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Toll free phone number: 888-543-7223 is the World's largest directory of sports and recreational activities, facilities, venues and classes. From marathons, to cycling races, leagues, tournaments, camps and other recreational facilities, there are many common problems with The corporate office is located in Dallas, TX at 717 North Harwood Street, Suite 2500, Dallas, TX 75201.

The company has pioneered software in the sports and active lifestyle field. Not just marathons, but has put its energy into swimming, 5k and 10k marathons, hunt & fish and everything is done with an online registration. This makes customer service a bit of a challenge at times. The best phone number to call is 469-291-0300 or you can dial toll-free 888-543-7223 for support 24/7.

If you need immediate help, their is a support form online. The company was formerly known as simply the Active Network. Customers have reported issues with their training plans and fitness calculators that ensures that right information is cascaded.

Other complaints include local events, support, running, sports, kids, family, and health products. You can also connect on Facebook and Twitter, the company is fairly active on social media.

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I have been having issues contacting support about my account. I checked online and their seems to be a "" page with a form, but I need to talk to a live person. I really do not want to go through another form and email conversation back and forth. Does anyone have the best number to call corporate and get this resolved asap?


Today when checking my account online I found an $18.00 charge from Active network that I know nothing about. Before I contact my bank to challenge it I'm asking that you reverse this charge ASAP. I can not think of one place where I agreed to pay $18 to an organization that I don't even know what they do. Feel free to contact me!


I booked a Fun Run and was logged to for free, little do I know there is an automatic sign up and i was charged $64.95 after a month. I did not see any emails apparently it was in the Junk Mail Folder. And so, I called Monday morning at 7:02am (they open at 7am) and the wait tiime averaged at 45 minutes. Even their Online Chat option was not accessible and a window opens saying ..Sorry we missed you. The choices on the call lead me to the $64.95 charge, so basically i was calling for that specific topic. Called the same day during the afternoon and the wait time was still at 42 minutes. I sent them an email about it and they gave me a case number and someone will be in touch with me within 24 hours... NADA!

When you want to talk about money and complain about charges, and nobody answers, and your wait time was that long -- a consumer questions things. I mean, 100K users/subscribers and they cannot handle a surge of phone calls? The fact that I would see on Facebook and Twitter that people are complaining about the same thing, you really wonder what is up. Today, I finally got a hold of someone and they said 3-5 business days to give my money back, and I will get a confirmation email in about 24 hours.Let us see and hopefully they come through. Honestly -- a couple of people and I took them to Twitter and Facebook to call them out. A lot are experiencing the same thing. These automatic sign ups mislead people.I do not recommend people using this... I think there are lots of ways to save on activities.. paying $65 is not one of them, and having poor customer service is not helping the situation either.


"ACTIVE Network is the technology leader in activity & participant management software with online registration and event management solutions."

I have begun doing 5K runs in my area (Atlanta, GA) and a lot of them use Active for registration/management. At the start of February 2015, I signed up for a race through them. I am very careful to read through the registration process, because we all know their are always ads to buy more stuff or services. So fast forward to February 28th, I take a look at my bank statement. There is a pending transaction for $64.95 from Active. Unfortunately I noticed this over the weekend, and I'm on the eastern time zone so I was unable to call at that time. I did send an email to their customer support in the hopes I would have an email by Monday morning.

Come March 2nd, I logged onto their website and I was able to take a look at my account and notice that I was signed up for a premium membership. I had no idea what that was, I was able to "cancel" the automatic yearly enrollment, but the charge remained. Where in the world did I sign up for this membership?! After some searching I found their Facebook page. I was surprised to the massive amount of posts they had on their page of other complaining about the same thing I was. There is also some internet sites that peg this as an actual scam. At this point I tried to call their customer service (since they were to be open on the west coast at the time). I was on hold for 1 hour and a half. I had to hang up, I was at work and I had work to do.

I then went on their site again and sent another email to the support team. I wrote that it was urgent they come into contact with me and gave all my contact information. I received an automated email back with a case number and a disclosure saying I will be contacted within 24 hours. I wrote a post on their facebook along with many others. It seemed no one was being helped. In the afternoon, there was a reply to my post from Active, that said to please send them a private message to address issues I was having. I sent a direct message right away and thanked them for getting back to me. I spoke too soon.

I also tweeted at them, they also replied that I should direct message them but I replied back saying I had yet to get a response. I received no other replies. It is now March 4th and I gave up on waiting. I filed a dispute with my bank and they have started an investigation into the charge. With the amount of people on their facebook and people on twitter I think it's important people are VERY careful when they have to sign up for races through this company. I wish I could just not use them but A LOT of events in this area use them so it's almost avoidable.

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