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Lobel Finance is a finance company offering loans for purchasing automobiles. The company specializes in purchasing and servicing automobile loans from automobile dealers. The credit score will be based out of your payment history, debt, age of accounts, new accounts and types of credit.

Lobel Finance has their corporate headquarters at 1150 N. Magnolia Ave Anaheim, California 92801-2605. The customer service team is available to help with problems from 6am to 9pm at phone number 714-995-3333.

Apart from the customer helpdesk there is a separate wing for Legal Department as well available on 714-995-3333. The company's prime focus drives with innovative tools are services with flexible and impactful design plan.

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    • 1150 N. Magnolia Ave Anaheim, California 92801-2605
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called and was treated with the most disprepect I have had made me keep repeating myself kept cutting me off and refused to transfer me to manager or review depatment


Lobel financial holds credit information of their users and sells it to major credit agencies throughout the loan period which helps to keep a good credit score. But it's a violation of my trust as a customer and someone who pays my loans on time. For larger plans the company have a separate solution where they deliver better plans. It seems the prime focus of the company is providing loans for every individual on their automobile purchase and then selling that information to the highest bidder!


When making my car payment with my debit card on Lobel Financial they made an error and charged my card $100 less than my payment. Ricardo the customer service manager at Lobel refused to authorize waving the $10 debit fee for the $100. So I had to pay $20 in "convenience fees" because of a mistake they made. How can I spread this complaint online so others do not make the same costly mistake I did by going with this company?


Is it possible to contact the Better Business Bureau about this company? Seems like there are too many complaints online about Lobel hurting people and damaging their financial history.


I wanted to pay my car off because I am trying to improve my credit and I thought this would be a good way to start. I called and spoke with Lobel Financial Corporation collections department and explained I was going to pay my car off and I wanted the total dollar amount to do this. After speaking with I believe his name is Carlos I had to call back again to get some more information because I was wiring the money through western union and I had a couple more questions. This time when I called Carlos was not in and I was transferred to the manager of that department. I once again explained what I was doing gave her the amount I was told my pay off was and she said where did you get that information the correct amount is this.

It was not a little amount that I owed the pay off was almost 6,000.00. I sent the money and called to make sure they received and they had. Well it has been almost 4 months since I paid my car off and when you pay your car off it means you own and of course you want that pink slip. I have called them at least 2 or 3 times asking for the letter I need stating my account has been paid in full and the pink slip can be released to me. Then I call again today to find out that they our saying I have a balance owing of 29.15 and they have closed my account.

So after all of the money and time I have put out so that I can clean up my credit it has done me no good because it looks like I defaulted on my loan. I asked them why did they not contact me they always did when my payment was late and she replied we have sent out 2 letters to of course my old address and I know when I spoke to them about paying my car off I informed them I was living in a hotel room because we lost everything in the butte fire, they also had my phone number because my cell never changed.

I am beside myself because I did everything I was supposed to I wouldn't of come up with the pay off amount on my own and now because there incompetent employees I have to pay and have my credit rating being penalized because of there mistake. When I called I even asked to speak to the manager and of course I was told she was not in. I asked for her phone number and for some reason they cant give that out. This company is one of the worst companies there employees are rude and they could care less about the customer.

I would not finance a car through Lobel Financial Corporation again if they were the last place to go to. They our one of those companies that charge you a high interest rate because they can. Its one of the companies that finance people with problem credit this is probably why they screwed with my credit again because they know if I have decent credit I don't have to come back to there company again...

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