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GoDaddy, the world’s leading domain registrar, gives people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas online and help them easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. The company was originally started as a domain registrar, but now has expanded to include web hosting and other SaaS services as well.

If you have an issue with your service, contact GoDaddy customer service 24/7 at 1 (866) 463-2339 or for international users dial 040-67607600. GoDaddy offers services in domains, websites, hosting, web security, online marketing, Email and office. With GoDaddy you can create your own brand online, save on .com domains, make your site live on the web.

With more than 14 million customers around the world, GoDaddy is located in the world's hottest tech corridors including: Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle, Hyderabad, Belfast and Phoenix. The corporate office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona at 14455 N Hayden Rd Suite 226.

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We have been a customer of GoDaddy's for approximately 16 years. Their customer service has slacked over the years, but it has reached an all-time low! Just recently (July 2020), I had an inappropriate and offensive experience with one of the customer service (?) reps, in which GoDaddy has yet to address with any feedback communication! We will DEFINITELY take our business elsewhere...we're done! Read my email below:


I am filing a complaint against your billing (?) worker, Brian, who processed our company's payment shown in the payment email below!

I called to make our monthly (Microsoft 365 Email) premium payment. I inquired about the balance left on the annual premium, since we had been paying the renewal monthly this time around. Our company has been with GoDaddy for MANY years and this renewal year was the first time we had not paid the premium in full. It was my understanding at renewal time earlier this year, that the premium could be paid in full then or paid monthly over the annual period. However, I also understood that we could pay the remaining months off 'early', if desired, at any given time. Whether my understanding has been clear or not, what your worker, Brian, said to me was TOTALLY inappropriate to a business client!!

Brian stated to me during the call that (1) what he was trying to put into words/relay to me was not 'registering with me' and (2) that the annual premium was not like 'lay-a-way' where we pay on it and there's a balance to be paid. WHAT?! I was QUITE offended and annoyed by his statements!! (1) He insulted my intelligence, with the 'registering' remark and (2) he offended me as an African American business owner...who's been with GoDaddy for MANY years, with the 'lay-a-way' remark!

Will GoDaddy be another company that's reported that their employees need bias and sensitivity training?! I am hoping that Brian does NOT represent your company with statements like that towards certain client bases! I told Brian EXACTLY how I felt about his statement and that I'd be filing a complaint! The recorded call needs to be reviewed!

I want to have this issue addressed with your worker, Brian! I, also, wish to receive feedback on how this TOTALLY inappropriate situation will be handled...if at all.



Something happened Wednesday night to block my access to my emails. Called Tech Support. Have no ideas or solutions on how to solve this problem. You create a problem but you don't know how to solve it. This is the second time this has happened since switching to Office365, which is a horrible way to get emails.


Employee being fraudulent. (will keep it short) I have recently been told that the account mgr. ( he has said) i have been dealing with for about 24 months is only a guy on the call- in desk. Told by a supervisor, And he would not be calling me back asked the supervisor to call me to correct the problems, but received a not so nice e-mail instead. In the last month and a half I have called a dozen of times. To no avail or resolution. I have spent more time on hold told someone would call me back or hang ups. This is after being on hold and waiting for my so called acct. mgr. to call me back when he has a total and complete information. And has not. Several times. for 24 months i have e-mailed him and he calls me back. in the past he has called me before expiration to renew witch was our agreement. He has also helped me setting up a web site worked with my I.T. guy, and renew 35 to 40 domains. also past his contact on to other people. Including my attorneys.
He has told me he has been out sick and has answered me via phone, Text But when he has returned he has not made good on his promises. I have asked him to pass me along to someone else if he could not handle. But did not.
I have several e-mails, Text messages to verify this situation. Can forward or list if I need to.
I just need to renew and be made hole with what was promised.


Did not want to renew contract but it was auto renewed. All correspondence went to junk mail. Phoned and adviser cancelled all accounts and said it would be refunded.

Reviewer reversed the decision.

I want to raise an official complaint. What am I paying over £40 for? Why were accounts cancelled if not refunding?


It's been more than a day that my websites are broken and down due to the fact that I was unable to update my WordPress and plugins. I contacted their so-called professional support on chat and get connected with Neil Jordan.

That person nearly took 45 min and said there is no problem from our end this problem is due to the plugin. Whereas it was a fresh installation with a fresh database. He said I have forwarded your report and it will be fixed in other 90min. I gave it 2 hours and checked back the same issue was there.

I checked some of my other sites which are also hosted on the same server this problem was still there on my other websites. So I contacted them again this time Mounika p joined in and took a good amount of time saying that 3 of there technical team members are looking into the issue. Then after a long time, they said that this is due to the reason that your DNS is configured with some other provider, I said yes it's been with them since the start.

Then they said to update my DNS pointing back to GoDaddy. I knew they were just trying to troll me because that will take up to 48 hrs to configure properly. But still, I configure as per their guidance then they said your issue will be resolved within 24 to 48 hrs. I was so pissed off I just asked them either to get your responsible person to send me an email of assurance or refund my money.

Then they said we cannot do that as we are not authorized to email you can have only chat transcript. They are good for nothing I have lost my money and time what should I do now my sites are still having the same issue. I had every right to ask for an assurance email because I have paid them to but they refused.

Then they forwarded my chat to some Ajesh K. Who is their supervisor as per them. He just shut the chat window on my face and left. What the *** I am supposed to do now. GoDaddy is just playing around with their customers' money.

And not only that if you try to turn off their auto-renewal then it won't work they will still charge you for auto renewal. Its a total scam


Staffer from Godaddy calls me with “great offer.” Can give me front page top posting. Continuously. Wanted to speak with technical staff she said, “no I can’t do that unless I have money first. Godaddy takes ALL my money up front. Then my obligation to search up front. Godaddy needs all my passwords. Never explained up front. This group continues to operate like this. Should be sanctioned. Very unethical group. Never delivered on promise.


I tried to renew my domains but it was a network failure but the amount was credited to them on 23/12/2018, I asked for refund but the customer care is so worst at care that they all (5-6 members whom I contacted) said money will be debited to my account but till now i got no money from them...


Dear Sir

This is Jay Contractor from Tech Elegant Solutions.

A few days back my server is hacked by someone and modifies all codes, created extra files. Like: shake.php, proper.php, bathing.php, violent.php, practicable.php etc. With this changes my all websites give unexpected output and I received so many calls from my client and suffer my business.

When I have to chat with your online support assistant but I have not to get the proper solution for my problem. Every time she is saying for security you have to purchase a new web securities plane.

If you are not providing securities why you are selling web hosting plane and create trouble for client

I am not happy with your service. From your answer, I believe that you are interested only to sell more product to the client without securities and when the client asks for securities you change your plane and create a problem with the client

I am sending the image of contents which are written in all files on the server.


Just published my website and in google search engine it was showing as parked free at godaddy. I called customer services to see why and was told it would take two days and to do a google recrawl. at google recrawl it says it takes up to two weeks and is a long process. I called back and was told this was wrong and was given different information. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told they would not know either. Eventually i was able to talk to a supervisor who explained the situation and i spoke of my concerns regarding customer service staff and he said they are only human and also i could have my money back. This was upsetting as the staff had little knowledge even with 3 months training and i hav spent lots of time developing this site for my buisness. I stated my concerns and asked how I could make a complaint to which I was told I could only e-mail this supervisor Robert 4421 and there was no other way of complaining or speaking to a manager for reassurance as they do not accept calls or e-mails. I could only complain to Robert 4421. I am very concerned that I have now set up my website with a company that has front line staff like this. I would like to talk with another manager asap.


I bought a domain name ( GoDaddy. In the past and today also i cannot connect, though i change my password. Any reason and solution would be much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks and Regards


They changed plans and we were on a grandfather plan. Our email was shut down and we were held hostage to pay $1,500.00 to turn it back on. We are switching, this is abuse and probably the worst I've been treated by a company in 30 plus years.


Terrible customer service (Caleb supervisor). Sneaky with charges and hide policies that they quote are hidden and not made readily available. They refuse to make any reasonable refunds quoting a shorter time frame each time. I would never give them my business again. Total rip off company! The phone was put down on me and they refuse to supply the recordings of a phone call that lasted more than an hour!


tried to fax because we have fax thru email and found out my time was used up
the computer shows on 11/15/17 I sent two faxes of 54 pages each within about 20 minutes to the IRS
I did not fax the IRS 54 pages...the IRS won't even take a 54 page fax!!!
when I called to try and get extra minutes to finish the month I was told I would need to add to my contract another monthly fee...
they couldn't give me or sell me any extra minutes unless I agree for the extra charge for the duration of the contract
finally a girl told me she could sell me 150 minutes for $14.99 without adding to my I bought it
your technicians swear that your fax service can't be incorrect and that the two faxes of 54 pages must have been by someone using my number so they had me change all my passwords....
10 minutes after acquiring the 150 minutes I sent a fax to the was 12:27pm...your computer shows your computer DOES make mistakes!!!! it also didn't register a fax being sent so I resent it...and then it charged me for two faxes ...YOUR COMPUTER DOES MAKE MISTAKES!!! your computer shows one of my faxes as 6 was 2 pages...YOUR COMPUTER DOES MAKE MISTAKES!!!
when I call your support I'm put on hold for 27 minutes and no one can figure out what needs to be done or whom to talk with about the problem.
you have my email....lets get me some answers please..
I can't afford to wait on hold for your "experts"....time is money
Joe Cumley


On October 31st I spoke with an associate that Identified himself as Chauncey. I ask him a question about my recent purchase of office 365 where I was placed on hold so that he could retrieve the information that he needed to assist me. He then returned to tell me that the product that I purchased which was Office 365 (more particularly skype business) did not have the capabilities that I need which was to make domestic calls to my customers. I only purchased Office 365 for skype business. Continuing with the conversation I asked the Godaddy associate what my options were and I was told that I would have to cancel my primary company email to get a refund. I then informed him that the previous associates knew what my expectations were and there was clearly an issue with paying for a service that I would be unable to use. At this point then made the comment that clearly I had miscommunicated what I needed for my business which was the reason that I received the products that I had and basically I was stuck with it. That assumption to me was a direct insult considering that he wasn't there for the previous conversation. Prior to that statement the associate basically tried to convince me that skype business didn't even have a domestic calling plan and even suggested that the product was meant for internal office communication only. What I would like to happen is to have either an add-on license for domestic calling which I am now under the impression that Godaddy doesn't offer so that I can simply make my purchase with Microsoft.


Dozens of complaints with promises to fix the problem, wasted money, loss of potential customers led me to write this letter November 1, 2016 to Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving, Charles Robel and Barb Rechterman, allegedly head of Customer Service. To date (Dec 18, 2016) not a word of response. Either they don't read their mail...or they don't care. I think they do not care.


I m very disappointed with GoDaddy customer service. I am stuck in error which is completely on godaddy side. But you guys are unable to solve the error. Then i tried to call you 6 times a day. But no one give me a satisfactory response. Employees and billing people are not serious about your clients. I will leave comments on social media about your bad service. Also will disable my godaddy accounts. And tell my friends to avoid from your hosting. You people are just wastage of time and money. Its really a bad experience.


GoDaddy corporate are liars and fake and thieves who take your money. Their customer service team is terrible, they told me to cancel after I complained for very bad server speed. Now I will quit and will ask for them to refund my money.


Ref Inv: 1010092360 (£215.71); Inv. 1015346974 (£158.26); Inv 1010671224 (£11.10). The GoDaddy billing department charged us twice on the same item of "Business Plus Website Builder", according to the UK law, you can't charge customer for the same item twice. There was a technical error, your system failed to deduct that the same item you have charged twice. We are a charitable organization, we hope you will refund the overcharged amount to our company credit card and have the matter resolved. Or otherwise, we will have to write to relevant regulatory office to investigate the matter with GoDaddy corporate offices.


I can no longer afford my hosting charges on GoDaddy but cannot seem to find the phone number for billing cancellations. Can you please help me? Most of the services were automatically added when I signed up without my knowledge.


I've never been yelled at when calling to check on my account that GoDaddy canceled in error. I spoke with the most rudest person I've ever come across in my 50 years. She kept interrupting me and at one time started to scream. I'm still in awe and my jaw is trying to close but I still can't believe what just transpired. Go far away from this company. Just one more thing....I've never filed a complaint on a company. This is my first and I couldn't let GoDaddy get away with treating customers like dirt. I had a great relationship with them for 3 years with no problems. I will now let everyone know in my large networking circle and get the word out on social media about this company.


I was wrongly charged for $128.00 hosting services that i did not want. Two websites were up for domain name renewal and I was fine with that. I made a special effort that I would only click on renewal of names and not for hosting. They charged me anyway and said they tried to notify me by phone and email that I was billed....but I never saw any notifications. GoDaddy customer service refused to refund me because it went past 1 month. I told them I'll never use GoDaddy services ever again. Do not trust their renewal programs. It's a scam to charge customers with a false billing of services not wanted. Renew by phone online. Customer service was the lowest I've experienced with GoDaddy. I've used them for 10 years but never again.


I had an employee department my small business. I had to cancel her credit card. I tried to contact Microsoft for more than two weeks to update my payment status on the account. Of course, the first few calls I had no idea what was going on because I could hardly understand the technician. Then, I tried the chat line. Of course, since it was a business account, I had to contact them using the business line. BUT, since it was over the weekend, the office was closed.

I then tried to change my information online through the portal. I tried several times with no confirmation that the information was accepted online. So, it was back to the phone lines. Again, I was helped by an individual with a heavy accent, but we were able to phonetically communicate to identify the problem. Unfortunately, because my problem did not fall within their 'script' I began the circular dance once again. Eventually, I get an American! He understands me. Reviews the account. And then tells me that my payment has to go through GoDaddy. Even after I tell him that I receive my non-payment emails from Microsoft he confidently tells me that I have to make my payment through GoDaddy. I sigh heavily as I am now so frustrated with a company that refuses to accept payment on an account.

I chat with a GoDaddy rep and update all of my information. It takes less than 15 minutes, imagine that! Then, two days later, I get yet another non-payment email from Microsoft. I call GoDaddy to find out when the information will be updated in their system. At that time, the customer service rep informs me that I only have Outlook with GoDaddy, explains my payment plan and when the renewal is due. Less than 10 minutes and I have everything I need to know about my account with GoDaddy. Now, another phone call to Microsoft.

I call Microsoft and they are insistent that the account does not even exist. Finally, I get them to look past the trial account and find the purchased account. They locate the account and then tells me that they have to transfer me to a business account representative. I only want them to take my money. Again, I get a foreign representative with a very thick accent. However, I can phonetically communicate with the representative. We finally find the right account (not sure what representative 1 tells representative 2 because I had to repeat everything again). And, to my surprise, this representative tells me that I need to update my information online. It shows that my credit info was accepted for Office but not for Visio.

She offers to walk me through the site ignoring that I keep telling her that I know how to go to the site, I know how to use the site, but the site is giving me no confirmation that my credit card information has been accepted. I then ask her to please take my credit card information and pay off the Visio account (3 months). She says (wait for it) that she can't take any forms of payment on the account. I have to go through the portal. I am stunned. What business won't accept a telephonic account payoff?

If I had to do it all over again, I would purchased a Mac computer, used Mac software and ordered just an Outlook account through Microsoft. I have NEVER had such poor customer service....including Comcast and DirectTv. It is not the representatives fault but some manager who has decided that standardization trumps customer service. Finally, I rarely post complaints online. However, I am greatly disappointed in a company that I have embraced since I was a young adult AND in the process of trying to move my college son from Apple to Microsoft. Clearly, that won't happen and I am looking to see how I can move my small company to the Apple platform.

Good luck in getting the behemoth to listen.


I have office 365 that was purchased through Godaddy. My Godaddy outlook works fine, but there is a problem with the Microsoft outlook application that will not allow me to click on to open any hyperlinks and continues to generate a message stating "your organization's policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more information contact your microsoft outlook help desk.

Microsoft is refusing to fix the issue, instead they are advising me to call Godaddy and have them call microsoft to get a case reported so that they can assist me. Microsoft continues to have issues with their software products and of lately it has been constant issues. for example: I had an issue with their windows 10 "HORRIBLE" and it took over 2 days for them to fix the problem.


I have bought and sold hundreds of websites over the years using GoDaddy. I will say one complaint about them. Their service is good overall but appears to be declining in recent years. Support is slow and the products do not perform as well. I had one website hosted there that ran horribly slow. I kept trying to get them to fix it but it turns out it was just GoDaddy's slow servers. Moving it to another hosting company immediately fixed it.

The other complaint I have against GoDaddy is their ex-CEO Bob Parsons. He may be gone, but his legacy still stains this business. Get him off the website, off the history page, he is an embarrassment to humanity ever since he killed that elephant.

80 is the best place to get a domain of your choice. Pick a unique name for your business from 100s of new domains. They have some great offers running and I have chosen them to start off my new website. They gave me good offers and I would not thinking of changing it now. Go Daddy has the cheapest for everything most of the time. Features are okay, they have the essentials such as PHPMyAdmin, met my expectations. No problem faced till now. Their support is great and their executives are extremely polite and helpful. Suggest anyone who wants a website to be created, go in for

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