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The motto of General Motors (GM) is to earn customers for life. They are a global car company serving in 6 Continents, across 23 time zones. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, GM makes cars, trucks and crossovers. The company also currently has more than 7 million OnStar customers.

Customer service hours are Monday to Saturday from 8am – 9pm (EST)For help with Chevrolet call toll free 1-800-222-1020 or for Cadillac customer service use 800-458-8006. If you have a problem with Buick dial 1-800-521-7300, and if you are a GMC customer the best complaints phone number is 1-800-462-8782. The head office address for General Motors Company is P.O. BOX 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170. 

General Motors has various brands under one roof like Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Cadillac, Vauxhall, Holden, Baojun, Wuling, Jiefang. Mary T. Barra is the current CEO of General Motors, she is the first female CEO in a major automobile company in U.S. history.

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Can I absolutely give them no stars please?! I have a 2019 Chevy Sonic. I bought it from Chevrolet JBA in 2019 of May. Car had 11 miles on it when I bought it and January of 20 20. It was in the shop for the cooling system again in the shop for the cooling system in 2022. 2023 and 2024 open the complaint with the better business bureau against general motors and got a phone call today that stated pretty much you're out of luck. I quote Leticia said to me any expenses that need to be done to the car you will have to pay out of pocket because you're bumper to bumper warranty is no longer valid. When I asked if she could connect me to somebody to at least investigate to possibly start a recall, she told me there was nobody to transfer to. When I asked to speak to a manager she said there was no one to transfer to. This is such a safety hazard that the car keeps overheating and general motors is telling me. Oh wow deal with it!


I have recently purchased a 2021 Camaro ss and I’ve owned it for about five months and the car died on me about a month ago so I had the car towed to a near by dealership we’re they diagnosed the car and told me that one of my rods had welded to my crank and the car only has 7000 miles on it so they rebuilt the engine and I had the car for three days and the car started to knock so I had to park it and it has been sitting while I’ve been trying to schedule another appointment with the dealership I have tried calling the complaint center multiple times and no one is answering so I would have to say that Chevy has a horrible costumer service center.


I wanted to start by saying I and a former employee and have leased many vehicles over the years. When I leased my last vehicle in August of 2020, I was told my 1st oil change would be covered and I would receive 20,000 reward points that I could use for additional oil changes and/or services. When I brought my vehicle in for service, I was told my promised oil change had expired. The service person said that I could use my rewards points, however, when we logged into my account, we found that I only received 1000 points. I called the rewards department from the dealership and was told I was supposed to claim the points, which I was not aware of, and that they had expired and could not be restored. I asked for a supervisor and was told one would call me within 24 hours; the supervisor never called. I called back a week or so later and was told I would be contacted by phone within 48 to 72 hours; that has not happened either. I would like a call from someone, my number is 586.416.4160. I called a customer service line today and was told they could only transfer me to the rewards department. I informed them that I did not have any luck and wanted to speak to someone in management; they declined and told me they would inform the rewards department of my issues before connecting with them. After a long hold we were disconnected; you can now only imagine my frustration with GM. Please have someone who can help with this issue. Kind Regards, Steven Scavone


I own two of your 2004 Saturn Vue's one of them was involved in a life threatening accident. My girlfriend went to the hospital and was there for two days . The cops at the accident seen said " how did she live through that " . Why did you take a safe vehicle like Saturn and close the doors on them ? Why ? Why ? Why ?


I have a hummer H2 2004 with duramax lly swap. The Public Road department requires documentation on the front suspension. In 2008 Hummer came with 6,2 and 6 speed. the front axsel weight was 2041 kg. in 2004 it was only 1814 kg The only difference is the arm tors bar, the front shock absorber and the nut on upper and lower control arms ball stud. i need som documentation who proves that this is the only difference. Is this something you can help me with? Back in 2015 23 jan there was another Norwegian guy with the same problem, he had the same request, but in Norway I can’t use his documentation


Nov 1st, 2021
Ongoing, Nonstop 2019 Chevy Equinox Problems With Only 17,000 Miles On It

Attention CEO Mary T Barra And The Office Of The President Of GM

Dear Ms. Barra or to whom this will concern at the office of the President,

On September 4th 2019 I purchased a brand new 2019 Chevy Equinox LT 1.6 L Turbo Diesel SUV from Auto Nation In South Miami (Doral) Florida. The Vin # is 3GNAXMEUOKS617114. The first problem started that very day when the dealership’s detailer dented the side of this new Equinox. Since I live a 3 hour drive away from the dealership in Port Saint Lucie Florida Auto Nation the dealer told me to take it to a dent wizard and send them the bill to reimburse me. I did this within a few days but They never paid me back the few hundred dollars they owed me even after multiple phone calls to the dealership. Since then I let that go. Here is a list of ongoing problems.

1. The headlights came from the factory aimed far too high to the point of blinding oncoming traffic and this went on for well over a year. Every time I drove at night people would flash me with their high beams blinding me as well. Twice I was pushed off of the road by pickup trucks that drove over the center line because they were extremely pissed off at me for blinding them. My girlfriend and I could have been killed by these actions. I called both GM proper and the dealer multiple times about this ongoing problem and all I was told was that the projector headlights on my Equinox had absolutely no adjustment capability at all and nothing could be done, I finally took this Equinox to the Dyer Chevrolet body shop and they quickly showed me the two nylon screws in the engine compartment that adjusted the headlights up and down on both side of the vehicle to fix this problem.

However the passenger side nylon adjuster screw was stripped out since the vehicle was factory new and it needed to be replaced. I was disgusted to discover that this tiny nylon headlight adjuster screw was purposely designed and attached to a huge assembly that required the entire front fender and bumper to be removed in order to replace this tiny nylon screw. The cash cost for replacing this crappy flimsy nylon headlight adjuster screw would have been over $1,500.00 as per the dealer’s quote. I waited weeks for the parts to come in to the dealer and when it did arrive it was the wrong parts. So I had to wait again! This design was purposely engineered this way to extract the most amount of money from anyone that had to deal with this flimsy adjuster screw. This is nothing less than extortion by GM for anyone having to go through this nightmare when this screw assembly could have easily been designed for a five minute replacement at a very low cost to the dealer and customer! That open case# is 9-632-9949479

2. The Bluetooth connection between the entertainment system and my cell phone continues to lose its pair to drop my ability to make and take phone calls! This is forcing me to hold my phone while driving and it is putting me, passengers and other drivers in danger if I have to talk on the phone while driving. Also its putting me in the position to break the law against talking on the phone while driving! This problem continues and the service manager of Dyer Chevrolet has informed me that he has the same problem. I do not want a traffic ticket because of this ongoing problem!
3. The paint on the hood was defective and bubbling up from rust or corrosion, The entire hood had to be repainted and I am now seeing paint chipping off of the roof
4. The entire entertainment system screen and system has been going blank for days at a time causing the inability to make phone calls, listen to music and to read and operate all of the adjustment controls and to read the vehicles performance gauges for DEF, Oil Changes, Fuel Mileage, other MPG’s settings and many other functions. This has happened multiple times,
5. This problem really burns me up! I had to bring this Equinox in for a factory recall to have the catalytic converter replaced and to have the computer re-flashed to allow the soot to burn off better than before. After the replacement and computer re-flash my Equinox immediately lost 10 miles per gallon on trips and more than that for around town at Aprox 22MPG’s Getting high fuel mileage is very important to me and it was one of the main reasons for purchasing this almost $31,000 diesel vehicle. Since then it’s been back at the shop for soot build up again and again. I was stuck far from home when the computer forced the vehicle to go into a mode of less than 20 miles per hour in traffic! I had to pull over, stop wait and flatbed it back to the dealer to repair this ongoing problem that I fear will continue over and over again because of obvious design flaws of the catalytic converter and the computer systems inability to operate it properly!
6. The DEF sensor went bad and I had to bring it back to the dealer a couple of times to figure out the problem because the computer reader gave improper information! Today Nov 1st 2021 the computer and the engine light came on again noting that the speed would reduce automatically again if it was not repaired. I brought it to the dealer today and they are now telling me that the entire DEF tank and sensors need to be replaced because of a bad injector sensor and I’ll have to rent a car again while waiting for the parts to come in! I feel that this is a hit or miss attempt to properly repair this problem yet again!

In conclusion I think it is fair to say and for you people at GM to understand why I no longer trust the present and future performance of this 2019 Chevy Equinox! This is the main reason that my almost 3 year old 2019 Equinox only has 17,000 miles on it! I do not enjoy driving this vehicle because I have lost all trust that it can stay functioning properly for any reasonable amount of time especially for long trips! Also I have no desire nor can I afford to spend a fortune on future continuous repairs when the factory warranty is over and I do not want to have to spend thousands of additional dollars for a full service extended warranty with more down time during breakdowns!

I am now demanding a factory buyback of this Equinox so I can then purchase and own the dependable vehicle that I require and deserve! Please be reasonable to me for this situation as it is not my desire to litigate GM and the dealers involved. However I will do whatever is necessary to bring a fair and just end to the misery this Equinox has brought to me!

Please reply ASAP!



I bought my Tahoo 2019 chassis number 1GNSC7EC9KR371885 from the agency brand new. It was not even driven 10k a sensor needed to be changed, after that the fuel sensor malfunctioned before reaching 30k driven today at the 43,800k same issue happened again. I totally understand things goes wrong in used cars and thats why I went for new one. but really its becoming frustrating and after 10years of driving Chevy for the first time in my life im thinking in changing from GM motors to anything that is less headache. My wife has a Nissan and we never faced any issue in it for the past 7years except oil and filters we didn't change. Not taking into consideration the price difference between both cars.

I need a final solution to my situation as really its frustrating.


I have been on hold for 1 1/2 hours. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am rethinking my loyalty to the GMC brand.




My Silverado Z71 2021 is a company truck bought by Payne auto in Weslaco Tx. The radio screen went out. Took to kemp Chevy in lavernia Tx. Waited 3 days. New screen installed left shop. Not working. Took right back on a Friday. They said could not look at it until Monday. I just left. I’m not happy ATALL


I took by 2017 Chevrolet Impala to Young Chervolet on 04/15/21 for hail damage claim. Gieco paid & I paid over $5 grand. The day I picked up my car after repairs I was lied to by Rachele Miller. I asked her if my quarter panel window was replaced, she said no you brought in like that. Window was not tinted like other windows. Also my trunk was damp and she told me it was due to rain that day. It rained all that week my trunk was full of water. I took my car to service king. After my trunk was full of water and mold and mildew they determined back head light was improperly reinstalled. Now my internal sound and radio isn’t working due to the water & moisture. I informed Mr Kevin Willis the manager. Young Chevrolet did bad work and even worse customer service. Also dent left on passenger back door from hail damage not repaired.


In 2019 Immediately after paying in full for a $7000 on a 2012 GMC Terrain my motor went out in 2021 because of prior recalls on catalytic converter issues which I had no knowledge of! And I was told not eligible for getting warranty on a vehicle over $150,000 miles! So now I’m stuck with a Non working GMC! I feel the Dealership knowingly sold me a vehicle which had recall issues and I feel GMC is responsible for paying some fees in replacing my entire engine! I will never never purchase another GMC vehicle in my life! And I will never recommend GMC to anyone ever in my life!! I’ve owned many other makes of vehicles but my worst experience has been with GMC! I even called to make complaint and get help but they only gave me a CASE # 9-6741738921 and told me they couldn’t assist me!!! It’s been a complete nightmare!!


Went to have oil change and tire rotation and my tires was not balance and put back on properly I went back twice and they did not remove the tires and reset them ,they made me waits hours and give me all kind of excuses and could not get someone to redo the work they said that they were over booked and short staff, I waited a whole week and still they did nothing they said that they were still over booked ,they said to come in but they did not remove the tire or reset. it,s still the same thing I felt unsafe driving the tire felt like it was wobbling and it,s going to fall off ,they still did nothing,except made me wait ,and come back twice i sat for hours and waited and all they did was made up excuses ,I am disgust with how I was treated ,they try to come up with ways to get me to do other expensive service shame on GM for trying to rip coustomer,s off poor service never going back there and Iwill not recommend them to anyone


I have a 2016 GMC Terain that has a bad ABS CONTROL MODULE and I can not find a new one any where. Why do we have a problem getting this part for my car. this does not make GM products and Co. look very good or helpful.


I Bought A Audi from GMC of white plains 358 Central Ave which was not a good experience ! overpriced compared to the original Add on the Internet . But the real issue is a car that was sold to me faulty 2018 bad Catalytic converter with only a month 2 months of Having the vehicle.
a bogus bumper to bumper warranty that does not cover this issue which is still under lemon law requirements. I think its a shame to treat me as a Customer this way after spending $39,000 its a Shame they got a free Car from me a trade which they payed off and put the price on my new loan fine but you sell me a faulty car and you don't fix it is just wrong. I went to a Dealership that looks good on the out side but on the inside its a rip off first and the last time I will ever purchase from GMC white plains again.


My husband and I have a 2017 GMC Denali that broke down 300 miles away from home. We broke down in the middle of nowhere...had to get towed to the closest city where they told us that our GMCs engine was blown. We called GMC and since the engine is still under warranty we had to get it towed to the nearest dealership. We got it to the dealership where they proceeded to tell us it qould take 4 days to take a look at it and we needed to rent our own car since theres a "shortage" of vehicles. Fastforward to the hell it toom us to get a rental...our engine was blown and since its under warranty they said it would get replaced...but WE have to rent our own vehicle!!! WTF!!! Are we made of money? We are in a pandemic and GM cant help us out with a vehicle??? Its your shitty engine that ended up causing this whole mess and now we have to pay for our own rental...oh yea...and btw...ur truck wont be ready til july 30th!!!!!! What are we supposed to do????! Customer service has been shit! I have a toyota and im am almost 100% we will NEVER buy another GMC if this is the customer service u get when ur vehicle breaks down! Good luck to anyone who has warranty on their vehicles! The MOST disappointing service i have EVER received! Toyota has always been AWESOME! GMC has let us down!


I’m complaining about the GEneral Manager of Jeff Perry dealership in Peru, IL 61354. I have bought General Motors Cars and truck for a very long time. I recently bought a used GMC truck for my grandson from this dealership and they sold it with a broken air conditioner. We com plainer but as is and very rude General Manager I will not buy from there again and he doesn’t deserve even one star


I bought a 2021 Camaro from Jim Taylor of Rayville La. When I bought the vehicle I also purchased the tire warranty. A month after having the car I had gotten a flat on the back passenger tire a piece of metal was lodged in the tire. I called the service dept to see what I needed to do and the service advisor said she really couldn't help me and to call around to some of the tire shops around town to see if they could help. She was so rude and short with me and refused to help me at all. I told her I bought the car there it looks like you could help even if you had to order the tire thats fine with me. She said there was nothing she could do and hung the phone up. I will never ever go there again and I will be telling everyone I know how sorry they are and not to go there.


My daughter least a vehicle from Taylor Chevrolet in Michigan for 3 years. Every time the car was in for service or a recall she was never given a loaner. She was told she will have to rent her own car. I've worked for the Auto industry for 26 years in Quality and never heard of such a thing. I think she was taking advantage of because she was naive to the process.


I have enjoyed my GMC 1500 4x2SierraCrewCabSLT Truck 2014,for the seven years I have owned it, but my complaint is the paint is peeling off this vehicle for the second time and this is a special paint I paid for when it was purchased.VIN# is 3GTP1VEC3EG418972,color is White Diamond, January 2017 paint was peeling around the rear door on the passenger side and extended warranty covered most of the cost then, and now the paint is peeling off the very top of my vehicle. I have a copy of the last claim #138732 at Boulevard Buick in Signal Hill, California. Can you please look into this matter, I have enjoyed vehicles I have purchased from GMC very much and I know the warranty is expired I have #175,000 miles on this vehicle and have washed and waxed my vehicles once a month since I have had it. Thank you for considering this complaint, Johnny Thigpen


The paint on my Tahoe is all scratched up on the hood and top of the vehicle is all tarnished and looks real bad I took it to the local dealership and they would not do anything about it. My vehicle only has nine thousand miles on it . I don’t think that it should look like this I think it is a bad paint job and I wish that something should be done about it


I bought a2019 canyon Denali brand new from Jim Curley in Lakewood NJ and had an issue with my phone connections, phone rang through the radio when first purchased. Now I have been back to the dealer 3 times with the same issue that was never repaired. They say it’s an A. C delco issue . So there is no fix? Spent 52 K on the vehicle and that’s the answer I get, really.


Vaden Chevy in Pooler Ga refused to honor a parts warranty on a replacement part for my 2008 Corvette. Part was purchased from Jupiter Chevy in Garland TX. The Vaden Service Manager refused to provide the parts warranty. Said because the part had not been installed by a Chevy dealer they would not warranty the part. When I asked to speak to him the parts department stated he was “tied up in a teleconference”. I provided my name and cell phone number for him to call me. To date no phone call from Service Manager at Vaden Chevy. This non existent customer service attitude has cost Vaden Chevy any chance of future work on my vehicles and/or a new purchase.

I then spoke to Brandon at World Parts from Jupiter Chevy. He said of course the part is warranted by any Chevy dealer. I also had the option to remove the part, ship it back to them and they would provide a replacement.

I drove up to Rincon Chevy in Rincon Chevy in Rincon Ga. Spoke to Barbara there. They made me an appointment and will warranty the part and I will have them install it.

My Complaint is that Vaden Chevy willfully refused to warranty the part against Chevy policy. (0 stars). Service manager should be removed from his position for lack of customer service and refusal to return my call. Vaden Chevy has forever lost me as a customer.


The service team are idiots at best. I got in contact with the service manager and nothing was done- bringing my business elsewhere.

Started with leaky back window on my Trail Boss. After dealership attempting a warranty quick fix with sealant, it still leaked.

On my 2nd trip, they not only dented my roof, scratched my pillars, and scratched my spoiler, they managed to crack my windshield upon replacing my headliner.

When my truck was finally delivered back to me, cut wire, screws, dust, panel pins were found all over my truck bed and back seat. My windshield washers didn't work and the rear defroster didn't work either.

I called to let them know, but they asked that I leave my truck for another 2 weeks.

I looked under the hood and found more un assembled work- plastic panels and water proofing all strewn about in the engine bay- as well as a disconnected windshield wiper hose.

I checked behind my pillar panels and found they didn't plug in the defroster harness.

They also give Chevy Trax as loaners- nothing comparable to your car. Other Chevy dealerships loan out comparable vehicles to the one you have serviced.

I would much rather not have the scratches and dents repaired as I wouldn't want them to break something else.

Go ANYWHERE else for better service and non idiot work.

WORSE car repair experience EVER!!!


1414 Charolais Drive
Austin, Texas. 78758

VIN# 1G1FY6SO3L4129679 512-789-7125
Good day-

I want to make you aware of a situation that has arisen at the fault of, in my opinion, one of your dealers. The dealer in question is Henna Chevrolet in Austin.

This is my first Chevrolet EVER, and I bought it at this dealer based on my son's recommendation who has purchased several LTZ 1500s(a 2017, a 2019 and a 2021). My son referred my neighbor to Henna Chevrolet, and he purchased a Silverado 1500 from them. Reluctantly, I gave Chevy a look, and the following situation is how they have made a first impression.

On January 28 of 2021, I traded in my 2019 VW Jetta to this dealer. The VW was a leased vehicle, and I traded it in on a 2020 Chevrolet Bolt about 6 months before the lease was up. For a while, everything was perfect....loved the Bolt! The payment was a LITTLE higher than I could really afford but the dealer convinced me (I'm 72) that the gas savings would make up for it. There were a lot of rebates and tax savings, so I went ahead and took the plunge.

Shortly after I bought it (two weeks later) the dealer called me and said they forgot to add in the first month's payment. He said I owed them a car payment in addition to the one that was coming up shortly. This was totally out of bounds with what they had sold me in writing.

Next, VW insisted they hadn't received a payoff check. I gave Henna my VW at the end of January and here we are in March. I called the dealer and the finance manager (John Smith...the same guy who did my paperwork for the VW and Chevy), and he told me he'd look into it. Of course he never called me back. I went in to see him personally. He checked and said the check was for sure sent. On March 1, VW credited my account...but the story doesn't end there.

For some reason, VW Credit still showed me as having a balance due...almost 1600 dollars. I talked to John Smith again at Henna Chevrolet (service after the sale...yea right). I finally got hold of him. I expected him to help me resolve the error. Instead he told me something to the effect of "oh, we must have sent the wrong payoff amount", and I might need to pay more than $1500 to VW. He acted like it was no big deal to pay this. For me, this amount IS a very big deal. Essentially he sent me on my way with a half baked 'sorry (which really means too bad this is your problem now)'.

The way I see this, Henna Chevrolet needs to eat this money - both the EXTRA payment they failed to tell me about on the Bolt and the 1555.00 that VW Credit says I still owe. They were grossly incompetent when they put this deal together, and the numbers would have in no way been affordable for me if all this extra money was in the deal at the time of sale. I have no way to pay VW off, and this extra Chevy payment has put me in a bind. I feel like they took advantage of an elderly person who trusted them to get the numbers right and accurately tell me what my out of pocket would be. It is in no way acceptable for them to come after the fact and say that I still owe a bunch of money that they failed to collect, or failed to research in the payoff quote.

Please help me resolve this with them as it is hard to get them to return my calls. They are clearly done with me as a customer at this point, and I don't know what to do.

Thank you for reading this and for your help.

Karol Christena


I purchased a 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4 new. Three months after I purchased the truck I drove it to San Jose CA. from Seattle WA. While in San Jose the truck broke down and I needed to bring it to GMC service. They did not know what issue was and unable to fix it for approximately one month. I had to get a rental car to drive back to Seattle. When they finally fixed the truck I drove back to San Jose to pick up the truck. I turned in the receipts into my Service Representative in December 2020. I have called over 15 times with out a call back from the Representative nor from a Supervisor as requested. The rental was $1,495.00 that I had to pay as they did not have a loaner car at the time. I still have not been reimbursed and I just get a run around when I call.


I took my 2017 into Corum motors service dept in December 2019 to get mouse infestation cleaned up as per I talked to the service dept mgr explained the situation as well as my mechanic called and explained the extent. I was told bring it in and they could get the job done. I left my truck there 6 days and when I called on the status I was told they just couldn't work on it very long at a time due to the smell. I told mgr to get my truck ready for me to drive it back home the next morning cause I was done waiting and very disappointed. He then said, he would get it done that day. When I called the next morning to tell him I would be there shortly. He said give him another hour. I gave him three hours. Keep in mind I have driven a hour and a half to get there. When my daughter went in to pick up my truck. She was billed $647.00 to be paid before we could pick up the truck. Manager told her they put truck back together but left some parts off! The cowl of the hood with the wiper washers was laying on my back seat. The glove box on the floor in the front! I drove home with no washers in the winter ! I was very mad. I cleaned my truck of the mouse mess myself the next day at home. It took me little over a hour ! I called the boss of the service department to complain of what was done to my truck. His words were: I have my mens backs. I need to speak with them first. They are highly trained mechanics. As well as informing me how awful my truck was. Remember - I was told to bring my truck there. Well the boss put me on speaker phone with the service dept mgr next day. His only resolution was, Leon makes promises he cant keep, the truck was pretty bad and as far as the parts being left off, it was a misunderstanding. Well now I have to take my truck back to a mechanic in my town to put my truck back together at my expense ! Then my mechanic discovers they didn't even unscrew the glove box, they ripped it off the hinges. He calls and orders me a new one from the dealership. Meanwhile he leaves messages for the boss to call him cause he is upset that he recommended me to go there and they did this to me and he is going to tell him he will never order anything else from there for his shop. But - the boss wont return any of his calls. It takes nearly 5 weeks to get a glove box back here. Remember, this is a nice 2017 pickup with only about 15,000 miles on it. I am so upset I cant tell you. I have tried since beginning of January to talk to the GM of this place and he is always too busy to take my calls, never returns my calls. Two months ! I want my money refunded that I paid for work that was not done, and my money for the bill to my mechanic to put my parts back on my truck. Never seen anything like this. I have been told by several people I am treated like this cause I am a woman. I am about to go in another direction here with my complaints.


My check engine light came on my car in February. As a result, I took my car to Carl Black Chevrolet. They ran diagnostics and stated that my fuel rails and the catalytic converter were bad. I have no idea what repairs were needed but I trusted the mechanics at Carl Black. The fuel rails and the catalytic converter were replaced and less than a 10 mile drive after leaving the dealership... the issue came back! I was upset, but confident that Carl Black Chevrolet would be able to resolve the issue. This happened about 5 or 6 times.... As a result, the dealership consulted GM specialist and the specialist recommended that they start from the beginning twice! So after several escalations to General motors... many lost subscriptions (XM radio, onstar, Mister Car Wash, uber rides, long wait times, and being without my car the entire summer).... the process of elimination... my car finally was repaired. When I asked my service advisor Zack Powell what the problem was... He stated " was one bad coil." I asked how is it they over looked that when doing their diagnosis... He stated "...there was no way for them to determine that.....and they put the cart before the horse." I asked why did they "over guessimate" the issue and make me responsible for the most expensive part. Zack Powell replied "That's a good question."
The service manager, Chris, also stated that I only have a warranty on catalytic converter. Chris added that they invested over $3800 into my car. I was puzzled as it was implied that I had something to do with this.

So currently, I do not have a warranty on all the following parts that were replaced during the process of elimination. Here are the list of items that were replaced when they were troubleshooting my car's incident: 3 sensors, 6 injectors, 2 seal kit, 2 tube, 2 pipe, 1 cleaner, 2 harnesses, 6 spark plugs, 6 coils, 1 catalytic converter, and fuel rail cleaner.

After doing research, it appears the part that was bad cost less than $50 and could have been resolved with a simple tune up. I paid about $1600 and was inconvenienced from February to Aug. I was unable to use my subscriptions, I have no warranty on the "real" issue the coil. And I was made to think that my driving was the issue when the issue was related to a misdiagnosis by the techs at Carl Black. They added over 5K miles to my car while testing driving it. My car was driven over night and I have no idea where or who was in my car troubleshooting the issue.

I'm very grateful to finally have my car fixed, but I must say that my trust in Carl Black Chevrolet has been broken. The nonchalant attitudes of the service manager and the service adviser assured me that I need to take my car to a dealer who is accountable for their mistakes and offer a better customer experience. I recommend getting a second opinion or taking your vehicle to another Chevrolet dealership that will take their time so that you will only pay for the actual problem you brought your car too. Do not accept their mistakes as the truth as they will not accept accountability nor provide any compensation or warranty.

This was the worst dealership I've experienced.


I have a 2017 Cruze that I lease yes it has high mileage which I am probably going to have to purchase me and my husband have purchased a lot of Chevy cars over the years and my husband is a retired GM worker I have contacted an attorney bc this is the worst car ever and I don’t understand how you can do a former employee of like this when you give an upper class employee a new car every year all I want is another car and not have to pay the over mileage I am 82 my husband is 87 I hoping it is something you can do to help us out Tyank you Ann Ridgell


On July 9, 2018 I purchased a used Chevy Traverse. Everything was going fine until the timing chain stretched On March 28, 2019. I took it to AAA to have it looked at, they said the could not do anything that I need to take it to a dealer. While at AAA I asked them to service the AC because I drive for Uber and Lyft during spring and summer so I wanted to get it out of the way. They recharged the AC, tested it and the AC was great, no problems. I have documentation of the transaction.

I then took it to Chevrolet Autonation in Laurel, MD to have the timing chain repaired. It was March 29, 2019. It took a week but they repaired it. It was an expensive repair but It had to be repaired $2861. I took the car home and noticed my AC was not working well. So on April 15, 2019 I took it back Chevrolet Autonation to be repaired, sure enough the condenser was not functioning correct, it had.a leak, so we had that repaired another $1400. The AC was working pretty good but at the beginning of July it stopped working, yet again. . I brought it back to Chevrolet Autonation in Laurel, MD. I figured they would repair it free of charge, they said because the issues were not related and it would cost another $2000.

I turned down the repair and went to talk to another mechanic, who had been in the field for 30 years. I gave him the timeline of events, he said it is likely that Chevrolet Autonation damaged the condenser and the high and lower pressure lines when they removed the engine to fix the timing chain.

Below is the time line of events
March 28, 2019 - AAA services AC, systems works fine
March 29, 2019 - Car dropped off at ChevroletAutonation, 500 Washington Blvd, Laurel, MD to repair timing chain
April 8, 2019 - Timing chain repaired and I picked up vehicle, I did mention a hissing sound but they said it would go away, it never did.. I did notice that the AC was not working well,
April 15, 2019 - Vehicle brought to Autonation for AC repair
April 16, 2019 - picked up vehicle after repair AC seems work, but I did not need it until Late May, June.
July 9, 2019 - AC stops working, only blows air not cooled.
July 12, 2019 - I drop car off at Autonation in Laurel
July 15, 2019 - Autonation says that issues are not related and repairs would be another $2000. I turned down the repairs.
July 16, 2019 - I picked up the car from Autonation, I was charged another $325.

On July 15 I spoke to a 30 year veteran mechanic, he said that it is highly likely based on the timeline of events that the AC was damaged when the timing chain was repaired. They had to remove e ac components in order to get to the engine. It felt it was impossible to be coincidence.


ATTENTION: Anyone who could help me

General Motors, you really need to see what is happening at the customer level....



And if you read my letter and the string of chats below,

you will see how your customer service foundation is collapsing

Case # 9-5347483826

Subject: Very Frustrated and Disgusted Service Customer

Attention: whoever can help me…

I will start with a question to you…
How would you feel if your car was at the dealer 3 MONTHS getting repaired?

Well please help me…

My 2015 Corvette Z06 had a problem with the rear wheel coming lose and dislodging the ball joint, axle and rear end.

This happened on April 15th and now it is at the dealer for final assembly and I find out that it’s delayed because the differential is back ordered…..

Terra your customer service advisor (592-3327) has informed me that because you are short handed, the investigation department has not even begun looking into this yet after 3 days.

Please help locate this part so I can have my car back. The dealer says that once they get the part, my car will be ready in 3 days.

I am now without a car for 3 months.....

Thank you

Al Krauza
24055 Paseo Del Lago #859
Laguna Woods, CA 92637

ChristineMinimize End conversation

Info at 8:18, Jul 11:
Info at 8:18, Jul 11:
I’m here to help route you to the right place.
Chevrolet at 8:18, Jul 11:

Al at 8:18, Jul 11:

Al at 8:18, Jul 11:
I really need Help
Chevrolet at 8:18, Jul 11:
Just a moment...

Info at 8:18, Jul 11:
I'm connecting you to a chat advisor now.
Info at 8:18, Jul 11:
You are now chatting with Gellie.
Al at 8:19, Jul 11:
Hi Gellie
Gellie at 8:19, Jul 11:
Hi Al! You have reached General Motors Customer Assistance Center. My name is Gellie. How may I help you today?
Al at 8:20, Jul 11:
My 2015 Corvette Z06 Has been at the dealer for 3 Months
Gellie at 8:20, Jul 11:
I am sorry to read that. To best assist you, I will transfer this chat over to the right department.
Gellie at 8:20, Jul 11:
Please hold on.
Info at 8:21, Jul 11:
Ok. While I'm connecting you to an advisor, feel free to start typing your question below.
Info at 8:23, Jul 11:
Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An advisor will be with you shortly.
Info at 8:25, Jul 11:
Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An advisor will be with you shortly.
Info at 8:26, Jul 11:
You are now chatting with Christine.
Christine at 8:27, Jul 11:
You've reached General Motors Customer Assistance Center. This is Christine, how may I assist you?
Al at 8:27, Jul 11:
The dealer is now waiting for a back ordered part and your corporate advisor says that GM is Short Handed and no one can locate the part. So now my car continues to sit on a lift at the dealer and I am without a car Who can I contact for help My case # is 9-5347483626 At this point I feel it is necessary to get an attorney and I need to speak to someone in control
Christine at 8:27, Jul 11:
I understand how frustrating this situation is for you. I appreciate you for taking the time to chat with us today. Let me go ahead and check what we can do for you here.
Al at 8:28, Jul 11:
This is a major burden on my life.. and I need to speak to a Regional or a V:P
Christine at 8:28, Jul 11:
I totally understand and I apologize for the inconvenience.
Christine at 8:29, Jul 11:
I'm unable to pull up the case # that you provided. Can you double check it for me?
Al at 8:30, Jul 11:
I hope you can help As I am a member of 3 corvette clubs and the Corvette Forum and they cant blieve this is happening
Al at 8:30, Jul 11:
My case # is 9-5347483826
Christine at 8:30, Jul 11:
I understand and I will do my best to rectify and help you with this matter.

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i have been a loyal chevy customer since the 1990's. i have purchased 2-3 cars and 7 or so pick ups and suburbans. the late 1990's and the early 2000's were good products. my 2005 pickup went 250000 miles and i loved that truck. but every truck i bought since have had lots of problems. you compensated me a little when i bitched enough about my out of pocket expense($12000-15000) on my 2009 hunk of shit truck, so i bought another one. 2012 i think.. still had my issues with the dealer not fixing things properly many times in and out of the shop(ryan chevy Buffalo, MN) I will never buy or service my vehicle at that shop ever, bad, poor, or just don't care. hard to say very dissatisfied with them. my new truck is 2017 LT its nice but it continues to go into the shop. last week emissions problem, this week emissions problems, before that poor paint job on my running boards, replace at no cost once last year and need new ones again, the paint is chipping away and looks like shit. cooling lines were leaking and replaced at 50000 miles, the truck before my current one cooling lines went out at 95000 miles at a cost of around 1500.00. trailer towing system. problems that the dealer blamed on the wiring of the trailer after 4 times in they found the problem and fixxed till last week end, more problem with the tow package. on a side note i thought i was smart to put $2800 in an extended warranty on my 2017. so far i have it in for three fixes each costing me $100 deductible. going in today again. twice in two weeks for the same problem. my service guy at cornerstone chevy in monticello, mn(Jim) is great. the management always give me a hard time about changing out the running boards, they are bad and the paint comes off. last time i wanted a different running board they refused and put the same ones on again. now i need new running boards for the second time because they did the same thing, the paint chips away making them look like shit on my newer truck. i feel as a loyal chevy customer for over 20 years your product has gotten to the point of poor design and poor engineering.or maybe chevy programs them to break at certain intervals. after my bumper to bumper warranty is off i will find a new truck company(ford or dodge) that rewards loyality and want the customers to be happy and come back for new trucks time and time again.. last three chevy trucks i purchased had lots of problems.i have noticed that my ass is getting bigger as i get older and the seats in my new truck push on my hips causing me problems. asked the sells people if chevy made a big seat they said no. chevy has never responded to me with respect. maybe chevy does not want me as a customer any more. cornerstone (jim in service) is great to work with but i have lost all respect and loyalty to chevy due to the poor product i have been purchasing. we as consumer deserve more from a company that i help bail out. this customer is going to drive a different brand in the near future, chevies problems seem to be getting worse, or at least the product is not as dependable as advertised. i give my new truck 1/2 star out of five. my service guy Jim gets 10 out of ten. just a little feed back from one unhappy loyal( not much longer) customer. i don't expect you to respond i'm just a peon to chevy corporate. i will make sure to tell my other friends that drive chevy why i switched. POOR QUALITY, POOR CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND A DON'T GIVE A SHIT ATTITUDE WILL PUT CHEVY BACK INTO BANKRUPTCY. GOOD LUCK.


Felix Chevrolet of downtown Los Angeles
3339 S. Figueroa St
Los Angeles, Ca 90007

Service Manager Service Advisor Carlo B

Service Order for Buick Lacrosse 4/19/2019 order# 575136 customer# 307552
have been trying to settle this sence 4/15/2019 still open and active problems


I have had an open case regarding my 2019 Chevy Equinox Redline Edition since 5/13/29. "Jenny" (the rep handling my case) has not been very helpful. I have asked for a manager/supervisor on several occasions, of which she has yet provide a way to reach them and failed to respond to my request of having a manager or supervisor contact me. I would like to speak with "Jenny's" (Chevrolet Customer Assistance, Tier 2) supervisor. My initial complaint was filed on 5/13/19 and have now had many conversations with Jenny, and multiple times I have had to call days in a row before being able to make contact with her. I sent an initial certified letter to an address she confirmed (after she made it difficult to provide me an address, discouraging me from sending a letter), of which was received by GM personnel on 6/11/19 @ 11:33am. Once I notified her of this letter on 6/14, she stated the letter will "eventually make it to her" and has yet to recognize that the letter was received. She told me she would initiate a buyback request on 6/14, and her DM would have 5 business days to make a decision, several times telling me that I would be told of a decision by 6/21/19. I contacted her on 6/19 to provide more service repair updates/issues and she proceeded to tell me that I was incorrect, and she did not tell me that (phone calls are recorded, I would like someone to listen to the call) and that she was giving me an expectation of when I should be contacted. She has become impatient with me, talks over me and I feel as if she is not handling my case in an unbiased and fair manner any longer. Also, I contacted the Service Manager at the dealership and the manager had not been contacted by GM for service repair inquiries as of 6/19/19, per Rich. I have yet to be contacted by anyone and it is now 6/28/19. My car was in the service dept of local dealership for 45 cumulative days after only owning the car for 6 months and having less than 12,000 miles on it with 3 attempts to fix the problem. I have sent 2 certified letters. The 2nd letter (mailed on 6/26/19) was sent to a different addressed due to Jenny stating that the mail does not go to her from the previous PO box that it was mailed to, and a 3rd letter will be mailed out today.

Thank you,

Abbey Palmer
Case Number: 95238891506


I have been a GM customer for over 40 years. Most cars were Chevrolets at Bell Motor Companr in Leonardtown Md. Sevice was excellent. Salesmen were honest and fair. If there was a problem they fixed it. Well now it is Winegardeners. When we bought a Spark for my wife , a nice young man took care of us and had the car delivered from another dealership. We had a Winegardener add with the promised price.Then the SALESMAN took over. The price went up 4,000. He was condescending in his manner and did not make a good impression. Since the car was there and it was the model we wanted, we reluctantly bought it . Today someone hit the car and did some minor damage. We called to schedule an estimate . We were told they had no body shop. One of the reasons for the purchase, was we expected full service . No more! We may have been customers before, but we will never buy another car from Winegardeners ?


I gotten a letter from General motor about my 2015 suburban truck. The letter stated there been problem with brake pedal. I had been having that problem already when I bought my truck may of last year in November the same year I taken my Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet to have my brake check I was having problem the brake pedal is hard to push like truck wouldn’t stop. I got charged $723.00 for that when the letter stated for me to take my truck to any GMC dealers ship and the cost of the parts and labor I will not be charged . I drop my truck off on 5/13/2019 they kept my truck for a day . I don’t think that I was treated fairly and shouldn’t have to pay for something that wasn’t my cell number is 850 210-4882! Thank you!


Over charged for a service repair that was not fixed.


I have a 2008 GMC Sierra truck, and the 5.3L that is being replaced at around 123115 miles. I have taken care of the truck. The problem is I'm replacing the engine now, and will have to replace the engine again due to the LH6 with the active fuel management system. Is there an engine that can go into this truck that is not trash and doesn't have the AFMS in it. As a long time GMC fan please don't make your product cheap. My problem is simple why pay almost 8,000 dollars for an engine that will destroy itself around 95000 to 100000 miles.


I bought a 2018 chevy tahoe in Dec 2018 and its been in the shop for 5 weeks- it was bought at Friendly Chevrolet in Dallas TX and they are saying Gm does not know how to fix it- apparently there's an issue with the software so I'm paying for a vehicle that's sitting on their lot!: Not a happy customer


Purchased a new 2500 crew cab Silverado ltz first week of May went on a trip Mother's Day weekend and the left front tire separated at 525 miles went approximately 60miles further after putting the spare on left front and developed a severe vibration in the rear ,took it to the dealer Cheap Chevrolet the next day said they didn't see anything wrong with rear tires but I insisted on a road force balance on the remaining tires would only do the rear tires there are knots on all tires and all have the same date code except for one still waiting on a solution for the problem I obviously can't deal with Cheap tried switching dealers to no avail have had to cancel several camping trips because it is unsafe any help would be appreciated, case number 9-5240232944


I purchased a 2019 LD Silverado in Late April or Early May. On the window of the my Truck it states 6 sense but for some reason it was took off of the Truck and we were not told . My wife figured it out and she called the Salesman to let him know and she was advised to bring the Truck back on the following Tuesday. When she arrived that salesman was off and she was told to talk to another salesman and he stated that they didn't have any 6Th sense available. I have called the Salesman Texted him and still haven't received any response. I signed forms stating that nothing was took off of the Truck. The Dealer Earnhardt Chevrolet is located in Chandler Arizona. I had purchased a 2014 Silverado there when it was under Thoroughbred Chevrolet and I was treated 1st class. Something needs to be done or will get some outside assistance. Thank you for your time


Dealer unable to locate discontinued parts to repair problem for my 2005 Buick Lacrosse - need shift cables, upper and lower
GM # 15873760 and 15873759. Can anyone help me?


Lost Key-----I went to Davis Cheverlet in Lexington,NC to have new key made....they charged me $65 for a key but the man gave me wrong code # so therefore that key didn't work...had to call a locksmith to make new key with right code#...he charged $140.....the man at Davis Cheverlet says you have a NO key refund policy but there is not a sign posted to this fact...I am an elderly person on a fixed income and cannot afford to loose or be cheated out of any money.....if he is employed by GM he should be more educated on the different key code numbers..not my fault the key didn't pick up code...



I am an experience salesperson for the GM Brand. I decided to pursue a personal business venture that centered around my vehicle. GM's Chevrolet has introduced a Blazer RS which supports my needs fully before adding the necessary aftermarket additions.

More specifically, I desired to work as a licensed security officer who's company provides constant on-site presence. Which meant, that other than the high profile work details which would require the rugged capabilities of the vehicle to operate in mountainous and undeveloped terrain, me and my co-operatives were to 'work out of our vehicles,' as to be able to be constantly on site. Our "lodging" would be in our Blazers. The vehicle supported our ability to do this, and also have an 'equipment bay,' as well.

Enter Andean Chevrolet. I initiated my presence at the dealership after watching 13 minutes fly by while I stood smack in the middle of the showroom, by yelling, "Who wants a fresh up!?" Taking homage to my 6 years as a car salesperson myself. I developed a very good first day relationship with the salesperson who answered my call. I came back days later to express my unique needs as a buyer. Because I decided to keep my business at present listed as a sole proprietorship (a measure that enables the up most business security and client confidentiality), I would not be able to appeal to Chevrolet with options to purchase vehicles as a business with an EIN. The second visit placed me in front of Sydney Gann, a seller from other dealerships who has an extreme problematic reputation within our close knit community here in Cumming, Georgia, who dismissed my needs and was extremely stand-offish in her approach which finally yielded her to say that I am not of priority and that she is the final decision maker and has chosen not to allow me to examine the Blazer up close and have more multiple visits to learn more about the vehicle that goes way beyond the scope of a standard buyer selecting a POV (privately owned vehicle) for the family.

It is the requirement that I make close coordination with the shop that works with turning certain vehicles into patrol vehicles. Andean's Sidney did not desire to see my needs as valid in this area after I appealed to her to ask a manager above her to help me receive the engineering specifications of the vehicle and vehicle's engine, in order to apply the appropriate supercharger and add-on Law Enforcement patrol equipment to the Blazer. I also expressed personal ventures with Wildlife Photography and that the vehicle as set up for private security work, would also suit for this personal interest of mine. She outright refused to bring my needs to the attention of her superiors and expressed no desire to do so.

I spoke to her superior Frank Reynolds, the General Manager of the dealership about the interactions, where he did not validate my concerns or unique needs within purchasing the vehicle. In purpose, I decided to express that my need to purchase the vehicle would be 12 months out after a car accident settlement ended. In honesty to you, my desire to purchase would run many months sooner, but as I former sales rep, I know how to test the management and their willingness to negotiate well on, "first pencil." Mr. Reynolds and Ms. Gann failed this test.

As a salesman and as a consumer, I know quite well what to look for that would allow me to be brought into a dealership, and I also know what to look for that would allow me to leave. Mr. Reynolds did not express any concern in resolving the issues I brought forward, which were fewer than actual wit Ms. Gann. I decided not to do so, after Mr. Reynolds has expressed the comments that verified Reprisal, Retribution, and Retaliation within my conversation to him about my experience thus far. The conversation ended with my expressing Andean Chevrolet will not earn my business. Ford has a product that is marginal in comparison to the quality and stoutness of the Blazer for my business.

If the conversion costs are not higher than the cost of retrofitting the Blazer as my patrol vehicle for my business, I will move towards a Ford Explorer. The onset of this business venture and selecting my work vehicle actually landed oddly enough on a Nissan Murano. I was able to work uniquely with Nissan who provided me with the vehicle specifications from the engineering department to validate the Murano's capability of accepting the modifications I needed to place on the vehicle. The Murano's engine is the same V6 used in the GTR (performance car), so I know and it was verified that it was turbocharger-ready; among other things. When I heard news of the Blazer, I decided to move my interests to the Blazer. After my conversation ended with Mr. Reynolds, I engaged in a tactic that I learned from my days as a Defender in the Military. I casually and quickly left Mr. Reynolds' office, waited about 10 seconds, and peered back to see his resolving body language that we all present after handling these kinds of conversations. His was walking out of his office, moving down a hallway with a, "what a moron" head shake, and a "not worth my time" dismissive hand gesture.

I was never allowed to contact the ownership of executive direction of Andean after many attempts to ask for audience with these persons, as to again lesson the potential of misbehavior from what is already a storied belligerent leadership at Andean. They are notoriously known in North Georgia as the problem dealership not to purchase a car at. I still decided to give Andean a chance as I am strong with the notion of developing all sorts of good relationships within my community. Especially that my unique business has me function in the city of Cumming, the city that supplants Andean, and Forsyth County, the county which Contains Cumming.

With complete dissatisfaction, and extremely relieved that I did not move further into the purchase process with Andean, I reached out to the operations manager of the dealership Mr. Joseph Otwell, who I knew was of ownership/director of the dealership who also was disinterested in my comments of the bad experience. I expressed to him my negative experience, told him that his dealership is notorious for bad service, so bad that there are many legal actions in prayer for injunction relief, that he will not be the recipient of my business. I also expressed that I will be speaking in detail about my experience to GM, which I am now learning would not engage in corrective action with Andean. This is surmounted with Mr. Otwell's expressing to me in his unique way that GM will have little to no intervention with Andean Chevrolet Dealership, and also with the history of reports of the disparaging behavior that the dealership has historically engaged in within our community.

I do desire to still move forward with even more detailed discussion into this account, thankfully, I know well not to purchase from Andean, but also believe with my conversations that my purchasing experience would have been predatory in nature anyway.

Thank you for your time, I'm quite sure this complaint of mine will never be exercised, But now there is record of it:

Gene Barbara


I can not even give one star that is beyond high,
I bought a brand new 2019 Terrain with 2 miles on it traded my paid off Equinox LTZ. April 20,2019
Not even 1,600 miles or a month of having the vehicle the transmission blew. On May 16,2019
Than GM financial said I did not make my payment for May.
When it shows on my GM financial account the payment was processed May 12, 2019.
I was bounced around on the phone for over 2 hours.
Was told they could not do anything about it. I have not had possession of the vehicle since the tow company took it back.
Lastly I get a person from India who can barley speak English assisting me here over in America.
How funny is that when they just laid off and let go of all their American Employees.
This company has become a joke my entire family has worked for GM since it opened.
Hate to say it but I am the generation to cut ties after this experience.
Thank you for not doing the quality inspection on the vehicle before releasing to the public.
Also thank you for potentially jeopardizing my life and many others.
As you can see. I am a Insurance adjuster and my vehicle is not the only one to do this at similar mileage.

So I hope word spreads of the poor quality you are producing and your terrible CEO who is cutting people and screwing over the nation.

Sincerely, Justize
Of Michigan
Home of the big 3


I am having problems with a GM Dealership in Boardman, Ohio. I have a final meeting on Tuesday morning, May 21. If I continue to get the run-around with them, to whom do I file a complaint ? Briefly....I had to haggle over a monthly lease rate. I hate these games. Then I agreed to a vehicle I was told was in stock, then would be ready to drive off the lot in an hour. Then I'm told it was already sold. Then I'm told they can't find another one. Ridiculous !!! I'm trading in a Trax AWD.....they are pulling a fast one on me saying they didn't know I had an AWD and trying to give me a Front Wheel Drive instead. As I mentioned, my meeting is Tuesday.....if they don't make good on their offer....I need to file a complaint. So please let me know the procedure.


We took our 2012 GMC Terrain to Todd Wenzel in Davison Michigan they tell us it would take two or three hours to Define the problem they never got back with me.I need my car for work . The service rep tells me he will call me an tell me what the problem is but never dose. This has happen more the once an I'm getting fed up with it.


I have a2019 cad xt4 theatre is a problem with the seem to turn on and off the ac or heat this will the 3 time I am going to briening it in to cad Maury cad


I Got Duped at
Ray Laethem GMC
17677 Mack Avenue
Grosse Pointe MI 48224

I received a letter from Ray Laethem with an offer to pay off The rest of my lease of 3 months if I purchase or lease a new car from Ray Laethem. On April 26, 2019, I went to Ray Laethem and I told Bob Hunwick, I have a budget of a payment not to exceed $250.00 a month for a Lease. We talked about 2 different cars the Buick and the Terrain. The Buick was way out of my price range and the Terrain has different models. The model that we settled on was the one with the safety package. I took a Terrain for a test drive and I liked it except for the color because I wanted a Black Terrain so we made a deal and Bob Hunwick was so happy for me in my selection and he explained a little about the safety package and said that I'm going to love it.
Bob Hunwick said it would take about 2 hours to get my new Terrain ready and that I should go home and come back in about 2 hours and that he would have all the paperwork ready for me to signed, when I returned and signed all the paperwork Bob Hunwicks assistant Lauren walk me out to my new Terrain to show me a few things on my new Terrain and how to operate them.
When I left I was watching the mirrors trying to get someone in my blind spot so the safety feature would kick on and nothing happened, it was obvious I didn't have the safety package that I was told I was leasing. I had to return to the dealer on Monday April 29, 2019 to give them the original gas cap for my returned lease so I asked the Bob Hunwick, I thought I was leasing the Terrain with the safety package, Bob Hunwick told me to keep my payments low I couldn't get that package but Bob never mentioned that when I was signing for the Terrain that I thought I was getting with the safety package. I was so excited when I thought I was getting the Terrain with the safety package that I wanted and now I am so disappointed that I got tricked into buying a SUV That I probably would not have bought in the 1st place if I knew he was selling me this model without the safety package.
I got an email for a review of the dealership and in my review I wrote, I would never return to this dealership unless I absolutely had to. The sales manager Tom King contacted me by phone and it was hard to get together with Tom King by phone so he sent me an email. I explained to Tom King what had happened and the deal I agreed to and the deal I got and nothing was resolved ( please see pictures of email with Tom King attached) I am stuck with a GMC Terrain That Bob Hunwick picked for me Instead of the GMC Terrain that I picked and wanted. I got the old switcheroo and I also got 3 years of a reminder that I got duped.
I absolutely hate this SUV because of what it represents...I have leased most of my life but they were all Chevrolet Cars and SUVs and have never experienced this type of transaction in my life. I have always received the vehicle that I wanted and expected from the many different Chevrolet Dealers I have visited and purchased from.

Here is the email with Tom King, on next page

Ann Gatto
43322 Summit St.
Harrison Township, MI 48045
(586) 344-2620


To Whom it Concern:

Case # 9-5090299285

My wife's 2016 Equinox is an oil guzzler! My wife and I have been trying to have someone return a call from GM for a long time now. The engine was rebuilt once. This car as never stopped using oil!
We have jumped thru all GM's hoop twice now! Rhinelander GM said for us to contact GM and let the know the oil consumption test is done again. My wife and I have emailed, I have called. There has been no return communication's! Funny there was no problem taking our money when purchased, You don't stand behind your product or workmanship afterwards!


Dave and Gail Curran


I bought a new 2013 Silverado and at 58,000 it had a bearing going out the dealership said they didnt know when it would go but they would sell me a 2014 siiverado and it was suppose to be a certified used truck but it had electrical problems so they gave us our money back IF we bought a new truck, which we did now this truck is a 2018 and it has a noise coming from under the dash , which I recorded because the service manager cant hear it so when I took it into the dealership which is Firelands Chevrolet Norwalk,Ohio they listeened to it and laughed and said it sounded like Chewpaka under my dash . .. I retire from GM and Im not happy this is the 3rd silverado in a row with issues and I get laughed at NOT FUNNY..i JUST WISH i COULD GET MY MONEY BACK A BUY A DIFFERENT BRAND.. My whole family buys GM because of me and now a couple have gone to Ford and Chrysler ...


I received a letter of a recall for the passenger airbag in my 2007 Saturn Sky Redline. I took the automobile to the assigned dealership, Pine Belt Chevrolet of Lakewood, 1088 Rt. 88, Lakewood, NJ 08701. My car was returned to me with a symbol of the airbag on my dashboard as soon as I turn the car on (It was not there prior to taking it to the dealership) and it does not go off. Also, the words Service Air Bag comes on, and that too was not there prior. I brought this to the attention of the person that I dealt with at the dealership, and all he can say, there's something else wrong. How is that possible when I didn't have that problem to begin with. Please Help!


I have a 2014 chevy Silverado my condenser for my AC went out $1200 for repair I see that there is a lot of chevys with the same problem looks like to me this should be covered by a recall. with all the complaints if the condenser is defective in these trucks


I have a 2016 Chevy Silverado C1500 VN#3GCPCREC2GG297999. I have to replace the transmission according to Rick Hendrick's Chevrolet here in Buford, Ga with low miles on it. My company is Water Works and I have purchased nothing but Silverado's and this is my 9th one with mostly no problems, at least nothing as expensive as replacing the transmission.

I want to see what can be done for such a dedicated Chevy trucks users for so many years. They have been very good work trucks putting many miles on them with little problems.

Please se what can be done and thank you for your time and consideration to this urgent matter. My truck is out of use for now.

Kevin McNamara-Owner
Water Works Pressure Washing Company


I have 2 complaints regarding the Champion Chevrolet Dealership in Howell, MI. The first one is the service department. We had taken my daughter's car in because of an electrical issue. They replaced a solenoid and another part not required for electrical issues and charged us $1,200. Two days later same issue. Brought it back in and they fixed the same solenoid for no charge. Two days later same issue. On our third trip back to the dealership they finally said it could be the battery. We took it home and replaced the battery ourselves for $150 and haven't had a problem since.

The body shop. Took the vehicle for repair after being hit in a parking lot. Had we not already had the estimate before the electrical issues would have never went there. Were told they would contact us when we dropped the vehicle off as to how long the repairs were going to take. No phone call. I had to call them the next day. At that point, they still didn't have any information. On day 3, I contacted them and was told it was going to paint and should be done on day 4 or 5. No phone call. I had to contact them at the end of the day on day 4 to see what was going on. They then said it should be done later that day. When we picked the vehicle up, all of the change in the vehicle was missing. They claimed they didn't take and watched the tapes and didn't see the porter take anything but also stated that when it was outside someone could have taken the change. The vehicles aren't locked outside??? Everything inside the car including in the console was moved around and the damage was to the outside bumper. They also cleaned the windows and made them very foggy. After contacting the body shop manager to complain, he was quite abrupt and rude to my daughter (who was not very nice back to him) and basically told her never to come back and good luck there are other shops out there. When I spoke to someone in the body shop, he made it sound like $15 in change wasn't a big deal and other people leave more expensive items in their cars. I agree her attitude didn't help the situation regarding her missing money when she spoke with the body shop but am very disappointed in the fact that 2 different departments in the same dealership are run so poorly.

When we were looking for cars 13 years ago, we went to this same dealership and were not treated nice by the sales team. We thought we'd give it another try. We will NEVER go back and will make sure the service we received is well known. As the body shop manager said, "Good Luck there are other dealerships out there."

Super Dissappointed!!


You Guys Fired Me Because I’m Young Black With Tattoo’s With Dread Locks , I Did Nothing Wrong For You Guys To Fired Me I Was innocent In The Situation And Harass After I Told The Supervisor’s About The Guy Getting Mad At Me And Snapping On Me About A Broom , You Guys Didn’t Even Talk To Me About The Situation , You Guys Just Automatically Thought I Was The Aggressor And Fired Me And Not The Guy Who Snapped On Me & The Girl Who Harass Me After The Situation Was Brought To The Supervisor’s And Handled , It’s Okay I’m Taking This To Court And I’m Going To Sue Leadec & GM Because It’s A Lot Of Under The Table Stuff Going On With Leadec And The Company Treats People Like Animals , And Cheryl knew All This Stuff Was Going On With Leadec Before She Even Interview Me She Knew That Leadec Was A Terrible Company So She Ain’t Making It No Better , I Won’t My Last Check And I’m Talking To My lawyer The First Thing In The Morning See You Guys In Court . [ wentzville GM]


Shame on General Motors when they know they have a defect that causes catastrophic damage in the amount of over $12,000 on a pick up only two months out of warranty and 77,000 miles and do nothing about it. Putting people’s lives in danger by stranding them in the Arizona desert pulling a fifth wheel with no way to get help. Then on top of that the vehicle is towed by GM request to local dealer in Arizona where we are overcharged with overlapping labor so our extended warranty won’t cover all the charges. Went to local dealer when we got home and they verified the overlapping labor charges. We called dealer in Arizona and they refused to call back to resolve issue. The representative we spoke with at GM refused to help us, take any responsibility for the defect or the bill at all. It says on line they want their customers happy. Doesn’t appear that way to us.


Hi, Joe here , im a college educated 56 year old male trying to buy my fourth new ads are tremendously misleading as regards to pricing.Quirk gmc in Manchester leads the pack. Christ himself wouldn't qualify for the incentives sneakily offered.The salesman was ok Karl wobrock, The sales manager mike did not want to sell cars today, it could be why 5 salesman milled around with nothing to do.I tried to buy a 18 denali pickup but after driving 2 hours each way I still have my 12 sierra.Just please let it be known I came up 3000 over their internet special price nobody will get and still left empty handed. I have bought 3 new sieras and a demo Silverado back in 97. I went in to purchase and drive home today, not just shopping. Thanks for listening. I don't like fords,nobody likes dodges,I wanted to stay brand loyal with gmc , maybe ill go look at Toyotas I hear they are selling well.


I've been a customer for many year's personnel and through my company Allied general mechanical, a Detroit based company the past (5) or so years i have purchased a large number of vehicles vans and pick up trucks all new from Buff whelan Chevrolet 18 mile van dyke,
Jeff Caul has been my sale's person.for many years 2015 i had a incident with my 2012 silverado pick up truck it had continuous transmission problems and then after taking the truck into the shop several times
finally i had a catastrophic failure at 123,000 mi, and truck barley out of warranty and with my service record Buff Whelan worked with me on a new truck, talking me into a much heavier duty.
At that time i purchased a 2015 silverado 2500/HD with a diesel motor LOVE the truck, had a few recalls a couple of problems hear and there mostly emissions problems DEF tank repast at least (2) times injector for after burn? @ 132,000 miles i had engine problems at the tune $3,600.00
in February of this year. OK... Now yesterday 4/9/19 truck wouldn't start had towed to Buff Whelan left over night.
today 4/10/19 was told that i need a complete upper motor replacement at the TUNE OF $12,000.00 and two to three weeks to complete.
I am NOT HAPPY with truck NOW!!! i have always kept up on my maintenance oil changes ect. and this happens. the money this truck has cost me it is not worth it. i will never buy another diesel pick up truck again!
I am a really good customer and i need you to look into this madder. I need some relief on the cost of this repair.
vin # of my truck is 1GC2KVE88FZ120499
Please Help i cant be without a vehicle contact me at Email or on cell please let me know if you can help a good customer!!
thank you
William Ehlert phone #313-570 6509


April 8, 2019

Kori Matherne
817 S. Fashion Blvd.
Mr. Joe Jacuzzi Hahnville, La 70057
Executive Director, Brand and Product Communications (504) 251-3014
General Motors Corporation
Consumer Complaint Division

P.O. Box 33136
Detroit, MI 48323-5136

Dear Mr. Jacuzzi,
Re: Complaint #8-4882185678

On July 3, 2015, I purchased a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LT (VIN# 1GNSCBKC6FR727366) from Best Chevrolet located at 2600 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Kenner, LA 70062. Unfortunately, the vehicle has been a huge disappointment and unsatisfactory ever since for a few reasons. The first issue has been water leaking in the vehicle on the passenger side. The leak was first noticed in 2017 while the vehicle was still under the manufacturer’s 36,000/3yr warranty. The issue was obviously not resolved and water was discovered again outside of the warranty. Though I purchased the extended warranty at the time I purchased the vehicle, the extended warranty company will not cover water of any nature. I brought the vehicle back to Best Chevrolet and paid for the repairs this time. The issue again was not resolved and the vehicle has been back to Best Chevrolet six times for the same problem to which they are unable to fix. Their next step to resolving the issue is to take the vehicle to their body shop, Cadillac of Metairie, at my expense again and have them take the whole front end of the car apart. I do not feel I should have to keep coming out of pocket to repair an issue that came from the manufacturer to me in this condition. The second issue with this vehicle is the StabiliTrak that comes on randomly and disables the vehicle in the middle of driving. This has happened approximately 4 times and has been brought to Best Chevrolet to look at, to which they are unable to “duplicate” the problem or repair it. There has also been an issue with my screen, which was replaced once but still acts up occasionally. In short, this vehicle has been nothing but problems and headaches from day one. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe is also listed as a Consumers Reports worst year vehicle, so that tells me these defects are known to the manufacturer. There are also numerous blogs regarding the water in this vehicle.
Ordinary wear and tear could not account for these problems so soon in the life of the vehicle. I am a careful and conscientious owner, as the general condition of the car shows. I have attached all of my work orders for the life of this vehicle showing all repairs that have been made to the vehicle unsuccessfully.
This vehicle is a safety hazard due to the random disabling of the vehicle, especially while driving at higher rates of speed. The mold/mildew in the vehicle caused from the water sitting in the sweltering New Orleans heat for almost two years is a definite health hazard to myself and any passengers I may have in my vehicle. The inconvenience of having to continuously bring my vehicle back for unresolved repairs for weeks at a time has affected my job also. As I am sure you can appreciate, I rely on my vehicle and this vehicle has been less than reliable.
I have contacted General Motors and have two separate claim numbers because the first girl I spoke with (Rebecca – ext: 5910069) could not resolve anything for me and closed my case, therefore I had to open another case. I have been trying to get something resolved through General Motors via telephone since November 2018 with no luck. I have been asking to speak with a supervisor since January 2019, again, no luck. Unfortunately, the customer service representatives at General Motors have been less than cooperative, helpful or informative. No one wants to listen to my issues or offer any relief or resolution.
To resolve the problem, I would like for you to buy the vehicle back from me. At this point, I no longer want this vehicle or the headaches and inconveniences that have come with it. I am unable to sell this vehicle on my own due to the negative reports on Carfax and with the dealership, along with its unresolved problems. I am stuck with this lemon and it just doesn’t seem fair to have such an awful experience with a vehicle that cost me $65,000! I have started the process of seeking help through the BBB and the Attorney General’s Office along with this letter to you as a last ditch effort.
I look forward to settling this matter amicably. If, however, this matter is not satisfactorily resolved by 6/1/2019, I will continue with further action to resolve the complaint through the Department of Commerce or through the courts.
Thank you for your anticipated assistance in resolving my problem. I look forward to your reply and resolution. I can be reached at the above address, phone and email.

Kori Matherne


My 2016 Chevrolet trax is leaking I took it to performance motors Elkins Wv They replaced the windshield Took my soaked carpet out & dried it did a very poor job putting carpet back in It rained my carpet got soaked again not a little wet but soaking wet Took it back to garage the said they sealed the windshield and in that process they messed up the strips on top of my car So today back to the garage for the strips to be fixed In the mean time it has rained & once again my carpet is soaked so they are suppose to try to fix it again & do something with my carpet I think I should have new carpet put in as this carpet looks awful & I would like my leak fixed I bought a new vehicle and did not expect this much trouble & such poor
Pamela Gifford
Elkins West Virginia


I drive a Cadillac ATS. the car was purchased from Tom Peacock in October of 2014 it was a demo with about 4000 miles. So I am thinking still a new car and now with only 73000 miles I have had to put 1800 dollards worth of work into the car. the actually first fiugre was 6300 but GM provided the needed parts but I paid so much for the service that I feel like i got screwed...I have tried to talk to the General Manager to no avail and am wondering why it is so costly to have work done and most of the items that I paid for were itesm that I complained about prior to my car going out of warranty a warranty that should have been honored to to 74000 miles since I got the car as a demo and those miles were on the car when I got at this point I would never receommend Tom Peacock to anyone the Manager over the Service department is not one that should be in that capacity because he is all about the dollar and not the customer service.


bought car at carl cannon.after purchase seen on window sticker was charged for pin striping .car has no pin striping.have e mailed salesman several times with no response.have e mailed customer service rep several times with no response. have e mailed dealer contact e mail with no this how chevy does buisness


I purchased my car brand new in April of 2017 at the Chevy dealer in Elk Grove, CA. I have had nothing but problems with my vehicle. I have had to take it into the dealer multiple times due to my check engine light coming on and many "software updates" so they say. I purchased this vehicle so I can have a reliable car and feel safe at this moment I feel very unsafe driving. I have two daughters that I have to drive around to school, practice and many games in which we have to travel out of town. Purchasing this vehicle was was a mistake because it has caused nothing but headaches, my fear is that this is going to continue and again I don't feel that I have a safe reliable car. My car has shut completely off at a stop sign, my engine light has come on in the middle of me driving with my children and it slowed down to 20mph which thank god I was not on the freeway or on a busy street for again a software update. I would like for GM to take this matter seriously and find a resolution for these ongoing problems I am having. I am afraid that because of these issues it will one day cause an accident. I am also an expecting mother. please put yourself in my shoes. I have multiple receipts from all my visits to the dealer in which they have had to put me in multiple rentals. this is unacceptable especially it being a new car. I feel that I have a lemon on my hands and not worth the money I have invested in it. I would love for someone to reach out to me and find a solution for this matter. thank you.




I purchased a brand new 2015 Chevrolet 4X4 Z71 in 201r with basically 0 miles on it. This truck has been my baby since day one. I have taken the ultimate care of it. I know that I cannot afford to purchase another vehicle and I am on disability now. I am also a USMC veteran from 1984-1992

On or about 2/22/18 My 2015 Silverado was passed by a Semi/Tractor trailer on a flooded road area (I was at the very edge heading in the opposite direction as the Semi) The big truck caused the water to blow over the top of my truck and in through my air breather and flooded the entire engine with water. Obviously, my truck died. I contacted Castle and sons towing to get them to come and get my vehicle. When they showed up the water from the roadway had surrounded me for quite some ways. The driver did not want to take his tow truck into any water not knowing how deep it might be. Another semi with a car hauling trailer was driving in the same direction I was going, and the driver stopped in the water and offered to pull my truck through the water to dry land on the other side from where the tow truck was located. I said yes. The driver got out of the cab and stepped onto his trailer without getting in the water. He hooked a chain to the tow hook on the front of my truck and through a hook on his trailer. He pulled me very slowly to the other side where I pulled off to the side of the road. (thank God for friendly truck drivers) I then talked to the tow truck driver and had him go around the block and get the truck loaded onto his flat bed tow vehicle. To my house. While at my house the same day 2/22/18 I looked the truck over and pulled the air filter out and it was dripping full of water. At that point I contacted Royal Chevrolet in Coldwater and explained the situation to them. I then had another one of Castle and sons tow trucks take my truck to Royal Chevrolet (That is the only local Chevy dealer near me) I had heard stories about Royal Chevrolet in our town and even from my own Father who Passed away since then. To not deal with Royal Chevrolet for anything. I took the stories with a grain of salt and left it at that.

For some untold reason I thought to contact Geico my insurance company about the situation. I did not think that they would cover any part of the situation I was in. They stated to me that yes that would be covered under Comprehensive on my policy. So, they assigned an adjuster to the claim. The adjuster contacted me within a couple of days after that (I cannot say with any certainty what the date of the 1st call to Geico was) and wanted to set up an appointment with me to come out and check out the damage to my truck. The call to Geico must have been sometime shortly after 2/24/18. (the document that I have states 2/27/18 I received a letter from Geico about an open claim) I informed Hank that the vehicle was currently at Royal Chevrolet and I gave him their contact information so he could set up the appointment. The paperwork that I have from Geico stating 2/27/18 the claim was opened. It also states that Hank came to my residence to survey the Damage. The vehicle was not at my residence on 2/27/18 it was at Royal Chevrolet. This Estimate record shows that #1 the odometer on the vehicle read 97,587 miles on it ( this will be pertinent later in the log) it also states that the battery on the vehicle was dead (you cannot check the mileage on the vehicle with a dead battery this mileage will come up again later in this log) Geico had as of 2/27/18 given Royal Chevrolet the approval for tearing down or otherwise looking at how extensive the damage was. It was approved for a total of 2.0 hours @ $70.00 per hour then it shows calculations of my $500.00 deductible would make the approval for a negative $360.00 for whatever that is worth. Geico had on this documentation given Royal 3 days to complete the inspection part of the claim So already the truck had sat for 5 days approximately waiting on getting that approval from Geico. Royal stated to me on the phone that the Engine was cracked, and the oil pan was cracked, and the engine would either must be replaced, or the vehicle totaled. I am stabbing in the dark at this point but potentially prior to telling me this information they had already sent the information to Geico. From the date that is on Geicos paperwork 2/27/18 to the date when Royal sent me an official appointment E-mail 3/6/18 so Feb is a short month with only 28 days in 2018 it took approximately 5 days to review the approved Estimate from Geico to getting an actual date that Royal would start on the diagnostics part of the process. Keeping in mind that the vehicle has set since 2/22/18 It is now going to be 3/6/18 before they would do anything with it. On the phone with a Rep from Royal Chevrolet they stated that they would get an estimate around and sent to Geico ASAP. I did not see that specific detailed estimate. Again a few days went by and I had not heard anything from either Geico or Royal Chevrolet. I contacted Royal and inquired as to what the status was, they. This call would have taken place somewhere near 3/7/18. On or about according to Hank on 3/8/18 he was going to Royal to take photos of the damage. Sometime between 3/8/18 and 3/14/18 the decision was made by Geico to put a used engine in my truck instead of the original quote I was told stated a new engine was quoted. From the math that I did with what little documentation that I have received at this point would save Geico approximately $1,200.00. During this timeframe I filled out a survey on line about Royal Chevrolets service. I was not happy already. I had made a statement in the survey somewhere to the effect of not having a vehicle to drive since 2/22/18 On or about 3/15/18 I received a call from a Lady at Royal and she asked me why I had not said something sooner about not having a vehicle. I told her that I had stated this to both Shop supervisors at one point and they never said anything about it after that. Within 30 minutes this Lady had me in a 2018 Colorado as a vehicle to use. She also apologized (that was very nice of her, but I had just set around from 2/22/18-3/15/18 with nothing to drive. Later I looked at the bill and it appears that they probably charged Geico for the rental. That I am not certain of. The worst part of this situation that no one had any control over was the fact that the clutch went out on my wife’s car on 2/23/18 so we literally had NO VEHICLE.

Ok back to where Geico determined to put a used engine in my truck to save Approximately $1,200.00. The used engine was purchased from a company called LKQ (I had never heard of them prior to an issue we will get to shortly) for the Sum of $2,485.00 this is stated on part of the copy of the final receipt that I have. It also states on the invoice that I have list price: Core=$1,200.00 Then in the next column it sates Unit Price= $100.00 and in the 3rd column it also states $100.00 It appears that the 3rd column is maybe the total column it does not state that above the column but I guess a normal idiot would figure that out. It also states on Invoice# C2CS555863 that the mileage on the truck is 52,498 Miles that was dated 3/19/18. On another invoice that I have from Royal it shows less than a month later the truck has 98,796 miles Somehow that truck gained 46,298 miles in less than 30 days? This I do not understand at all.

As to the savings putting a used engine in the truck as opposed to $1,200.00 more for a new one. There is a price list on the invoice of costs that they had to put into the used engine when they got it. This list includes items such as Bolts, Gaskets, Seals, Etc. the total amount they put into the used engine was $882.52 so the actual savings of a used engine as opposed to a new engine was $317.48. At any rate the total bill with everything that they had done was $14,310.00 as I recall. This was for the engine replacement only.

Next issue: on or sometime near 4/1/18 There was an issue with the Silverado again. Had to have it towed to no other than Royal Chevrolet. Having issues with the truck wanting to Idle correctly and a major loss of power, Smoking, traction control light came on. The check engine light came on and was flashing so I immediately pulled over and shut the truck off. Tow truck confirmation# G163618092 Bills professional towing Geico had called them to set up the tow. I rode with the tow truck driver once again to Royal where they had a loaner/rental already ready for me. Royal Chevrolet was to call Geico to see what they should do. On 4/3/18 I called Royal I had expected him to call me prior to this. As of 4/3/18 Royal had not contacted Geico yet. (there was hopes that due to the fact Geico determined that a used engine in the truck that there would not be a 2nd deductible to pay) 4/4/18callede Royal around 10:30 AM Left a message for them to call me with any info they may have. Around 3:30 PM I called again and spoke with Royal. They had scanned the vehicle and determined that they needed to do a leak down test on #4 Cyl. 4/5/18 Waited for a call from Royal to see where they had found the Cyl. To be leaking. Did not receive a call on 4/5/18 I did not attempt to call them (expected as usual to get no answer or a voicemail box that no one checks) 4/6/18 It was determined that Cyl#4 had a collapsed lifter. It was determined by Royal that they would replace all Active fuel lifters on the Right side of the engine. Prior to doing anything they had to have Geico’s approval for the additional cost. 4/6/18 People that they purchased engine from (Geico) would only authorize $50.00 an hour and Royal charges $100.00 an hour. Also, Royal attempted to get Geico to pay the other $50.00 per hour. This I had found out on 4/6/18 Directly from Geico.

4/7/18 (This was a Saturday)

Obviously 4/8/18 was a Sunday so there was no contact on that day.

On 4/9/18 I contacted Royal (I knew they would not take time out of their day to call me) at approx. 10:30 am I spoke with Royal and they stated that they just received the approval from Geico to proceed. Now the parts would have to be ordered and waited on.

4/10/18 Called Royal at around 10:55 AM to see what was happening with my truck. I was informed that they had a lifter stuck and they were attempting to get it out so they did not have to replace the entire engine again (I am not sure why they waited until the day the parts came in to pull the old parts out so is all they would have to do is assembly) attempted to contact Royal and talked to receptionist and she attempted to get me through to shop. After 10 minutes on hold I tried to call again. I was told it may be done today but maybe not. They would try. I called back around 4:30 PM to see what the answer was. The answer was that the tech that had worked on the truck wanted to keep it overnight so he could test drive it prior to letting it go. They told me to call back on 4/11/18 around 10:00 AM.

4/11/18 At about 10:00 AM I called Royal to see how things had went with the test drive. Finally, I was told I could have the vehicle back at noon on the 11th. Again, this was over a 10-day period that they had my vehicle.

Yes, there is more.

On or about 6/7/18 Driving into Coldwater for an appointment going down my road came to the curve and slowed down to below 25 MPH went around curve and attempted to regain normal speed. Push gas pedal RPM’s went up, but speedometer did not. Truck was dead alongside the road again.

Contacted towing company again. Had them tow it to none other than Royal Chevrolet. I had already contacted Royal to let them know it was on its way and what the situation was. (I knew without much doubt that the transmission had died).

They stated they would schedule it in. Schedule date was set for 6/11/18 they took the vehicle in and they attempted to move vehicle forward and back. Upon initial try according to tech that was working on my truck it did move and then the transmission pump started to make noise and vehicle did not move anymore. It was determined that the torque converted and the clutches, Etc. were shot and that debris was potentially blocking the flow of fluid.

6/12/18 I contacted Royal to see if I could get any info on my truck. I spoke with Royal to find out the truck needed a transmission. Approximately 2 months after the entire engine is replaced here, I am again without my truck. Royal stated that a rebuilt transmission would be ordered and put in. The cost quote was around $5,000.00. to do the work. I said I do not have any choice. Currently the truck is a non-rolling Dumpster. (The truck is a rolling dumpster for every penny I can get my hands on)

6/15/18 I was informed that my truck was completed. I could pick it up any time. The issue was that I did not have a vehicle to come and pick it up in. I would have to get a ride. I went to Royal and picked up my truck Paid the $4996.42 for the work done and drove home.

During the time that the 1st engine was put in and the time the transmission was replaced I had to take it to Royal twice for recall’s

No, I am not done.

3/13/19 Driving home from about 60 miles away about to get on interstate 69 and the truck started acting strange. Chugging, smoking, loss of power and the check engine light started to flash. I immediately pulled to the side of the road and shut the truck off. Again, I contact one towing company (Castle and sons) and they did not want to go that far to get it. So, I called 911 Auto and they said sure we will come and get it $200.00. I said come get it. About 45 minutes later and 911 arrived (fast considering the distance) I told the driver to take it to 911 auto as I would like to help them out and give them some business. So, I jumped up in the truck after he had mine loaded on the flatbed he jumped in and we headed towards Coldwater. Dropped my truck off at 911 auto for them to work their magic. I spoke with the owner and gave him some background on the fact that the engine was replaced by Royal and that it had been in since then because it collapsed a lifter and that it had been about a year. I had not yet been home to compare the timeline yet. So, 911 started reading codes and determined that there was a misfire on #7 Cyl. So, they said about $850.00 they would do a tune up and replace at least 1 coil. I asked when they could get to it. He said tomorrow afternoon you should be able to pick it up. I said OK. After replacing the wires Plugs and 2 coils there was still a misfile on Cyl#7. I received a call from 911 auto stating that they did the complete tune up and there was still an issue with Cyl. #7. They did a compression test on Cyl. #7 and it had 80PSI (I am not certain, But I believe it should be calculated out over the entire side but should be up around 120 PSI depending on the other 3 Cyl. on that side) So at this point they determined that they did not want to get involved with a used transplant engine that a Chevrolet dealer had worked on. They contacted Royal about moving the truck to their facility and Royal told them they did not want the truck there. And according to the owner of 911 auto they were rude and snotty about their reply. I told him to go ahead and load it up and I would contact Royal. He thanked me and said that he did not want me to pay 911 for anything they had done including the parts they purchased and that I did not even owe him for the $200.00 tow. Nor the tow from his location to Royal. (This is a very good Christian True American that went the extra mile for his fellow AMERICAN) I contacted Royals service advisor and told her that 911 auto was dropping my truck off at their location. She said that would be great and she would go and put on the schedule for today. I spoke with others at Royal and explained what 911 auto had found. Of course, for the consideration of being able to bill money from someone they had to do all the testing also. The issue that was found this time is that the #7 Cyl. Has a broken valve spring causing the misfire. Now Geico and the company that sold the used engine to whomever has been contacted. The truck broke down 1 day before the warranty would have expired from whom ever but because it did not get torn down to find the root cause until a day later there is a potential that they will not Honor the warranty. This could include anything from pulling the head and replacing the spring to another engine having to be placed in the truck. And of course, Royal will get their money one way or another and again I am stuck with no transportation at all.

So here is my opinion and my opinion only is that this entire situation should have been dealt with between Royal Chevrolet and Geico. It should not have involved me whatsoever. It should have been seamless to me. Between the delays of Royal Chevrolet being in contact with Geico from day 1 it took an excessive amount of time to resolve the issues. I had to almost daily contact Royal Chevrolet to basically coax or force them to work with Geico. If I had not stuck myself in the middle of the situation, I honestly believe I would to this day be without my truck.

The ungodly cost of owning this truck has raised my insurance premiums to just about where I cannot afford insurance.

According to invoice# C2CS555863 Directly from Royal Chevrolet one of GM’s own service centers stated that there were only 52,498 miles when it basically went to hell. (I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that invoice was intentionally falsified By a Certified Chevrolet Service center.

I went without transportation from 2/22/18 to 3/15/18 because of lack of communication within Royal Chevrolet. As of right now I have no transportation whatsoever from 3/14/19 to todays date 3/23/19 This in my opinion again is totally un-satisfactory from a Certified GM service center who I cannot get to contact me when they have news about what is going on with my truck and on several occasions have not even returned my phone calls after leaving voice mail after voicemail.

From my understanding even going with a used engine in this truck, the dealer should have been responsible before spending untold hours putting it in my vehicle. That sounds a lot like neglect on their part. (Chances are and this is only a guess on my part. Before the engine was placed in the truck the compression was not verified, New plugs and wires were not put on the engine (why when you have the engine out would you not do all of these very simple checks and or repairs. How far did Royal get into verification of the fitness of the engine prior to putting it my 2015 Silverado? Did they pull the oil pan and check for anything unusual





I recently purchased a new 2019 Chevy Equinox. I was excited but also mad for not getting up and leaving the dealership. I have always had Chevy cars and this was the worst experience in purchasing a car. The Sales Manager promised us his best salesman- but couldn't remember his name- Red-flag 1. Once we decided to purchase the sales manager calculated the cost with my GM family discount. However, on the contract it was over a $1000.00 less- Red flag 2. The Salesman made sure to get lost several times with our personal items leaving us sitting there for over 3.5 hours- Red flag 3. I returned the next day to question why the discount price was different- and he refused to show me the stated price sheet I signed. Several hidden fees and when a package states optional - it means I have a choice to want it or not. Red flag 4. The date of purchase I only received 1 set of keys, no owner manual etc.. so the second day I went back to obtain them - sat there for over 1.5 hours to obtain a set of keys. I have tried to contact the dealership general manager, but can't be reached. It has been 4 days since obtaining my car and not one note of communication has come through- such as hope you like your car, thanks for purchasing a vehicle with Midway etc....I have always had immediate feedback from the dealership- especially after being taken. Costumer relations would have been nice. I truly wish I would have walked. I can now say Midway Chevy is not worth a 1 star at this point.


My 2011 Chevy Malibu 2.4 L Ecotec with 67,000 miles just broke a timing chain guide. Getting P0016 and P0017 Crank / Cam correlation codes. This is a known problem all over the internet. I am really, really ticked since GM will do nothing about it. I have had a 2001 Saturn L200 106,000 miles that broke the timing chain and crashed the head several yrs ago, GM did NOTHING!!. I have had a Cutlass Sierra and a Cutlass Supreme in the 90s that BOTH cars lost the out harmonic balancer ring on. Amazing lack of reliability history with GM. This IS the last straw. I am focused on a car company like Honda that actually CARES about RELIABILITY!!


This email is reference to my 2015 Chevy Suburban LTZ needs a new transmission 113,544 miles

I am looking for some assistance.

My 2016 Malibu has been a nightmare . Ha to have 2 new engines installed along with a host of many other repairs.


Ken Colasuonno

609 464-2875

cust # 37680


I have 2016 Lacross I already had one chrome wheel replace out of warranty but it was covered. The wheel peeled and the chrome came off. I now have the same issue with another wheel and the dealer will not cover the replacement. There is a problem here, it must be a defect in the material. I shouldn't need to replace wheels with all the money the cars cost. What can be done about this I don't think I should be responsible for this defect.


I purchased my 2012 Chevy Traverse brand new with a 5 years payment and had it paid off in 21/2 years. Therefore they would not grant the warranty of 100,000. miles for the engine. My 2012 Chevrolet Traverse While operating the vehicle, "reduce engine power" and "stabilitrak" suddenly appeared on the instrument panel. Next, the vehicle decelerated and failed to accelerate properly. The failure was diagnosed as being the Timing Chain and they would have to replace the whole motor. Serra Chevrolet of Southfield, MI (Telegraph Rd.) and the manufacturer were notified of the failure, but no assistance was offered. The failure mileage was 85,000. The dealership wants $4,500. to fix the problem. I don't understand why the motor is still not covered under the warranty. This is unacceptable and unexplainable of the situation. I know GM has had recalls on the 3.6 motors and I can't get any help to fix the problem.


Dear Complaints Department:

RE: Extended Warranty for 2017 Chevy Suburban LT

Recently, I was notified that the light must come on to diagnose an on going issue with my 2017 Suburban and not being honored by the Extended Warranty that I purchased on my 2017 Chevy Suburban. I am both surprised and disappointed as to why a diagnostic check can't be performed until the check engine light comes on if the vehicle is not running smoothly and there is jerking when the vehicle shifts and this is a known transmission issue. The very reason I purchased this Extended Warranty is to have coverage in the event these types of unexpected [breakdowns/malfunctions/deficiencies/etc.] should occur. I will be filing a class action law suit with others who have had similar issues with their Chevy Suburban unless this issue is corrected immediately. This vehicle has been in the shop multiple times for different issues and this vehicle is totally unreliable and a money pit.

Please accept this as my written notification of appeal to that decision. Under the terms of the Extended Warranty Agreement, I see no reason why I would be denied service from a certified mechanic at Len Lyall Chevrolet at 14500 E Colfax Ave, Aurora Colorado. They have denied this repair to service this luxury 2017 vehicle which cost over $72000.00. I am highly disappointed and would never ever purchase another Chevy Suburban because this vehicle is below standard and undependable with major mechanical issues. This is my second Chevy Suburban I have purchased since 2015. I expect to receive a phone call at (720) 427-3226 from someone representing your complaints department as soon as possible to get this vehicle looked at, at your earliest convenience with a solution to my problem or I will definitely have to move forward with my complaint.


I bought a 2016 Malibu new and have spent over $2,500.00 so far in repairs as my warranty was up. I only have 85,000 miles on it and had a failed fuel injector costing $1,063. in December of 2018 and again last week, another failed fuel injector!.. Dealership replacing the other 2 as there seems to be some defect! Months earlier, had to replace a rear tire sensor for $137. then 2 days later the other rear sensor went out. I travel as a Hospice nurse, bought new so as not to have any expensesand the last break down was on a busy road that was not safe. I feel I need to be reimbursed some of the cost and will not buy another.


I had a case file opened on a disagreement I had because the dealership in LaFayette GA would not honor repairs and wanted me to pay for it, but this is not even my complaint. I have been hung up on twice and treated rudely. Tashanna ext. 591-3232( if she gave me the correct one) even said we tore the car up! This car has well known issues. I am in awe that General Motors would allow this kind of behavior from their employees. I was not rude or beligerant, but we did disagree on payment of repairs, but to say we caused the damage is way over the line! I have also been told different things between the dealership and Case file persons that don't match. It is covered, it isn't. not now? Which is it? Very unprofessional for a well known corporation like GM.


Bob Johnson Rochester New york..I have NEVER had such a terrible experience as did my fiancee, at Bob Johnson . We were , I'll just say scamed, insulted of our intelligence, lied to, ripped off, and unfortunately will be for at the least next 2 years. I do not have the words to express how awful theses people are , and I am letting everyone know.


2013 chevy equinox blew out rear main seal driving down the road and lost all engine oil. only 54,000 miles on vehicle and gm extended warranty 10yr or 120,000 miles on some so they now there is a problem. service bulletin #14882. please respond back to us asap!




Vechile ID 2G!WC5EM3A1155277 2010, chevy Impala

My vin number was not in recall and I had to pay to have it fixed.

Why, you know this is an ongoing problem. Please contact me asap.
Mary Beth Quinn


I have a 2015 GMC Canyon. I purchased it new and it comes with 36K or 36 months warranty. I had an issue with the infotainment system on a 200 mile trip. It occured randomly and was not something that occured often. The system would change stations. It would change sorces. It would fluctuate back and forth altering the radio station, and cutting off asking for a "command". I got a card in the mail saying my warranty was about to expire. I called them THAT DAY and drove 35 miles to the dealer to have them address the issue. They said my warranty was out of date and that it was no longer covered. I showed them the card THEY sent to me and they took the 2015 Canyon into service dept to address. About an hour later, they came back to say they found no issue. I would have thought there was some sort of code showing there was an issue but I guess not. Well, I told them thanks for checking and to document the issue as it will most likely occure again. It has on a few occasions. It mostly happens during an extended trip. I say that to say this. My truck only had 21K miles on it at this point. I don't drive it much and when I do, it is for a few miles. Not extended. The first time I had the issue was during a 200 mile trip. I have encountered it again off and on in the meantime but this past weekend, I made the same 200 mile trip only to have the infotainment system do it again. Fortunantly, my wife was in the truck and could video the issue as I was not able to do this prior as I was driving. I got back home and called to make the appointment first thing with Bob King GMC in Wilmington NC. I took it in and was told it was out of warranty and I explained the issue was ongoing and should be covered since they were unable to repair last visit when it was under warranty. We showed the video to Andrew and he agreed it was not acting correctly. I got a loaner. I went home. 35 miles away. Later in the day, I got a call to inform me they could replace the radio system but since it is out of warranty, they will have to charge me. 21K on the truck. Not driving much. Addressed the issue with them prior to warranty expiration but no repair was done.
I chatted with GMC corp. Noah was the CS assistant. He was polite but not helpful. Said they can't repair under warranty since it showed no sign of issue under warrany with any proof. ( I guess I drive 70 mile round trip just to have them wash my truck which they didn't) Fact is, this infotainment system in the Canyon and Colorado is not good. I see the comments on the internet and see others have had issues. Now I am faced with living with a system that is defective. Doesn't allow many of the options such as Nagigation, selecting songs from media or radio, changing stations, etc. I have limited use of the system. I was told I will need a new radio. Andew said 350.00 but I was pissed to hear anything other than we will take care of it, I don't know what it inculded. GMC won't do anything but offered to help with cost of parts but renigged. Granted, when he "offered" it was without a guarantee but he dangled the carrot as if they were concerned and would step up somehow.

At this point I would stay far away from a GMC product or Bob King. I hate we just purchased a Mercedes from them as I expect the same level of treatment. I own two cars. Both from Bob King and this is the treatment a loyal customer gets? I would love to share the video but I can't figure out how to attach the MOV file type or convert to one that this sight can accpet. If you want to see it, let me know by posting on this sight. I am going to post the same message elsewhere to share so others will know what the infotainment systme does. What GMC doesn't not Bob King GMC in Wilmington NC. Shame on them for screwing a customer who has purchased almost 100K of items from them in three years. And to be denied service under warranty when I brought it to them with the issue but they didn't repair. I guess the moral of the story.... I will leave that up to you. My fault for not being more persistant but it was inconvienient based on distance from me, issues going on in my life and I thougt I covered my self by reporting the issue I was experiencing prior to warranty experation. Sad I still have 15 K miles before it would be out of warranty that way. So wrong on so many levels.


One December 1, 2017 I took my 2016 Silverado to Ourisman Chev Marlo Heights, MD for a oil change and tire rotation after paying for the service, I notice my tire wasn't rotated, I went to the service manager who offered me an adjustment or free oil change on my next visit which I accepted and received on July 17,2018. I took my vehicle in for an oil change and tire rotation on December 4,2018 and upon paying for the service and checking my vehicle, I notice the tires were not rotated although I paid for the service upon bringing this to the attention of the service writer apparently he inquired of the service technician who I was told said he rotated the tires which I knew was a lie because I have a small defect on one wheel which I noted was in the same position as when I brought it in. The Service Manger just ignored my complaint however, after conferral with a more Senior Service writer who advise my service writer to just have them redo it however, I was then inform all of the Truck lifts were taken at the time and I would have to wait for a unknown period, I refuse to wait and left the service department. It's should be noted if the Technician would lie about service he did not perform leaves me to further question if the GM Multi Point Inspection was perform because it also stated my wiper blades -passenger side was good when I knew it needed to be replaced. I first time this happen, I could have accepted as an oversight however, twice is not an oversight and might border on short cut being taken on services paid to be perform. As result of my experience, I do not intend to have my vehicle service at this dealership again and perhaps a follow up is needed to spot check that services are being performed vehicles brought in for services as requested and paid for by a customer.


i had a 2014 sierra. the shifting and going to v4 was bad. i went through gm customer service and they had me take it to a dealer the dealer confirmed the problem but said everything was gm spec. there fore they said there was nothing they could do. they said i could write gm office which i did but no response. ive read a lot of complaints on this problem and cant understand why gm wont fix this. gm service put in report that i was unsatisfied but that didn't go anywhere. why is this problem ignored? i have been in 2015 and 2016 that has the same problem. any help would be great.


I have a chevy equinox 2011 2.4 motor in it using a lot of oil this is a know problem with this motor gm did replace the piston and oil ring but within in three thousand miles it went back to burning oil they will not do anthing about this at this point will not be buying anymore GM products.


I had to purchased a new windshield, (Sept 14, 2018), for my 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and I wanted OEM Glass. My glass installer purchased the glass from Mark Christopher Chevrolet in Ontario Ca. Upon installation of the glass I noticed that it was pitted and appeared to be a defective windshield.
I notified the installer and he came out and said it was a factory defect and since it was from the dealer I would have to go there to file a complaint.
I filed a complaint with Mark Christopher's Service Department and they said they would order the windshield.
Mark Christopher called me and said the windshield was in and to come pick it up.
I sent my office Manager to get the windshield and the Service Tech Mike said all he needed was a sign off from his Manager.
When the Manager came out he said the windshield just had sap on it and scrapped a small area then walked away.
I called the installer to come out and look at the windshield and he still said it was a defective windshield.
Since that time I have been waiting for them to resolve the issue to no avail. The dealership claims they are waiting for General Motors to respond.
I Just was t windshield that I can see through that is not defective.


I had a 2012 GMC sierra that I loved and took care of and made a baby out o gf. Guess what? 120 k miles and a bad lifter cost me 4200 dollars. Nobody at gm cared or even tried to work something out. All this is after me being a loyal customer for 35 years. Ok. Cool. I get last laugh , I have a brand new ford lariet in my driveway and I never knew what I was missing. Superior quality and dependence. Good look gm executives. , better luck in future and I see it dim.


I had to spend $555.88 to have a Vacuum Pump replaced on a 2016 Chevy Tahoe with only 49,008 miles on it. This is beyond poor in terms of parts quality and I am not happy about it all. I have owned multiple Chevy products over the years but this situation is enough to drive me over to the competition. This was a potential safety issue and if GMC can't guarantee it's parts and quality of work to insure the safety of its customers any better than this, then get out of the car business. I will also be filing a complaint with the NTSB.

The work was performed on August 15th, 2018 by the service department at Luther Family GMC in Fargo ND. The invoice number for the work performed was BUCS388837. The dealer did excellent work to diagnose the brake problem and replace the vacuum pump.


Presently, in our yard scince August 23 is a 2017 equinox 2gnalcek6h6152981 that has been vandalized to where it needs a wrecker. I have called folks at GM, acar leasing ,hamilton chevy and no one seems to give a damn about it. with most of the glass broken, I have been trying to keep it covered with a tarp but it hasn't been easy with the wind we have had this fall. no one has even tried to contact me on this so I checked with local garages and they charge $40 per day for storage. But I am going to give you a deal and only charge $25 per as I do not have garage space to store it. we are presently on day 85. Somebody please start acting like gm is a fortune 500 company and not slick willys used junkers inc

thank you

john tulppo

6494 n 5th street

wells, mi 49894
989-295-0023 (cell)


I live in Massena, New York. On 04 August 2017 I leased a 2018 Traverse from Frenchie's Chevrolet, located in Massena, NY 13662. Roughly about a 1 year ago, the traverse was wrecked and suffered front end damage, and mechanical damage. The service dept. noted that the transmission needed a full replacement. So after the vehicle was supposedly fixed, my g/f and son were driving down the road and the drive shaft dropped right to the pavement ( it is a very good thing it did not bounce back up through the floor board of the vehicle). I had the car towed back to Frenchie's where it was said that they "forgot" to put the bolts in the carrier that supports the drive shaft. That's one major complaint......


I just recently had to bring the Traverse back into the service dept. at Frenchie's because the back driver side was making an awful noise. It has been determined that the noise is a bad control arm. A bad control arm on a 2018 vehicle!?!? Something is not right there! Meanwhile, I also had the oil changed while they were looking at the control arm. They had to order the control arm so I was told to come back. It has been a few weeks since then and the other day, as my gf was traveling down the road with three kids in the car, the car just stopped and went into limp mode. The vehicle was hooked up to a computer and it was found that when Frenchie's changed the oil, they FORGOT something! They never put oil back in!


The transmission has always been an issue since day 1. I have brought it in and the issue doesn't seem to get fixed. Even after the accident when they said they had to replace the transmission, the new transmission is doing the same exact thing! So did they really change the transmission? Or are all the transmissions for the Traverse junk!?


I have tried unsuccessfully to get a wheel and tire problem fixed on my 2014 Buick Lacrosse. I have been told repeatedly that I didn't need to watch the tire gauge on the dash and that each time they tell me that they have fixed the problem. There is a crack or nick on the wheel and causing the tire not to hold air. Yesterday morning it had only 23 psi. The last time I was over at Adams GMC was about 2 1/2 weeks ago when they again told me that the problem was fixed with some glue or something that was suppose to take care of it. This has been going on now for 18 months. I had to buy a tire inflator because I live 17 miles for the nearest town. I am a widow and depend on having transportation.


2016 Colorado 1GCGSCE36G1156271. Owner Robert Whitten. The rear end failed at 25,000+ miles. Complete rear end assembly replace after a long wait to acquire parts. The repairs could not be performed. At 50,000+ miles the rear end noise returned. I took the truck to the dealer during oil changes to report the noise. No “specific problem” could be diagnosed. At 60,000 miles the rear end noise is obvious. The dealers I have talked to tell me this is rare and they have a difficulty fixing rather than replacing the rear end. My problems are: 1) If it is replaced, I have no reason to believe that my problem will not return. 2) the dealer offered a trade in on another vehicle. I am retired and do not need payments .3) I feel trapped into buying again. I usually drive a truck more than 10 years. My 2007 Colorado has been a great vehicle. I have purchased 9 new vehicles from GM. My trust has eroded. 4) never informed as what caused rear end failure(s). Could the drive shaft, u-joint etc. cause the problem. Gound Chevy in Nacogdoches have been more than understanding. I feel they are trying to solve a problem and need corporare Chevy to investigate. A quality team should push the red button before many others get stuck like me


I have been a loyal GM Owner for 40 years. I recently (after 3yrs of debating) bought what I thought was My Dream Truck. Did I only get SHAFTED! I found a 1 owner, clean 2012 GMC Denali 2500 HD with only 35,500 miles on the clock. 6.6 Duramax, Allison Auto, man just what I've been wanting. See, I pull a 5th wheel camper and love to camp and spend time with my wife outdoors. I had a 2011 Silverado 2500 HD Gas 6.0. When we traveled in the north Georgia mountains, sometimes it was a little sluggish, but it ALWAYS got us there. Well I listened to the other guys (pulling with Diesels) and finally decided to buy one. Only Thing I didn't listen to them on was to NOT buy a GM Product. Well, now I know what they were talking about.
I bought this beautiful used truck on Sept 24th 2018. I left the Dealership proud and happy, only to have it end in under 10 miles. The CEL came on, I returned to the Dealership and pulled in, the Salesman met me at the door as if he knew I would be right back. WOW! Guess I should have known a truck that nice with that few of miles on it had to be a LEMON! Well 3 hours later, they brought the truck back out and I quote" It's good to go. We had to replace the #1 NOX Sensor on it previously and had to re-clear the codes." Well ok, the wife and I left once again only to get 12 miles down the road when the CEL appeared again. I continued to drive it home as we had to be there to pick our granddaughter up from bus. But, before we could reach home(45 miles) we got a message on the DIC, "DEF FLUID QUALITY POOR" SEE OWNERS MANUAL NOW. Followed by a message that basically said MAX speed Limited to 65 in 99 miles.
I called the Dealer and asked them what did they wanted me to do? They said they would call in the AM and let me know. The Service Manager never called, so I called her and was told to take the truck to my local Dealer which I did. They worked on the truck for a week and a half, and could not repair it. I called the Selling Dealer and they went an picked up the truck and have had it since.
THEY HAVE YET TO REPAIR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am being told they have an Area Zone Service Rep coming to look at this truck. I don't know what he can or will do, but OK.
Bottom line for me is: I can't believe that General Motors has been allowed to manufacture a system that gives it's customers so much trouble. If you just GOOGLE it you get thousands of hits, and it's not just the LMLs either it's all of them every year from 2010 until present. AND GM DOSEN'T CARE......................... The only true know repair is TO DELETE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM AND RUN A PROGRAMMER.. But WAIT" isn't that ILLEGAL?????? What would the EPA say about that? I don/t know yet but I am in the process of finding the right Point Of Contact and when I do, you can bet I'm going to ask!!!
You know I tried to be nice and not post anything about this PROBLEM VEHICLE, I called the GM Customer Service Line. Guess What? after the Lady on the phone found out it was a used truck and told me the 5yr/60,000 mile warranty was over. She proceeded to tell me IT's MY Problem. Oh and thanks for being a loyal GM Customer. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT......What a joke............................


Case # 8-4497589152 Received answer there is nothing that can be done besides the original warranty on my paint job issue. Is this my only option to get any help with this issue. Can i get the district manager"s name and number for courtesy vermillion in abbeville louisiana?




I have owned 4 GMC pick-ups all bought @ James Wood motors in Decatur, TX. Never have I ever had any problems with any of these trucks until I bought a 2014 Sierra 1500. I had a scheduled oil change and the dealership let me know about 2 recalls they needed to fix while I was there. I agreed. After a couple of hours of waiting the service adviser contacted me and asked if I had experienced any battery problems such as it turning over slow. I responded no, why? He said they had my truck ready and running. I drove 25 miles home and parked and went in my house . I had to make a couple of errand runs so I went to start the truck and it would not turn over. Dead battery. I hooked up a charger to the battery and called my service adviser and told him I was coming back for a new battery and to get me in and out with no wait. I also said I was not going to pay for a new battery since it was fine when I first came in for service. The service manager, Nick Huff, directed the adviser to charge me the full price of the $250.00 battery. I did not expect that. I made some complaints to Nick over the phone and he told me the battery was expendable. The dealership offered me 2 free oil change vouchers totaling about $120.00. I took the vouchers but I felt like the dealer should have shouldered the full cost of the battery. I will be buying another truck in the future. I just don't know if it will be a GM product. Make it right. Sincerely, Robert Oujesky


I had my 2018 Buick Encore that I purchased a month ago towed to the closest dealership. My vehicle had an electrical burning smell that I noticed while driving and all of my service lights flashed on for a few seconds as I was driving. They found nothing wrong. They had the vehicle 2 days and did not offer a rental. They did not call me to tell me it was done I had to call. My vehicle had dirt on the floor, smudge prints on the door and 2 small scratches on the driver mirror. They said that could have happened anywhere, well it didn't because I had not gone anywhere else but to work and no one can park next to me on either side. I asked about the floor they said when can you bring it in, I said Saturday, they said we aren't here Saturday. Very rude service, not very accommodating. The dealership is Blaise Alexander in Hazle Township Pa.


Brought lemon 2017 chevrolet malibu. Have so many issues with it since purchased. Gas pedal problems, losinv engine power, transimission failing change at times, electriical issues such as car want function properly such as lights,crank start turn on and off, ligts drive with,cd, screen, replaced burn wire few month ago for it burning, cant keep battery keep dying it be 3 battery,and shut off in middle traffic driving almost cause me get hit on interstate by semi truck its scary. Paying on car that got track record been in shop. I added rims interior assories, underbody lights trying please self with car an it still continue fail me after shop visit. Caught fire again so they want blame it on underbody lights now when it dint cause it the car just not good car its lemon. Bad deal i got at wes haney in live oak florida chevrolet dealership they got paid an dont care no more. Missing work ,stressed, blood pressure issures behind car. Making payment on faulty vehicle is not fair an GM not good help me nor product neither purchase buy back company . Displease wiith GM an im loyal customer brought serveral gm cars.


I love my truck. It’s a 2015 Silverado HD 2500 ltz duramax. I work 1100 kliks away in Fort McMurray I work 20 on and 10 off and I need my truck to get from site to site. In mar this yr I was traveling to work when it shut me down. Had to get it towed to athabasca for a egt sensor. 2 days in a hotel and 2 days lost wages. Get to work,8 days later engine light comes on,def temperature sensor. Back to hunter chev in athabasca (another day of lost wages and another hotel)because summit chev in Fort McMurray can’t even look at it for 2 wks which is highly unexceptable. Now in July I’m up here and engine light comes on, I get onstar to do a diagnostics and it’s P21DD which is def heater which I really need in the summer. Phone summit chev in Fort McMurray and can’t get in for 2wks just to look at it. I’m just waiting for it to go into limp mode and then I’m screwed. Then I have to rent a vehicle on my dime. If dealers can’t get customers that are stranded away from home in at a reasonable time then maybe GM should have a list of places that dedicated customers shouldn’t take your product. I know it’s abrupt but the frustration is setting in. It’s bad when you buy a brand new truck and you’re wondering,not if but when it’s going to leave you stranded again. If I would of known about the crappy emmisions I would of walked away from this duramax. Thanks


I purchased a brand new demo chevy malibu from don mccue chevrolet in st charles illinois back on march 8th. There were cigerette burns on the passenger seat that they promised would be fixed to my satisfaction. Car was sent out to be repaired but was not. Only one burn whole was repaired and the seat material doesnt match the rest of the seat. Long story they have had the car in 4 times to have it fixed and twice reupolstered and there is still a mismatch of material on the front seat. Last correspondance with them was june 27th when they assured me new materail was ordered and as of july 17th i have not heard from don mccue. Im sure they have no intention on fixing what a salesperson destroyed. I onlynasked to have the seat reupolstered like they promised at the time i purchased the car.


I've owed Chevy since I could afford one. Now, my 7th and what I imagined my last, own a 2015 Silverado 3500 4x4 diesel ltz... loaded. Was certified used and at a price I could afford. I bought the extended bumper to bumper warranty along with the factory 100k mile warranty that all GM products come with.
on a rush trip cross country (ca to illinois) my truck broke down as I was returning to ca.
2am in the New Mexico desert my "bypass cooling sensor" failed. I made it to Santa fe Chevy and Joe in service, great guy, took care of it but it took 3 1/2 days to fix. They rented me a truck to return to California and gm was to ship my truck when it was fixed (customer reuniting program )........ BUT DIDN'T !!
I had to rent a truck for 3 weeks until my truck was returned and yes I called several times and emailed several gm departments.
Now, 3 months have passed and GM still refuses to reimburse me for the rental....
All the repairs were covered under factory warranty and all expenses I encured because of this should be covered.
I'm a Chevy guy and now I have to take gm to court... why? Just take care of your customers!
Chevy Santa Fe New Mexico, great people...
Simpson gmc Buena Park ca. Great people....
GM customer care... won't help this customer on a mistake they did.


Dear GM,
Having a hard time buying a new truck. I recently contacted Hudiburg Chevrolet in Midwest City Oklahoma about buying a new Chevrolet Colorado Z71 and spoke with a sales rep by the name of Sherry McCoy .
I was quoted a price $33,700, that was on Friday February 9th, I explained that I had a meeting with a insurance company for a settlement on Monday February 12th and would call them after the meeting and setup an appointment to come in and sign the agreement.
I called Monday as I said I would, Miss McCoy was supposed to be with a customer and she would call me back in 20 minutes. Well 3 calls and 10 hours later still no call. The last call I made was to a sales manager,
well he was busy and going to call me back. That hasn't happened either.
From 2001-2016 I have purchased 5 new gm vehicles. This was going to be the 6th one. I am still in need of another one. And prefer a gm product but if this is the treatment that a loyal gm customer receives than I may have to switch brands. Please feel free to email me back or call (405)712-0403 . Although from this experience I doubt I will be receiving a call back.
Thank you,
Shawn Brock
(One disappointed customer)

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