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Toll free phone number: 1-800-535-2001

Ameriprise is a company that deals primarily with planning individuals financials in the most effective manner. They claim to help you live more confidently today and tomorrow. Known best for financial planning, Ameriprise have come a long way in terms of customer service.

Common issues with the company include financial planning, investments, cash, cards & lending, personal trust services, insurance, and annuities. If you are having a problem with Ameriprise call customer service at 1-800-535-2001 between normal business hours. There are additional phone numbers listed for nsurance quotes at 1-888-554-6368 and for filing a claims by phone at 1-800-872-5246. 

If you want to try an email, one address listed on their website with a good response rate is Customer comments can be sent to 3500 Packerland Drive De Pere, WI 54115-9070, mark your correspondence "Ameriprise Auto and Home Insurance".

To reach management with your complaint, start with James Cracchiolo who is the CEO of Ameriprise. The main headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota at 2923 Ameriprise Financial Center H26/2923, Minneapolis, MN 55474. Recently Ameriprise has added additional services around retirement, life events, life event insights for better planning on finances. 

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    • Minneapolis
    • MN 55474
    • United States
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On Tuesday August 29, 2017 I called my Advisor Tim MaCarty of Myers Wealth Management 3477 Corporate Parkway Center Valley Pa to discuss some questions. He asked me if I had received a letter from him. I did not. He informed me that Chris Myers owner had put a letter on his desk Monday 8/28 informing him to transfer my account to the pool of newbees to be assigned to someone else from the pool. I was surprised by this action and the fact I had not been given an opportunity to discuss with Tim. I understand Tim reports C Myers and had no choice in the matter.
I am disappointed a Ameriprise Manager would take this action with a customer for no reason. Tim and I have a good relationship and had no complaints. Please forward to the Executive responsible for the Myers wealth management office. My expectations out this be discussed with Mr. Myers and remind him this was not in the best interest of the company or the client and borders on a violations of the companies ethics.
This can be resolved by assigning me back to Tim without any malice to him from management me not having to pursue this and further
Thank you for taking care of this matter
Doug Myers

9051 Breinigsville Rd Breinigsville Pa 18031 Cell 610-462-2120


Ameriprise gave me bad financial advice about the stock market. I ended up putting money in a risky account when I should not have. Then when I tried to take money out I was forced to submit forms and go through a ton of red tape!


I signed up my post retirement plans with Ameriprise and they were very helpful in giving me the right plan. The executive explained all the terms and conditions and was very clear in the policy details. Every 6 months we review the status of my plan and I clarify doubts if any. They work 24/7 and are there at any point of time to help us. I personally feel one must link up with Ameriprise for the kind of plans they have for every age group.

I am not sure what the other complaints are about, but everything with me has been solid. Life after retirement especially without monthly salary would be difficult. Ameriprise gives the right plans so that one can be tension free when they want to relax. Thank you Ameriprise for the best offers you have given me.

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