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PepBoys is named after its three founders Manny, Moe & Jack. It is a one stop service and tire automotive aftermarket chain. Apart from being a commercial auto parts dealer, It is also well known for its capabilities in vehicle maintenance and repair.

Pepboys was listed in Top 500 fastest growing companies in the US. Started in 1921, today the PepBoys has over 800 stores with approximately 7,500 service bays in 35 states. It is headquartered in Philadelphia.

If you have a PepBoys complaint, customer service can be reached via mail at or can be contacted by phone at 1-800-PEP-BOYS. Common problems usually relate to auto parts, tires and other related accessories. Apart from these they also offer full-service auto repairs and maintenance under the expertise of ASE certified technicians.

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I brought my car to your store in Bartlett Tn. Store # 6399 on December 5 2018 at 9am, because it was leaking oil or transmission oil. The front register clerk (Joseph Nelms) asked for my keys so he can bring the car into the shop. Joseph Nelms did a diagnosis on my car while I was still in the store. And from his diagnosis he told me that it was not motor oil, but transmission oil, and it appears to be coming from the upper or lower gaskets in the transmission oil pan. And if its the lower gasket it will cost me $144.00, but if it's the upper gasket it can cost up to $400.00. But once his mechanic shows up, he will have the mechanic look at the car. So I told Joseph ok, gave him my contact information, and called for my ride to pick me up. Joseph called me about 2 hours later, and told me his mechanic found out the leak was coming from the upper and lower gaskets in the transmission oil pan and they'll need to be replaced. Gave him the consent to precede with the work. I received another call from Joseph Nelms about an hour after the first call from him to inform me that transmission oil was leaking from the axle also and needed to be repaired, and that will cost $229. Gave him the consent to precede with the work. Around 5:45pm I was contacted to inform me my car was ready for pick up. The bill was $1025.22
16 Days later I returned my car back to the store#6399 to inform Joseph Nelms my car was still leaking oil. He was not their, so I voiced my concerns and complaints to the 2 customer representatives that were present at the time I arrived. D'Carlis Richardson and the mechanic that worked on my car 12/5/2018.While I was giving Mrs. Richardson all the information she need, the mechanic that worked on my car told me and I quote "I knew you were gonna come back, because I did not conduct any diagnosis on your car, I was just given the write up ticket to do the work".

Mrs. Richardson asked me to leave my car and she'll have the mechanic look at it. I could not do that, due to the facts, she had 2 or 3 cars ahead of me, I did not want the same mechanic working on my car, I did not have another vehicle to get me to work that day. Mrs. Richardson then ask me to bring it back Wedsenday morning 12/26/2018. I did so at 9:00am on Wednesday 12/26/2018 morning. Mr.Joseph Nelms and the mechanic that worked on my car was in shop that morning. I was able to voice my concerns, what the mechanic told me about him not conducting the diagnosis on my car with Mr. Nelms, but not the mechanic. He chose not to come from the work area and speak to me on what he said.
Mr.Nelms ask me and I qoute "Do you want your money back"? And I said yes I would.
Then Mr.Nelms said he has to submitted a complaint to cooprate and it will take 5 business days for my funds to be returned to me.

I have not recevied any calls or e-mails as of yet..
cell number -773-885-6307 / 773-885-2409


I Own a 1999 GMC Yukon Denali. A Motor Is Being Installed. I keep being told everyday that the Next Day I Would Have It But when they day come I'm Given Another Day. Manuel A Rep There Has No Tact, Good Customer Skills OR Anything. I Just Need A Definite Date As To When My Truck Will Be Fixed. They've Been Putting My Motor In Now For 2 Weeks Now


I been the 12 times for an alignment and soon as I leave.the vehicle pulls to the right.they forgot to tighten the lower control arm..I bring it back they aligned it again same results..I asked what is the problems..they say there is none.its same to drive after I did a inspection.the upper control arm was rubbing against the steering column shaft making it I could of killed someone or got killed.i spent on50 hours there and after I find the problems.they give me a refund.that the will not work on it again..25 year mechanical engineer said there is no problems.its safe..


I made a appointment for Monday Dec. 17th at 9:00., I told Jim Kuhlman what my car was doing and even had it checked out at Auto Zone which showed it was either spark plugs or the plug wires. He said they would diagnose the problem and call me. Three hours later no call so I called them and ask what was wrong with my car. He said they didn't know yet. They would call. Another three hours went by no call. I called again and was told still not sure and I had a few words to say to him. I was furious, how can you have, a car six hours and not know what was wrong with it.
He said it would be ready at six. I called at six and he said they were putting it back together, so I got a ride. Everyone was gone and a lady gave me back my key. They had replaced three spark plugs. I started the car and knew right away it wasn't fixed. I didn't get out of the driveway before the engine light came on. It wasn't fixed. They knew it. I didn't pay the 541.72. It was reversed. They lied to me all day for nine hours. I got it fixed today by someone else who had it ready in less than two hours. It was the spark plug wires. I paid $350.00. This has happened to two friends I recommended also. I done with Pep Boys.


My son dropped his car off for tire and brake change and was quoted a price that was little too high so I called to speak to someone about it ,why call you may ask? My son has functioning Autism so we're trying to let him do things on his own .But back to the point, the employees of Pep Boys needs to learn how to treat customers with a little respect and not speak to them any way .I was in retail once and was told the customer is always right ,so Brian and Frank of Pep Boys on Scotland Road remember the customers are the ones why you have a job, and it would not hurt to be more courteous to customers . I read a couple of Reviews before trying pep boys and wanted to come to my own conclusions and i now know I will never use Pep Boys Again .Thank you and have a good day.


On MondayClovis Pep Boys and look at the what was suppose to be broken I informed them that the clip had come off the fuel pump and nothing was broken. They never even told me what or how the vehicle was getting fuel. The work to diagnose what was wrong was never done, and the relay to the fuel pump was never checked or replaced. So why would a certified mechanic say that the cam sensor needed to be replaced at $209.00 and would not fix the problem and even replacing the fuel pump at $500.00 would not fix the problem when the $20.00 fuel pump relay is what needed to be replaced. I would suggest that you fix the way business is done at this location or look forward to a lawsuit for committing Fraud in the Penal Code. Michael C. Mello 559-572-2506 or e-mail thank you for your wisdom and understanding of customer service. I hope that you defuse this issue, so the Bureau of Automotive does not have to get involved. This was charged on my Pep Boys Credit Card for tracking purposes.


I went to Pep Boys around 9a.m. (10/20/18) I asked if they would check my battery which I had bought from they about 4 years ago, The gentlemen was nice and got some one to do this right away. My battery registered really low and he said I needed a new one and it would take about 10-15 minutes. I waited about ten minutes walked to the restroom and it was locked. I asked another gentleman for a key, he left and came back saying both restrooms were out of order. I went back to the first gentlemen to asked how much longer it was going to be that I needed to use the restroom. He said about another 10 minutes and to try CVS. Them were locked also. I walked back to Pep Boys. Mr. Myran (mgr.) asked me can he help me I asked how much longer before I get the battery. He went in the garage, came back and said It will take another 20-30 minutes. I said the other guy said it would only take 10 and it has already been 20-30 and I really need to used the restroom and its locked. He said, "Thats no my problem" I said excuse me, he said it again and asked me if I had an appointment there were people ahead of me who did. I told him I wasn't told I that and that he was very rude. He got nasty. Then he said I am going to be nice and stop this guy (same guy who was helping me first) to do it. Is this the way your Managers run your business in front of your employees and customers? if so My family, friends won't be at your establishment again.


I went into Pep Boys for a mobile1 oil change. The ad indicated I would get an oil change, new oil filter and my tires rotate for the cost of the mobile 1 oil change. When I went in to pick up my car I ask if the tires had be rotated as the ad indicated. The service representative stated that my tires did not need rotated and it was not done. I told him I had paid for it and would never return for service again. My car manual indicates I should rotate buy tires every 5000 to 7500 miles and my car had over 7500 miles in the tires. The service representative did not offer to rotate the tires but just ignored my request. I have used Pep Boys for over 15 years but will never use them again.
I had the service done at the Rohnert Park Pep Boys.


They did not honor an appt I made to get new tires. When I arrived I was informed they couldn't do the work today after all. I am taking my business somewhere else.


I have been a customer with pep boys for years and I am not satisfied with the repair/ production that I received 7/06/2018 @ 7:09 P.M.
I first took my 2002 Avalon to pep boys on 5/05/2018 @ 1:20 P.M. and I was called to come and pick my car up @ 6:00 P.M. on the next day 5/06/2018 (Tracking ID # 0121 2177013) and I spent $1,185.11 for the services that I brought the car in for plus additional services that I gave Mr. Rakentine to fix on my car, I was very satisfied with the services because my engine light and VSC light never came back on.
A month later on 6/28/2018 @ 4:31 P.M. I left my car with Mr. Belcher and on 6/30/2018 he called me and said that he would replace the pressure sensor because it was on warranty but I would have to pay for the charcoal canister, I told Mr. Belcher that pep boys repaired my car on 5/5/2018 and the car been running great, why wasn't the canister identified then, this was on the 30th of June when he called me and gave me the report, I told him that the engine light and VSC light should have remained on during that repair service that cost me by surprise on 5/06/2018. I decline to have Mr. Belcher replace that canister because it was not fair to me that within a month the same problem comes back up, because of our conversation and Mr. Belcher disapproved my decision and never called me to inform me to pick up my car so around 7:10 P.M. 7/06/2018 my wife and I went to pick up the 2002 Avalon and on his signed service invoice tracking # 0121 2179108 we never discuss anything about the three General Comments at the bottom of the page.

While waiting for Mr. Belcher to give me my keys and sign the statement at the bottom of the sheet, a woman came in telling him that she paid them $1,000 dollars to repair her vehicle and it is in worst condition before she brought it to Pep Boys, she said that she needed her car to go to work and she wasn't leaving until her car was fixed properly ( her wheels making noise-steering hard to steer)I believe that the store close at 8 P.M. that night.

Since being serviced by Pep Boys no one have been under the hood of my car, the inspection of my car I noticed that the radiator that the mechanic replaced that the 5 1/2" plastic cable wire raceway box that's attached to the right side of the radiator both hold down points was broken and I found the washer and screw laying under the hood of the car on the battery side in the corner that is from that race way hold down box. I also noticed that one hold down bolt for the new installed radiator was broken on the left side and wasn't removed so that the hold down bracket for the radiator that was removed could be re-installed to prevent movement of the radiator.
Mr. Belcher was upset with me because I didn't allow his team to install the canister under my car because of his confidence in his employee judgement, that would have cost me more money for nothing. The only thing that was needed was to have the VSC/VSC Off and the Engine light to go off the instrument panel was to tighten the fuel cap until you hear three clicks and hook up your electric tune up sensor cable under the dash and reset the engine light until it goes off which also reset the VSC lights to go off.

Truly I am not satisfied with Pep Boys Services and I have three vehicles that Pep Boys work on for my family.

Mr. Rogers L. Cross


I went in for a oil change and tune up after 3 1/2 hour wait and banging which was very odd due to the work being done this was Saturday on Monday on my way to work I noticed the damage to my left rim the rim was banged so hard and noticeable explains the uncalled for banging please review your videos see for yourself and what will be my reimbursement 661479-6068


I'm very upset with service from Pep Boys located at: 1230 N. Military HWY

First I was given a price at the parts dept. and I picked the Rotors and Pads best for MY 2013 Toyota Tundra Crew cab V-8 7.5 4 X 4.
WAGNER OEX BRAKES AND ROTORS, With the help from the parts person.
When I got to the service Dept. Got a different price. The only good help was from the parts guys.

After I left I noticed that the service person used Wagner quick stop.
The entire day was "VERY UPSETTING" Other people had been there for 4 hours for simple work like a flat tire. One lady called IN A COMPLAINT . Another lady had been waiting for over four hours and then found out her car had been ready for 1.45 hours and no one called her. Several others came in with appointments from the day before and they had slipped other walk in in their spots. Then I saw the guy finish my truck and park it. No one at the counter notified me and just kept helping Walk Ins. I WALKED OUTSIDE TO COOL OFF AND WALKED DOWN THE SIDE WHERE THE BAY DOORS ARE.
The entire parking lot from the the first row of parking all the way up to the bays doors have trash, nuts, bolts and various items that can puncture your tires.
Just had $945 dollars Michelin tires put on Tuesday 3/5/2018.
I went in ans notified the Service people and nothing was done, Asked the parts department and still nothing done.
Very bad Management.
I cooled off and went back the next day and saw another Service Person, Looked like a service manager in white shirt. She was most helpful and pulled everything up on the computer. She apologized for the bad service and set me up appointment to have proper brakes put on.
Still the parking lot next to bay doors need to be cleaned up " BIG TIME " before I bring my truck back or I want a completed refund so I can carry my Truck to Charles Barker Toyota. I checked the driveway and nothing has been done. THEY DON'T CARE.
Sorry to have to send this but IT's BAD
Mike Sparrow 757-536-8152




Went to pep boys for an oil change
Got full synthetic with tire rotation
Kevin, who was performing services was done pretty quickly did not rotate tires, never got apology from a so called
Manager who's talking to coworkers but not taking care of the customer. Paid for it, no thank you nothing.. Bunch of sad people with no people's skills.. Will never go back. This is the Jupiter branch off of Indiantown rd. South Florida.. You guys are the worst I've seen


I recently went into pep boys in Destin Florida . I special ordered a tire due to damaging mine upon repair. The tire came in at 3:25, we took the rim and tire to get new one put on. We got there at 4:20. There was 2 guys in shop . We sit and waited for the tire to get put on about 45 minutes. So when they got my rim on the machine the worker was like it was his first day on the job. So after 45 minutes of trying to put tire on rim ,the other guy came over and tried putting the tire on rim and he failed. So the swapped machines after the other machine failed mounting the tire . So they tried for 20 minutes and still couldn't get it on. So one of them got mad and went in the office. So we set waiting and waiting then the manager came out and started to mount the tire. He tried for about 10 minutes and got mad and threw the breaker bar down on the concrete and stormed off. Then he was fussing and finally seen we was watching him and picked it up. He started again which he failed at mounting the tire. So here it is 6:30 then the original guy started again . Then he comes over and tells me he tore the tire. So at 645 I'm without a tire with truck on Jack's at the bank.. and now I still don't have nothing to put on my truck. Very poor service, very rude attitude, need better equipment for work being done at store, need more training. I will never shop at pep boys again. I own a construction company and have 20 service trucks which we use oep boys for all tires and worked done on them . But today ended my business with pep boys.


Brake job done at store #1056. Many problems during warranty period, and they were never resolved. Brought to store #1645 since I moved from area of first store. Brakes unsafe and the store manager is very rude, inept, and verbally abusive. On top of all this they requested I pay an additional $200.00 to replace parts that shouldn't have to be. Too many more issues with Pep Boys to list here in one single review.


Pepboys diagnostic was wrong. The car stopped again had to be towed back to pepboys again. The diagnostic said again computer head had to pay again to be fixed. They ordered the part took whole week than we called pepboys said come tow car didn't have tools to fix. towed to my dealership they fixed it was the crankshaft sensors. They fixed the car and it runs good. Was never the fuel pump or computer failure. Pepboys owe me for miss diagnosing. now know one seems to want to talk with me have made several attempts.


I purchased a new battery for my daughter's car on 03/18/16. I forgot to submit my 10% coupon the day of the transaction. I realized it on 03/21/16 and returned to the store for them to honor my coupon. I was told it had to be surrendered the day of and I would need to contact the Pep Boys Corporate Office for a confirmation number to have this honored. I really think it's a bunch of BS. After being sent to see 4 different associates, this is what I was told. I'm just asking that my coupon be honored, nothing more and nothing less.


I have a 2010 Chevy aveo purchased new with about 64,000 miles on it. My daughter drove it from my house to her apartment which is less than 10 miles. The car stalled once when she was at a stoplight. She called to tell us this and my husband told her to leave it alone and he would be over the next day to look at it. When he checked the engine he saw a gaping hole in the hose running from the engine to the radiator. The engine coolant had leaked out. We had the car towed to a nearby Pep Boys and they replaced the hose but the car would not start.

We were advised by Pep Boys to take it to a chevy dealership because the engine is part of the powertrain warranty. As an aside, the dealership we purchased the car at closed soon after we purchased the car so we had it towed to another dealership, Drivers Village. Initially, they said they would have to get an ok from Chevy to diagnosis and do the engine work. Today they said that the hose was not part of the powertrain warranty and therefore the engine work would not be covered under the power train warranty.

We were told by the tech at Pep Boys that the pressure in the engine must have gotten so great that it blew a hole in a big thick hose. Now Chevy is saying it won't cover anything and we have a car that will not run and still owe about $4000 on. The car had just had oil change and fluids topped off less than three weeks ago. We are going to place this information on all social media if we do not get a satisfactory resolution soon.


Took my car in for a brake job and AFTER I paid they took it back Into the shop without my knowledge and drive it off the lift and caused damage to my car. Since then, I have filed complaints with corporate, called, emailed, etc. And have gotten absolutely zero answers or calls from corporate. Seems they really don't give a crap about their customers.


I have been to Pep Boys several dozen times over the years for various auto parts and repair work on vehicles I owned. I picked Pep Boys because they seemed to be an established and trustworthy shop that had been around for awhile. Over the years I've realized that Pep Boys is just another large corporation that hires cheap labor. The mechanics seemed to not care about your car as much as how many cars they can repair quickly. I am not sure if Pep Boys corporate offices have a quota for the or something, that would make sense in the level of service I recieved. You car is something you shouldn't mess around with, going cheap can get you stranded by the side of the road in a hurry. I wish that companies cared about the customers needs and not the bottom line.

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