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On 22 October 2019 I noticed my checking account was overdrawn by 8,000. I immediately contacted my bank. The bank advised Betterment withdrew 11, 257. 10 I advised the bank Betterment was supposed to conduct an indirect transfer from my IRA and not my checking account. After spending an hour with the bank, they advised me to contact Betterment. Betterment blamed the transaction on Bank of America. I then asked the representative to make a three way call to discuss the way forward. The representative kept advising me for over 15 minutes the reason why the transaction happen and refused to contact my bank. Both parties (Betterment and Bank of America) kept blaming each other. I wanted all three of us to talk instead of me calling each representative back in forth. it took me over 15 minutes to to coax the representative. After both parties talked, Betterment stated the following "Unfortunately, the in-kind transfer of your assets via the ACATS process has failed. We received a message that this transfer was rejected because you had entered an incomplete account number when submitting the transfer. It seems that you had typed in a 4-digit account number, but a complete account number for a Bank of America account would be 8-digits long." Since the numbers were incomplete and was rejected by BOA, betterment tried to take the funds out of my checking account. This is unacceptable and I should not have to talk a representative for over 15 minutes to make a third party to my bank to solve this solution. This is my first week at Betterment and I will be withdrawing my consideration as soon as this transaction is complete. I am going to Vanguard where people are much more professional.


I have invested in Betterment from 6/3/15, and moved all assets to TD Ameritrade on 8/3/15, because of 2 reasons; The transaction or trade are not as much transparent, and they are not downloadable to my Investing software, Quicken. There is residual balances, $598.74, from fractional shares after the transfer, and are instructed to liquidate and transfer to my Ally Bank Checking account, xxxxxx2602. They said I have to initiate inside the online Betterment, to close the account or withdraw. Error, "Oops, something didn't work. Sorry about that. If you continue to have this problem, please contact us at", and/or "Oops, something didn't work. Sorry about that. If you continue to have this problem, please contact us.

I sent email to customer service at least 3-4 times, and replies are same saying they are not allowed to close the customer's account, and I have to initiate inside the online Betterment. I think they just do not want me transfer fund out or close the account, and this have been going on more than 2 weeks, 8/13/15 till today, 8/30/15. Of course, I called and talked to staff, who advised me the same to withdraw or close the account, but the same error, and keep refusing to transfer fund out I don't know the next step, and appeal for your help or advise.


I have few more years for my retirement and have to plan for it better. Betterment provides secure, customized retirement investing. Betterment will tell you the chances of achieving your objective. This makes investing easy for anyone planning for a secured future. They have an easy sign up process and it takes only few minutes. Executives explain the procedures and plans very well so that we are aware of all terms and conditions before investing, My suggestion to anyone who is planning for retirement benefits please get it done through Betterment.

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