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Microsoft Skype (formerly Skype) is one of the largest video communication platforms in the world. Complaints about Skype often result around connection issues, billing problems, and poor customer service. Because of the wide user base around the world, consumer expectations for the tool are very high.

Businesses use skype to communicate, families use it to stay connected. So, if you are having problems with the application, there is a Skype corporate headquarters that you can contact with feedback. The mailing address is in Europe at Skype Communications SARL, 23-29 Rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg. The company number is R.C.S. Luxembourg B100.468, and the VAT number is LU 20981643.

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since yahoo went to you the service is very bad. very much of the time what I am reading is put on hold I can't keep getting the rest of the story and it takes for ever if it ever comes up. I feel yahoo should drop you


I have been trying to cancel my recurring charge for a Skype phone number, why would I need so many Skype numbers, there appears no way to easily cancel these charges only to subscribe further. I repeat I want to cancel these charges as I do not use Skype numbers.


"Please be reminded that one month subscription is only eligible for a refund within 1-month from purchase. Three-month and twelve-month subscriptions will respectively expire within 3 and 12 months from the date of purchase. Also, used subscription are not subject for refund." You never complied with my request for unsubscribe made properly the same day of such subscription. On that basis you suppose to give me full refund (three months). Otherwise you do not apply you own rules. Moreover, every month after I renewed my request without success I sent you the following that you simply ignored. Here is the same email I sent you each time. The same day I requested to unsubscribe and since I never used Skype supports such as calling to anybody. Even though my debit card has been debited (account at TD Bank) You are still debiting my account.


I can not find my account on Skype. It just disappeared from my iPad. Tried to restore it in various ways, but now I did another one after speaking to the customer service rep. Really, there is no problem but would like to get an old account back.


Skype blocked my contact list. Numerous form of complaints with no solutions. Long response times with the same redundant forms. Then would not let me log into my now I sit with no Skype, no money, no nothing. Seems the English are finally getting back at us....totally idiots. I asked to be cancelled, unloaded Skype but no reply. Now I get they are sorry and are giving me free calls.....just how do I call and who? How do I get they out of my life. They are still charging my credit cards and I have to options.


Skype video messaging calls me during night time waking me up and really goofing my sleep up. I have tried blocking but it doesn't help. I do not use video messaging but don't know know how to stop calls. Have tried contacting support department but they are no help!


They cant see me in video on Skype and every time when i press video icon it is asking for feedback. Well here it is, Skype is poor at best!


I am being bothered by constant phone calls re: Skype. I can not understand the man who calls and I don't know what he is talking about. I told him to send me an email so I could understand the phone calls. Or, please have me talk to someone who speaks perfect English. I am being hassled 2 and 3 times a day with phone calls from Skype. Please look into this issue for me. Why are they trying to contact me? Is there a problem that I should know about? I do not use Skype, one day I made the mistake to log on to Skype and see what it was about. Very bad move on my part.


I once tried out Skype a year ago and will not use it again as I was hacked as were some of my contacts, plus I had the ringing bell alert telling me my computer was in trouble and I needed to repair it immediately. It sounded like a scam to me so I googled it and sure enough it was a scam so I said GOODBYE SKYPE. I am sad that I weill no longer being able to communicate with my frineds. I loved MSN. I do not use facebook or and another so I lose and I know you don't care. Thanks for not leaving us a choice and discontinuing MSN.

For me it is far superior to Skype with its emoticons, deleting of history and informing us when friends are on line and lots of colour. YOU GOT IT WRONG THIS TIME and I AM VERY UPSET and ANGRY!! Until you greatly improve SKPYE or return to the MSN formate I personally will not use SKYPE because it sucks as far as I am concerned. Emails with be what I use with my local server. An Unhappy Use To be Customer.


I did not authorize 10.00 payments to come from my account with out my knowledge. I tried to take my credit card information off but instead it took another payment form my account. I want my money returned plus all the other unauthorized payments.


I made two payments for $10.00 to SKYPE from paypal account that the one on the 27th of January and one on the fifth of February the second one is on my account the first one from the 27 cannot be found as paypal has a record of the payment January 27th 2013 nine 50 and 49 seconds payment number 4lJ066312G812001N I've been trying to get this straightened out since the 27th is now the sixth if anybody can please help me and I know that it is only $10.00 sold the company should be OS take care of such a small problem I will not give up thank you very much if you're the one that helps me.

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