is a phony example of a shining star!

Zero Customer Service along with stress and aggravation on-going! If you have not considered Ameritrade, consider yourself lucky! Save yourself the problems many individuals, are experiencing with Ameritrade! Speaking as a disappointed client with Ameritrade, use my example as a guide to not choose this company.


I was making withdrawals from the TD bank on Bayard street with my employee id for 11 months. Today the philipino teller asked me for my license. I told her I was in my lunch and that she has always taken my employee id. anyway I had to walk back to my job in the cold to get my license. Then i came back just to have to wait behind 4 people in line. I was waited on my the black female teller time who began to help a co worker while helping me(holding me up longer) just to tell me she has to verify the check i deposited on saturday and was a a available today(tuesday). long story short i spoke to the assitant manager who spoke to his boss who said i had to wait another 20 minutes to withdraw money that was clearly available(that was after 50 minutes). how to ciminals steal when i cant withdraw my own money honestly.


I bought 80 bonds at what I thought was a very good price on the morning of 7/11/11. Within minutes, my account shows the bonds and their market price. Showing a nice profit, I put them up for sale a few hours later. About 15 minutes after putting them up for sale, my account value plummets by $70K and the bonds are gone. Not sold… gone. I call up and they tell me the original price was a mistake, and backed out of the earlier transaction. Don’t count your chickens even after they hatch with TD Ameritrade. I doubt they’d ever consider backing out of a deal if I was on the losing side.


Every investor MUST check out and click on BROKER CHECK to find out what this fraudulent, unscrupulous, and extremely unethical TD Ameritrade (and its option broker THINK OR SWIM) did to their customers. Numerous frauds/misconducts committed by this damn broker are listed there. Do not become a victim of this evil broker at TD Ameritrade or their unethical practices with our money. We must make them go out of business to make a better society so that unsuspecting, naive, good people can invest with peace of mind. If I had known about the FINRA website earlier, I should have filed many lawsuits against this damn broker to protect myself in the long run.



Over $50,000 was taken out of my account by TDAmeritrade without my permission and now refuses to return the money. After many phone calls, TDAmeritrade still refuses to return my $50,000. I never thought of the physical location of my online broker as a material issue in choosing a broker, but noe, to sue, I need to go to Nebraska to file. This is a really bad broker and needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. It is so huge that they have call centers in so many locations that you cannot ever get in touch with anyone with authority. My advice to customers and consumers far and wide is to get as far away from TDAmeritrade as possible as soon as possible!


TD Ameritrade promised they would take care of me, but so far they have not lived up to expectations. I have given td ameritrade my confidence and my money, but they keep ignoring me. I hope that they learn how to treat their customers before they go broke! Thanks for nothing TD!


Not only did they not protect us from someone going ahead and drawing money from our account without authorization, but they also forgot to complete a deposit of over a Thousand Dollars just the other day. We logged on the other day to fill out paperwork for the issue with the money drawing and it was two weeks before we heard any response about the ordeal. The great people at TD Ameritrade forgot to completely submit the paperwork!! Go TD!!! Yeah i feel comfortable having my money being taken care of by these geinusses.

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