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Returned leased credit card processing machine in 2018 as we went our of business. In January 2019 paid company $977.18 to pay off lease. We continue to get a monthly statement, which I have refused to pay - thus adding late charges. Our lease has expired to my knowledge so why are we being billed?


Katrina Osborne & Arlena Chisholm discovered in 2017 that a merchant machine that we believed was supplied by Wells Fargo was really leased from a vendor. The machine stopped working in 2017 and we reported the malfunction on several occasions to wells fargo. We were at these times advised that we would need to contact another vendor. We were never advised that a vendor was involved initially when the contract was signed.
After being advised by Wells Fargo, we reported the malfunction to the vendor and to date we have not received a working machine.
I have been paying $57.70 for 1.5 years with no functional machine. It is unacceptable for Wells Fargo and Furst Data to expect and collect money for leased equipment that is nit functional, yet they have been consistently
Since we have not been able to get a response or a machine that works after many requests, I have now stopped the electronic remit and received notice for $68.40 ($57.70 payment and $10.70 for other charges) with no information concerning our inability to use.the leased equipment! REALLY!!!!!
I am making this last attempt to obtain service prior to seeking legal assistance. It is totally unacceptable for anyone to expect continued payment on a merchant machine that does not and has not worked for a year!
Again, this misrepresentation has caused me much anxiety over the year.

Arlena Chisholm, Owner
Katrina Osborne, Administrator

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