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1&1 is best known for its cloud based hosting services. They are leading across the globe and cater to 10 countries including US, Great Britain, Spain and Germany. Because of their unique business model, 1&1 provides affordable products and makes itself to be a one shop stop.

Founded 26 years ago, 1&1 has build trust in their customer and their brand speaks a lot about the company. Founded by Ralph Dommermuth having its headquarters at Montabaur, Germany. It's current is Robert Hoffmann. The customer service phone number for 1&1 is 1-844-296-2059. The company keeps support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1&1 has been pioneering in the industry and they have diversified themselves in various fields like web hosting, website packages, server side hosting, email & office, online marketing etc. Under each of these categories they have a variety of solutions to offer.

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Google failed to remove the outdated content from my 1&! website. So I called their customer service number and was put on hold, now I am hoping you can help me.


Not really sure 1&1 is the best place to build a website. You can use Wordpress and some others for free and get almost the same quality. I have also heard their customer service isn't that great either. Although you cannot seem to turn on the television these days without seeing one of their commercials. Has anyone used their web hosting either? Would be curious about that.


1&1 is a good place to host your website. I own my own business and needed a cheap and easy way to buy a .com name and then create a website for my customers. I was able to quickly and easily grab my .com domain name and then create a hosting account on top of that. It is not that advanced of a hosting platform, but is good for first time users an beginners who do not know much about programming or website development. The editor is simple to use and lets you upload images or make simple text updates. They also have Wordpress hosting if you need to create a blog and a mobile website developer. I would rate 1&1 as a good company and have not had any real issues with them.

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