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Toll free phone number: 1-888-445-2727

Intelius provides public data about people and their connections. Intelius is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). To company claims to provide consumers and businesses with information on people including name, phone number, email, and more.

If you have a problem with Intelius call toll-free 1-888-445-2727 Monday through Friday from 5am-6:00pm PST. To escalate your complaint to the CEO, contact Prakash Kondepudi, President and CEO. The mailing address for the corporate headquarters is 500 108th Ave NE, Suite 1600, Bellevue, WA 98004.

Reports provided online range from basic people search results, to detailed background checks, to reports about identity theft, as well as protection services. Customers with a smartphone can sign up to access unlimited profiles online.

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This company charged my account twice in one day two different prices. I tried to contact them and they wanted another $5 to fill out some paper to contact them. Total rip off.


Have a membership. Researching a phone number and being asked for addition money for report???? Called office Corporate number message No one can take my call???? What am I paying for with this type of service????


I had you look up a reverse Number for name and address. You sent me an email and said you could not locate any information on the phone number so you refunded the .95 cent. that was on July 2 2019. On the same day July 2nd I cancelled my membership. then 8 days later you go in and charge me 7.95 then I called and the woman said it was for a membership fee. That is nuts you did not give me any information if you had I wouul not have minded the 7.95 but I got nothing and you charged me any way. 7.95 might not seem like much to you but I live on Social Security and it is food for me. You are just taking people. I had used your company before that is why I did again but you took me this time and I will never use again and I will get the word out other people will not either. So you are losing customers because you are greedy.


I'l give you guys a -100. I was billed what I determine to be illegal and have been texting back and forth with your company for a couple of days

On 9-23-2018 I reguested a one time look up for $.95. On 10-1-2018 I discovered a $29.95 charge on my credit card. On 10-3-2018 through text messaging I explained the above. At first I thought a refund of $29.95 would be coming. On 10-4-2018 I got a request for my email address so I could be helped. On the same date I was notified a Premier Plus Membership was activated on 9-22-2018 for a special pricing offer. I DID NOT REQUEST THIS. I just wanted a .95 one time phone number lookup. I'm a senior citizen not a business or someone doing research on someones records. Please process a refund to my credit card for $29.95. We're not dealing with an " act of Congress" here. Just push a button and process my refund. As I explained to the unit I was texting, I will call upper management and if needed take my complaint to the Better Business Bureau for your area. Once again process a refund and give me a refund. If I do not get a confirmation by tomorrow (10/9/2018 I will "work up" to the next level

Thank You


Unbeknownst to me you have been stealing money from my AMEX card on a monthly basis, i only used the service one time for a $ 4.95 charge. I am owed 12 Months X $ 19.95

Unfortunately I cannot give zero star's - this is fraud and theft by deception


I did not authorize intelius to charge me a monthly fee of $29.99 and I have contacted customer support several times about it. I still haven't received my refund and I'm beyond pissed! They also did not cancel my account like they said and I have now been charged for 6 months. It's BS! I've never heard of a company neglecting an angry customer for unauthorized charges. I have no choice but to press charges against intelius.


I asked for the Intelius special of .95 cent special you were running only, on my bank statement you charged me .95 plus 29.95 which I did not want. Do not charge me next month. DO NOT WANT. Will not use again and one shot deal only. Did not say you could remove money from my bank acct other then the .95. Once you have someones credit card # you think you can do what ever you want. Hope to hear from someone about this matter since Intelius has no phone number to call corporate with a customer complaint.


I was receiving frequent calls from a number I didn’t recognize. I TRIED to us the reverse phone number option to find out who was calling. They said they had the information, in the end the number was unlisted and basically provided NOTHING for the $19.95 that I spent. THEN THEY REPEATED BILLED ME EACH MONTH FOR $19.95. Do NOT use this company for any reason. Is there anyway that we could get a class action suit against this company and their fraudulent practices?


I did not sign up for a monthly membership with Intelius, but only a one-time use, yet have had repeated monthly charges against my credit card without my authorization. Intelius is practicing deception. When I cancelled my membership through their webmail on 07/02/2011 I received the following message from them: “Your Identity Protect membership will be de-activated on 07/22/2011.” They, apparently, are expecting to charge my card once yet again before they implement my cancellation. I will, of course, contact Amex to block further charges.

I cannot find an email address on their web site or anywhere else where I can reinforce to them that I want my membership cancelled immediately. They do not want us to have an email record of our communications with them. Let’s send these guys to prison where they belong! Meanwhile, if anyone has their email address for them that is not webmail, I would appreciate your sharing. I intend to burn these bastards far worse than they have burned me.


I authorized a one-time charge of $19.95 for a directory listing on Intelius people search for one person. I was on their website page for only 47-seconds. I later discovered that they were charging me this amount monthly. I had never again returned to their people search website after that single initial use. Intelius claimed I had checked “Yes” to a monthly charge, which I would never have done, and refused to refund any of the monthly charges. I finally had to call American Express to put a block on their monthly charges but was unable to recover the additional months of charges. Intelius people search services refused to provide me with any evidence that I had actually checked “Yes” and/or not canceled. Do not do business with this company!


I was charged by Intelius for three months $19.95 after looking up one phone number for $4.99. They said I signed up for a monthly 100 checks for the $19.95?? Who does that?? 100 checks a month??? really??? In the end no refund??? Scam artist at its finest…I only wanted to find a friend back in December, and now in February I notice that Intelius are still charging me a $19.95 fee? They are idiots, and I recommend that you tell everyone that you know about this companies shady tactics. How is it that Intelius are not under investigation??? If you rob someone on the street you will most likely go to jail…


Like others have mentioned, intelius pads their charges and my $6.95 purchase turned about to be $26.95 (they tacked on an additional $19.95). Plus the information was not current and their were no phone numbers (as they has stated there were). If you need a background done use someone else or pay close attention to your bank statement! Intelius are thieves! Paying someone else a little more may insure that you won’t get billed extra like I did. Also, since the information I requested was old, the search was for nothing. Beware of this company!

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