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Ive been a member of equinox in good standing since 2009 and at all times have worked with a personal trainer and Pilates instructor at the same gym. Those I were working with prior to this had been with me for 3 and 5 years respectively and I had just purchased 12 sessions from my trainer a month prior to August 18, when I got an email from the head of the Pilates studio telling me that I was out of sessions and if I didn’t pay, I’d lose my spot. She has my card on file and is authorized to use it, my instructor forgot to tell me my sessions were low (we don’t have Access to our inventory) plus I had been in the hospital that night but I paid. I had already canceled working out with my trained that week because I was
Sick and so then emailed My Pilates instructoe that told me she had to pull a session since Ir was less than 24 hours (even tho I bought the sessions less than 24 hours before the one we had scheduled). I emailed the manager again but finally told her to forget it-but by that point she said she wouldn’t run the card through without meeting with the gym manager. I spoke with him on 8/19 before his summer break where he told me that maybe I should hold off on the personal training and Pilates and focus more
On group fitness. It was a strange conversation. When I then emailed my trainer to try to schedule him , he emailed and said he was
Booked into perpetuity and wouldn’t respond. After that, I spoke to the Assistant manger Edwin that is new, and stated to me that neither Sam or Mike wanted to work with me any longer but that I was a valued member. Since I didn’t even get an apology from either of them, I quit but I was told I had 90 days to come back. On 10/8,
I contacted the regional manager James Gu to ask if I could return (albeit with a different trainer) (this was well within the 90 days). He replied in writing that of course I could and bed get back with specifics-but when he called a week later, told me upon further investigation he was banning me from that location to ‘protect his staff’ but would offer me one week comp at any other location (meaning nothing since I have
An all access membership). I asked him why as and he said he promised the employees he wouldn’t tell.
I asked for the name of the General counsel )8 am a lawyer as well) and he never provided it. A few days later, I received an email from my home branch’s senior membership inviting me to come back to the gym as if none of this was going on-and called her. She made it clear to me that specific location bans are only placed in the rarest of Circumstances (eg when two members are going through a divorce) and that there was. Nothing noted in my file. I emailed James Gu to question why 76th street was emailing me to join if I was banned and he said “I didn’t notate it to protect your privacy.” After that, he said he was conferring with HR and his staff (to which I repelied about what and don’t you think you might want to confer with me) but they kept stringing me along on this till yesterday when I was told they were not going to allow me to wrk out at the same location I have Been for years. I have all
Documents to back this up.

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