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When Samsung updated my phone last it changed my Oticon On app with android. It makes me redo my hearing aids sometimes three times a day and then sometimes it doesn't go through and says to reconnect. My hearing aid office told me if I would have an iphone I wouldn't have this problem. I can't afford a new phone and I like the apps that android had more than iphone's. I hope I can find some help somewhere as it is annoying to have to take the hearing aids out and then put them in when you are in public. Please give me an answer that will help.


I was given a $10.00 redeem code for an Amazon Purchase and I choose to use it to redeem a Google Play Money. When I went thru the process of redeeming the $10.00 it was taken by an app called "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" and download some game. I did not purchase this game, I immediately uninstalled the game. I would like my $10.00 credit back and hopefully this is not a virus I got from trying to redeem a google credit.
I have tried googling this Proxima and get no where??? - Please help me get my credit back - Thank You
You've made a purchase from PROXIMA BETA PTE.LIMITED on Google Play.
Order number: GPA.3397-3207-8869-67462
Order date: Jun 25, 2019 8:37:30 PM EDT
Item Price
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Pack 1 (PUBG MOBILE) $10.00
Tax: $0.00
Total: $10.00
Payment method: Google Play balance


I recently lost the ability to voice search as well as navigate by voice on my "Old" straight talk (android) phone,i tried all the support desks I could for about 3 days, got the "sting" shuffle when i tried to get Android support to talk to me, i AM a customer and, no doubt, i will soon have to replace this %*@ phone and *darnit* if I cant get support here ...... try Hong Kong ?


Opt out all ads third party included Bixby shut app off comes back on I bought the phone not your ads don't use dont like being tracked please remove ads from this phone


I'm being ddos and totally hacked by a android app developer ,there stealing moneies from my account(debtcard) using Google* to download services to get background access to passwords then all the data audio microphone camera etc ,there attacking my family with infrasounds which he us deploying from phone ,he uses clone network network overlay ,screen overlay,on his local network workstation he is using my family's IP address and Mac address to ddos the community to slander us.I've got many many logs and screen shots to forward if I don't get spoofed as he's controls all air signals in our area and stops all calls and texts unless its my family. He is using ic marketing banner to scam veteran defence out of pay outs using this ic marketing us stop this feen


Google Android has taken over one of my TV's. Screen reads"4K GB" "Updated Latest Version of Android TV." I can only click out of this screen with "Continue." Eventually I get a screen that has a "Device Info" screen and there is a "No Thanks" option to which my remote is not allowed to move. We have Dish and our Google is under Your software has taken over my TV. Please remove immediately! I do not want your service or anything to do with Google. Clyde Billington


This is the second android update where all my pictures except one was eliminated. The first update last year made a hundred copies of some of my pictures and deleted the others. You really need to check into your updates better so they don't interfere with data on my phone. I have the Galaxy S7 and love it but not when I lose my pictures EVERY time you have an ANDROID update. Today 2-27-19, Please have someone check into why this system update messes with pictures on the phone. Thank you.


My complaint is about Android "PHOTO" app. I have set the app permissions to local storage ONLY. I do not log into any cloud account except to see what data (my data) Google is storing. They should be storing NOTHING. I have a network firewall that logs all transfers into and out of my devices. Google PHOTO app uploaded data to Google at 4am in the morning. No one was using the phone at the time.

All on the wealthy people who are concerned about what "we" (collectively) are doing, can move to New Zealand NOW, instead of later (as planned). They can take all of their "Deep State" spooks with them so they have something to do, to make them feel more secure. I am sure Google will say that the app behavior is normal and incident to some action I took with my phone. The app permissions are explicit, and any incidental result, is just a sneaky way to evade them.


My keeps on saying google services has stopped and no data connection.


Hi we thought that the google phone might be goid for us but unfortunately it is ver easy to track and google is tracking our activities unless it stops i think that we are going to have to go on the hard way. There is three option avilable for you.
1.You turn off location tracking
2.We are going Sue google for leaking private information and belive me we have all the evidence against google.
3.We are going stop using google apps. There are a number of apps and search engine. Guess what but before that we are going to make sure that no one just fell into googles trap.


I am not one to post online but I have never been so let down while making a purchase. I am a huge Google/Android fan and will continue to be one after this story because I don't think it is a reflection of their product. Unfortunately I happen to be one of the few who was let down by ordering the phone.

I had been waiting on this phone since June, following all the early rumors and speculations almost daily. My current phone, a two-and-a-half-year-old Nexus 5, is on its last limb. The GPS, headphone jack, and vibration features no longer work along with other damages. The device itself has gone through several screen replacements but I can still use data and make calls. I was keeping this phone waiting month after month for the next Nexus device to release. In early September I started reading rumors about the Pixel and was excited about the "first" Google phone. Then the dollar rumors came out indicating it was not going to be cheap like the Nexus line.

I was torn between excitement of what features would be added to make this device so premium and disappointed because I am a recent college graduate on a tight budget. The Google Assistant blew me away with its AI capabilities. As someone who is trying to learn machine learning, I am very interested in the AI field. I was very excited and made my purchase on October 4th, the release day. If I could get both, a new phone and VR headset, the investment would be worth it! I was not the lucky few who was able to pre-order the Google Pixel Really Blue so I elected for the Quite Black.

Two weeks later my excitement ended seeing as my credit card was declined. I may have fat fingered my credit card information out of excitement but I put in a second purchase for the Quite Black, double checking my credit card information this time. The purchase went through but the order would not come through until late November. It was still mid-October at this time so I figured I would just have to be patient. At least I was getting the free VR headset!

The next week, on October 28, I received an email from Google saying they have put aside stock for those who made an initial purchase but faced issues in the order. I got $100 store credit for my troubles, was still getting a free VR headset, and the Really Blue was made available to me! The phone was expected to arrive the next week. Google really surprised me here and exceeded my expectations with customer support.

As the week dragged on, I checked my order status and saw that Fedex had a "delivered" status. I did not receive the phone and called Fedex and Google out of confusion. Fedex needed a week to investigate the issue. After waiting a week, they confirmed they do not know what happened to the package and that I would need to have the shipper, Google, put in a claim. Google recommended waiting another week before following through with the refund process just to make sure the package was not just delayed. I waited and still no phone.

I called Google again, reporting my issue, and the representative said that I would "most likely" be able to get the free VR headset but she would look into getting me a Blue Pixel as they are currently out of stock. After a week, I never really heard back from Google. I emailed for a status update and got no response. I called Google and they said I would get an email by the end of that week. When the end of the week arrived, I still did not hear anything. I called Google again and was finally told that I was still "eligible" for the VR headset but that I would most likely not receive one because it was only while supplies last and there was no stock left.

I am frustrated by the whole situation where I was told to wait week after week for nothing. As someone who keeps up with the newest technologies and was eager to get my hands of some of the industry leading products, I am disappointed. I can still just make the purchase today and move on but after going through so much and not being able to receive the VR headset, it may be better to wait until next year. Thank you Google for making such an awesome product and being able to sell so many but this is one potential customer that will be skipping this year. I will see what you have next fall.


I have just purchased a 950Xl android phone which will not let me download any google apps. The message I receive is device not supported and I cannot connect to number bluetooth devices. It just keeps saying cant pair.


They are trying to force you to use Google android messenger instead of pm on facebook. And ask for all your info. This is bull crap. I do not want anymore Google Spyware on my phone. Yet another attack on our freedom. I am considering making a complaint on what ever federal sight protects Internet freedom. Fishing and scamming is a crime.


When Android updates it makes changes that some people don't like. Example: it highlights certain words so that you can select to display that word as an emoticon. I find it aggravating. Why not offer a way to disable the feature instead of forcing users to live with it? Just is just one example. There are more issues but I don't have the time to address them all.


I relocated to a new country and use the new android phone with the original google account. It shows I cant download the APPs in that country. I need to create a new account to state I am in this country. Why is it impossible to use the same account in different countries? We are in a globalization era, are we? I love google a lot, but this point really waste me a lot of time to fix it. I bet there are many people like me. Please try to fix it in some way.


I had the beautiful moto x I loved that and was destroyed by marshmallow I give Motorola company the phone to fix they refused now you can pay for a new phone or you can take of this update.

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