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Purchased a Garmin Forerunner 35 from Nebraska Furniture Mart - after 1 month had trouble with it charging - spent entire lunch hour for 4 days to get through to someone @ customer service - told me to take it back to NFM - it was past 30 days so they would not exchange it. Spent another week to finally get a hold of a rep that spent well over an hour trying to trouble shoot the problem - told me they would replace it. I have all my receipts from the purchase - original box, documented phone calls and e-mails letters to Garmin - they sent me a REFURBISHED one when I requested a refund or a new one. Cannot get anyone to address the issue. I paid almost $200 for something that lasted less than 1 month and received a "used" one it its place. I have a fit bit one that I have used for 4 years with no issues - NOT IMPRESSED with your customer service or how you handle defective items. My order # is 104046626 I have my orig. ticket # for the issue if you need it


Bought a 2595LMT on HSN. Updated maps about a week ago and now the traffic receiver won't work. was told by Garmin to update traffic software and used a link that was sent to me, but nothing changed. Still no traffic on my Garmin. This feature worked perfectly before I updated the maps and now that it does not, my only solution seems to be that I buy another ( for a 20% discount) or send it back and have it repaired, at my expense. Really?
This kind of service is not acceptable; I want a product that will last through more than one update.

I am insulted that you can't offer any other solution. Maybe it's the cable that has gone bad, although nobody even suggested it. The traffic is built into this model, but not for long, I see. Have to say, this just irritates me and I feel like I have been duped. Not very friendly or interested customer service reps. All they want to do is tell you your options, which are really really crummy. I can't be without the Garmin and their final solution was for me to buy another one and get a refund when they receive the unit for repair. Sorry, but this makes you all look so darn greedy and it makes the product look very very cheap. I am furious. What a ripoff this turned out to be!


2820 Street pilot. Lifetime map updates, went to update my maps and system software update, software loaded and killed my system. endless start up loop that does not allow the maps to load. Called customer service and this is a know issue, software will not update on this unit due to not being supported anymore. Older unit. So, Garmin knows that a map update, on a lifetime map updater, will kill your system and they are OK with the customer complaints.

All they will give you is a 20% discount on a new purchase. Why is it they provide lifetime map updates but an update will kill your system. I am looking to start a class action law suit against Garmin for false advertisement and not standing behind their product.


I recently had to update the maps firmware for two Garmin GPS devices. My largest complaint was how difficult it was to update both of these. There was quite a bit of work needed to hook them up, get them to read the device, and then download and sync the firmware updates. Without doing this regularly, the maps became out of date and really quite useless when driving to new places. I would recommend using another maps based application that stays up to date easier.


It's amazing that I got a Garmin's smart watch from my mother and it helps me a lot to concentrate on my speed during my swimming practice sessions. Out of my curiosity I just logged into Garmin's website and surprised that it is the largest manufacturer which designs, manufactures and markets GPS navigation, communication and sonar products. It has Pilot watches, tracking and mobile applications, activity trackers, map updates for automotive, sports & recreations, marine modules, aviation tools, sensors & boards, action cameras. If you want to track your activities or different locations, get the right support from only Garmin.

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