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Less that one star, way less.

My number at service is 803-359-2828.

My cell phone is 803-447-5291.

I left a long message about my problems, and you system crashed just like the rest of your service.

Call me Monday


I discontinued my service with windstream last month, I was told after we were finished our business there would be no additional charges unless my modem was not return within the allowable 30 days after the envelope they sent me. yesterday my bank account was charged $86.96, my usual monthly charge. much to my disappointment. so I called your customer service she told me I went a day into the billing cycle winch I believe she is wrong because the other costumer service lady checked everything before we ended the conversation because this is exactly what I thought would happen and was trying to prevent. I have had a long history with windstream and I have always paid my bill, (even when I didn't have service for 8 months, I still paid, and now I feel so angry after my conversation with your customer service rep that I want no further dealings with Windstream if they take one penny of that money, it was obtained I feel dishonestly, and I fully expect it to be returned.

THis for me this time is not about the money, now it's about the principle. you can look at my history, and even though I had one of the worst experiences with windstream that I have had with any communication companies, I stayed loyal and I kept my bill paid on time every time, even when I was out of the country and had no service for 8 months I still paid.

Please don't take my word for it please look at my history and make the right choice and put my money back into my account. thank you


Since July 12, I have been trying to get my phone hook up using my same phone number
Here is a list of my phone calls:
7/13 Anita-did get port verification and told it should take 3-4 days
7/16 Anita -Left message and did not return my call
7/16 Ten minute wait-had to hang up
7/16 Pam-Will check into it
7/17 Anna-will be done by tomorrow
7/18 Angela Will be done today (8 A.M.)
7/18 Simon Will be done by the 20th (4 P.M.)
In the mean time I am paying both Spectrum and Direct T. V.


On Saturday June 30th I called customer service about my internet service not working which was caused by a broken wire.I was told they would be out July 3rd and would call. On Monday July 2nd a service guy called and left a message that he was on his way out without knowing I would be home.l specificly told customer service I would not be at home on Monday July 2nd.I rescheduled and still no repair person.I don't have internet and it's a week later.Why can't your repair people call to set up a time that I can be at home?


We have had multiple issues with our phone service. We've been customers since 2009. Service used to be great but this year it has been very bad. We are searching for a new provider.


stop the spam. every day I forward several pieces of spam to and and nothing is done. I have been doing this for over a month and a half. every day i get several pieces of spam where there is a title not an email address in the "From" section. here is a sample. "ThePhotoStick" <>; this sends me 95 percent of the spam but because it is not in the From section the Windstream Filter will not block it. YOU SHOULD. This is the last time I will reach out to Windstream. If you do not stop this spam I will Drop you service. Feel free to contact me at 1-402-657-5982. David Rushlau


I am about ready to call the PUCO. My Outlook 2007 email will not go out. It will come in. I have called and they tell me they are upgrading after trying to fix it and I will just have to wait. I am tired of waiting. I pay my bill each month for service. Sunday I could not make a long distance call, I would dial the number and the phone did nothing. I do not want to talk to someone when I call for help that I cannot understand. I have been a Windstream customer for many years but I am about to not longer be one!


why dont you fix my phone and internet ihave heart problems and it has been a week andno one has showed up you are the worst service i have ever had


We have been trying to get Windstream to tell us if they can run internet into an industrial site for three weeks.
These are the most incompetent bunch we have ever worked with....First they did not know how to read a map even with Gps
coordinates. We finally got some one to come to location who said he could not make a decision if it could be run about 250 feet..
We have now been thee weeks and counting. They have been told we were not putting a building on that site if we could not get
internet. They are oblivious.....
We will probably end up moving to another site where we can get Spectrum...and forget Windstream...
Thats how bad it is....


I have been with Windstream for 3years so I give them a call about my bill could I make some type of arrangement on them every time I ask them they are like no we can't make any arrangements on the bill come on everybody has a bump and need help sometimes this is the worst phone company I have ever been with I hate Windstream.


I've been a Windstream customer for the last 11 years and never gotten the speeds I paid for. I pay for 10mbps and get 1 to 2mbps. There customer service is horrible and promise more than they can deliver. I was told, I was getting 10mbps unlimited access not even close.


Lighting knocked out my router yesterday. Windstream said it would be about 5 days before a serviceman could come. Decided to take computer to Best Buy to see if the Ethernet connection was good. Technician checked it and said it was bad. He said if I purchased the Geek Squad warranty that they would repair the computer to original condition. I told him the CCA was probably bad but he assured me it would be changed if it was bad. I purchased the 2 year warranty for $281.10.

They called the next day and said the computer was repaired. I went to pick it up and they had a sheet listing of the things they done to it. The last item said that the Ethernet connection wasn’t working because the drivers weren’t compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. I have been using Windows 10 since around July so I knew this was pure BS. They had also wiped all my personal info from the computer. After much arguring about them not repairing the computer they agreed to refund the warranty price minus $100 for the useless service they supposedly performed. I decided to go ahead and buy a new computer. The store manager said he would take $80 off a computer priced at $279.99. I purchased the computer and immediately set it up at home.

I went to the Best Buy Site and checked the price of the computer. It was on sale for $249.99 so I feel like the store manager lied about the $80 off. He also said he would give me an additional $20 off but never did. I was lied to by the Geek Squad and lied to by the store \manager. i will probably still buy items from Best Buy but you can be assured it will never be with the blind trust that I had before. I no longer consider Best Buy to be a reputable company.

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