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CarMax is a large used vehicle retailer and a Fortune 500 company that is publicly traded on NYSE:KMX. With 156 locations and revenues reported in 2015 as US 14 billion, CarMax was founded in 1993.

To reach Customer Support call 1-800-519-1511. You may also find additional contact information here. To write to CEO, Bill Nash, address correspondence with: CarMax Home Office, 12800 Tuckahoe Creek Pkwy., Richmond, VA 23238, USA.

Carmax philosophy is to buy and sell with one fair price. They also finance loans, have a fuel saving calculator and offer a “5 day money back guarantee”. Social media presence is found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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VA, as well as the Roseville location. I have been honest and forthcoming throughout the process. The severe lack of communication is very concerning to me. I will not disregard the level of professionalism within customer service itself. However, it has been a grossly unpleasant experience and a waste of my time and money. I feel like information was given to me just to get me in the store. In the future a more through and complete review of information would be appreciated. You have eternally lost a loyal customer. I was promised no more surprises unfortunately that wasn't the case. I was told my car did not have to be registered, after 4 hrs twice..... they still did not honor their word... Roseville carmax is not honest...

J. Chastain


I purchase a 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn which was shipped from Kenner Louisiana carmax to Warner Robins with 27k miles on when i had it shipped. When i went in to purchase the vehicle it a additional 2000 miles on it when i question the General Manager Justin Collins about it he stated it happen during the transfers but i paid for shipping he basically stated either you want the vehicle or not which i thought was a very inconsiderate after i had paid for the shipping and did the paperwork with my bank.He did refunded the shipping cost but i still got a vehicle with over 2000 miles on it then it suppose to have.I ask if him if he could compensated me for the mileage he bluntly said no went back in and redid the paperwork and put the correct mileage on it because they fill it out with the mileage that was suppose to be on it which was 27k Needless to say i still purchase the vehicle because had been searching a while and really like this one just want to bring to carmax attention that this general manager gave very poor customer service and did not even try to assisted with the problem.I even ask to just put a tonneau cover on it he said no after i just spent over 40,000 dollars with this company customer service was very poor.Thanks for nothing Justin Collins you just cause carmax a customer and anyone who looking you want be recommend.


I bought a 2013 Nissan Sentra in January 25th, 2019 with 45 000 miles, in August 2019 with 64,413 miles the transmission broke, and Darcar Nissan replaced it as I had Warranty, now In three weeks I fell the same problem and I took to Nissan and they found out that the transmission broke again but by this time they couldn't repair as I had exceeded the 12000 Warranty that I had and also the Warranty Company cannot also fix because I had 103.486 miles already. I have been back and forth with Carmax in Gaithersburg without solution, I can't trade in the car because the negative equity is $9000, I still have 5 years to pay this car but I don't feel comfortable driving a car with transmission problems because I don't know how many times in 5 years I would have to change the transmission. I spoke with the sales manager because of this issue already and she tried to see with the service department if the Warranty could be extended but they did not approve it. However even if I still had a Warranty I won't be comfortable to drive the car as I don't know how many times in 5 years that I still have to pay 288.09 montly I would have to change the transmission.

I would appreciate your help as I am so frustrated with the situation.

Thank you


Not honoring warranty as well as not refunding my money for misdiagnosing my car.


We been coming here for all our car purchases my first BMW, my now Lexus and husbands BMW we love CarMax prices and warranty packets! The employees at the Albuquerque location are the worst employee, very rude, not professional and we waiting over 2 hours when told it would be 25 minutes. They finally got an employee to help and cut our visit to 20 minutes because she had an appointment. If they worked off commission maybe they would be more professional. Very dissatisfied.


I am very disappointed with CarMax's most recent experience. I’m a repeat customer from 2012 with a 750 credit score. My recent experience with purchasing a vehicle (2 days ago) was horrific and I am not at all happy with CarMax! You sold me a lemon that was obviously not thoroughly checked prior. As soon as I drove off the lot around closing time with the 2011 Buick Enclave from the Town Center Kennesaw Ga location, then several engine light error codes popped up.

I returned the vehicle yesterday and a service man claimed that the brake light was no major issue. He did something to clear the light but 20 minutes after I left the lot again then the light came back on with additional dashboard error lights. I recorded a video of the experience. ERROR CODES: (*) Brake Engine Light, (*) ABS error, (*)Service Traction Control, (*)Service Stability Track

I have a large fan base on Youtube and will be posting my horrible experience. I have a lot of family members as well as friends who purchase from ya'll. Years ago CarMax was great but now every car I've driven for purchase in the last 2 weeks has had driving issues or engine light error codes. I was offered a very high interest rate when I have excellent credit.

I've already had to switch out of 2 cars and now a 3rd in the last 2 weeks. I can't keep dealing with crap cars and getting hard pulls on my credit until I find a good driving vehicle. I'm so sick Carmax!!! I expect someone to contact me promptly to resolve this dilemma so I'm not stuck with a lemon!!!


I purchased a 2009 rogue in June of 2017. I tried to return it in the 5 day window because it had obvious issues. I was told there were no issues without them even checking it out and that I would have to just do a normal trade in because they already shipped my car away. Fast forward to 2 years later....the problems escalated leading to transmission failure among other things. Carmax has had the car for over a month and has returned it 3 times still not fixed. I want them to honor the 5 day return policy and a different car without the 16000 rollover on the loan. I have given them proof that I was denied returning the vehicle and they cant seem to fix it but yet they continue to deny me a return. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!


I purchased a 2009 rogue in June of 2017. I tried to return it in the 5 day window because it had obvious issues. I was told there were no issues without them even checking it out and that I would have to just do a normal trade in because they already shipped my car away. Fast forward to 2 years later....the problems escalated leading to transmission failure among other things. Carmax has had the car for over a month and has returned it 3 times still not fixed. I want them to honor the 5 day return policy and a different car without the 16000 rollover on the loan. I have given them proof that I was denied returning the vehicle and they cant seem to fix it but yet they continue to deny me a return. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!


Whoever may listen,
This company hundreds of years ago would be likened to band of outlaw thieves or just pirates. Don't trust them at all. They sold a Nissan cube a year an a half ago for fourteen thousand. We drove the car nothing bad minor stuff then two weeks ago the transmission blew out on me. I was told 5000 to get a new transmission he (mechanic) suggested to me that it probably had a mediocre rebuilt transmission in it when they first sold it to me a year and a half ago. Well I don't have a drivable car at all. I have a LEMON that I cant drive and I don't have the cash to fork over to get a new transmission. I still owe ten thousand on the loan. So yeah CARMAX SCREWED ME. Im in old terms up the creek without a paddle. I am so so mad. I cant put in words. I have never been this angry in my life at anyone. Jesus would be upset with these guys if he was dealing with them.
I asked and pleaded for help with you guys but nothing...
Tim K.


Report purchased a 2000 88 Ford F150 V8 Triton it was the truck of my dreams. The first day we bought it I took it right to the Car Wash and Detail it. The next morning I finally got my job back after being laid off for 6 months went out to my truck the battery was dead. Had it towed to CarMax I think I paid for the tow anyway they put a new battery in it 3 days later the same problem truck wouldn't start they put a alternator in it this time. To make a long story short I put two alternators air condition unit wheel bearings brakes transmission into this vehicle every time I would bring it to CarMax I would tell them that it's making some tapping or some weird noise and it keeps stalling time after time I told them there was something wrong with the motor and they ignored me because they knew what the problem was I bought that truck to Carmax under warranty and they would not fix it now the warranties up and I'm stuck with a blown fucking rod last time they put spark plugs in there charge me 500 fucking dollars and 2 Days Later the truck wouldn't even move fed the fuck up here in Maryland god dammit


I purchase a used car from Carmax. First there is only one remote key, it support to have 2 remote keys and a back-up key. Second,No Spare Tire in the Car! It is total NOT acceptable !!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! How about CarMax approve the service like this? It is not professional at all.


Good evening,

I am extremely upset and disappointed by my experience with CarMax. I recently decided to shop for a preowned SUV, and the Acura MDX caught my eye. I found one I liked located at the Midlothian store while searching your online inventory. I put the car on “hold” and proceeded to fill out an online application for financing. After not hearing from anyone at Carmax about whether my application was approved and at what terms, I called to inquire about the process. I was immediately given David Tillar’s name and told to contact him (I asked to speak with someone who worked in finance and that’s the name I was given; I didn’t know he was a salesman at the time).

I contacted David and he informed me that the car was located at the Midlothian location and he was unable to process my credit application because I had the car on “hold” at Midlothian and he worked at the west broad street location. I was thoroughly confused by what the location of the car had to do with an application for credit, however I was patient as he ensured me that he would have the car transferred to West Broad and the begin processing the finance application.

Meanwhile, I applied for financing through my bank and was approved at a very low interest rate. I then called Mr. Tillar back informing him that I no longer needed financing and the car could stay at the Midlothian location if it was already there. He said “no,no,no I will take care of you. The car is already on its way over here. Let’s set up an appointment.” We then set up an appointment for Saturday 9/22 at 2pm. Later that day I called the Midlothian location to see if the car was still there because I was near there and wanted to stop by to check out the car quickly to make sure I liked it. They told me yes, the car was still there. I get to the location and no. The car is not there. I was told it had already been transferred to West Broad. I said okay, no problem. I then drove to West Broad and they said no, the car is not here yet. If it was a transfer it may be in the back being inspected and that every incoming car must be inspected even if it’s coming from 10 miles away. Again I said, ok. No problem. I will just wait until our Saturday appointment.
In the meantime I found a new Acura MDX with less miles and a lower price. I inquired about this vehicle with Mr. Tillar who told me he would have that car transferred from its Dulles location if I wanted that car instead. I said thank you very much. I later received a text message confirming our appointment for Saturday at 2pm along with the address of the location.

Saturday came. I was excited to see the car. I already had financing in place. My insurance company was aware of my intent to purchase a car that day and we were “all set”.
I am a native New Yorker and very new to Virginia. I drive to the address indicated in the text message. There was slight traffic so I texted Mr. Tillar that Id be about 10 minutes late. He said I already have a 2pm appointment. I said yes I know.. with me. He said “we’ll work it out.” I was thoroughly confused. I arrive. Go inside. Speak to the gentleman at the desk and let him know I have a 2pm appointment with Mr. Tillar. He looks it up on the computer and says “oh your appointment is with Mr. Tillar at the West Broad location not here. I then show him the text that was sent to me and he says I’m so sorry. Let me call Mr. Tillar. He calls explains what happened and let’s David know we’re on the way over there.

During the 30 minute drive to the West Broad location, I text Mr. Tillar the confirmation text that was sent to me after HE scheduled our appointment and told him I would just work with someone else if he had overbooked himself. When we finally arrived at the West Broad location I ask the woman at the front desk to show us the car because clearly David already had customers. We go out to locate the car and can’t find either one of the cars anywhere. At this point I’m actually livid. I go back inside and David approaches me apologizing for the confusion. I ask him where are the cars?! It’s been days now, the car from Dulles is not here and the car from Midlothian is not even here! He says, yeah I was going to tell you the cars aren’t even here. SO WHY DID YOU MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME?! Why does it take 3 days for a car to go 10 miles? Why didn’t he say the cars weren’t there when the gentleman called him from midlothian? He had no answers for me. I asked to speak with the manager and spoke with Rob. Explained the expire situation and Rob had no answers for me or apologies to offer.

These people seem very incompetent and lack basic customer service skills. Why does no one know where any of these cars are? Why was I not given a guaranteed date the cars would be here? Why didn’t Mr. Tillar or his superior offer to rectify the situation or give any form of compensation for their lack of professionalism and my time and gas being wasted!?

I’ve worked in the car business for many years and I know THIS is NOT the way you conduct business. I’m very disappointed by this experience, I really wanted that car. This was my first time to CarMax and it seems as though it will be my last.


Twice failed! We found a car we wanted on Carmax's website. We had the loan pre-approved. First time, we put the car on hold via the website and later that night requested it transferred to the Bristol office. Next morning, no phone call. We finally call record of the hold order, no record of the transfer request, we even pulled up the emails showing us confirmation. Nothing but apathy and disinterest in helping us from the carmax people in Bristol. The car was on hold for someone else and now pending being sold. Second time, no call next day. Apathetic receptionist at the Bristol office. Car is 4 hours away, but will take 14 days to get here?!!?! Two sales lost due to crap service and crap policies. Don't waste your time with these people. The business model concept is great, but it is terrible in its implementation. The policies are crap and the staff couldn't care less. I won't deal with them again.




The problem that I tried to get solved ,and could not be found then is getting worst!!! I don't know why . the costumer service people were VERY PLEASANT, and now I feel that I will end up paying the price dearly !!! I take pride on how my car looks and runs. Your company is very clean and friendly , they even extended 1 month my warranty , and still don't know why the problem could not be found. thanks for reading!!!


Don't shop carmax! I purchased a Fiat and the vehicle had faulty seatbelts. Took car in March 5th, today is March13. Got a call saying parts were expedited & won't be here til March 20th. Took my money. Holding car hostage!


Good morning
On February 10, 2018, I had a conversation with one of your sales reps in Laurel MD by the name of Abraham Lucas. He provided two approvals which consisted of me having to trade in my vehicle. I was in an accident which totaled my vehicle, GAP only paid the principal and not the interest. I was given the guidance that I could still be financed by adding the interest into a new loan. Mr. Lucas proceeded to insist that I have the vehicle to trade in when clearly I explained to him my circumstance. I made an attempt to defuse the misunderstanding and I was unsuccessful. I assured him this was viable information and he informed me that he has been with CarMax since 2011. Not to discredit his tenure, I was not pleased that he would not even inquire with the finance companies r even CarMax financial. My concern is not providing the assurance that the deal could or could not happen by following up. I’ve purchased from your dealership and it was an amazing experience. I am very disappointed and annoyed with the level of service I received. I will be reporting this incident to the BBB.
Kindest Regards
443 844 9768


Purchased a car from Carmax in April 2017. Within 5 days of purchased, I notified Carmax that there was a rubbing/grinding noise. The service dept (Ellicott City) could not get me in within the 5 days but 2 weeks later, they acknowledged the noise and changed the ball bearings. The noise decreased was not eliminated. A month later, I took the car back...same issue! They took the car to the Mercedes Benz dealer and stated that they had again changed the ball bearings. Again the noise decreased, but was not eliminated. A few weeks later, I took the car back, they changed the struts and stated that it was fixed. Again, The noise was still there. I took it back and this time they kept if for over 7 days, did some minor repairs (I cannot at this point recall, but I can check my records) and said it was fixed. It was certainly NOT! It is now January of 2018, Carmax has my car again and cannot find the source of the problem and also cannot duplicate the problem without me being there.


Hello My name is Gina Trujillo, I have bought a 2006 Lexus GS300 back on February 23,2017 I was not offered a warranty on this car as warranties are offered, since having this car not even a year I have had to fix this car and catch rides to work and even rent cars, and it seems I fix one thing and another brakes, I am losing money and cant afford it, I am update to date on all payments for this car that I can not use. The first time I took car back it was not fixed properly, so took it back and they fixed it however not very well, second time I finally after a week of trying to speak to a manager I got my car into shop and fixed and offered a rental car for almost 2 weeks, again car not fixed properly, I have had 2 get 2 oils changes within the year, car shakes and makes load noises like a tractor, it smokes, the brakes now being fixed twice, the bearings were replaced as the gentlemen that fixed it before did horrible job, car underneath makes loud noises and hub was loose causing tire to go low everyday, since then I have got new tires and rims as well. not the car has a gasket valve leak causing oil to have leaked within the engine area and all around spark plugs causing car to overheat, smoke from tail pipes and hood, unable to use heater in the winter, making car not operable, again having to rent a car. the cost to fix this is now $800. I am really upset that I am having to fix this car over and over and was told once this is fixed who knows what will happen next possibly the engine. I am tired of fixing this car and paying for it if not able to use and something keeps going wrong. I would like either to trade this car for something better and offered a warranty or have this car fully maintenance or go to dealership board as this is a problem and I keep putting money into this car, I put almost $4000.00 down on this car and have been consistent with payments through Santander

the name on the acct is Gina Marie Trujillo and Marie Trujillo

I can be reached on this email and also my number is 720-999-2730

Thank You

Gina Trujillo

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I am complaining about the efficiency of Carmax in returning a car to me that he got repossessed due to my financial situation I paid the amount that was due plus half a month in advance and was told that I could pick my car up in my hometown of Dayton Ohio. I was given the phone number to call to where my vehicle was stored they told me that my vehicle had already been shipped up to Columbus Ohio on the 18th of November when I made my payment on the 26th of November and I was told that my car was still in Dayton after a series of phone calls.

I finally found out where my car was it was to call Columbus Fair upon contacting them they told me that CarMax still have not sent the necessary release forms in order for me to get my car.

I called CarMax back inform them of what Columbus Fair had told me and they are assured me that they would send the paperwork to Columbus fair in order to have my car released next I called back up to Columbus Fair trying to see how would I go about getting my car back. I was informed that my car was already placed on a transportation truck being sent back to Dayton Ohio I was giving a date of expectation for its arrival to be no later than December 2nd once December 2nd arrived and my car still was not here in Dayton.

I called the finance department and spoke to a young lady named Jasmine she informed me that my car was still in Columbus and had not been put on a transport she also stated to me that she would ensure that she found out the ETA of when my truck will be arriving back in Dayton either on December 2nd or December 3rd she stated that she would call me back by the end of business on the 2nd and let me know precisely where my car was.

Of course she did not I called CarMax again December 3rd the same office that had ensured me that I would get a phone call back not to my surprise I was told on the 3rd that my car is still in Columbus Ohio now it's been over a week since this all started on the 26th of November and the Mystery of where my car is is becoming quite a bit annoying.

Now I've now been told that I will have to wait until Monday December 5th before anyone can tell me exactly where my car is I find this whole process extremely disturbing employees are telling me that my car is here when it's not employees are telling me that they will call me back with updates. They don't want to ask to speak to a supervisor they put me on hold and then another employee picks up the phone who is not in a supervisory role. When I ask for a name I get placed on hold without an answer I would like to know and hope that this is how I file an official Complaint to the corporate headquarters of CarMax.


Carmax provides the worst customer service - from the local level all the way up to corporate. Their 'max care' program is a complete scam, they do not have the diagnostic equipment, appropriate tools, trained staff or ability to properly maintain or repair many vehicles they sell (including BMW's). I have paid off my vehicle financing and have refused to pay for the max care since I have had to take my car elsewhere to be repaired properly yet they are holding my title hostage. These additional repairs have cost me over $3000.00 and only occurred after taking the car to 3 different carmax locations and attempting to take it to a 4th. Terrible business, atrocious customer service. Avoid them at all costs. I would give zero stars if possible.


Met with a CarMax sales representative who had two vehicles transferred to Elliott City, MD. on two separate occasions and both were either damaged on the lot or damaged while being transported. I really liked both vehicles but was apprehensive in moving forward. I was advised by the manager that CarMax would pay for the transfer, take off $1000 and give me a loaner for my inconvenience. I accepted until I received a letter stating I was not eligible due to my prior history. I purchased a vehicle last year and will be paying it off in two weeks. I also promised to put $3k down towards this new purchase. Now, I don't know what to do because I feel I was treated unfairly. Can you assist me please?


Today 11/2/2016 my husband and I went to CarMax in Norcross Georgia to trade in two vehicles we have purchased in the past from this location. We were interested in only having one car at this point and naturally we returned to CarMax because we have been customers since 2004. We have purchased eight vehicles from Car Max and have also financed all eight through Car Max auto finance. We were very disappointed to find out the buyer only offered $9000 for a 2015 Dodge Dart SE with only 11,000 miles.

This vehicle was purchased from Car Max and never involved in a accident. This extremely low offer was not only disappointing but was offensive. We will no longer purchase from CarMax and will make sure our friends/family do not do business with Car Max again. We have paid off the balance on one of the vehicles and plan on refinancing the other with a different bank simply to severe all business ties we have with CarMax. This company does not even deserve the one star that I cannot seem to delete.


I bought a 2013 ford edge back in July from my local Carmax dealership. Keep in mind I live in south carolina where temps in July are over 100 with heat index higher. When I bought the car I was told it went through inspection and ever was good. Now we are having cooler temps in morning and need warm defrost or some heat. I bought a 24, 000 dollar car with no heat but was told it was fully inspected. That is false information and that is ridiculous! I have an appointment Tuesday to have it looked at. I don't believe I need to pay any money for any reason. This is on Carmax company for selling me this car with its problems! I'm sorry but I will never buy from here again or recommend any one to Carmax.


I purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee from CarMax in White Marsh Maryland in September 2015 with approximately 30, 000 miles on it. I was told at the dealership that the vehicle had brand new rotors on it. I also purchased a Maxcare extended warranty. Last Friday on October 7, 2016 with 49000 miles on it now, my brakes were pulling and the steering was shaking while driving home, so since I was close to a Jeep dealership, I stopped there to let them examine the vehicle.

I was told to me that the vehicle needed new rotors front and back. I had the work done because I didn't feel safe driving it any further at a cost of over 700.00 dollars. I don't understand how new rotors could go bad in one year. I feel as though I was not told the truth from CarMax employees about the vehicle when I bought it.


So I bought a 2007 trailblazer and I got the extended 150k mile warranty. I have 147k and my check engine light came on took it to Carmax they said cylinder #6 is going out and there's a misfire. So they gave me a rental car. "Kia" because you know that can pull a trailer. Anyways it's been 5 weeks I was promised it was going to be done last Friday so my wife took the day off so she can pick it up. She Sat there all day and 4:00pm rolls around and they said it won't be done. Ask when it Will be done. They said they didn't know. Called them today and they said the Chevy dealer ship said your water pump is leaking and it needs wheel bearings and plugs. Carmax said there full of it. Why would a dealership lie? When am I going to ever get my truck back? I still owe $8k about to go tell them to shove it. I would not use Carmax. The sales manger is a dick also.


CarMax corporate office agrees to provide outstanding customer service but in reality nobody takes responsibility to do so. I was told damage to my truck I purchased from Irvine, CA location would be taken care of and 5 months later still not a word. Broken shroud on mirror is what my complaint is about. I was told part was in but they were suppose to ship to Torrance location and arrange appointment but nobody called back after or returned my calls. I will never buy from Carmax again.


I purchased a 2013 Dodge Avenger from Carmax and the contract quoted that all specs are check out. Well I found defects, witch was currently my alternator fail, the battery leak acid on the terminal cause it to deteriorated. I was on my way to work when the car dies, I had to have to car tow back to the closet Dodge dealer as of it cause me to miss two days of work loss wages. Now when I got the estimate from dealer my warranty claim took care half of the bill but I had to still pay the $300. which CarMax should pay because on the inspection contract states that the car was fully inspected. So I should not be liable for this action, CarMax has to reimburse me for this action.


On July 1st I call CarMax International Mall in Doral FL because I was interested in a Hummer H3 (Stock #: 12820359) that was in Tallahassee, the sales associate who took the call was Orlando Averoff. Then I received an email stating that this car was reserved for transfer. On July 5th I received another email stating the car was ready to ship. Then on July 7th I received the last email stating that the car was shipped and on route. On July 9th I start to calling every day to CarMax International Mall and NEVER could contact Orlando Averoff, even when I left several messages to him asking to contact me, also nobody could tell me if the car was there.

One of the times that I called another sales associate who identifies himself as Cesar told me that he can not find the car in the system even when I gave to him the stock number and asked for my phone so he can contact me later, but he never called me back. Today (July 15) I called 5 times and every time that the receptionist transfer my call to the sales department nobody answer, finally when I did one last call another sales associate named Alfonso told me that he will investigate what had happened and 5 minutes later he called me back and said to me that the car was there but that someone in Orlando FL request it and it was been transferred to him.

I don't know why this sales associate did this to me (Orlando Averoff) but it reveals the lack of work ethic and professionalism of this guy and I wonder how CarMax has employees like him in its team. By the way, this may have been the fourth car I bought at CarMax.


I purchase a vehicle at carmax I noticed the window on my drivers side made a a whistle noise when lowered or raised. The next morning the glass was still intact but shattered. No pieces anywhere just crackled in place like a design. I also notice the hand free calling was not work plus there was scuff on the lower half of the vehicle. I took it back and they argued about fixing it. They took it in anyway but then lied about fixing the dent and did not place it in the report for repair. I argued with them and they claimed they would fix it. I decided it was best just to choose a different vehicle but got heartache instead.They were not willing to provide another vehicle of more money or my choice. I called corporate and that was another joke all they do is call the store and come back and tell you that the same thing they told you at the store.

Corporate will pussy foot around and talk to you like they are doing everything to help but it is all lies. It is a game to them. I called them more than 8 times and got no where but I got a lot of I assure you, we are here to help, I can guarantee, It is not our intention and we will do everything to help. It is all a tactic to shut you up and take you as a fool. They would not let me purchase a different vehicle even with the extra cash for down. The alienated me and shut me down to two options, return the loaner car and get your money back... Oh and yeah we will work with you under the perimeters of the company policy meaning... Take it or leave it. The managers would not call me back and corporate repeated the same explanation like a broken record.

Carmax should be shut down for blackballing customers and discrimination for not allowing me to purchase a different vehicle. If there is an attorney or someone out that will help me to bring justice upon them please reach out to me. I am returning the loaner tomorrow with the hopes that they will not try to keep my money, FYI I spoke with Doug, Ed Mercado, Curt from corporate and the store MG long. Whatever you do never never even think of going to Carmax. The only decent person was the salesperson Richard which hopefully they will not retaliate and fire him for trying to help me.


I have purchased 7 cars over the years from Carmax company. 2 years ago I purchased a Cadillac Srx 2005 from your company. Since purchasing this vehicle it has been in the shop numerous times. It is currently again in the shop. It was in the shop for almost 3 weeks once before and now this time it is going on 3 weeks. Carmax customer service people are great and have always kept in contact with me about the vehicle.

The last time I had the car in the shop I was just going to trade it back in because of all the problems but was told it was only worth 5000 in trade in would have left me upside down by 7000. I have always loved all the cars we have purchased from but I may have to take my business elsewhere which I really do not want to do this because we have always been treated very well by your company but this last experience has really been unfortunate. All I'm asking for is to make this right and at least let me trade it back in where I will not be upside down.


I have a complaint with CarMax repair department. The first one I purchased was fine. I had no problems with my first car. The second one I purchased had problems when I drove it off car max lot with the man that worked there at the time. I told him I did not want the car. He told me as we were test driving the car everything would be okay. He told me car max repair department would fix the problem. I recommended my niece to car max to buy a car and her experience with the repair department was terrible as well as mine.


I purchased a Kia Rio on December 20th 2015. When I test drove the car the tire pressure light was on. The salesman, Mike Dorgan said it was because it was sitting a while and tires just need air so don't worry about that we will take care of it. I liked the car and purchased it.

The customer sevice dept reset the air pressure light and put some air in the tires everything seemed great! Well, 2 days later the light went on again, I called mike and he said new cars are notorious for that so call the sevice dept and he gave me the number so I made an appointment to get it fixed. Took it in and got a loaner and the Service Rep Aaron said it was a bad sensor and they would replace it so I got it back the same day and thought Ok all good. Two days later the tire pressure light went back on, so called set up an appointment and they told me that Kia had to do the work on it and they could not get me in for several days!

Kia got the car in and said nothing was wrong and reset it and told Aaron to pick it up. On the way back to Carmax the air pressure light came on. Aaron said that he had to send it back and make them fix it, They finally said it was a bad sensor and would replace it.After 9 days I picked up my car,2 days later the tire pressure light went on! I think the salesman either knew about the tire pressure light problem or did not really know or find out and the service dept just reset the light and strung me along until my 30 days was up. Anyway had I known that this car had a problem like this I would have never bought the car.It is either they don't want to fix it or it has serios electrical problems.

I feel this is some real shady stuff from the corporate office and I am stupid enough to fall into this trap my 30 day Carmax Warranty is up and the tire pressure light is still on.


I started searching for a new escalade 6 months ago... I finally found one in my price range and paid ($899) to have it shipped to Ellicott City, MD (1 week to arrive). I received a voice msg from Diane stated that the SUV had arrived and it would have to go thru MSI before I could test drive (4 more days). No one contacted me for several days (3) so I decided to stop by to check on the status of the SUV. After speaking with several people and waiting over a half hour, it was finally shared (by Justin) that it cleared MSI, but the tinting on the windows had to be removed. Then I was told there was a problem with the rear door not being able to open and that it would be a few more days before I could test drive. While I was there, I decided to have my current SUV appraised for trade in to speed up the process.

After numerous phone calls to Diane (4 msgs left) and Zack( he shared Diane had the wrong number and never contacted him per my request), I was told the SUV was ready for sale (more than 2 weeks after arrival). I contacted my bank and was approved for a 37,000 auto loan. I spoke with Zack and shared this information 24 hours in advance. I arrived the next day to purchase the SUV and submitted the contract from my bank. After test driving the SUV and presenting the appropriate documents, everyingthing came to a halt. For some reason CarMax only applied 36,300 of the 37,000 auto loan that was approved by my bank. I had anticipated paying the remaining balance of 1500 (estimate) in cash but was told I owed $2222. When I questioned why, no one (Zack and Manager) could not provide an answer. May I mentioned, the manager never came to speak with me.

I waited for nearly 3 hours and no one could tell me anything. I contacted my bank who verified that the $37,000 was approved and all funds should be applied to the sale. Very, Very, very unhappy customer. I have purchased 3 cars from CarMax and never experience anything like this. I left after almost 3 hours without the new SUV and again, no one could explain what was going on. The communication was extremely poor from the beginning. I would like and explanation and some sort of compensation.


carmax in irvine ca.My situation with CarMax has left me traumatized and leery of business with them any further.I am currently hostage to poor customer service and bad business ethics.They have dragged out a problem created by them on going for a month now. I have never been so grossly treated by a gentleman name Jose in the service department which has only been surpassed by the manager marco.

Whos behavior is so outrageously rude and is shocking he represents the CarMax name.Im pregnant,have two children and a husband with a rental car that is costing us 25 dollars per day in insurance costs.I had to seek medical attention today due to the fact ive been so brutally disrespected and left TRAUMATIZED.The situation is out of control and i am on the verge of seeking punitive damages.I would like the situation resolved Asap.


I bought a 2006 Pacifica in 2009; I also bought their Maxcare Extended Warranty. The car has shut off without warning >20 times. It has been taken into CarMax and the Chrysler Dealers; numerous times, “repairs” have been made. Yet the car continues to shut off without warning. Furthermore, CarMax has stated they cannot recreate the problem so the car is fine.

I’m afraid for my safety, the safety of my family and the safety of others driving around me. CarMax’s response is there is nothing they can do but they will buy my car back for less than 1/2 of what I paid for it and less than what is still owed on the car, and for me to buy another car from them. I mean they’ve got to be kidding me!!

The Maxcare Extended Warranty is still in effect but it seems like CarMax is trying to ignore me as long as they can until the warranty expires and they no longer have to do anything. If I had the luxury of taking the car to a junk yard and buying a new one I would do it tomorrow! But here I am a hazard on the road driving this death vehicle, because it’s my only means of transportation.

I have contacted a lawyer; I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Florida Attorney General.


Thursday on May 25th I visited A Carmax on US 19 in Clearwater. I spoke to a friendly sale man about shopping for an economy car and he directed me to the first row of cars on the lot. He said if I had any Questions come see him. So I checked the inventory and to my surprise the sticker price’s were marked up the same way when these cars were brand new. For example: A 2008 Chevy Colbalt went for $13,000.00. The same car on Carmax today lot went for the same price with 32k on the odometer. WHAT A RIP OFF MAN. I Walked off the lot at Carmax and shall never return.


Purchased a vehicle at carmax of Fayetteville and a little more than a week later the engine light comes on all of a sudden. So I wanted to try to trade it back in and when I get there the salesman Richard I spoke to never even held the vehicle I told him I was interested in. Never have a I seen such rude customer service in my life, and I was shocked at what I heard. He pretty much said your five days are up suck it up and deal with the car that you bought. Never will I go to carmax again and I will be telling friends and family members to do the same!


The carmax store manager refuses to return our calls or our money back “deposit” for a new car that we were going to buy from them. It’s been 10 days since we first went to the dealer to purchase the car. Three days latter we decided to cancel everything, since then we have been trying to recover our money from carmax, but it’s impossible because they do not want to talk to us or inform us of what is going on with our money. What should we do about this problem?


So today I (reluctantly) went to carmax and their “car buying center” to see and get a price on my car. It was a brand new camaro I had just won from a contest, and figured carmax would give me a decent price for it. Boy was I wrong! After I waited like cattle in the waiting room with all the other poor saps, they offered me about 40% of what my car is worth on the blue book prices. I”m not expecting retail, but jeez carmax don’t waste my time with this ripoff crap. So after seeing the offer, I shopping around town and found out that the market isn’t really good for selling anything right now. Bad economy = car prices way down.

After browsing around I drove back to carmax, where this little snitch lady gave me some more lip about the way carmax works. I didn’t even care, but put up with it because I needed the cash. I asked her if I could use the phone, and she said “later”. Then went to work on the paperwork. About 5 minutes in the jerk lady told me she was having problems with their computer system, so she couldn’t buy the car. Problems with the computer system? Really carmax what a ripoff! So you drag me there, waste me time, give me lip by some pissed off lady who hates her job, then your system crashes and you can’t do anything. Joking right? Wrong.

Regardless of all that bs, listen to me well, carmax car buying centers are a total ripoff! If you like waiting in a room like a daycare, getting the run around and excuses on why they can’t offer you crap for your car, then encounter more rude employees and bs, then by all means check out carmax and let them buy your car! Otherwise go to a reputable dealership (if there is such a thing left), you’ll have better luck with non-corporate monkeys.


Bought a truck from Carmax. 4 days later, tie rods replaced and alignment needed. One week later rear axle leak. All supposedly checked during 125 point Carmax inspection. Service mngr tells me they actually don’t check everything unless technician feels the need. How do you check tie rods or alignment without lifting vehicle up or putting on alignment machine? Had these things been done, they also would have noticed rear axle leak. Called Customer no service. No help. Will be talking to attorney next. STAY AWAY FROM CARMAX !!


Carmax started out with a vision to change the way cars were sold and repaired. Company motos like ” Happy associate make happy customers and happy customers make happy stock holders” and ” accept no defect, create no defect, pass on no defect” were words to live by. Now under new management and reacting to a poor economy, Carmax has resorted to the same cost cutting tactics that give all used car lots bad reputations. Quality used cars are a thing of the past at carmax, all they sell now is pain and frustrations just like everybody else.

I am seeing more and more complaints online about carmax and their buying procedures. Apparently they have set up all this scam “buying” locations just to rip people off. They claim they will give you a fair price, but then don’t do anything except insult you and try to ripoff what decency is left in their company. I guess they have to totally undercut everybody else they feel like! Just beware of their sales tactics and the fact that if you do go, you will not get customer service. I am all about companies making an easy buck, that seems to be the American way, just don’t go lying about being all about the customer, because you aren’t!

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