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Toll free phone number: 1-866-352-0479

Afni is very popular in the collections market. They ensure to get payments and collections done on time for companies that need to outsource their collections. They are big in the market and have may customers in the telecom, health care and insurance sectors. Afni is a stable company with their headquarters based in the midwest since 1936.

If you have a problem with Afni and want to contact management, Ron Greene is the CEO. If you need to speak to someone in Afni customer service, the best phone numbers are 1-866-352-0479 and 1-866-377-8844. If phone calls do not work, try emailing consumer support using the email address You can also write to the corporate office address: at PO Box 3427, Bloomington, IL 61702.

Common issues generally relate to customer growth, care and loyalty, customer collections, insurance subrogation, extra growth, and value to existing clients. Afni also has featured solutions like engaging customers to chat with them to help them in paying their accounts.

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    • PO Box 3427, Bloomington, IL 61702
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    9am-5pm CST, 5 days a week

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I am trying to refi my house with AFNI. I now have a charge on my credit report from direct tv that is not mine for 170 in November of 2015 we have had direct tv for 10 years, no outstanding bills. I have never had a past due bill now it is time to sign paper work for home. I have been on hold 8 times for up to an hour trying to get help with this issue.


I spoke to support and called 1-866-352-0479 on Monday morning. I saw the hours for customer service was between 8am-6pm, at least that is what I assumed. I use Afni for collections for my gym and I had several members overdue. Having used ABC Financial in the past, I was looking forward to speaking with a live human. But after waiting on hold and getting disconnected I finally gave up.


Heard about AFNI from a friend. Do not recommend.


With Afni, I was carefree about the way they engage customers with different strategies. I run a financial business and needed some outsourcing company to take care about customer management. Afni was there to bring in the right expert advice when needed, useful recommendations. They take care about collections and payment related that I didn't have to worry too much about. Thanks to Afni, my company needs have been taken care of.

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