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Lexus Corporation is a division of Toyota and markets its luxury line of automobiles in over 70 countries. According to Forbes Magazine, sales for Lexus models as of May, 2015 were reported as US 18 billion.

Customer support for any Lexus cars may be found via ‘live chat’ on their website or you may call 1-800-255-3987. With international headquarters in Nagoya, Japan you may contact the Global Vice President, Mark Templin at the following address: 19001 S. Western Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501 or call the Torrance CA corporate office at 301-328-2075.

Eiji Toyoda of Toyota marketed the Lexus first in 1989. Originally all Lexus were produced in Japan with the first assembly plant outside of Japan opening 2003 in Ontario, Canada. Owners of Lexus luxury cars enjoy social forums of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

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I purchase a PreOwned 2016 Lexus GS 350 on March 7, 2023 at Nalley Lexus Roswell and was told by my Sales Representative that the Water Pump had been replaced when the vehicle went through their Service Dept prior to me taking delivery. On Friday 9/29/2023 I visited the dealerships service dept to have a loud noise diagnosed. I was told by the Service Advisor that the vehicle needed a Water Pump. I immediately found the sales person at the dealer to question why I was told the water pump had been replace when in fact it hadn't. He said he needed to speak with the General Manager (Daniela Brand) and said he'd come and find me in the Service Dept. Minutes later I received a phone call (Not a Face to Face Conversation) from the General Manager (Daniela Brand) while STILL in the Service Dept. She said the vehicle had been through their service center prior to me taking delivery telling me all services performed. She then asked if I had anything in writing regarding the water pump. I informed her that I had nothing in writing regarding any of the services performed by the dealership, not even the ones from the list she read off. She stated that she wasn't saying I was lying, but if I didn't have anything in writing the dealership would not offer any concessions and that it was totally my responsibility. I've purchased 4 Lexus Vehicles in the past 14 years, 3 of which from Nalley Lexus Roswell. I also purchase a 2022 GX460 from the neighboring store (Nalley Lexus Smyrna). In addition, I've serviced all of these vehicles at Nalley Lexus Roswell. If I was trying to deceive the dealership in any way, it wouldn't be for a water pump. Worst Lexus Customer Service I've received ever received...



  This year I bought a Lexus ( FP 17 MUA ) from the dealership in Leicester, after 2 months my car doesn't start on the first try and started after I tried few times.

  The next morning the story was repeated and I went to the Boston dealership (only Toyota) because it's close to where I live,they checked the car and said that the problem is with the battery but they don't have it in stock and they can check the stock for other dealership in the area and they told me that in Lincoln have a battery for my car.

 Next day I was in Lincoln and I told them the whole story above and I insisted to check again if the problem is from the battery, after checking they said "we don't have a battery in stock but you have to pay before we order the battery,@280£ ".

  I pay the battery and wanted for someone to call me when the battery came,after 10 days I called to find out and they said the battery was on stock but nobody call's ok.

 Well,next day I went to them and again I insisted to check if the problem was the battery,after 3 hours of waiting they said "we changed the battery but the problem is not with the battery and in this case we don't give you the money back because is not under warranty "

 In the end I talked to the manager who told me that he knows another story...I came straight and ordered a battery....hallucinating.

  I repeated the whole true story to him,he spoke to the people from Leicester and they said "we changed the battery in December 2020" and unfortunately they can do anything to give me the money back.

 After all this I asked the manager from Lincoln:

  1.Ok,if is not the battery why you changed ?

 Answer..."because you order"

 2. If is not the battery,which problem it is with my car ?

Answer..."we don't know "

 It was so frustrating after 3 hours waiting...

 My final questions:

 1.Someone can help me with this problem ?

 2.I was treated like that because I'm a foreigner ?


I purchased an Extended Warranty from Lexus of Edison in Aug 2020 only to find out in January 2021 that I had no warranty after all. I was just making payments in a vacuum. In order to cover up their mess, they went ahead and activated the contract after i confronted them and insisted they cancel it and issue me with a full refund - they are playing hard ball with me. First, they refused to refund me the taxes and surcharge. Now, they have figured out how to reimburse me the taxes but not the surcharge of $202.37 and all the interest I paid on my loan since August 2020. That is absurd. I am going to fight for my full refund. I don't know what I will be paying a surcharge for when the contract is cancelled.

Buyers beware of Lexus of Edison.


I have the 2019 350 sport suv. Three times I was unable to start the car. I have had it into the dealership, they could not find anything wrong with the car. Have there been any complaints such as mine? I am fearful this will happen again and I won’t be as lucky to be in a place that can help me. The first two times I got it to start after 15 minutes. The last time it didn’t start for an hour. I then called Lexus and they had me put the key fob next to the start button. I have had great Lexus vehicles over the years but now I’m living in fear every time I go to start this car.


Would like to mail my complaint since I have several attachments. Could you please email me an address to send my complaint to.
Thank you. It is a dispute with a warranty issue that I need clarification on.


I have a Lexus 460LS bought from Lexus of Las Vegas in 2012. I had a battery change sometime between 2012 and 7/15/2015. After attempting to charge the battery numerous times I removed the Lexus battery 7/12/2019 took this 84 months warranted battery to Lexus of Las Vegas for warranty replacement.. Lexus confirmed the battery had failed but I would have to provide them with a purchases receipt for the failed battery as they could not confirm from service records that I had purchased the battery from Lexus. As Lexus is the only company that sells the Lexus battery then it should not be necessary to produce the receipt for the battery. For information, I replace my own batteries in my vehicles and since Lexus is the only company that sells this battery I purchased the old battery from Lexus and replaced it myself.. After searching for and not finding the receipt I returned to Lexus and there Parts Manager confirmed that I would have to have he would not warrant the old battery without a receipt indicating I had purchased the battery form a Lexus dealer and I had to pay the full price for a new battery that should have been warranted as a free battery. If a L:esus customer has to keep a purchased of a lexus battery for the life of the battery then Lexus should be responsible for indicating this policy to the customer a t the time of purchase. I should be reimbursed for the battery purchased 7-12-19. I can be reached AT 702-431-7927 OR BY E-MAIL KRAME46K@NETSCAPE.NET


I took my 2013 rx450h in for a 70,000 mile service as a CPO to Lexus of Wayzata Minnesota. It was returned unwashed and not vacuumed. I noticed that the plastic covers on the back of the drivers front seat were missing. I asked the service advisor twice about it and he said “It doesn’t hurt anything!” They we’re missing as a CPO vehicle. When I asked him when the service was finished about them, he said “They probably got missed in the CPO inspection, you’ll have to ask your salesman!” My salesman wasn’t there! I’m really disappointed in the poor response to a legitimate concern. Will probably not shop there again!


My check service light went on and it took me a week of leaving messages (3) and I never received a call back. I finally called in and agreed to wait for the car provided they could guarantee I would not be late for my 12:30 appointment. I thought I could get some work done but the facility was literally freezing, employees had on Parka's but nobody advised me to bring mine. My car was guaranteed by 11:30 so at 12:15 I was frozen stiff and no sign of anybody regarding my car. I go out to the service area and my car is sitting, it has not been washed but clearly someone had done something because the stuff that was under my seats was in my console. I start asking around and my paperwork is missing and my consultant was at lunch. I am panicked and pissed at this point because I have to reschedule despite promises and promises. The service manager was right there and this jerk would not look at or acknowledge me. Finally after another 20 minutes of screwing around and asking anyone if they could help me with my car the service advisor came back. I had asked them to put on my front plates because the screw was tight, not done. I asked for paperwork and they said there wasn't any. I believe the only thing they did was shut off the check engine light, (they couldn't tell me what caused it), and then ransacked the car presumably looking for valuables. My Lexus was on my bucket list, I was sooooo exited. This dealership is worse than any dealership I have dealt with. I never want to deal with Stevinson again but my car needs service. HELP!


Called Pohanka Lexus, Chantilly, VA about a recall on a issue with melting and cracked dash. I was informed that the extended warranty on this issued expired on 5/31/2017. I was advised to call Lexus Corporate Office customer service to see if they authorize the work to be done. I called Lexus 1-800-255 3987 and the customer service rep looked up my auto history and said that a notice was sent to me on 5/15 and the extended warranty expired on 5/31/17. My issue is that I purchased the car new at Pohanka Lexus and fully intended to have the dash replaced. However, I did not notice or was made aware that the extended warranty expired. The melting and cracked dash is still a problem and regardless of when the notice expired. The work still needs to be done under warranty. I have low mileage on the car 103,000 and it is garage kept. The problem with the dash is a Lexus defect and the work should be done under warranty.


I was charged close to $700 for my radio that had no sound. Once I picked up my car it started doing this all day reset of my navigation system. I took it back to Lexus and was told that there is a master reset to navigation systems that are having this problem. My car has been to Lexus 2 times for this same problem and it still doesn't work correctly. This morning it started working and I know later on going home it will go back to the restarting things it's doing.


I'm writing about the Service Dept. of Lexus of Tacoma in Fife WA, owned by the O'Brien Group. I am sure they believe that since they are the only Lexus dealer within a 1.5 hour one-way drive in traffic, especially since they own the other dealership in Bellevue, that they have a monopoly on people with cash who would rather cut a check than do a little research and get a little dirty in order to know just how bad it is. They think we are awfully stupid, especially if we are over 65. Three times is the charm before I write someone. It has come, so here goes:

1. Our first stop for service after O'Brien bought Tacoma, was regarding our previous Lexus. We discovered that our VIN number had been accidentally damaged and made unreadable during a windshield replacement by Lexus of Tacoma, thus making our car unsellable to another dealer when we were hoping to trade it in on something new. We brought the car in to L of Tacoma and were told that they had no record of our windshield replacement, and they in no way felt obligated to assist us for that reason. My husband produced the receipt, right from the glove box. Here is what was spoken in rebuttal, "Oh, you are one of THOSE people who keep everything. Ha! Ha! Let's see what we can do." There was no explanation, no willingness to match what we'd been offered for our car by the other dealer with the deal now void. 2. So, being promised to take our car in on trade as our only recourse, we terminated our next plan to purchase a used Lexus through them because the price listing by their rules were so high and unbendable and the offer on my Lexus so poor. (No worries there...that is their prerogative). So, we ended up buying a certified used GS350 AWD in CA from the corporate lease office (one of your own vehicles) and paid $800 to have it shipped up here. We were so pleased with the $3000 difference for essentially the same car. That is the savings after-tax! Your CA people were awesome! 3. But service here is horrible, outright liars bordering on fraud. A rattle in our sunroof on our GS was quoted as a minimum of $1100 simply to run a diagnostic needing to tear the roof apart. Research on-line told us how to change the weather stripping which was the probable cause, so we ordered it and my husband replaced it himself...rattle gone for $50. 4. We had a headlight appear fogged. We brought it in and were told it would be another $1,000 for a new headlight with labor, when we discovered it simply needed to be buffed to become clear again...cost nothing, done by my husband. 5. Now, we had a flat tire fixed at Les Schwab for free. But their person broke the pressure sensor and they replaced it with their brand and failed to know how to reprogram it. My husband bought a Lexus sensor on-line and had Schwab replace it with that, but they still could not reprogram it. We took it to Lexus. They told us that the sensor we got was bad, they'd order us a new one for twice the amount we paid for our sensor on-line and they'd install it and then charge a .8 hourly reprogramming fee, all totaled another $700. We drove our car to Discount Tire who ran a diagnostic and proved the sensor was 100% perfect. They got under the dash and with a flick of a switch and a restart touch, it worked charge! O'Brien thinks us Lexus buyers are gullible morons. You now know how they are representing you up here. My husband fears they will retaliate if they know who we are and never serve us in a pinch if we cannot drive to Lynnwood, 2 hours from our home, so he does not want me to go to Tacoma and give them a piece of my mind. But I will write YOU! Investigate these people who are killing your reputation! Go undercover and FINE their asses or remove their franchise ownership if you send in 10 fake customers. I guarantee that you will see fraudulent service. Do it before my next event gets reported to the Attorney General's Office or posted on the internet about them. We keep very good paper trails of written estimates and our final costs to prove a mismatch. Now, I've read reviews of Lynnwood. I hope their postings that reveal a service dept. with integrity are accurate. Please see what is being written locally about O'Brien of Tacoma with OBrien in ownership. Thank you. (Lifelong Toyota/Lexus Buyers unless we can't find good service)


Lexus has the worse slowest service ever,
I have been waiting for one hour to replace a tire and they told me that they don’t have time for that now.
Once they realized I have warranty on my tires, they start avoiding fixing it and they mentioned that it’s Friday and so busy to fix tires.

This is the second time they do that,
I really can’t wait to return the car in December 2019,

I would never Advise anyone to Lease a Lexus and I would never do that again.

Thank you


I purchased a brand new Lexus RX350 for my wife in December of 2018.. On April 2, 2019 ,as my wife was leaving work and driving up the ramp in downtown Cleveland, The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT came on, then a Malfunction in All Wheel Drive System, and then a malfunction in Advanced Ultrasonic Detecting and Ranging system occurred.. The car rapidly reduced speed to 25-30 mph and was shaking. It would not accelerate or allow her to increase speed. As this was an extremely busy ramp, a near accident occurred. Luckily my wife was able to pull to the side of the ramp where she proceeded to shut the car off.. Pullng off to the side on a busy 2-lane ramp is a terribly unsafe and dangerous situation where an ensuing accident certainly could occur. She was left with little choice as the ramp enters a major bridge that exits downtown Cleveland with no room to pull the car over on the bridge. Upon shutting the car off, she then restarted the car; the CHECK ENGINE light went off and she proceeded to drive home where we took it to the Lexus Dealer on BrookPark Road in Ohio where we bought the car. After several days in the shop they indicated they could not replicate the problem but suggested it was a "bad gasoline" issue, drained the gas tank, and replaced the gas, then returned the car to us on April 8.. The After just 2 days, the exact same thing happened on April 10, in the exact same spot. My wife had to endure yet another dangerous and unsafe situation. We took the car to the dealer again. It is now April 25 and the dealership still has the car. They indicate they can not duplicate the issue and indicated they will return the car to us. My wife is terrified to drive this car. It has just 3000 miles on it, we paid approximately $60K for this car.. In essence we are being told to drive the car at our own peril....We have clearly expressed our wishes that we want a brand new car. It is unfathomable that a the solution to drive at your own risk is acceptable by any standard. This is not an unreasonable ask; Fix the car or give us a new one. Needless to say, this was met with little or no effort on the part of the dealership. We have been in contact with Dan from the service department, Peter Spacagna, General Manager at this location. Despite our wishes, they have not resolved the issue and offer no viable solutions. Honestly, my interpretation of the feedback we have gotten is "well we cannot duplicate the problem so it is our problem to deal with." They suggested we can call the Lexus 800 number and talked to a person on this number. REALLY...from a Lexus dealership. I thought they would act as an advocate on our behalf. Instead opting to place all the burden on us(aka take the car and call corporate). By the way, the 2 rental cars that we drove while our car was and still is in the shop, both drove fine, They had better pick-up as well as better gas mileage. Sadly , thety are not the car we bought. But it does further suggest to me that something is terribly wrong with our car..Not every Lexus RX350. In short this car is a lemon and we are not getting satisfaction. I pray that this car is not involved in an incident where either my family or another driver is injured or worse. I am writing this complaint as the first step and clearly documenting the issues as well as inadequate actions being taken by this Lexus dealership. I am deeply saddened by this dealership and for that matter Lexus as so far both have clearly demonstrated to date that this company.does not stand by its product. Surprise me...let me feel good about Lexus again. I did have 2008 Lexus that I purchased from this dealership and was delighted with the car and the dealership...albeit the car had no issues. Now that I have a significant concern and a repetitive issue I do not have the same mindset.


Disapointed and angry
Lexus refuse to honor the warranty claim on my GS 200 t car battery.
Lexus provide 3 yaers guarantee but the battery is only 2 years plus.

Daylight cheating


Lexus of Middletown New York was the worst experience I ever had when purchasing my IS 300. I already submitted my review of my displeasure. What I don’t understand is why I only received 2 keys for a brand new car. I receive new vehicles at my job and I get 4 keys for each vehicle. Is this another disservice of the Lexus dealership


Treasure Coast Lexus. Always serviced car there. last service they said that I had taken my car to some "cheapo place", because the battery terminals were spray painted black and that couldn't have happened at their dealership.They replaced them and charged me $162.89. I sent a letter on March 28, 2019 to Mr. Gary Mariarossi who apparently is a "Managing Member of Dealership Operations", but I have not had a response. The service was done on March 22, 2019. I bought an extended warranty when I purchased the car 2017. I had it leased for two years before I purchased. Car was new. 2015 Lexus 350.
It was insulting for the Service Department to suggest that I must have had a service done somewhere else...cheaper...and I have a service contract with your facility.
The Service Director is Kathy Register. If you want a copy of the letter I sent to Mr. Mariarossi, I shall scan it.
Would appreciate your looking into this matter.
Thank you.
Ursula Duguid


My 2013Lexus 350 December 12, 2018 service done, mileage 24,502 miles replaced rubber wiper blades,total labor and parts $57.88.
Invoice #LECS486804. April 12 2019, Invoice #LECS575720, car brought in for inspection, mileage 24,658.Service Department again
replaced wipers, cost $59.80. As you can see I only put on 156 miles..When I called the Service Dept. today to question why they
replaced the wipers again, I was told they were not cleaning. Does that mean the wipers they installed in December 2018 were defective
or installed incorrectly? I feel they owe me a refund. Have always been pleased with Lexus Service, but am very disappointed in the
response I received. I would like to know why the wipers were not cleaning after only 156 miles. Should I not be refunded for the wipers
installed December 12,2018? If you need copies oif the invoices I will send them to you.

Gloria Barlow
96 Orchard Meadows Dr
Smithfield, RI 02917


I just bought a Lexus from a dealer in Rockville center New York. I had just finished using a Toyota Avalon I bought from another Toyota Dealer(Advantage) Toyota. This Toyota was financed by Toyota Financial Limited at about 1%. My friend at this same time purchased a Mercedes Benz car which was financed by the company at about 1%. My Lexus was financed at 5.3%. I did not know the percentage until I was at the table signing out a lot of papers. I was quiet disappointed with this rate that I had to go around shopping for a lower rate for some time now. When I went back to the accountant at Lexus I was so shabbily treated that I felt humiliated and regretted going to this dealership. I guess that that I have no other option but to continue with this dealership until I can dispose of this car. Please I hope that you train the workers at your dealer ships to have better human relations Thank you.
Ebere Nduka


To Whom It May Concern,

I am or was a proud owner of a Lexus RX 350. I have been referring friends and colleagues to lexus due to the it being durable and reliable. I have received great service when I had my warrenty and was making monthly payments financing it. However, things have taken a turn for the worst.

On December 27, 2018, the Lexus Higham, Ma service representative informed me that the cost to repair my timing cover gasket would be $459.99. I told her that I would schedule an appointment when I was able to get the money to pay for it.

On February 27, 201, I went in to replace my timing gasket and was informed me the the price had gone up to 3,085.77. I showed her the paperwork with the estimate that I receieved and she just crossed it off and said it was an error. This cost me an additional $2670.01 for the cost that I was anticapating to be 459.99. I was shocked but knew I had to get it repaired.

Two weeks later the engine light came back on and I scheduled an appointment.

On March 23, 2019, the service representative told me that I needed the oxygen sensor replaced. I informed her that I would schedule a time to bring it in and was disappointed that I was coming back to Lexus after speding so much money. The representative informed me that I should consider trading my car in for a newer model.

On April 3, 2019, I called Lexus Higham to inform them that my car was making a weird loud noise, the service representative informef me that my car was fine to drive until my appointmnet on April 11, 2019. I had nothing to worry about until the check engine started flashing.

On April 4, 2019, my car starting to smoke and Lexus informed me that they are unable to come get the car and I had to figure out a way to get to them. I informed them of what the service representative informed about the flashing light but they informed me that they could not do anything for me. This is now causing me a day from work and als a tow.

I am very much disappointed in the the service and lack of respect that customers recieve. When I first purchased the car, the dealership would come to house and job to get the car for repair. Now that I am not paying a monthly payment, I feel like I am being treated like trash. I am hoping that you review this statement and really consider how your representatives are treating Lexus owners. I am hoping to hear back from someone real soon about my concern.

Nadia Cyprien


My local Lexus of Kendall (FL) dealer nor Lexus corporate have resolved a problem with my 2013 ES300h after many attempts. Lexus of Kendall dealer said if I maintain my car with them they will fight for me should there be any problem with the manufacturer in the future, so I did. Well, I reported a defect in the backseat leather shortly after my 25k maintenance appointment November 2016 while my car was under warranty. The backseat perforated leather dried and shrunk causing tension on the rest of the seat. It feels very rough and hard to the touch. The manager at the dealer took photographs, and said he will contact the manufacturer. After several months of leaving messages with Lexus of Kendall operator and voicemails I was told the manager no longer works there, and another manager (Bernardo) took over his work. I came in person to meet with new manager March 2017, by which point the problem area became larger, and same problem started to happen on the other side. He took more photos, said it's not a Lexus defect because on one side it is "perfect circle". I contacted corporate, submitted photos, and they asked Bernardo to weigh in. He said I caused the damage but could not explain how, and if there was a defect in the leather he would not be able to tell unless the leather was taken off and he can examine the back side of it. Corporate said I will need an expert in leather to run tests and determine the cause. I have never heard of such a response for warranty coverage. They denied to fix my car while under the warranty. I contacted the 3rd party dispute resolution address, provided by Lexus, several times with no reply.

I purchased the car used with 6k miles in 2013 in perfect condition. Since then I rarely used or had passengers in the backseat. When I did have passengers the trips were short, just a few blocks in the city, and my passengers are slim. My car is stored under a carport, in a garage when I am at work, and my windows are tinted so the inside temperature does not get hot often. I have had others cars such as Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Honda over 100k miles and much older that did not have such quality issues even with daily use. My Lexus has premium leather with Luxury package, it should withstand at minimum light use. The problem from initial report to current has grown in size, and continues to grow.

Terrible dealer customer service and misinformation, terrible experience with corporate. First and last Lexus. Photos from March 2017 and Feb 2019 are attached.

Attached are photos with progression.


I have a 2015 ES 300 H. I purchased it in Canada. It has North American maps.
I shipped my car to Germany and need micro sd with European maps.
I have contacted my dealer and got a response the Lexus Canada does not support European maps. They cannot help.
Sir, How can this be? BMW/Audi/Mercedes benz, with whom lexus competes have interchangeable microd sds or sds.
It has been a year that I have been trying to solve this issue.
Lexus US, Lexus Canada, Lexus Germany Lexus Netherland , all have pointed fingers to one another and here I am driving the vehicle with an ugly GPS attached from the screen.
Your intervention is appreciated. I am willing to buy the micro-sd.
The VIN Number is: 2015 LEXUS ES300H VIN: JTHBW1GGXF2096599


Damage or crack on my RC 350 F Sport Rear Bumper Passenger Side after the service.

Rocco Colangelo (Service Manager) at DVNL insulted me by telling me during our conversation that "why don't you just tell me to fix your bumper" and also presuming (indirectly) that the damage did not happened during the service but it happened on my way home. His proof was a CCTV that can't even show a clear view of the car that there was no damage on my car when I left. I'm leasing an expensive LEXUS car and telling me that "comment" seems to be offensive. I can afford to replaced the bumper of my car but why should I carry the burden of having it fixed if the damage was done during the service of my car. I'm even asking him to check my dash cam to prove my worth that I'm telling the truth but he just ignored to look at it and he said that there is no bearing of looking at the dash cam. He (Rocco) did not make the decision of fixing my car but instead he told me that he's going to let the General Manager decide whether to fix my bumper or not. So I will be waiting for his call (don't know when) whether they will fix my bumper or not.


This dealership wasted 4 hours of my day yesterday. I had scheduled an 11:30AM appointment for my RX350 first for oil change and showed up exactly on time. I was told I should take care of a recall while I was there and it would take 1 hour in addition to the oil chance, so I agreed.

After sitting around and waiting for over 2 hours, I was told that it would take another 2 hours and that they have not even began to work on my vehicle yet. Casey my rep tells me that he doesn't want to rush things because the other day one of the mechanics left a fan connector off on one of the jobs and then the car overheated and had to be towed back to the dealership.

So as Lexus customer, I'm supposed to wait 4+ hours so that we don't rush the mechanic to risk receiving poor service ??? Who is managing their scheduling functions? I really felt like an overbooked airline situation.

They offered a loaner car but because my wife's insurance card was not in my possession or in the car, that wasn't an option.

At that point I was so frustrated & disappointed, I took my keys and left to get back to work. To me it doesn't seem like anyone there cares about the customer, they think since they already sold you the car, you are at their mercy.

I really regret ever doing business with JM Lexus. This place ranks right up with the DMV experiences.

Highly recommend going to a different Lexus dealer other than JM.


Lexus ES 350 2009 model bought in Dubai as certified pre owned from dealer in December 2011. Last Monday 18/02/2019 there was an un- intended acceleration problem that could have killed me. I called police in Dubai and the whole phone conversation is recorded in police records. I am waiting for your Prompt reply.
Thank you


I bought ES350 which is 2019 new models in Lexus BGC of Philippines on Nov.2018. Once I received unit, I found out some of scratch on hood area. I,therefore, asked Lexus to repair the scratch on Jan. 2019. However, I heard of news from Lexus to replaced hood without any permission from unit owner. I was shock and surprised how your dealer can replaced hood without my permission or advice before replaced. It is a brand new and I bought new model, not second hand car. And also, I was disappointed your service quality to poor workmanship and customer service again. It is first time to use Lexus but now, so bad experienced due to your service quality. It is first time for me to experienced like kind of bad situation...I was used other brands like a Toyoda, Ford, Benz since before but not like this bad case. I'm so much sorrow to buy your 2019 new models. If possible, I would like to return and refund at once. Even if like this situation, The dealer of representative did not say sorry or what else by officially. Pls, investigate your dealer of BGC to replace new unit instead of replacement parts. I hope to hear my complaint and clear asap. Thanks.


Dear Sir/Mme,

This is my horrible experience with Lexus of Queens (New York City) this week. I tried to file a complaint with them, but the phone calls keep going nowhere, round and round.

1. A person calling himself "Larry" called me last week, saying he is from Lexus of Queens and notices my car is due for service and Lexus of Queens is offering 20% discount for it now. Therefore, I made an appointment with him for "Change Engine Oil and Rotate Tires" on Feb/06/2019 Wednesday, for which he said the services charge is about $119 less 20% discount, namely about $95.

2. On Feb/06 Wednesday, I drove my Lexus to Lexus of Queens. But, at first, the Services Department lady told me "there is no one here called Larry" ! Then, she found her computer shows someone already registered my car for "2 years 20000 miles services" (in fact, my car has run only 10382 miles so far) ! She did not explain that, if not "Larry", who could have registered it ?

Then, she proceeded to pitch the "2 years 20000 miles services" at a very expensive lump sum charge. Failing it, she continued to pitch the "1 year 10000 miles services" also at an expensive lump sum charge. She kept ignoring my repeated emphasis and request that all my car current needs is "Change Engine Oil and Rotate Tires" ! She would not confirm if its charge is, as the alleged "Larry" said, about $119 less 20% discount, namely about $95. She would not advise me what the correct charge shall be, either. Of course, I gave it all up and left.

3. On Feb/8 Friday morning, I received a phone call through recording, saying it is from Lexus of Queens and I have missed my car's appointment for services on Feb/6 Wednesday !

What is going on ? Is Lexus of Queens squandering its own good will, if not Lexus's good will as well ?

Unless you have actually investigated the above with Lexus of Queens, please do not reply to this email. I am fed up with too much baloney from them, already. I do not need more baloney from Lexus itself.

Woodrow Shih


In April 2018 I took my 2013 LS450 in for my major service to Lexus of Tucson at the auto Mall. They somehow took or lost my heating and cooling seat knob for the passenger seat. I noticed it was missing right away. I told my service person James about it . He said no problem I will order you a new one at no charge and call you when it arrives. I waited 2 months never received a call. Called them and spoke to Richard. He said he will follow up and call me when it comes in. Again no call waited 6 weeks and called again left a message no return call. waited another 2 weeks called again spoke to Richard he said he will talk to his manager. almost 9 months of being lied to I was told by Richard that his manager said the knob cannot be ordered separately and unit was too expensive so they were not able to replace it but if a used car comes in that goes to auction he will take the knob off that one and replace mine. Can't help but believe this is what they did with my knob in the first place gave it to another customer. I have owned Lexus cars since 1995. and so have my family. Always been happy and now I get treated like this. This is the year I normally buy a new lexus and was going to buy 2 this year but if this is the way I will be treated I don't believe I can purchase another Lexus. I plan to look at other cars for the first time since 1995. So sad this had to happen I love my car but now the value will be lower for my trade . Cannot believe I was lied to by people that have been servicing my cars since 1995. I would have to get a great deal in order to remain a customer. I used to brag about my all the time now cannot find the heart to brag. please do something to make this right for me so I can be a proud Lexus owner again. My Phone number is 520-297-8246 nina and David Neal


I had my ls 600h control arms replace at RG auto , which they bought the parts at Openroad Lexus Port Moody , bc, Canada . The parts was defected and Rg auto has to file a complaint with P.M lexus . Lexus ask me to bring the car in for inspection . (i also had all my tires replaced brand new at costco. ) . Lexus did a wheel alignment on my car and reported that everything are fine even the control arms. After the wheel alignment , my steering wheel was not centered , it was tilt to the right . So i brought it back for them to fix it . After a few hrs , they said everything is fine and reported that my tires are worn , which i had replace just a week ago . After that last visit , i heard some weird noise coming from the front driver side .This time i brought my car to another shop for inspection to find out that my driver side front end rear control arm is moving . I dont know how Lexus missed that . For a Lexus dealer to perform that poorly is unimaginable. PLease look into this for me . Cause they wasted my time and my money.

please feel free to contact me at 604 726 8629 . Thank you !


Long story short.

Do not buy a 2019 Lexus ES350 F Sport from Escondido Lexus dealership or any other in the United States. Their much advertised Lexus Safety System+ 2.0 is a fraud on this car model. (“Consumer fraud occurs when a product or service does not perform as advertised”.)
The “Road Sign Assist” does not work no matter what you do.
Lexus so called “Technology Specialist” and Lexus engineers are unable to fix the problem as of January 9, 2019.
I bought a 2019 brand new one for over $50,000 on November 14. 2018 and the system has not worked from day one, even that Lexus advertisement shows a photo showing a red stop sign on the head up. Nice photo shop Lexus.

I have been in contact with the Lexus dealership and Lexus Head Quarters since I found out the system just does not work, and all I have gotten is a run around.

If you want further information feel free to call me

Peter Desser
(619) 829-3821

On January 10, 2019 at 11:12 am I received a call from Lexus Escondido Technology Specialist Rick Barnicort telling me that the 2019 ES350 F Sport they sold me does not have the “Road Sign Assist” I paid for even that Lexus advertise it does and all my paper work on the car says it does. If this is not fraud, I don’t know what is.

I will now file a complaint with the California Consumer Protection Agency and the Federal Trade Commission about the deceptive car advertising Lexus is doing.


I bought a 2018 GX 460 in Novemeber and also purchased the Cilajet not once but twice and our interior stains. Once approaching both our Sales rep.... Scott Venator & manager Tony D'amato no one returns our calls. I feel like after purchasing the car and they received our money we mean nothing. This is not what I expected and never would have gone to Newport had I known we qould be treated so poorly. I would like to speak to a regional manager or someone that can help me.
Robert & Sylvia Ferris 714.402.2561


On October 12,2018 I took my Lexus 460 LS (2016) in for the 30,000 mile check up at Herrin-Gear Lexus, 1-55 at High Street, Jackson, MS 39205. They did not properly check my brakes and rotors. On October 21st I drove to Fort Worth, Texas to visit my daughter. During this trip, I experienced a great deal of vibration from my brakes. It got worse the further I drove!! I was very nervous about this situation! On Monday, October 22nd, I took the car to Sewell Lexus, 5100 Bryant Irvin Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76132. It was determined that I needed new front brakes and resurfaced brake rotors. Sewell Lexus also noted that the car needed to be realigned as it had not been done properly by Herrin-Gear in the past. The Sewell representative stated that there was no evidence in the computer records that these brakes had been check at the 30,000 checkup and had the Herrin-Gear dealership looked at my brakes and rotors properly, they should have known they needed to be replaced. Their negligence could have caused me to have a serious accident!
I called the manager at Herrin-Gear on Tuesday afternoon to report what had happened and asked for a reimbursement for the alignment. He did nothing but argue with me about the alignment because it was not specified for the 30,000 mile check-up. He also said the brakes did not cause the shimmy in the tires, the rotors did. That is beside the point! The brakes should have been measured and the rotors checked for resurfacing.
I was charged $1012.16 and the check-up was not done properly.
I called Herrin-Gear and did not receive appropriate satisfaction. I bought a Lexus 460LS assuming that I would get quality and first class service, to date my experience with Herrin Gear has been disappointing and certainly was not up to the service I received at Sewell.

From a very concerned customer,

Lynda Campbell


I purchased a preowned car from Keys Lexus in Van Nuys in February. In June, I took the car to a detail shop. The shop refused to detail my car because they said that the car has been repainted and it was not repainted with Lexus quality paint. They did not want to take any liability. We called Keys Lexus to inform them of this finding and they refused to do anything about it. Their comment was, "why did it take you this long to realize that the car was repainted". It took us that long because I took it to a professional who happened to be an ex-Lexus employee. The fact that the car was repainted or for what reason was never disclosed to me. Just to be sure, I took the car to another Lexus dealer and the first think they did was check the paint all around the car with a tool that indicates if the paint is different in any area of the car. Sure enough, they concluded that the car was repainted on the hood and the passenger side panels, just as the guy as the deatil shop pointed out. This Lexus dealer also told me that, checking the paint on the body of the car is one of things that are done before selling a used car. All I want is Lexus make good repaint my car with Lexus quality paint job. I have been a Lexus owner for over 20 years along with multiple members of my family. With this incident, unfortunately some of my family memebers, including my son has chosen to move to Infinity. I hope Lexus makes good and on this issue proving that it is the great company that I have always believed it to be.


I have been a part of the Lexus family since 1994. I currently have 3 Lexus vehicles (2016-ES350, 2015-RX350 and 2016-GS200t) which I purchase from Jim Hudson Lexus Dealership in Columbia, SC.

The service that I am complaining about started with Jim Hudson Lexus Dealership service department on July 10, 2018. I enter the Lexus
service for an oil change on my 2016- ES350. The Service department found issues with my engine needing repairs or replaced. The service representative told me that it would cost $6,000 to $12000 to repair or replace. However, he never told me that my car was under the power train warranty. I consider this be very deceiving. I found out from the Lexus headquarter office about my power train warranty. After speaking with Lexus dealership, they agreed to fix my vehicle and provide a loaner vehicle for me to drive. However, they did not fix my car engine which remains under warranty. My car remained in their shop over 2 weeks deceiving me that my car was being repaired. Then after 2 1/2 weeks of calling and checking on my status of vehicle, Jim Hudson Lexus Dealership requested a copy of my maintenance report for life of my vehicle. Per Jim Hudson Lexus management I provide this information and still the dealership denied my power train warranty to fix or replace my engine. They are liars with a bad service department. The Service Manager and General Manager in my opinion needs to be remove or fired.


Bought a RX350 (2008) Certified Preowned Lexus in 2009 from PARK PLACE LEXUS OF PLANO, TX. In 2013, I noticed a crack in the dashboard by the driver’s side vent.
Called PARK PLACE LEXUS OF PLANO, TX and was told cracks in the dashboard are not under warranty and it may have been caused by what I was using to clean the dashboard. After arguing with the service guy he went to the service manager and they agreed to repair it and they did.
Now in 2018, I have two cracks in the dashboard by the passenger air vent. Researched on the internet to see if other Lexus owners had similar issues. To my surprise many owners have this issue and Lexus had offered to replace the entire dashboard if you have cracks or melting of the dashboard.
The dealership told me I needed to call corporate to obtain approval for the dashboard replacement. I called corporate office and they did not show the cracked dashboard had been previously repaired and the offer to replace the defective dashboard had expired in October 2017. I asked if they could repair just the cracks like last time and was told that decision is up to the dealership.
I called PARK PLACE LEXUS OF PLANO, TX to see if I could still get the dashboard replaced or repaired. Their system showed the crack in the dashboard was repaired in October 2009. The dealership did not correspond to corporate of my previous repair which I have documentation and receipt. After speaking to the service representative and service manager they will not replace the dashboard since it is up to corporate to approve and will not repair the cracks because one of the cracks is in front of the airbag.
Bottom line to replace the defective dashboard I will have to pay approximately ~$2,000. I bought a Lexus based on the reputation of a quality vehicle. Had I known it was so cheap that the dashboard would need to be totally replaced in less than 10 years my decision would have been different. I understand vehicle parts wear out and need to be replaced but not a dashboard. This car is always garaged at home and at work and only has 76k miles. A dashboard should not have cracks on a vehicle this soon and definitely not on any quality luxury car. Based on this experience I would strongly recommend others to stay away of a LEXUS and PARK PLACE LEXUS OF PLANO.


My Daughter bought a lexus IS 200 2017 about 9 months it has been in the shop twice for the brakes, The last time we took it was about 2 weeks ago we got it back and the brakes still make noise when you stop. I call the dealer back and all the said was that model bakes make noise, I asked the guy were in the contract dose it say the brakes will make noise as long as you have the car. My daughter will not drive this car for as much as she is paying it not fare to her she is 4 months pregnant and is very stressed out over this. I will filing a complaint with the BBB about this. We will be trading this no good piece if shit in...Totally unsatisfied.


On 7/2/2018 I awoke to see my 2 yr old driveway coated with a streak of oil. ( see pics). I am a mechanic and proceeded to check out my wife's 2010 Lexes RX350. I found the oil cooler line had ruptured. I went to the Lexes dealer in West Springfield Ma. and tried to buy a replacement. They did not have one in stock and had to order it which would be delivered the next day at $174.00 + tax.

I asked the parts clerk why there had not been a recall on this defective part. I stated that had this happened on the highway I could have blown the engine and that there was oil all over the exhaust which could have made matters worse by starting a fire. She only replied that there have been no reports of any fires. She also stated that if they had noticed during a service call that they would have replaced it. Well it had been in for service on several occasions and not replaced. I could not have brought it in for repair as I live about 20 miles from Balise Lexus with a massive oil leak.

I then proceeded to NAPA in Northampton Ma and got the part the same day and installed it. it was considerably less at $101.14 + tax with same day delivery. The new part was solid metal , not a rubber jury rig which I believe to be far below Lexus standards.

Now my driveway is ruined and I am not happy that there has been no recall for such a dangerous defect. What other defects are hidden that Lexus will ignore

Thank you
Peter A. Fern


Bought New RX 350 in November of 2017 at Lexus of Birmingham. Was told I would get a $100.00 dollar referral fee if I sent them a new customer and they bought a car. I sent my sister and brother in law and they bought a new Lexus RX 350 car in the March / April 2018 time frame. I still have not received my referral fee and get the run around every time I call about it. Today is July 18 2018 (four plus months) and still no money. Can you help please. Very sad I'm having to write this about a Lexus dealer.


I lost my fobs to my is 250.So I took it to Chatham parkway Lexus, So they hooked my car to the computer .about 10:00 am so I waited until 5:00 pm they said that they would have to keep my car .So they gave me a loner to drive, so they kept my cat almost a month. So they call me and tell me that my cars system is destroyed from resetting to many times. That it was giving the code of self destruct from Romany resets. Now I know if my car would have been like that when they received it it would have gave the code at first. It did not take a month to read code. They reset my car to many times and want me to replace the system.could I please gets some help with this? Thks Randy cell 478 202 0862


I lost my remote for my 2010 is 250 . So I took the car to Chatham parkway Lexus in Savannah GA. So they look at my car, they hook it to the computer so I stayed down there waiting all day. So they gave me a loner car and the car stayed down there almost 4 weeks. So they called me and said that the system had been reset to many times that I would have to have a new system dollars. They are the one that reset it that many times. Want me to pay for it. That's not right.


I took delivery of a new 2016 LS 460 in June 2016. In May 2017, (miles), I noticed a whining noise while the car is in motion. I took it to the dealer and the receipt states no diagnosis problem. The car has to be in motion, at city and hi-way speed. I took it back to the dealer and a transmission technician drove it with me and agreed there is a noise, but had no explanation. I took it to another dealer, a tech. drove it with me, and put it on a rack to run thru the gears with a supervisor. They advised it was "the engine and trans. synchronizing". I took it back to the original dealer and a shop foreman drove it and advised a transmission stablizing bar causes the noise. My 2007 and 2013 LS 460s did not make this whining noise, nor do the 2014 and 2016 LS 460s I've driven.


I took delivery of a new 2016 LS 460 in June 2016. In May 2017, (miles), I noticed a whining noise while the car is in motion. I took it to the dealer and the receipt states no diagnosis problem. The car has to be in motion, at city and hi-way speed. I took it back to the dealer and a transmission technician drove it with me and agreed there is a noise, but had no explanation. I took it to another dealer, a tech. drove it with me, and put it on a rack to run thru the gears with a supervisor. They advised it was "the engine and trans. synchronizing". I took it back to the original dealer and a shop foreman drove it and advised a transmission stablizing bar causes the noise. My 2007 and 2013 LS 460s did not make this whining noise, nor do the 2014 and 2016 LS 460s I've driven.


In September 2017 after evacuation from hurricane Irma, taking my water-damaged 2013 Lexus GX 460 13,000 mi to have it repaired at Germain Lexus, Naples, FL, Hartford Insurance said via phone, “Car is totaled!” I needed a new car that day. I bought same model but a 2017. At age 82 I told salesman I needed to do "due diligence" asking five times if they would honor any lower price if thousands less. Five times salesman said “You have my word, we’ll match it, you never have to worry about that or price at Germains. We'll match it.” I asked to have that in the contract but he refused, repeating it wasn't necessary, I had his word. I found two at exactly $5,000 less & sent them dealer's prices and dealership's email letters to Germain and had two meetings. They refused to honor their agreement. Cheating an 82 yr old, not allowing her to put their agreement in the contract and not keeping their word isn't right. I want the $5,000 as agreed to.




To whom it may concern,

I am still waiting for a response from Toyota Europe to below email. As a courtesy I am including Toyota Poland, however I do not wish for to be contacted by Toyota Poland as you have already shown me that your customer service is substandard.
I have been driving Lexus cars for over 10 years and spending a lot of money on these high end luxury cars. However if there is any defects or problems with my vehicles I would expect these to be solved.
I previously owned a Lexus ISF which had a design problem with the radiator fan coming loose for the motor. I was told by Lexus that I had to pay to repair this fault which I did. A few years later I received a recall letter in regards to radiator fans coming loose. You can understand my disappointment and frustration.
Please note that the seats have not been damaged or scratched or neglected in any way. The leather is starting to peel away and separate. As the car is only two years old with low mileage, i am sure you agree that this is not acceptable deterioration.
Looking forward to hear for you,

Kind Regards,
Dariusz Radosz
If there is no progress, soon I will be contacting TOYOTA JAPAN.




Lexus ES350 (2013) VIN: JTHBK1GG5D2080142. I visited Orlando Lexus Service @ 305 N Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792 on 12/17 (Sat) at 12: PM. After a discussion with them (handled by Mr.Daniel and Manger: Mr.Kevin), I got the vehicle enrolled there and scheduled a service on 12/23 (Fri) 7:30 AM (the vehicle was bought in NJ and it was the time I visited Orlando Lexus). I requested Daniel to check ES350's left front tire to see if there is any issue as pressure was ~26 psi only (other tires had about 35psi). In the meantime, I went out to see a new with the plan to buy in 2-3 weeks. The car key was returned to me by a person telling me that there is no problem.

But, to my disappointment, nothing was done. I went back to Daniel and later to Kevin and asked them why it was not taken care of. To my extreme surprise, I was told that no such request was made in spite of the fact that I had insisted on it to Daniel. They agreed to do it reluctantly after a while. After about 20 minutes, I was given back the car and was told that there is absolutely no issue with the tire. I got assurance that there is no problem with tire, sensors etc. But, after I got back I found that the tire was flat. This is extremely irresponsible on the part of Lexus of Orlando Service.

It's 1:30 AM now and I am trapped in a place away from home (I have called roadside assistance and the case #16078010). I want an enquiry in to this and I hope it is not covered up.


I have spent the last two months trying to buy a 2017 Lexus RX450h. It has been a frustrating, aggravating, maddening two months. I have never been so disrespected. And I’m appalled that the Lexus computerized inventory system is so out dated that it takes weeks to find an available vehicle with specific options and color combinations.

The second week of this September I went to my local Lexus dealer (New Country Lexus). I spoke to Matthew Goldberg. I collected information. Matt told me to contact him if I had any questions. That afternoon I emailed him with some questions. He did not respond. But the following week he called and asking if I had any questions. I did. He said he would send me the information I requested. I have never heard from him since.

A few weeks later I returned to the dealership to test drive a Lexus 450h. I took a ride with a different salesperson I asked her to tell Matt that I had come by for a test drive. He still has not contacted me. She didn’t seem interested in selling me a car, either.

On October 21, I put together an offer and emailed it to two salesmen outside my area. And I went into the local dealership and spoke to the Sales Manager, David Saunders and voiced my concerns about the lack of service. He was most apologetic. He accepted my proposal. We sat down together and he located a car at another dealership. I would have to get the larger wheels, which can be a challenge for a 5 foot 5 inch woman, but I agreed to it. We had a deal. He said he would keep me informed as to the progress of the car. I never heard from him again.

On November 10, I met with the General Manager. We worked on the details of the car and various charges. He continued to be apologetic and said he “wanted to make things right”. I have yet to hear that my car is available for pick up.


I would like to send you a link to my two videos about the service done on my car by a Lexus approved bodyshop. I have been in touch with Lexus many times with the issues my car was presenting with. On these videos you can see the poor result of repair done by that body workshop. I feel I am left with the car which looks horrible what you can see on the videos and I paid so much money for this car to exceed my expectations. I am very disappointed.If you encounter any issues with opening these links please go on YouTube.


I own and drive a RX350 2010. I have had my vehicle serviced each and every time I was advised to by the Lexus Advisor. I take very good care of my vehicle and in return I had hope that I would have very little problems with my vehicle. When I purchased my vehicle I purchased the extended warranty, had the oil changed as advised, tire rotated and purchased tires from Lexus as advised along with many other routine service requirements. Recently, I started to hear a clicking noise in my steering column. Every time I turned the steering wheel their is a clicking noise. I took my car to the Lexus dealership and was told that the problem was fixed.

The clicking noise stopped for a while and then returned. I paid for that visit. I took my car back to the Lexus dealership and was told that my whole steering column is going bad and that its gonna cost me over $3000 to have it replaced. I never heard of the steering column going bad on a car, especially not a high end car such as a Lexus. I am very disappointed with this investment. I am sadden by the facet that I took my car to the dealership and they offered no help, no advice or anything to help me with this problem. Do you really stand behind your cars as you say you do?


I am completing my previous e-mail because my lap-top died. As a result of these circumstances, I am frustrated with Lexus and did not want to deal with the servicing of this car. The consequence resulted in me receiving less for the value of the car on the trade in was $24,000. The body was in excellent condition and had low mileage for the year of the car. I feel that this was something that could not go without my complaining.


i am complaining about two things. I am disappointed with my experience after having purchased a 2012 Lexus 350 RX at Lexux of Mt. Kisco in New York. The vehicle was purchased as a certified pre-owned in October of 2015. The mileage on the vehicle was 28,197 at the time of purchase. In January, the battery died and was recharged by Triple A. Several months later, the battery died and needed to be replaced by Triple A again. I was informed it was the original battery. The tires were also checked and I was informed that I needed new tires.

This was checked by more than one source. Having only putting a total of 4200 miles on the car since its purchase, I question the validity of the pre-owned inspection. By what standards was this certification met. I have now traded in my Lexus because I was frustrated with having received no satisfaction from the dealership.I certainly did not wear the tires with that mileage. The dealership I traded the car into was Wetmore Jeep in New Milford,CT. They could attest to the claim about the condition of the tires. Having heard wonderful things about owning a Lexus, I was hoping this would be true, unfortunately for me it was not the case. Total 31,000 dollars paid for the vehicle.


I paid $71K for my Lexus LS 460 and my dash is melting and creating a driving hazard due to glare from the windshield and the Lexus dealer as well as customer service keep telling me that my VIN # JTHBL48F275048750 is "not on the list" for dash replacement. I am going to contact the Florida Attorney General's office and inform them about the hazard and I will be buying a new car and guess what I am not going to buy? That's right, a Lexus. I think they really ruined a wonderful product and what had been a great reputation. Lexus future sales are going to reflect that.


I am writing to express my outrage and concern regarding a dealership service in Jordan middle east and even those in Dubai. I trust Lexus cars for their reliability. I brought my car (ct200h 2012)to the local dealer to check it as i have rough and shaking first star in the morning and which recently got worse until I started to notice coolant leak in combustion chamber (white sweet smell exhaust smoke plus 3cm drop in coolant level).

The local dealer has been working on head gasket replacement since 8 Long days and not done yet. Very slow service no information on work progress and as I have to travel to Malaysia on friday I can't come on time to receive my car which is apparently not any time soon. They claim that it has been overheated but I have never had any alarms on dashboard regarding elevated coolant temp. I believe the head gasket failed either alone or there was a failure in the alarming light which had never came on Dashboard.

I am very disappointed for the unexplained blown head gasket and the very slow dealer service (head gasket replacement taking 10 days plus) .As I can't take the car on time Because I am traveling in 3 days they are planing to charge me a so called storage fees. They had 10 working days finish but apparently it is not enough for there incompetent technicians Why the head gasket failed so soon on a will maintained car and there was no error codes or alarms to indicate overheating or misfire to explain engine rattling and shaking in the first start in the morning or when engine sits for awhile.


I purchased a LS460 Lexus 3/4/16. I have owned many top of the line Lexus cars over the years and this is the first time I have been very unhappy with my new vehicle. The first complaint I have involves all the windows of the car, in particular the windshield. When the sun hits it, it has sparkles and dots that are distracting and horrible. The windshield has been replaced once already right after I got the car.

The next issue involves the new design of the body. It is too low to the ground. I parked at a curb on Pico Blvd. (Los Angeles) and the right front bottom of the fender scraped the curb and it left scratches and no paint. Also, the right side doors could not open because the car was too low. I noticed that the paint is not good either. You put the cup holders in an inconvenient place and they are too small. If I put a beverage holder in them it covers the radio controls.


I would like to express my SUV Dash Board of the front window has cracked. Lexus have agreed to replace it but I have been waiting for over 5 months to have the work completed. We have been considering a new GS 460 but I am not to cool with the new front grill look. This is the first time as I understand the process at the Pohanka Lexus Dealer ship that the material require for my vehicle is on back order and I am on the waiting list to have the vehicle service with 60 other customers. Not good on this particular items. However, I would like to support this outstanding service dealership. They really do bend over backward to support me as a customer.


I leased a 2015 Lexus GX 460 in December 2014 for two years. My NAV and sound system had a problem and whole system got frozen and I used to turn off the car and turn it again to start working again. I took my car to Newport Lexus service several times for this problem and as I remembered they have done: Update the software at first time, but i got same problem. I guess they re-install the software, but I had same problem. They changed my sound system, same problem still happened.

Last time, they told me they changed the computer! and on Monday, my friend drive my car from LA to OC called and told the Navigation is not working and I asked him to go out of free way, stop , turn off and turn ON the car, and he did. So, I return the car to Newport Lexus today again and I don’t know what they are going to do this time. Anyway, by my friend recommendation, I called a Lemon Attorney and explained my car problem and he told me that is a case for Lemon and he asked me to go to his office.

To be honest, I did not have any experience with attorneys yet, and based on my friend experiences in different cases (not any lemon) , I don’t like to have any. Also I had very good experiences with Lexus( I bought and leased 4 Lexus for myself and my wife, also bought and leased at least 4 other Lexus for my family and friends in past 10 years from Newport Lexus) , had not any headache and got a very nice professional services in Newport Lexus. So, my question is what Lexus can do for a lot of inconveniences for this issue.


On Monday the 1st of August 2016, I was driving down a winding road when my power steering light came on. I was able to control the car down that hill before arriving to work before the steering wheel froze up so it made it difficult to turn into the stall. I thank God that I was not too far from work when this happened. I called AAA towing to tow my car to the nearest Lexus dealer who is in Kearny Mesa, San Diego which is 14 miles from work. I was given a loaner until they could check it out. Lexus called later to tell me that they could not find anything so I can come pick up my car, I was then questioning if they couldn't find anything, what happens if this does it to me again.

I was then told by the mechanic that they would keep it another day to check it out. Lexus called me on 8/2 to tell me that they couldn't find anything and that they drove my car for 40 miles and no problem and that my car can be picked up that day. I picked up my car on my 11:00am lunch hour, and drove it back to work which is 14 miles. As soon as I was going into our parking garage, the power steering light came on and the wheel started to tighten up again.

I called Lexus and then the AAA customer service number to complain that I just picked up my car and it could have caused me to have an accident. I told them to come get it since I was not going to pay to have it towed. Lexus sent a guy to bring me a loaner car and to drive my car back to them at 2:40pm. On 8/3, at 11:05am, my sales guy called to tell me that it happened to them with the light and that the motor was gone on the steering well, the charge would be over $1,000.00 to fix. Was told my car should be ready on 8/4 for pickup...pending their call now.

8/4/2016 received call from sales rep that my car was ready at 10:50am, picked up car @ 11:15am, so far, no. warning light…After picking up the car, it still was not running like it should, I was told that it was probably due to the problem being fixed and me not knowing how it should run. Drove the car anyway, no warning light so I was going to have to deal with it. On 8/14/16, while drive with my husband home, the Power Steering light came on again after just getting this fixed and spending the money for this expensive repair. Thank God that I just reached my exit and was able to pull over to the side, I restarted the car, and the light went out….

Thinking that this might have been a fluke per my husband, I continued to drive the car praying that this wouldn’t happen again in order for me to be humiliated at the Lexus dealer again as if I don’t know what I’m talking about. 8/17/16, while driving home late from work, at 7:05pm, the Power Steering light came on again and the steering wheel locked, but allowed me to turn the wheel with both hands. I’m already paranoid about driving my car of 9 yrs. that I love but concerned that this problem will not be fixed.

I turned the engine off and restarted the car and the light went out in order for me to drive it home. I drove it around for a while to see if the light would come on and it didn’t, I knew that I would be taking it to the dealership in the am. On 8/18/16, I left my house at 5:10am in order to get the early to beat the traffic, I knew that the Lexus service dept. doesn’t open up until 7:00am but I was afraid of it locking up again.

I arrived at the dealership at 5:30am…..The mechanic came to talk to me instead of my Service Rep, Chris, he asked me the problem that I was having and then took me for a ride in my car to go into the service area in order to hook up the machine to find out the code for the problem, he was very nice and I appreciated his concern since this has happened several times. An Error code # C1511 came up, this was the same code that came up originally that was the reason for the repairs.

The repair was done on 8/4 for this, “Torque Sensor #1 error or failure” per my invoice. The AAA mechanic did not know why this was happening since this was done already. He requested from the service rep that it get written up and for me to have a loaner for the day so that they can again research this. The car does not have any power like it did…pending now, a call from Lexus service dept.


My Lexus was leaking oil everywhere. I took it to the nearest shop I could find and they diagnosed an oil cooler leak. The technician. stated that Lexus and Toyota have had this problem quite frequently. He stated that the dealer will fix the problem at no charge. I called Balise Toyota and this person said there was no such thing and the that the technician was wrong. I am having my car repaired and decide to google the problem and sure enough this problem has been ongoing and there is a warranty enhancement. on this part. Lexus, highlander, and Toyota are among them.

Well I called one Lexus dealer in west springfield mass she she verified that there is a warranty enhancement on that part.Now I have two different answers.I then call another Lexus corporate number and according to the vin number that Lexus doesn't even belong to me and the part has already be fixed.. It has now been six hours and I have to get my car repaired go to work then get on the road as my wife and daughter have already left on vacation. Would you please consider reimbursing me for at least the cost for repairs.


I own a 2016 LS460 and a 2014 RX350 purchased from Hennessy Lexus in Duluth Georgia. I have been a Lexus owner since they first came out, and have experienced few if any problems through the years.. My reason for this complaint is with both my LS & RX. They both have what I think is a VERY serious problem! When turning left, the engine almost shuts down, leaving you very vulnerable to on coming traffic . I haven't experienced this problem turning right, but I have my fears. I owned a 2007 LS and it did not have this problem, so why does a 2016 LS have this problem, or any Lexus for that matter. Please tell me you have a fix for this problem, because this not an issue to be taken lightly, in my opinion.


I called Lexus customer service at 1-800-255-3987 to get my services started on my car. 2014 GS350 Vin# JTHCE1BL5E5022161 When I purchased the vehicle I was told that I would get a free trial period to try the services and after a year I can purchase the ones that fit my needs. The customer service rep told me in a very rude way that I was not the original owner so I got nothing for free. I tried to explain to the rep. that I had just purchased the car and had not used the free service.

Again the rep rudely stated that it didn't matter that they only gave free service one time. I asked if it was someone else I could explain my situation to and was told that it was nobody else to talk to and that if I did they would tell me the same thing. The customer service reps attitude was very un Lexus like, although I have never had these services on a car before, I am not a first time Lexus owner; in fact this is my 4th Lexus, and up to this point I had been very happy with all of the service I received from Lexus, but if rude inconsiderate service is the new norm I will be returning my car and never buying a Lexus again.


The paint of a 2007 Sapphira Gray is peeling off plus the dashboard is melting with no response for the painting and still waiting for the painting, the Lexus are supposed to be a Luxury Car. I never had that bad experience with a BMW. I am very very disappointing never have so many cosmetic problem with the Lexus. I had two previous Lexus and no complaint but the QA is awful very poor.


I got a note from Lexus Division,ToyotaMotor sales, USA, Inc. 19001 South Western Ave, PO Box2991, Torrance, CA 90509-2991. VIN:JTJHW31U260016677. Dear Lexus Owner: “Lexus would like to advise you of an enhancement of portions of your Lexus new vehicle limited warranty. This program will extend the warranty coverage for repairs related to any cracked and or sticky/melting dashboards as a result of heat or humidity on 2007-2008...... and 2005-2008 model year RX400h vehicles.”

As soon as I got this note I took my Lexus- RX400h To Harvey Lexus, Bossier, Louisiana and the service agreed that my vehicle dashboard crack is due to heat and humidity and I was told they will order one Dashboard for me. After several month I was called the Dashboard in and I dropped my vehicle at Harvey Lexus Dealer. Later own I was called and informed that my Dashboard was of a wrong Color. I was told sorry we will order you another one. Several month went by and once again I was called and informed that they have received my new Dashboard. Once again I dropped my vehicle at their service department.

Later on once again I was informed that they have ordered a wrong size Dashboard. It has been several month and I have not heard from them even though I have called them to see why it is taken so long? they replied that they have not received the part. How would you feel if you put your self in my shoes? In Dec I bought Lexus Gx460 2016 for my wife and I was about to get a Lexus for my daughter but I have decided not to deal with Lexus ever again.


I am a Lexus owner IS220D with registration number from Cyprus. Since I bought my car I always have to had additional engine oil. At the 112121 kilometers I had a cylinder head spacer shim failure, although my car was always serviced with genuine lexus parts. I ordered new parts from your dealer in Cyprus as well as new piston steel rings, so I can recondition my engine. I was delayed because your dealer did even bother to update me that I was going to need new pistons as well.

This is so irresponsible because I was only updated for new models arriving. However, how comes the auto express in UK recalled all these models and changed pistons even out of warranty and I was not in Cyprus. This is outrageous because I paid for a Lexus with reliable engine not one with low quality parts. I demand full compensation for my expenses to my car running again. I am looking forward to hearing for you.


Here is my Lexus complaint. Our 2006 GS300 w/ 94,276mi needs a new tranny and engine rebuild per Lexus dealer in Oakland, CA. Car recently displayed VSC with traction light, rough idle and burning oil. All recalls performed and car maintained at Lexus dealer. Lexus Corporate states extended warranty program to assist car owners with repair expired September 2015. Car had 90k service in September 2015 and Lexus did not mention any issues with our car....Now this!


I have always purchased in my 55 years Toyota Family. Now since 2015 when I finally purchased the Lexus which I paid more than Double in Price from my previous Toyotas I have had Product Problems still today, Financial Errors with my Auto Pay, return of my Lease, Lack of Title since they forgot my Name, departmentalized pointing blame on one another and making me call several departments with each pointing the fingers back at one another, took over payments and it took me two Accounts and false delinquent notices and pleading to refund their Error with no apology or appreciation of this being my 7th Purchase! And 9th if you count my Family!

Yet this Lexus is already having service problems I never experienced with Toyota and I was treated with excellent Customer Service unlike the horrible treatment with Lexus (called Toyota Financial) now that they have sent me to a Collection Agency over $372 when they took my Cash for a $50,000 2015 Hybrid and took over payments and numerous mistakes in all departments yet the supposedly Executive Office (Kristie Morales of Torrance) says this is all a Dealer Issue and not a Company Issue and they Do Not Compensate. She said they refuse to remove the $372.75 fee for returning the Lease after each Department in Financial and Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience told me to fax my proof I did purchase another 2015 car.

I did...this was not enough...I did not Finance it for 30 days. I called both Dealers in my area and one said this is normally waived since I am purchasing another Vehicle? Even Financial in Iowa said the same? I spoke to Torrance Financial also and one also thought this was true. Evidently, it depends on who you speak to and each Department does not see the notes of the others. Just yesterday as they transferred me to each department for the ongoing Remote Service Issue (Miriam of Torrance is asking to test two 15 minute intervals for Trias of Remote?) and then Financial each began with another repeated question disregarding all of the problems occurred now and before since 5/9/2015 with a question "So you don't understand why you are being sent to a Collection Agency for $372.75?)! This is not my only issue. I spent $50,000 Cash and have been never treated so horribly and pathetic lack of concern by any Corporation.

I used to praise Toyota and always purchased Toyota...I was planning to buy another Vehicle until I felt like I woke up in a Nightmare or Alternate Universe with Customer Service Reps who sound like Robots and total disregard for the Customer and no apology or concern for the mistakes made...not only from the Sales, Dealer, Campaign, Financial, and now the Remote Service Issue on a New 2015 Hybrid! One that I paid over Double in Price for! And to reach the "Stepford Wives" and "Robotic" with no Human Concern, both Kristi Morales who works along with apparently Adrian Chapman and to find they are supposed to be in the Executive Office making Executive Decisions!

Please try to explain to me I am mistaken and this is not the philosophy of the Toyota Family and Lexus and Toyota Care! Supervisors prior promised to call me back and to at least remove me from Collections, yet I one month later never heard back once again from them and the Credit Collections sent me a Collection for the $372.75! I have Miriam from Customer Experience calling to fix our Mechanical Remote Issue yet the nerve to still want to Collect $372.75 after Lexus gladly took $50,000 for this Car which has been nothing but a problem and most of all, the lack of Customer Care and Customer Service and Human Concern and Appreciation of Customer Loyalty.

Please escalate to Michael Groff. I have tried to write to him and never heard back. I was told my Christie Morales they were working on it as I called 3 months in a row after waiting and to get another collection notice. Toyota cares? When created in 1989, did Nagoya, Japan expect their North America Customer Service to be like this today?


I purchased a 2008 ES Lexus from orange park fl. It has been then worst experience I have had since I purchased my first Lexus. The first thing I experience was with your financial dept due to some mistake on their part they came up with some form of excuse why they needed to change the interested rate from 11% to 13% . Then the services department sucks I can't even start to complain about them and finally I had to take my car in for a repair and that's when I found out that they sold me a Lexus that was not certified that was the straw that broke the camel back.

I will never refer Lexus of orange park to anyone. Due to my great experience with the Lexus services on Atlantic Blvd I recommenced my family to purchase a Lexus which my sister purchase one, my older went to Mercedes of Brumos and some of my other family member purchased from your company. I feel that I'm a value customer. Please don't allow the Lexus experience be tainted by a group men who just want a sale.


I, had taken my Lexus SUV (RX350) for repair on February, 22 2016. Damages to right side of vehicle, both doors had minimal damages, plus the front fender also needed to be repair. Mrs. Shelby and I walked around the vehicle and check all damages, Mrs. Shelby had taken notes on the damages, I asked her any scratches' that not related to the accident I will pay. just call me and let me know the price. Several days later they called me gave me the prices to remove all the scratches and told me this will mean they will have to keep the car extra days, I told her that was fine with.

March 3, 2016, they said the SUV will be ready at two o'clock. I was late arriving at the shop maybe 4:30pm. When I received my vehicle, marks from the accident was still on the right door, no repairs of the scratches on the vehicle. The mats on the floor of my SUV was dirty. I asked the support rep, I don't understand why the SUV NOT FINISH. We made an agreement that will pay for the scratches, she told me everything was done. I am so disappointed in Lexus customer service.


My rear view mirror on my Lexus has rust looking marks throughout the entire seems like the rust is settling inside of the glass which makes it hard to see what's behind me. Also the rubber dashboard is extremely cheap. When the weather is hot, my dashboard melts I have tons of cracks due to this melting.


Poor rearview camera quality in our 2015 Rx 350. Since we purchased our Rx the image from the rear camera has been very washed out. The resolution is poor and the colors are faint. I have complained to Lexus of Clearwater, but have been told that it is the same with all the new Lexus. This makes our fifth Lexus, and have always been impressed with quality throughout the car. This camera is not as good as cameras in cars costing one third that of the Rx.


I purchased a 2016 Lexus RX 350 in December of 2015. On February 12th I had noticed some oil on the floor of my garage. I did not want to believe it was coming from the Lexus. I took my flashlight and got underneath the car and started investigating. I discovered some small leak coming from the engine. I then took it to the dealer and had it checked out. Well, come to find out the car's been sitting there for a week now apparently waiting for an engineer from Japan to come and investigate.

I would like to be compensated or would rather get an exchange for another car because I don't think it's fair for me that I got a very expensive lemon. ($63K lemon) How am I suppose to tell people if I'm trying to sell my car that it's never been worked on? My point is, the car is not original anymore. It only has 300 miles on it. What would you do if you bought a Ferrari and you found out it was a lemon? The oil was probably leaking right out of the dealership but since it was slow leak no one had noticed including us.

I have many friends that are in the market for Lexus.


Read this. Promises, but no follow-up. Lexus service is dead. I started buying cars from your dealership not long after it opened. Obviously, I have been pleased with the automobile and the dealership and have referred many friends, family and associates over the years. Most recently my son and daughter-in-law. I am very disappointed in my most recent experience. I think that a part of the problem is that I decided to try a Saturday appointment and, not unlike many businesses, things are not that well organized. After finding that Larry Berry was working, I requested him since I was unassigned. I have worked with Larry many times and I have absolutely nothing but good to say about my experiences, including Saturday.

At check-in, I asked Larry to have the technology person show me how to get my dash screen to display the satellite radio stations. I had renewed my free trial on the day it expired, but Sirius must disconnect in the morning and not wait until the end of the day. The result was a few hours of not having service. Once service was restored, I found that only one or two stations appeared in each section (Jazz, Pop, etc.) even though the stations are active and can be manually tuned. My assumption was that the radio needed to be refreshed. I has Sirius "refresh" the signal twice with no change. The lack of display was obviously in the Lexus radio or display system. I assumed that a person specializing in technology would be able to get the station display to return in no time.

Wrong! His first explanation was that I had not bought the full package from Sirius. I don't know, I called them and simply renewed. I didn't ask for the "cheap" package and I doubt that they sold me one. He seemed insistent that, because I didn't have channel 100, I had not bought the full package. Frustrated, I told him I only want the channels that I do have to display and gave him both examples and a demonstration. Again, the problem was that I didn't buy the full package.

I asked him to exit the car then came around to the driver's side and asked Larry to exit the car. I owed nothing so I left before what was racing through my mind escaped my mouth. Essentially, that experience has undone my confidence in the dealership. It is hard to believe that I was sold a "cheap" package by a Sirius Rep, but it is even more difficult for me to believe that this is the reason that active stations will not appear on the display. If someone would write me and tell me how to fix this, I would really appreciate it. I will not work with your specialist, however. You may have noticed that I have used the word "assume" way too many times in this message. I suppose this proves that "assume" is, indeed, an acronym.


I purchased my very first Lexus December 8, 2015, from the Lexus of Tulsa. Lexus of Tulsa quickly informed me how great their vehicles were and provided great customer service at the time of purchase. Fast forward February 8, 2016, (not even 90 days) the vehicle shuts down and I am stranded on the highway in a brand new 2016 Lexus and I am pissed. I received great service from the online operator in getting the vehicle towed to the Lexus of Mobile. (I live in Alabama but purchased the vehicle in Tulsa.

When I contacted the Lexus of Mobile to explain what had happened and that I needed a loaner car I was told that the department closed at 5:30 that issued rental cars. I exclaimed Lexus is going to leave me stranded? She said to call her back once the tow truck gets my vehicle. Now I am panicking because I may not have a ride home So I call Lexus of Tulsa and talk to the Sales Manager named Todd and explained what was going on since I purchased this vehicle from their car lot and I was thinking maybe he could contact his sister branch (Lexus of Mobile) and talk them into waiting until I get there so that I would not be stranded. He proceeds to tell me that there’s nothing he can do I am all the way in Alabama and he didn’t know where or what dealership to call.

By this time I am even more pissed because this was not the customer service they had shown me when they wanted my money. So told Todd that this was unacceptable great customer service would have been to apologize to me for selling me a 2016 vehicle that didn’t last 90 days, and to find out where I was so that he could contact the dealership and make arrangements for me to get home once I got to the dealership. I thanked him for doing nothing and contacted the online service again explained what was going on. Finally Lexus of Mobile contacted me and informed me that a loaner vehicle would be waiting for me. Thanks to Todd I will never purchase another vehicle from LEXUS of Tulsa.


This letter is a complaint against Toyota – Lexus – Qatar. I went on Thursday 10/12/2015 to replace the radiator after recognizing a leak in it in my car type Lexus Rx 350 2008 Model which take 5 days to finish the service on Tuesday 15/12/2015. After coming back home same night ; I heard a strange sounds in the gear box, I checked myself the oil gear & found it almost empty. I drove my car slowly to a close station using cruse control system to avoid shifting in gear case the way to the agent is far and not good for a car in this situation adding two litters of SW gear oil in it which I attached the invoice with the letter.

In the station they told me the reason of losing the gear oil is replacing the radiator after changing the oil gear which is a fatal error as I understood. The agent workers didn't check the gear oil level nor noticing in the try drive after service. I apply for a complaint in a number 8000019107 through call a week after the problem. Till yesterday no any active action from the agent regarding my case, although I contacted them many times during the last two weeks.

I am now writing to you to settle my problem with the agent which I lost trust in their work. I have many friends got cars from Toyota hear in this case. I would like you to fair me with the agent in this case because actually the employees show no any kind of response against my case specially 60,000 Km service is close.


Yesterday, Dec 30, 2015; I went to Lexus Service at Santa Rosa, CA; to fill up air in one of the tires, which was showing 3 to 4 pounds low. The service adviser said that it might have a very small leak and needs to be checked. After about 30 to 35 mins. I was told that there was indeed a small leak and that they would be able to fix it shortly. As nothing happened for another 90 mins, I contacted the front desk, and was told that they will let me know in a few mins. Another 10 to 15 mins and an adviser told me that they cannot fix the leak and the tire needs to be replaced.

This was quite shocking as there was no indication for the last more than two hours that the tire might need replacement. I, therefore, suggested to replace it with either the spare tire or the original tire, so that I could look to find out if some body else can do a better job. However, that was also ruled out. So I had no other choice but to pay for a new tire (even though the original had lots of treads left), if I wanted my car back. I had never seen a better (or worse) trap than this. I definitely feel that I have not been treated fairly at all and hope that Lexus (of all) will address the issue.


Having doing much research I narrowed my search down to 3 (new) cars, one of them being a 2016 GS 350 Lexus as I would like the new safety package that is coming out this year. I went on your website to "build" my new car and it came out to $55,164.00. Now when I go to talk to the dealer he is telling me that the site really isn't something you can go by and it might cost closer to $60,000.00!! If Lexus supports this than I would call this outright misleading. How would I ever trust a company who supports a website and then doesn't go by the results of that site. If this is true than I am one very upset past potential customer of Lexus.


I just got a new Lexus GX 460 model 2016 from Abdulatif Jamil, Saudi Arabia. Among other things concerning delivery of the car, I was stunned to discover that A Lexus with such IT gadgets does not come with remote ignition. You would assume that with certain brands and cost ( that a matter of remote ignition, goes without saying). This is my 1st Lexus, which I bought based on brand reputation! And it's a disappointment so far. 1st week and am regretting that I ever bought it! I am willing to sell the car at significant loss, rather than paying scarp to install remote ignition. You can get a standard car from Ford or Nissan at less than 50% of the car value!! And they would think it's a joke to ask for remote ignition ( because it goes without saying).


I have complained prior to Lexus about my head lights going off while my young daughter and I are driving in the dark. This is scary thinking about meeting on coming traffic. Please address this matter it could mean loss of life.


Matthew at Lexus of Valencia California was extremely rude to me and my sister. He was arrogant and disrespectful toward me from the beginning. The salesman Razz was patient and kind and took us inside to talk about financing that's when Matthew slid across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business and then jumped up on the counter with his bottom and slid across the counter. After running my credit he came back talking loudly and offered that I give him 19,000 dollars as a down payment on a 36,000 vehicle! He never gave me any viable options even though I make over 130,000 thousand a year. Is Lexus only for rich people with excellent credit? Needless to say I will not go back there and will share my complaint with others.


I am retired and believed strongly that if I took care of my car it would not present a major financial burden. Now,my rack and pinion until has to be replaced and all the parts I involved. I do not have the financial ability to absorb this cost. I have always loved my car and encouraged friends and family to buy one. I am in a quite state of panic about what day. Investigating my option. Only one car and no one to help. I afraid of new damage by waiting to long trying to save money which is in the far future.


We had a blow-out on 95 in New Jersey and pressed the "safety Connect" button. They called AAA. We hate AAA and use Lexus roadside assistance in order NOT to use AAA. We waited almost an hour even though we had told roadside assistance we were in an unsafe area. They never called us back to see if we were okay. We are disgusted with your service.


My Lexus is being repaired for this oil cooling seep /leak well now I have another oil related issue which I feel is due to the loss of oil the oil control valve is now an issue which I have been told by Lexus that it's not covered this situation shouldn't have happened it should be a listed 'recall but it's not only if you have an issue but by the time you find out it's leaking you will have other issues just as I have with the oil control valve my father is a mechanic an said that if the oil control valve is trying to pump an it's not able to control the oil it could malfunction this repair is estimated at 600+ dollars which I feel should be covered under the towing enhancements overage. I'm very disappointed an very unsure of my future with lexus. 400+ carpayment a month an this is what I get.They saying you get what you pay for this isn't so true.


I emailed a complaint to Lexus about purchasing my leased 2012 Camry. I sent the email 6-8 weeks ago, I've had no response from anyone at Lexus. I have done business with Toyota exclusively for almost 20 years, obviously that means nothing. I plan on trading my Camry in for a new car in less than 2 years, it won't be a Lexus or Toyota.


I leased a Lexus ES350 in 05/14/15 in Motor City Lexus Of Bakersfield, since than the company been doing mistakes in my contract and I don't even know where to send my payments, and when I call them to help me out, the customer service its awful, the people who work there don't even call me back. At first they send me another contract to fix the problem and I send them a payment too, but now I found out that I owe that payment?! And because I don't know who I'm financial with, I haven't done a payment of July, only June, but now I'm late because of the awful customer service that can't help me out in figuring out who I'm financial with. So disappointed.


Took my RX 350 in for an oil change, they said I had a rear shock absorber that was leaking oil. I said you had replaced that 10,000 miles ago, they said it was the other side. I asked how much to replace it, they told me $481.00. I drove car home and it was rattling and making an awful noise. Took it to a local mechanic, the bolts were left loose on the shock. He took it off, tested it and inspected it, no oil leak and shock was like new. I asked what a new shock would cost. The shock was $30.00 and installation was $60.00 To make things worse, could not get in touch with anyone at the dealer to talk to, operator just kept sending me to answering machines. By the way, they also said I need to change my A/C filter every 15,000 miles. Show me in the book where it says that. This is my second Lexus, not sure if it will be my last.


Before I returned my leased 350ES Lexus back to the dealer, I showed the car to a reputable body shop for inspection, and I was told the car had a few small scratches and I probably would not be charged for anything at all. A couple months after returning the car back, I received a bill of $1,719.56 for wear and tear costs. I called the Lexus Financial officers twice and complained about this outrageous bill. I faxed a letter to the FAX number I was provided complaining about the amount with a check for $656.56 which I thought was more than enough to cover the cost of the scratches, and asked them to consider it. The check was cashed but I did not receive any response, notice, call or any adjusted bill for over three months. Then, to my surprise I received a letter from a collecting agency claiming for the rest of the money ($1,063.38)! What an awful customer service!!


I bought a brand new 2014, Is460 from Lexus in Massapequa. I have had many issues with the car almost immediately after the purchase. The car idles too high and loud for my tastes. The dealer said that it was normal, however, I do not like it and when people are in the car with me, they assume something is wrong with it due to the loud noise. So, I believe that something is wrong with the car since it is loud when idling.

The brake is so hard to press that my feet actually hurt. I have to sometimes use both feet just to brake the car! That does not seem safe to me, but again, the dealer said that this is all normal. I have tried braking and idling with and without the air conditioner, music, and any other issue that might hinder, but nothing NOTHING seems to be the problem.

I have owned ever model of an Is that has ever been made and never NEVER had this problem before. I took my car to the Lexus dealership where they did a health check and still everything came out normal. I believe that I have a lemon of a car and do not even want it anymore! I take clients out to places and I cannot have them riding in a loud are with shoddy brakes! Help!! What am I supposed to do now?!?!


I purchased a 2010 LS 460 in March of 2010 from Lexus of Seattle. All services on the vehicle were performed by the dealer. In August 2014, the dash light indicating "Check oil" appeared (approx. 118,000 miles). I put 3 quarts of oil into the vehicle and took the vehicle to the dealer who performed all the service. The vehicle continues to consume about three quarts of oil between oil changes. I was never informed prior to the incident in August 2014 that the vehicle was burning several quarts of oil between changes. The Lexus of Seattle service department advises me that that rate of oil consumption is within specification for the vehicle. I paid $85,000 for the vehicle and I expected the motor to last much longer than 120,000 miles. I have purchased 6 Toyota vehicles over the years, three of which were Lexus Luxury Sedans. I have driven the vehicles for six to 10 years. None of the previous vehicles burned oil like my current 2010 LS 460. The motor in this vehicle is sick, but I am told that it an acceptable rate of burn. I plan to purchase a new vehicle later this year. Toyota and Lexus of Seattle should address the problem with the engine in this vehicle.


Bought a car and was told everything was working. As the owner of the car I would be driving the car, I did not notice that the rear passanger door lock does not work when using the button or the key remote. When I found out I took it back n they couldn't do anything but give me a 10% "discount" and that's not counting the diagnostic test. I decline their "discount" and when I was waiting for me car no one was there to help for a good 10-15 minute. I saw my car and decided to hop in and drive off. I did not like the service there and felt like someone else could of drove off with my car.

The whole process took me over 2 hours even with an appointment, but it took long because the staff was on lunch break at the time I schedule my appointment. I left a review on yelp and was asked to contact the general manager so I did, but no one got back to me. I left voice mail and my number and still called back for four days and nothing.


Chatham Parkway Lexus in Savannah Gahas been calling me all day begging me to come to his office to sign a Gap Insurance Contract when I was there yesterday I felt imtimadated by Michael Wells (whom I previously reported for violating my confidential information of my sale of the Merceds contract on Face book ) his awful behavior towards me. Amber from Lexus Corporate office called and spoke with me about this ongoing issue she said that she had spoken with Chatham Parkway GM and Sales Manager Michael Wells and they told her that they had not found anyone to Amber said they offered to pay one months car payment want them to do? I told her my issue and she said would call them and hope they would call me before end of week.

Mr. Gunnam did call me within 10 min h said he understands that I want compensation but they are not going to give me anything and since I will not sign the gap insurance that I need to bring them the car back I told them I am not bringing my car back because I did not do nothing wrong that I have a contract and he has my check for my first months payment and he signed off on it. He called me again I put my family member on because my head was pounding by now he told her if I did not bring the car back by seven pm he was reporting my car stolen. Mr. Gunnam called me again he got me and said the same thing that he was reporting my car stolen. I had my speaker phone on my family heard him as well. I left my mother's house and drove straight to the Savannah Police Dept. to make a complaint of him saying he was making a claim (false) of my car being stolen. The police asked me several questions they kept saying they were shocked that Lexus would treat a customer this way ** I showed them my contract and receipt of first payment. Then I left 5 minutes later the same police officers blue lighted me ( my heart bout stopped) they just wanted to help they ran my tag which came up as Belinda Bradley with Geico Insurance.

How could Chatham Parkway Lexus do such a thing call and harass a customer with lies deceit & claiming to reposes (illegally) my car and or reporting it as stolen. I haven't had anxiety attacks sine 2002 and I'm feeling the stress of them now with severe head pounding and chest pains this is so awful vial and unethical ...


I purchased this vehicle new for over $44,000 on May 29,2013 from Superior Lexus, Kansas City, MO. It is a very nice automobile (it should be for $44,000!). Unfortunately, once in a while, it will not start. The problem is/was that the 12 v. battery is apparently not up to the task. This has happened twice (so far). Last winter, late one cold night, we came out of Home Depot and could not start the thing. I used the "SOS" feature and eventually a tow truck appeared. The driver hooked up for a jump-start and I was able to start it up. Last week, we were getting ready to go somewhere and it failed to start. Fortunately, I was able to jump-started it again with a small auxiliary battery. I feel that now must carry this battery in the trunk all the time, just in case. I took this vehicle to the local dealer in Springfield, MO today (March 30, 2015). They checked the battery voltage and pronounced it OK. This is a crappy way to operate such as expensive vehicle.


I have a 2010 Lexus RX450H and a 2004 GX470. I just replaced the rims on my GX 470. Two out of the 4, are corroded, pitted and look terrible. When I purchase a Lexus, I expect better quality than this. To have these rims powder coated, would have cost almost as much as I paid for the new rims I put on. It cost me $756, for the new rims, and I feel Lexus should reimburse me. I have less than 80,000 miles on this car, and the rims should not have looked like they did. I pay for Lexus for the quality, and these rims are not quality. Please consider my request, so as I can still feel confidence in buying a Lexus. I tried to attach pictures, but it didn't work. If you send me your email address, I will email the pictures to you.


After I bought my Lexus car (2012) there was a manufacturer defect with the driver side window glass. The dealer refuse to fix the problem and told me to pay the price of a new glass.


I have a Lexus LX 570 2015 that i bay from Saudia Aribia and i moved to Bahrain to work in Bahrain, so i went to the Lexus dealership to talk to them about the warranty, they told me sorry if anything happen to your car you have to take it to Saudi. Also what i know its a international warranty on my car. any advice of what should i do?


Purchased new floor mats for my 2007 es350 for the second time. First time two years ago were high quality mats, so I figured I'd puchase a new set for approx. same price. Was very dissapointed, the mats were lighter weight and made very cheaply. Just like everything else these days, companies trying to make larger profits for lesser quality.


Hi, I am a Lexus owner. I own RX350, 2008. My GPS suddenly stop working, its not respond when I touch screen. Some time response when I touch heard. So I finger out if I touch heard it will response some time. After some time I got crack on the screen. Then I find out that still my car is under warranty. I brought my car to Lexus dealer (Hennessy Lexus at Gwinnett, GA) to check. The man name CJ tall me after check every thing, that I have put suction cup on the GPS screen to damage this, which is not right.

Since its damage by me, will not going to fix by warranty, if I want to fix that then I have to pay $7000 (seven thousand) dollar. Lexus should have better reason to avoid warranty. This is very bad police. I have used about ten different band name car so far. I have never experience that type of service. I bought Lexus to have better performance, better service, and better warranty. I am very disappointed. As a user I am not very knowledgeable about the car part and electronics.

If any thing gets bad, still I will try to use it same way. By doing that it may get more damage. That calls after affect. Everybody will do same thing. First GPS stop response, then I touch heard and crack the screen. The crack done by me but its not my fault. Intentionally am not going to damage my car. Nobody will. Still I hope you will solved the problem.


My 2007 Lexus GS450h - Blew Up while driving with my family! I have been loyal Lexus customer for 14 years, purchased 9 new Lexus vehicles ranging from ES, GS, RX, GX, LS. Following a routine service on my GS450h at Ira Lexus of Manchester - (18 Kilton Rd, Bedford, NH 03110), a supposedly thorough vehicle quality inspection on 4/27/13, my vehicle BLEW UP 2 DAYS AFTER, (4/29/2013), while driving with my wife and 6-year old daughter. This was a catastrophic mechanical failure! The vehicle only had 45,910 miles on it and was only driven 50 miles following the service performed at Ira Lexus of Manchester.

The above article clearly indicates that this is a known issue and Toyota is aware of the problem. Yet, I was never notified of it!!!! I will absolutely seek legal actions for this traumatic incident. Toyota's lack of concern or care for its customers is astonishing! I will share my traumatic experience, pictures and facts about this incident with all the media outlets and throughout the internet. This will most definitely be the last time I ever buy a Lexus or a Toyota vehicle.


Cannot purchase new lexus LS460 with options of my choice that are available. I have had approx 12 new lexus vechicles since 1989.Why not ? One would think that consumer loyalty would be considered even though what I want on car is not considered "standard" options. How can I get the car I want??


I took my GS 350 to have my after market wheels aligned at the Longo dealer and did not notice until the next day that the wheels were damaged. I have been dealing with this issue for almost a year now and I continue to hear that the damage did not happen at their location. There would be no reason for me to falsely accused anyone regarding this matter. I purchased a service contract at the time I bought the car so I have taken my car in for other services. I refuse to give this dealer good marks or will I recommend them to anyone. There is much more that has taken place if you want to know you can call me @909 599-8058.


dear lexus, my name is rashid al khalifa.I am loyal customer of lexus. I owned many lexus cars over the years, and i have to admit they are the most comfortable cars on the market.

I am here because because i have a problem with my lexus lx570 model:2011 the car has done 30,000 km yet it has defenite drop in power. so i checked the car. it turns out that there was nothing wrong in the hardware or engine parts etc..

but just recently I made a race with my friend who own a land cruiser 200 series with 4.7 v8 engine its smaller compared with lexus 5.7 v8 engine but his performance was better, fuel economy was better and his car was completely stock with zero modifications to it at all.

so after this incident I unplugged the battery and re plugged it again and there was a big difference in performance everything got better performance and fuel economy and this problem wasent only for my particular car it has been faced by many other lexus lx570 owners so would you lexus please address the ECU problem with lx570 an fixed it please because performance do matter here in middle east.

your loyal customer


My husband and I purchased two pre-owned vehicles from Lexus of Chandler, a Lexus 2009 ES 350 and a Ford 2011 F150, on October 8, 2013. At that time we had several questions which we were assured by our salesman Hani, would be addressed as soon as possible. When I had to replace a dead battery in the Lexus less than a month after purchase, and when there was no follow up by anyone at Lexus of Chandler to those questions which we had at the time of purchase, I sent an e-mail to both the General Manager, Mark Stindley, and the Service Manager, Jim DeBoy, outlining our complaints (See below for a copy of the e-mail).

"Dear Sir: My experience dealing with Lexus of Chandler since 2006 has, up to this time, been a successful and pleasant one. However, multiple problems associated with our purchases from you of two pre-owned vehicles on the same day, October 8, 2013, have upset and disappointed me. LEXUS 2009 ES 350 1. I had to replace the battery less than a month after purchase at a cost to us of $152.97. It surprises me that this problem was not discovered and corrected before the car was sold. 2. I am still awaiting news that you will be able to download my iPhone contact list to the Bluetooth system something I direly need for my work. Two attempts have been made to accomplish this to no avail. FORD 2011 F-150 Still awaiting duplicate key.

We received only one key at time of sale and were promised a second key. Brakes have squealed since day one, but your service team could find nothing wrong when they checked the brakes on 11/6; however, after they did the check, there was no squeal. What was the problem-- is it resolved or will it recur? Sincerely, Marge Mathers Dick Mathers" In addition, Hani promised my husband, Dick, a copy of the owners' manual for the truck, but has never followed through. Both Hani and another salesman, Leon, said they would follow up with adding my contact list but have never done so. Hani also promised my husband he would look into a reimbursement for the money we paid for a new battery. That was several weeks ago.

I left a voicemail message for Mr. Spindley on 11/8, but I have never received a return call or a reply from anyone to my e-mail. The bottom line is not one single problem with the Lexus or Ford has been resolved. In fact, there has been absolutely no reponse from the service manager or general manager. We have told our neighbor, who is considering buying a new Lexus not to deal with Lexus of Chandler. Please address these problems. Your staff is not customer oriented.

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