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Credit Karma, founded by Ken Lin, helps you to feel confident about your finances by giving you the tools, the education and the opportunities you need to make real, meaningful progress for free. The first thing Credit Karma does is give you free access to your credit scores, reports and monitoring.

Once you know where you stand, they help you figure out your next move and make informed financial decisions. Credit Karma offers best credit cards from their partners, credit cards for limited credit, credit cards for poor credit, credit cards for good credit, personal loans and Auto insurance.

It also offers finacial tools such as Credit score simulator, Home affordability calculator, Debt repayment calculator, Simple loan calculator, and Amortization calculator. Credit Karma does not have a customer service phone number listed on their website. Upset customers should email for the fastest response.

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I am tired of going back and forth online telling support my account keeps saying deactivated. Your service is no good because you can't speak to a live person. Everyone doesn't use email all day.


I have been trying to download my Pdf! I filed with this company 2/17/19 and 3/01/2019 they claim to still see an error for download or printing pdf. I have got in contact with the "help center", where I am constantly ask the same questions and sent the same link for download several times over the past mouth. I have had several people including Detroit library try and help me download these files. However, the file continuously says, "0 kgigabytes no file available". The IRS wants me to identify myself. to receive refund back and I won't be able to do that without this paperwork. Credit Karma although I filed with is company are not helping me what so ever.


We have used your tax services since 2016 you have done an outstanding job until this year our original file date was !-26-19 we did not hear anything from credit karma until 2 -8-19 they said that our file had been rejected by the IRS that was 12 days later after trying to get an answers for the previous 10 days They told us that our AGI was not correct we have never even dealt with this issue you guys have always fixed all of that stuff you have all our previous 2 year files and the AGI number was supposed to be on the 2017 file line 37 so they threw it on me to fix .I do not know anything about tax files which is why we gave them to you to do I looked into my down loaded files 2016 and 2017 and line 37 is blank.We tried over and over to reach you and we do not get any response .i know this is a busy time for you guys ,but it has been 20 days and we still do not know anything we really need our refund to pay some overdue bills please see if you can do anything to remedy this situation you guys are way too good for this type of treatment to your members at the very least communicate with us that trust and believe in your org. Thank you


We Reynaldo and Rosa Munoz submitted our 2018 taxes on 1-28 -19 we kept reaching out to them to see if the IRS had accepted our forms on feb 8th they told us that there was a problem with our AGI number which they handled for the past 3 years I did not even know where to look for it so I looked in the 2017 files line 37 and it was blank to make a long story short we fixed it and they gave us the thumbs up Now 17 days later we still do not know what is going on accepted not accepted by the IRS ? we really need to know what the hell is going on .They do not have a phone number so it is useless we reach out to their tax help dept.and we get nothing back please try to contact them because my only other remedy would be a legal investigation


We first filed on 1-28 -19 then on 2-8 -19 we received a message that our file was rejected by the IRS 10 days later for something that credit karma had taken care of for 2 previous years now we are 6 days later 14th and we still do not know what is going on accepted; denied we really need to know We do not know what the hell we should or could do .I have been with you guys for several years and never have i been so mad and let down,disappointed as we are now 16 days later do something for your costumers


My social security number was stolen, tried to go on credit karma to look at my score, and see if i could find anything purchased. the person whom stole my information, had set up a page under my name and social, could not access my information due to this, i would like some one to give me a call at 901-326-7557, to get this handled. i am totally upset that your system can allow a thief to set up a page on my social. this is urgent i need this fixed as soon as possible. i will be waiting to speak to you since a phone number is not available...go figure.. maybe your company was where this theft occurred.

waiting for a call.....
John White, jr.


took credit karma advise to use optima tax and was a terrible experience, lied about my tax status -i am in uncollectabie file -tried to immediately get me to make a payment for there fee 10.000 dollars -i could have done this for free myself and applied the money to my tax burden--payment was eight hundred a month-they tried to debit 1100. told them to stop, i wanted a refund over four months and had to call them and ask again --extremley poor service terrible company for u to recommend to your users considering company other than ck to use very un satisifed


I keep trying to contact a live person at credit karma to resolve some billing issues, but there is no phone number anywhere to be found. Shouldn't companies be required to staff live people to answers phones, or is this another part of being a technology company.


Credit karma gives out my information to people that have no business asking about it. It happened numerous times. I want to know if my info is given out. I should be notified or asked if this is me asking for it, or if I want my info given out. There is no way to stop these jerks from accessing my info. There is no way to remove or block access to my info. This is a potential for id theft and I just wanted potential consumers to understand what karma is all about it.


I have made a transaction selecting Credit Karma, but due to some technical issue it is reflecting credit card on their system. Regarding this, I raised a complaint request on 5th April and asking them to get this rectified by 10th of April as 10th April being my credit card bill generation date. Waited till 8th April and not action was taken and even when i called to 8th April and spoke to supervisor they did not respond well and told that least they can do is they will forward it to their backend team but can not comment on the response. This is totally unacceptable.


Checked credit karma website today and I have Comcast on my credit report which does not belong there i have never had Comcast or bought any of their services it was in my fathers name they got it mixed up saying i owe them $163ish dollars from collections. This a very costly mistake and at the risk of my credit begin ruined they have the wrong person. Yes i did live with him at the same address we have the same names only difference is last name.

So the billing department obviously make a grave mistake and they didn't even care to even check our SS if they matched up. I just want this off my credit for good and they need to make amends to me and do what is right and just. Remove this from my credit from making this mistaking so many years ago, I would of never known if i didn't check my credit karma. Location where the service where it was caused a error Fort Myers, Florida.


I went online to Credit Karma to get a free credit report, or at least that is what I was told in the advertisement online. I paid for a few services, but now find it's almost impossible to cancel. They have some kind of crazy recurring billing system where once you are in you cannot get free! I went on the website but there is no contact info anywhere available.

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