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GoDaddy, the world’s leading domain registrar, gives people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas online and help them easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. The company was originally started as a domain registrar, but now has expanded to include web hosting and other SaaS services as well.

If you have an issue with your service, contact GoDaddy customer service 24/7 at 1 (866) 463-2339 or for international users dial 040-67607600. GoDaddy offers services in domains, websites, hosting, web security, online marketing, Email and office. With GoDaddy you can create your own brand online, save on .com domains, make your site live on the web.

With more than 14 million customers around the world, GoDaddy is located in the world's hottest tech corridors including: Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle, Hyderabad, Belfast and Phoenix. The corporate office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona at 14455 N Hayden Rd Suite 226.

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    1 (866) 463-2339
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Staffer from Godaddy calls me with “great offer.” Can give me front page top posting. Continuously. Wanted to speak with technical staff she said, “no I can’t do that unless I have money first. Godaddy takes ALL my money up front. Then my obligation to search up front. Godaddy needs all my passwords. Never explained up front. This group continues to operate like this. Should be sanctioned. Very unethical group. Never delivered on promise.


On October 31st I spoke with an associate that Identified himself as Chauncey. I ask him a question about my recent purchase of office 365 where I was placed on hold so that he could retrieve the information that he needed to assist me. He then returned to tell me that the product that I purchased which was Office 365 (more particularly skype business) did not have the capabilities that I need which was to make domestic calls to my customers. I only purchased Office 365 for skype business. Continuing with the conversation I asked the Godaddy associate what my options were and I was told that I would have to cancel my primary company email to get a refund. I then informed him that the previous associates knew what my expectations were and there was clearly an issue with paying for a service that I would be unable to use. At this point then made the comment that clearly I had miscommunicated what I needed for my business which was the reason that I received the products that I had and basically I was stuck with it. That assumption to me was a direct insult considering that he wasn't there for the previous conversation. Prior to that statement the associate basically tried to convince me that skype business didn't even have a domestic calling plan and even suggested that the product was meant for internal office communication only. What I would like to happen is to have either an add-on license for domestic calling which I am now under the impression that Godaddy doesn't offer so that I can simply make my purchase with Microsoft.


Dozens of complaints with promises to fix the problem, wasted money, loss of potential customers led me to write this letter November 1, 2016 to Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving, Charles Robel and Barb Rechterman, allegedly head of Customer Service. To date (Dec 18, 2016) not a word of response. Either they don't read their mail...or they don't care. I think they do not care.


I have bought and sold hundreds of websites over the years using GoDaddy. I will say one complaint about them. Their service is good overall but appears to be declining in recent years. Support is slow and the products do not perform as well. I had one website hosted there that ran horribly slow. I kept trying to get them to fix it but it turns out it was just GoDaddy's slow servers. Moving it to another hosting company immediately fixed it.

The other complaint I have against GoDaddy is their ex-CEO Bob Parsons. He may be gone, but his legacy still stains this business. Get him off the website, off the history page, he is an embarrassment to humanity ever since he killed that elephant.

80 is the best place to get a domain of your choice. Pick a unique name for your business from 100s of new domains. They have some great offers running and I have chosen them to start off my new website. They gave me good offers and I would not thinking of changing it now. Go Daddy has the cheapest for everything most of the time. Features are okay, they have the essentials such as PHPMyAdmin, met my expectations. No problem faced till now. Their support is great and their executives are extremely polite and helpful. Suggest anyone who wants a website to be created, go in for

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