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OnStar, found at www.onstar.com is a subsidiary of General Motors and provides technology based communication for passengers with/in a vehicle. Services include but are not limited to security, remote diagnosis, GPS and stolen car tracking. As a GM subsidiary, revenue and employee figures are limited.

If you have problems with your OnStar subscription you may call 1-866-466-7827 or look at this page for multiple Onstar numbers and email addresses to contact. If you would like to contact the President by postal mail you may address you correspondence to Mary Chan, President/OnStar, 400 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48265. The corporate office phone number is 248-588-6050.

OnStar was formed in 1995 and was a joint venture of General Motors, Electronics Systems and Hughes Electric Corporation. The main carrier for services in the United States is Verizon Wireless and in Canada is Bell  Mobility. For social media presence and support check out OnStar pages at Facebook, Twitter and the over 4,000 Google+ subscribers. Their slogan is: Fast. Powerful. Reliable.

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James with onstar wouldn't locate Suburban vin 1GNSKHKCXKR113341 owned by Carco Carriage for the VanBuren Police Dept.
He wouldn't help me, even though, I've worked with ONSTAR many times unlocking cars and locating cars. I've worked for this company for 18 years and have always been treated fairly. I appreciate all the other reps I've dealt with in past. James said he was about to leave.


For at least the last six months I have made MANY complaints to OnStar operators and supervisors via my car OnStar. I really like it for 2 1/2 yrs and encouraged members of my family and others to subscribe. But the service I gave been getting lately has been more of a hindrance than help.
If I want to call one of my numbers that I have stored the computer generated voice will ask if I want my own number, will ring any random number in my stored numbers and names,,i..e...if I ask to call Jim it will give me my sister Gail....etc. If I try to call a number not in my stored list, I can't even finish giving the number before it will tell me that isn't a working number. So, one of your representatives will told me to use "digit dialing", which I did try, but that never works right either. That is a long process when you are driving alone at night. Especially to have it not work.
I should add that I am a 76 year old woman who still drives 100+ miles to my doctor. I still love to drive and am still am good at it. However, I do have health problems, which is the main reason I continue to pay for OnStar. But I am essentially throwing my money away at this point. Since I do have a very rare type of aneurysm you can understand my need to be able to use my OnStar. i.e. I was driving by myself and tried to call my daughter. This was on July 19, 2018. To this day (July 23) I still have not been allowed to talk to her via my "hands-free telephone". This is only one example. Your Navigation System has sent me to a road that doesn't exist, to a small gravel toad that came to a dead at a locked farm gate with a huge barn and only a cow pasture on the other side of the gate. When I notified the attendant the proceeded to correct it by telling us to MAKE A U-TURN in this small dirt road (which we did) and return on this same road...returning us to same locked gate and barn. At this point I realized I was as stupid as your computer generated voice. So to find our way out of there, we stopped a man going to said barn and asked him how to get back to civilization. We also tried to get directions to my aunt's house in Marietta, Georgia. No locked gates...no cow pastures, or barns here. Only Interstate I-75...US Highway 421, Georgia 20....or 120, and several hundred highways headed to or away from ATLANTA. For the directions I ask for here I even told the operator/representative that I was on US Highway421....they couldn't direct me to 1995 Addison Road in Marietta by letting me continue driving on US 421, which I knew would send us to above Marietta address. Traffic was SEVERLY back up on I-75 North and South, and since I had lived in this town, I was positive US 421 would take us to where we wanted to go. However, they were trying to send us on 411 (don't know if it was state or US highway) and Georgia 20. So I got your idiotic operators off, and figured the route myself.
Now as I mentioned I have health problems, one of them being hypertension (high blood pressure) that gets to dangerous levels fast. So it is for my health/safety that I don't get aggrevated, which is all I get from OnStar lately. If I knew of another that offered the same kind of service I would transfer in ten minutes.
My OnStar bill is deducted from my credit card, so I am sure you get your money. Now, you can be sure I am not getting the service I pay for.
BTW....the spill on the recording y'all insist on playing every time I touch my blue, OnStar Navigation button, tells me that in case of EMERGENCY and I can't get to my cell phone, Y'ALL will be johnny on the spot and locate me and send help. Now I ask you how that is possible....IF you can't even find as big a thing as a four/six lane highway....how in the hell are you going to get help for me??? BTW...how much do you know of aneurysm...especially one so rare there is no doctor for it in SE United States.
And the recording when you push the Blue Navigation button warns me every time I ask for directions that the conversations are being recorded. Who exactly do you think you are fooling? I hope they are. It will be all the proof I need
I have instructed my daughter to file a lawsuit against your company IF my cause of death inside my car, or away from it temporarily, is from ruptured Aneurysm.
PLEASE fix these problems.


I had just purchased a 2017 Buick Envision last Tuesday, April 16. I was driving home from a friend's house this evening, Friday April 20, and noticed the glow of an orange light on the steering wheel and felt the wheel being heated. I did not know how that got turned on, and was concerned that something was wrong. I had not had a chance to read through the owners manual nor recall being shown the heated steering wheel control when I bought the vehicle. I called OnStar and the call was answered by someone who's English was so poor I could hardly understand him. He said Onstar couldn't help with that and that, and I asked if there were a GM technician who could help me. He put me on hold for a while and then the call ended.

I then called back again and explained to another OnStar rep about what had just happened and she tried to be of assistance and explained that the technical support was closed at this hour. She did try to tell me where the control was but there was no lit indicator near the air conditioning controls as she had offered. She apologized for not being able to help further and didn't seem to know about the orange light indicating the wheel was being heated. Fortunately I arrived home and turned the car off and then on again and the light was off.

I found the information in the owners manual, but it is too late at night to actually check the vehicle to locate the control which is on the steering wheel.

As my first call to OnStar in this new vehicle I must say I am disappointed with this service and will certainly not renew beyond the minimum free services after the three month trial period.


I purchased a 2018 equinox on 4-1-18, as of today 4-20-18 this vehicle has not been connected to Onstar. I’ve called at least 7 times about this, and always get the same answer. There’s an error trying to connect, advisor transferred me to tech support many times and still not connected. Case has been escalated. Still no connection. But my 4G LTE wifi works, which needs to go through onstar. Please explain that to me


main complaint is changing price. we were told we had a price of $17 a month. not so the doubled the price Direction aRE NOT ALWAYS GOOD. WE WERE IN KY AND ASKED FOR DIRECTION TO Certain address. turned out we were not even in the right area. some operators are hard to understand. If the subjectcomes up I will tell people how poor sdervive is . Very poor customerservice......


Holy Cow! I have never been so frustrated with an issue in my life. My wife has an on star account on a personal vehicle we have. I just purchased a new buick through my business. For some reason that I fail to understand, on star now will not let me set up an account for this new buick. In addition, it somehow cancelled the account for my wife and our personal vehicle. I just spent over an hour on the phone with an advisor to no avail. Apparently, my problem is being "escalated" and it will take 5 days for this "escalated" problem to be resolved. In addition, my wife has been on the phone for about 30 minutes trying to get her account reinstated. This is obviously incredibly frustrating and makes me wonder whether I should continue your service. I would really like some explanation.


When I called on 10/27/17 to purchase your unlimited data plan w/90 days of free Pandora, I asked if I would be charged, if there was anything hidden or if the Pandora would simply expire at the end of the 90 days. I was told there was nothing hidden and the Pandora would expire at the end of 90 days. When I went to activate it today, it wants my credit card info so when I don't cancel at the end of 90 days, it can charge me, but I can cancel at anytime. This isn't what I was told. I called OnStar today and spoke to someone who after being on hold for 20 minutes transferred me to Pandora customer service voicemail. I called OnStar back and got transferred to set up Wifi who obviously couldn't help me. Needless to say, I am not happy that I was misinformed on 10/27, that I was transferred around to a voicemail and to set up Wifi (which I already purchased) because the employees didn't know what they were doing and wasted 30 minutes doing all that. The Wifi guy told me I would have to go through Pandora about this since they are providing the trial service. I disagree since OnStar is promoting this service in conjunction w/buying their data plan. I refuse to give Pandora any financial info & would like a resolution. I would also like for someone who has authority and knows what they are doing to address this issue. Not a random employee that can't help me. Thanks for your help.


OnStar, more like OnShit.... This company wants nothing but to steal your money. I called Onstar in my car that my Dad signed on the lease with me a few years ago. I gave them the account number and the pin. I wanted WiFi for a road trip so I could use the GPS on my phone at all times. They let me purchase a wifi plan and an emergency Onstar plan. I used my debit card and gave them all of my information. A few months later, I wanted to cancel it (I only needed it for the road trip). I called gave them the pin number that I had created and gave them all of the information. I told them that I wanted to cancel the WiFi and they said that I couldn't cancel it because the account was not under my name. I go on to tell them that the money is being taken from my debit card, I was the one that called and purchased the WiFi, it is under my name, and they continued to tell me that they couldn't cancel it because the account was not mine. I told them that it was absurd that they can continue to take money out of my account but I am unable to stop the payments and they just repeated themselves and were rude about the whole thing. They said that I shouldn't have been able to purchase WiFi in the first place and that was there mistake (that they were unwilling to fix because all they want is my money.) It's insane that they are taking money from a debit card that has MY NAME on it but I am unable to cancel the payment. I had to have my dad call (who lives in another state and works 3 jobs) take time out of his day to, go through the whole, 30 minute bullshit conversation of "don't cancel, we're a great company" shpeel to cancel something that he had NOTHING to do with.


I purchased a 2017 Buick Enclave about 6 months ago and when I purchased the vehicle, I was informed about the "my Buick" app and the benefits that came with it. While at the dealership, the app didn't work. The sales person stated that it might take some time; he said drive it home and once you get home, push the blue button and OnStar can assist you with the issue. Well I contacted them back then and they said they will call me within 5 days to resolve the issue. It has been six months and the issue is still NOT resolved. Every time I call OnStar, I am told the same thing; "they have to escalate the issue and their IT department will contact me with in 24 hours" and I NEVER hear back from ANYONE. I don't know what else to do!


After purchasing a new GMC, I contacted OnStar regarding the key fob app and was led to believe that I would only have access to this feature if I purchased an OnStar service. The customer service rep proceeded to direct me to "the minimum package to include that feature" at 19.99/month. Several months later, my husband purchased a GMC vehicle and realized that in fact OnStar's Basic package is standard on all vehicles for 5 years and this includes the Key Fob feature I desired.

I contacted OnStar to cancel my paid membership. I was then offered a discounted monthly price of 14.99. So not only was I paying for a free service but I was over paying? I then went on OnStar to research the possibility of a refund where I read that cancellations should come with refund of any charges accrued in the previous 30 days!

I was never offered this refund during cancellation! Honestly, I was considering re-subscribing to OnStar safety features after my current Roadside assistance program expired. However, I now feel that OnStar was shady in acquiring my monthly membership, at an inflated rate and would not consider OnStar services at all.


Called to get doors unlocked. Talked to at least 4 people at OnStar support and put on hold a number of times and none could get it opened. Also could not get a document to download on my phone. And no one could help with that either. Would not recommend this...


I have the family link package. I have received text messages up until a week ago telling me where my vehicle was located at different times of the day. All of a sudden I stopped receiving the text messages. After 3 days of talking to several people at Onstar family link, they cannot resolve my problem. I have never in my 40 years of working with companies found this much incompetence. They apparently do not know how to fix my problem. And to think this is a GM offered product.


Using onstar for navigation from California to Utah, asked for gas stations on route, took us off the I15 to the I215 which was out of the way. And then we had to call back for further directions. It is on a trial period as the truck is new 2016 Chevy Colorado. Is there any way to put a Garmin as we used the Garmin 2699 and it gave better directions as well as gas station on I15.


Why does OnStar have no record of my new 2016 Chevy Silverado when the Chevy Dealer and I transfer the account from my 2011 Chevy Silverado? I attempted to make an urgent cal to OnStar customer support from my truck this morning and was denied service. Why is the management at corporate headquarters charging my credit card and not providing the service? What happen with the free OnStar service when you purchase a new General Motors product? This appears to be a scam. Former vehicle: 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab. The is VIN number is 1GCRKSE39BZ399635. I am also forwarding this complaint to the BBB and the State of Michigan Consumers Affairs. I want to cancel the service and obtain a refund for the year. No service no pay.


I had a tire blow out on 94 east, I called onstar informed the agent the nature of my emergency, When asked how many was in the suburban I told her six, but when the tow truck arrived the driver informed me that he could only let one person ride in the tow truck, the truck he had was only equipped for one passenger and the onstar operator who contacted them told his boss that it was one person in the vehicle. He then called his boss and informed of the situation, and then he said that his boss called onstar out and onstar had them to send another truck out. After onstar had given the second driver the wrong location the second driver finally made it to where we were after the driver's dispatcher called and got the correct location of where we were.

Now we were all under the impression that my grandchildren were to be brought to the same location where I was going to for to get a tire on my vehicle. Well that didn't happen and the national tire battery where the onstar adviser had the tow truck to take me to informed me that I had to make a purchase of the minimum of three tires, he refuse to sell me one tire which was all I needed. At the same time I'm trying to find out where my grandchildren were. After finding out where my grandchildren were and calling onstar for them to have my grandchildren brought to where I was located, the people at onstar lied, gave me the run around to different department and then their concierge department informing me that they could call a taxi to pick up my grandchildren but I would have to pay out of pocket for the taxi, why should I pay for a taxi when it was their fault that my grandchildren where they were.

Then they had the audacity to lie and say that my grandchildren were in police custody for abandonment, which was a lie while the advisor was saying that and her coworker or supervisor was in the background telling her what to say and laughing, I don't think they knew that I could hear them. I informed the young lady that I could hear them, that I didn't think that any of it was funny, also for her to put her supervisor or coworker on the phone who was telling her what to say, the young lady stated that she was a supervisor and claimed she had spoken to the police and they stated that they had my grandchildren, when I informed her that my grandchildren where on the phone with my daughter as we spoke and why would she want to tell me such a lie, she then turned and said she hadn't spoke with anyone and that she had read it in the notes.

I informed her of what she had just said and she tried telling me that I heard wrong, the place they dropped my grandchildren at told them that would have to leave no loitering and they saw the tow truck driver when he dropped them off. I ended up getting a taxi on my own and paying for it. I ended up paying for my car to be towed from the tire place to the mall parking lot, and then from the mall parking lot to Ernie's garage I called onstar for them to pay for the towing and they did. The young lady whom I spoke with did it with no problem and couldn't understand why things turned out like they did the previous night , I ended up paying for an Hotel but I was able to get my car fixed that morning.


I checked my credit card bill and my phone service and protection account with onstar had jumped up from $26.00 per month to over $50 and now over $70. I called onstar and wanted to know what the problem was, she said I signed up for 700 phone minutes, which I never knew. I always buy additional minutes, but not to raise it to so many a month. The customer service agent said she could not tell how it happened. The current $70 bill is pending and she should have stopped it right away instead she is doing it for June, no offer to me for a refund. I am a retiree on a very fixed income and this is crazy. No customer service whatsoever.


I have a 2015 chevy sonic and renewed my onstar, the problem is the car don't stay connected and always has to be reset. I have called several times and all ways told they will get back to me after I talk with several other people. They never offer to make good on the time it don't work and I believe they steal money and don't provide a service. This service is for safety and you can't use it?


Repeated messages to OnStar have not been responded to. An E-mail notice from OnStar stated that my service plan on my 2016 Chevrolet Equinox expires 5/9/16 and that I enrolled in OnStar Continuous Coverage Program. I did not enroll in this program. I requested that my OnStar trial offer be cancelled effective 5/9/16. I have an active OnStar service for my 2013 Chevrolet Silverado crew cab diesel, account # 140163730. I am considering cancelling this Service if I don't hear from OnStar regarding my request to cancel this Service Plan on the 2016 Chevrolet Equinox effective 5/9/16 and then file a complaint against OnStar for this terrible experience.


Well, On-Star did it again. Twice in the past, On-Star gave me erroneous directions even though I had checked with their advisers along the way. Returning from Florida to Wisconsin a few years ago I received incorrect directions which resulted in 3 extra hours of driving and reaching my next way point well into the night. I wrote a nasty letter after that experience and did not renew my membership. Now, because I am going to Arizona for a new place of residence I decided to try On-Star once again. Thank God I signed up for the free 3 month trial period because I will certainly dump it after that. At times the service can be very good and at other times it can be just plain rotten.

Last Tuesday, I was traveling south of Albuquerque on I-25 and decided to spend the night in Las Cruces and take I-10 in the morning to Tucson. I requested help to locate a Best Western Motel and had the On-Star rep confirm the location in Las Cruces. Prior to reaching Las Cruces, On-Star took me off I-25 and put me on Highway 26. After traveling this route for a way I called On-Star again and said that I was confused. I was picking up more miles than what I had earlier and adding more time to when I would be arriving at the motel. The rep checked my route and said.....I was traveling in the wrong direction. The only choice that was made available to me was to return to I-25 and go South from there. This added approximately 30 miles to my trip and the additional time to get there.

I am in Tucson now and am looking at the New Mexico map. Had i continued on Highway 26 it would have taken me to Deming. That would have been a real mistake. It's 58 miles between Deming and Las Cruces. And, the misguided trip down Highway 26 would have cost an additional 38 miles.

What a joke. It's really sad that this type of service exists.


We were leaving the resort in Orlando heading to the airport to fly home to Halifax, N.S. I was driving a rented Cadillac from Alamo that I had paid extra to upgraded just to get your service for directions. On Dec.29 2015 around 3:00am I called for directions to the Orlando airport from Tuscana Resorts. I was given directions. I even called back seconds later just to be sure. I even gave them the airport code.

Onstar customer services sent us to the wrong airport. We found out it was the wrong airport after taking the rental back. It cost me $100 for a cab to rush us to the correct airport. We still missed our flight and were stranded in Philadelphia for 2 days. Great end to a family vacation. I am very upset about this and feel and feel we should be compensated in some way.


I was billed dec 3rd for 3gb because I upgraded my service. As soon as I upgraded OnStar turned around and charged me 15.40 for 1gb service. I then on Dec 3rd cancelled my service and was told that I would receive a refund. I call back on the 15th since I had not received my refund. Come to find out it was not processed. Desiree researched it and had to verify that I had not used any of the data in order to forward my refund request up. It was verified and I was given a confirmation number and was told someone would contact me.

I then called OnStar customer service today 12/23/15 since I still have as yet to receive my refund. Kim tells me that I used 617 of data. How can I use a service that was cancelled the same day it was ordered and I disabled my wifi so that my phone does not connect? The fact that you took 30 dollars from me and I did not even use 3GB and refuse to refund even a part of my money for services it unbelievable. OnStar is the worst service to have and I will never use the service again as well and let people know not to buy any OnStar packages because they rob you. All I asked was for a refund that I was told I would receive that I still have not received. Confirmation number is 1901017555


I cancelled my service over a year ago, and On-star charged my Credit Card which was cancelled as well and expired and I was told that I had to pay. I received no service from On-star and they still took money on an expired credit card. This is fraud. You call them and they give you the run around and state you have to call your credit card and yes the credit card should have never paid the charges but they did and ON-start should have never charged for a service I cancelled!


I tried to use Onstar twice in the last 3 years I have owned my car for directions-both times Onstar was no help at all. I cancelled my coverage (I thought) and have continued to be billed for services that are not helpful and not wanted. I will be seeking reimbursement for the money that has been stolen from me as far as I'm concerned. No more complaints to Onstar, I am just done. What a crappy service and a waste of money!


I am deaf, and have been trying, through emails, to get assistance for setting up account. Emails get automated response that says we (on star) will get back to you shortly. Four months and I am still waiting for contact.


May report mentioned a problem with my active account. Could not access account on line or by phoning customer service. Customer service only created more problems. OnStar does not have a complaint line and this is very frustrating for customers. How can I contact the company with my legitimate complaints?


Horrible customer service. False advertising on radio. Remote start on my vehicle did not work many times. One of the guys made up baloney on the radio ad, it certainly doesn't work like that. Manager said i was basically lying when I asked for a promotion i heard the day before nhis name is MIKE. Wow OnStar thanks for nothing!


I depend on ON Star when I drive and am glad for its protection. It is paid for every month on an automatic charge. So when I had a call not go through because I had no minutes left I was shocked. I am 89 years old and do not make more than a very few calls a month and those are very short. So maybe the phone was left on and the minutes ran out. I don’t know. I do know I need minutes restored but I am asked for a deposit when I am paid up to date. Who gets the order for more minutes, who can tell me how many minutes i get as an allowance per month.

Who can get me back on the protection I need to feel safe when I drive. I am an elected official and v.president of a local large group, I am in excellent health. I just need the protection as I drive alone to meetings. The phone is about six years old in the Saturn Ion I drive. The car is six years old.


This is in follow up to a phone call I made today regarding the issue with my daughter on October 4, 2011, in which she had been left by the road side service individual because she did not have a spare tire. (she has Onstar, through your dealership, which we purchased, following the purchase of this car in January 2010). I went to Cable Dahmer Chevrolet, following this incident and they told me that the service man was to have put on the spare or inflate the tire with the emergency inflater. The service man saw no spare and left my daughter.

My daughter called me crying, not knowing what to do. 30 minutes after the service man left Onstar called her back to see if everything was okay. AT that point she had called me and she told Onstar this. They offered her 30 minutes of hands free phone service for her car. She is 20 years old and 100 miles away from home, in college. I ended up going to get the tire taken care of myself. I then went into Cable Dahmer on October 4th to complain and was told they would make the complaint regarding this. He told me he would get back with me in a couple days.

I never heard from him so I returned to Cable Dahmer on the 6th and was told again that they were going to pursue the complaint. Here it is the 24th of October and I have never heard back from anyone, resulting in my phone call today and this email. We have paid for a service that we never received. And furthermore your company paid for a service that never delivered.


We have had our onstar road service since we bought the car in 2005 and now it is 2011. We have never used our road service until the weekend of memorial weekend when our car had died out at 1:15 in the morning. Our car had died out on Hwy 4 which their is no cars that come by and the place was pitch dark. I have my 3 kids in the car with 5 adult and we had called onstar road service to have them get a towing for us. First thing On Star road service coudn’t locate where we were at and the second thing is the towing will be here within 1 hr and 1/2 to 2 hr.

Mine me that I have my 3 kids in the car out in the dark and we where scared. We had also got disconnected with them and On Star didn’t call us back until 1 hour later. So we had to call the police to have them be out here with us and have them call the tow truck for us to tow our car. It was a long night and it was such a disspointment about onstar road service. This is just a ripe off of there advertisment. “Didn’t anyone see their commerial about a lady who car died and she had a baby with her and they were their right away” well in my case they were a disspointment to me.

Any the sad thing is they can’t even locate us. We had to used our internet on our phone to let them know where we are close to. On Star road service sucks…


Was billed $28.90 by OnStar and when I complained was told I was enrolled in continous billing. I said I did not recieve any notice of this and they said I was sent an email. Upon looking over there plans I decided to take their security package and paid a year in advance and was told I would also get my $28.90 back in 5 to 7 business days. To this day I have not recieved my refund and was almost instantly charged $198.96 for the year in advance payment. Seems they can collect instantly but will not refund very fast. My 7th. business day is up tomorrow I will be calling them for the 4th. time about this $28.90 charge they owe me.

They said that they would reemberse. Expecting the runaround from them but sure will cancel my credit card so I won’t be billed again for something I didn’t authorize.


My husband cancelled his account through OnStar because he didn’t want the service. He cancelled the OnStar account on April 4th. Well, instead of canceling his account, they billed me for it instead. Today they took out 75.21 from my checking account without warning. Now, because of this I have a hot check out!! When I called, they aplogized and stated that it was going to take five to seven business days to return the money!! Why do I have to wait for their mistake? Not to mention, I never had a joint OnStar account with my husband!!!!! It was always seperate!!!!


Onstar sent me a letter letting me know they are dumping all Onstar customers with analog devices. The solution is for me to buy a new 2006 or 2007 GM vehicle and sell my current car, value of which has fallen as a result of this announcement. Onstar knew that this transition will take place in the near future but they didn’t think it through and are not willing to make this transition for us more convinient. I’ve been with GM vehicles for 20 years. I was a loyal customer and they just lost me. When I contacted them about this issue Onstar and GM offered me $500.00 off a purchase of a new 2007 vehicle. Why would I buy another GM product after being treated this way by Onstar? This is unacceptable.

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