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Gateway One Lending & Finance is headquartered in Anaheim, California. The company is a leader in the indirect auto finance marketplace. It has been in business for 30 years and has offices and dealers in 40 states. It is a certified loan servicing organization and is SSAE 16 compliant.

If you have a problem with your loan you can contact customer service by phone at 888-810-8740 or fax 714-844-4536. Gateway has also setup a dedicated complaints email address at and corporate offices located at 160 N. Riverview Drive Suite 100, Anaheim, CA 92808.

Common issues relate to lending and finance offers and online payments. Gateway One pulls and reviews a Dunn & Bradstreet business credit on all its dealers and a credit report on the owner of all Independent dealers, which if approved is able to fund loans for the dealership.

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Overnighted a check to pay off a car loan on 9/18. It was short so I sent the balance on 9/23. I have been trying to get information as to when the title would be mailed out to us. I've asked for the title dept. twice and was not connected either time. I have been on hold more than once for 15 minutes or longer. I've got nothing but the runaround from the people I have spoken to and no 2 stories match. I am very irritated and frustrated as to how you treat your customers. You got your checks and we deserve the title. Still waiting. I will pass on this information to others to let them know what they will be dealing with if they choose to do business with Gateway One.


I called for a payoff as of 10/01/2019 i was given the incorrect amount for a payoff. I have spent several hours on the phone with representatives who have been rude,hung up on me and the insurance company state farm. These calls have been monitored and recorded. We have received 4 different payout amounts. I called yesterday about the payoff and asked if late fees could be waived since i had never had any, the woman put me on hold and asked supervisor, she came back to the line and said yes they are waiving 3 payments, bringing the total payoff down to $3,975.94. State farm then called to get pay off since the car is totaled and you gave Terri from state farm a 10 day pay off at the wrong amount. State farm and i then called back and they had us on the phone for 2 1/2 hours and then said it was going to be a 15 day payoff at again the wrong amount because they said they see the request for the 3 late fees to be waived but has to go through on the account. I have called now again to make sure that the correct payoff is the $3975.94 in which i was quoted, and i keep getting transferred around and the representatives keep putting me on multiple holds and not giving me the info i need so i can pay the loan off. Keep in mind these calls are recorded and monitored and i will get a lawyer involved if i need to, to insure that you all are not wrongfully trying to take money from me or the insurance company. I want this matter handled accordingly so i can make the pay off. i was told on a recorded line multiple times that i would receive a call back in regards to this matter and nobody has called me. So unprofessional. I would like a supervisor to review the calls as well and see how unprofessional your customer service team is. Also the insurance company has totaled out my 2008 lexus es350 and needs to cut you all a check but can not do so with all the mistakes you have made to them and me.


Extremely poor service. Website not working now for me for 3 days. Phone at the beginning of the day is not being answered. Very poor.


Well....where to begin!!
Due to an accident, insurance paid off my son's truck! It has taken over a month to get the title of that truck released and sent to me. I made 3 phone calls to GWOL to verify they have the correct address...They did!! Yesterday I was told the title was sent to an address from 2 YEARS AGO!!! When I confronted them about this, they said there was nothing they could do!!!! Now I have to wait 2 more weeks for DMV to get the title in their system, pay them, and go get the title.

Customer service people at this company are just assholes!!!!


Customer service was rude to me and my family. I want everyone to know about this and will be using the website to tell everyone at the company. I will also be posting this on Facebook, Twitter, and other complaint websites. Here are the numbers I have called so far.

Gateway One Lending & Finance
160 N. Riverview Drive Suite 100
Anaheim, CA 92808

Funding (West Coast Operations)
160 N Riverview Drive, Suite 100
Anaheim, CA 92808

Funding (East Coast Operations)
13560 Morris Road, Suite 1250
Alpharetta, GA 30004


I have had my car for almost 3 years and had a great payment history. September of last year, I experienced financial hardship that caused me to become behind on my car payments. I attempted to have Gateway work with me (so I thought) they were working with me. So one Monday, I recieved a phone call from the lending company at my job at the time, which was at 11:00am, the message indicated that I had "until the close of business day" to talk to the customer service person.

At 12 noon, I get a phone call from the receptionist stating that my car was getting towed. I run out side and find out that the were already taking my car. So I did not have until close of business day as stated buy the message. When I called the company, they were arrogant, condescending and treated me as if I was a bad person. I took 3 days off of work to get my car back, and that whole experience was a nightmare. I managed to borrow money from a friend to get the car out, which was on a Friday of that week. I was told that my next payment was due in December.

Then 11 days later I was told that I was past due and recieved multiple phone calls about my account being past due, when I payed $1200 to get it out. I was then told I was eligible for an extension and had up to 3 times to use it in the event of an emergency. Fast forward to present, I am now unemployed, spoke to one individual in the loan servicing department that I was eligible, spoke to someone else who said I was not. Today I spoke to a supervisor who acted like he didn't care and said that although there was a miscommunication that there was nothing he can do about my situation, which I would say is an emergency, because I am currently not receiving any income. This whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth and because of our state law, when it comes to my rights, I am pretty much left powerless and I can either live on the street and have my car paid off or give it up.

My car loan only has 2 more years on it and they refuse to help me. I am ready to get a third party involved because I am wondering how many individuals have been a victim of their poor communication and their faulty customer service practices. Gateway One is more of a rotten apple under our so called Lemon Law. Please help!

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