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Network Solutions, LLC is an American technology company that offers domain name registration. Domains are the largest and most profitable division inside of the company. Common complaints against Network Solutions relate to domain names, web services, web hosting, website design, and online marketing.

The company allows you to buy any domain online, however finding support is challenging. If you have a problem with Network Solutions call the customer service hotline at 1-888-642-0221. If you need to reach headquarters you can write to 13861 Sunrise Valley Dr, Herndon, VA 20171.

Today, the company operates all over the world and has acquired more than 6 million domain names. The current CEO David Brown founded the company in 1979 and expanded their technology to various parts of the world. You can reach the CEO or any other member of the management team by calling the corporate head office at 570-708-8700.

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We have a been a loyal customer for over 10 years and paid to renew our website again this year before the expired date as we do each year and due to a error on Your end that did not renew the domain name in the package as it was suppose to be for day the website was not avaible and right now it still can't be pulled up from a mobile phone. Showing it has expired and need to be renewed after all the time was spent on the phone yesterday and they said it was fixed...


this company is a joke! they are not here to help you no matter what!! My business has had problems with these people for years. Always want to sell you something NOT TAKE CARE OD ISSUES! And this is the last straw, I've been talking to them for over two weeks trying to get a ssl certificate installed and installed properly while each day google is down grading my web site through them because no one knows what they are doing!! Also i am told by there employees that something is wrong with there soft ware, and i purposely have had a ticket since last week to escalate this and get it fixed! I talked to them over TEN TIMES!! They are just mad i did not buy the ssl from them, when you can get it for $15.00 all day long! they wanted $69.00 before i bought mine! This is suppose to be a do it your self web site, but they do not give you the tools to do that like other web sites do! So you have to call them and then they try to sell you something!

they also will make changes to their software and the way your web site is sent out to the places like google, bing and other etc. and they will not contact you! When you eventually find out its to late your rankings have been lost, your positions, and your business goes down the to-lit! This is total BS!!!


Network Solutions allowed an individual using the name Masatoshi Tsuji, and using and e-mail address of tm@WAKAYAMA.COM to virtually steal my Gold VIP account with 7075 domain names. They have not made an effort to help me recover my Network Solutions account. Somehow this person was able to authorize a password change, and then consolidate my account with his.

If anyone has had a similar experience, please let me know.


I have recently changed my telephone and internet services from Earthlink to Comcast. When attempting to point the domain for my website,, from the current "Choice One" to "Comcast," I found that this operation could not be performed. It took two phone calls to the Network Solutions technical support to determine that the difficulty was that I was listed only as a "technical" contact, and not as the "primary" contact. I do not know who the primary contact currently is (I was told that I could not receive this information), but I suspect it was an employee who first built the website, back in 2002. This employee no longer works for me. In fact, my business is currently down to just one person--me. All communications I have had from Network Solutions have come to me, and no one else. I am the only contact you have for this business, and I am the president and owner of the company.

When I asked how I could have myself designated as the primary contact, so that I could change the domain pointer, I was told that I would need to send copies of utility bills or various other documents to verify my existence. (Keep in mind that this is the existence that pays Network Solutions and receives all other correspondence from you.) I explained that I do not have a working scanner and could not email these documents. I asked if there was a fax number available, and got transferred to the "fax team." From a person from this team I was given a fax number, and told to fax the documents in question. I asked if there was any form that needed to be filled out. No, I was told, I should just send a letter with the forms. I would be contacted when I was designated the primary contact, I was told.

I did this one week ago, on Aug. 23, 2018. I have received no response of any sort since. I called the Network Solutions Support telephone number today (800-333-7680), traversed through countless menu choices and other menu choices from there, and yet still other menu choices, and got to listen to commercials for Network Solutions, and finally was connected to a network support technician. I explained the problem again (for about the fourth or fifth time), and was told that I needed to fill out a form, which he would send a link for. I told him that I was told I did not need to fill out a form. He said I did. I got to the form from the link he sent, and discovered that I needed to send certain documents (see above) in electronic format along with the form. There was no place on the form where I could explain that I have no working scanner and that I had sent these documents via fax.

So, I am back to square one. I want to change the domain pointer. I cannot do this because I am not designated as the primary contact for the account (though all of the correspondence I have ever received from Network Solutions has come to me, even though I am not officially recognized by Network Solutions. I cannot get myself recognized as the primary contact because I do not have a working scanner, even though I have sent the required documentation via fax.

Every day that I do not change my service from Earthlink to Comcast means another day I am paying Earthlink for services that I am also paying Comcast for. This has been extremely frustrating, and has caused disruptions to my business. This is an operation that could be completed in under 10 minutes and it has taken more than a week.

Please--I implore you--make this change so I can get on with my life.

Michael Kelsey
President, Inari Information Services, Inc.


Network Solutions implemented a policy of censoring domain names. I do not believe this is fair! The company was granted an exclusive contract by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to be the sole domain name registrar for .com (commerce), .net (network) and .org (organization) Top Level Domain (TLD) names, a continuation of work NSI had already been doing.

NSI also maintained the central database of assigned names called WHOIS. A contract was given to Boeing to operate the .mil registry, and was also performed by NSI under subcontract. This seems like a total conflict of interest to me.

Network Solutions, Inc. (NSI) also operates in the domain name system (DNS) registry under a sub-contract with the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Network Solutions also offers a search engine which permits users to find out if a domain name is available for purchase. But again, this is crazy because unregistered domain names entered into this search engine are then speculatively reserved by Network Solutions.


I have bought and sold a few webites through Network Solutions. It's always been an easy process, no real problems. My only complaint is that this company seems to buy up so many domains and then launch cheap landing pages on them to sell them. It just does not seem right to take advantage of people like that.


Network Solutions is the best hosting website. They offer most of the features we were looking for, including a control panel, access to site statistics and an easy-to-use site builder. Starting at $2.99 per month, they offer one of the best tools to manage a domain. The best thing about Network Solutions is that when you log in, you have the option to go straight into the website's edit mode, open up email, check the domain and account settings, or go to the Account Manager. I highly recommend Network Solutions to anyone who wants to create their own website.

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