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On January 2, 2018 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 through Verizon. It was a one day deal and we received the phone at an excellent price. My son has been a Samsung Galaxy phone owner since we began buying phones for him and it is his phone of choice. He immediately put it in a Otterbox case. In January of 2019 his phone began losing battery power slowly then wouldn't hold a charge at all. He went to Verizon and since we did not have insurance they suggested we contact Samsung. We contacted Samsung and were told it would still be under warranty and we should send it to them. We sent it to them and within 10 days were told we would have to pay approximately $500 to have it repaired due to water damage. I requested it be returned since at that time since we owed around $300 on it. Desperate, I took it to a local repair shop and was told that it did not have any evidence of water damage but they could not get it to hold a charge either. I still owe around $300 on it and am frustrated that I have a phone that doesn't work and no one is willing to at least meet us half way. I could understand if it were damaged but this phone is practically in pristine condition. I would appreciate it if you could help us. Thank you.


Not-Dear-At-All Samsung,

My first, only and DEFINITELY LAST experience with your company has been an absolute nightmare! I am indescribably disappointed with Samsung. Shame on you!

I have ordered a Samsung Galaxy S7 from on March 23, 2017. My order number is: 14203441271. You put me on backorder for about 3 weeks. Although you claimed "If you pre-paid using an alternate payment method, we will hold your funds until the product ships.", you returned the funds back into my account. Because of this, I thought I was never going to get this phone so I bought myself a different phone from a store using that money. After 3 weeks, you withdrew the money from my account and got my balance drop to negative. I couldn't pay this debt, being a college student, so YOU CAUSED MY ACCOUNT TO BE CLOSED BY MY BANK!

I put on a request to return the phone for a payment to get my balance off the negative. You sent me a label. I put the label on a box, and returned the phone and the wireless charger pack that came as a special offer gift with it. Here is the FedEx tracking number: 790642921459. THE REPORT SAYS YOUR DALLAS,TX WAREHOUSE RECEIVED THE BOX ON 4/17/2017. THAT IS SINCE WHEN YOU HAVE NOT PAID MY MONEY BACK!!!

SINCE APRIL 2017, I CALLED YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT LEAST 20 TIMES, spending about 30-45 minutes of my time on each call, struggling with that annoying automated system until I got to talk to a human being. Check your records to confirm. I ALSO TRIED TO CHAT WITH YOUR AGENTS ON SAMSUNG.COM TENS OF TIMES. Here is the reference number for just one of my chats. I have over 10 of them. Again, check your records: 4297653085.

Every time I called, your so-called "Customer Service Pro" told me that the inquiry is transferred to the related department and you will get back to me in a few days. Well, IT HAS BEEN 8 MONTHS!!

I was told that I sent the wireless fast charger pack and the phone in the same box, to the same place. Yes, I did that because you send me only ONE label and no instructions whatsoever to send the charger somewhere else. Your agents are telling me for months that you made a request to your warehouse for confirmation that you received both the items. After waiting on that confirmation for 1.5 month, I was finally given a TICKET NUMBER: 530182.

Now your agents are telling me that my refund is pending on your finance department to be processed (Check the phone calls.) It was October when I was told that. I am still waiting "for another week" for somebody to contact me about it so I can tell him/her that you caused my bank account to get closed, and I need you to issue the refund to my new account.

SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! You are not only holding on to $631.34 of a poor college student for almost a year, but you also damaged my psychology and frustrated me with having to explain my problem to over 30 people over and over again. SAMSUNG IS DONE FOR ME! I STARTED THIS PROCESS WITH AN ATTITUDE OF ASKING YOUR AGENTS ON THE PHONE HOW THEIR DAY WAS GOING , HERE IS WHERE I AM NOW! THIS IS YOUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, ENJOY IT!


Ozan Gokdemir


I recently purchased a new Galaxy Edge 7 from Verizon in Bolingbrook, IL. The Verizon dealer told me a free VR was available from Samsung with this purchase. When I called them they said the promotion ended yesterday. Verizon did not indicate any time limit and Samsung said it was a Black Friday promotion. Since the phone was purchased on Black Friday, one would assume you could claim the free VR. I believe Samsung tells all callers the promotion ended the day before you call. Lousy customer service.


Bought Galaxy S7 edge last April in Dubai. Sim card rack(tray) was broken while simply opening it to change sim. 3 days now couldn't find replacement in all UAE Samsung service centers or approved dealers. I will write this is on every social network wall.


Late in April, I believe, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Edge phone with a 48" TV that was supposed to come with the purchase. Due to my husband passing away, and Social Security pulling his Social Security from me, I have asked for extensions on the payment of my telephone bill. I even talked to a supervisor and was advised that paying with an extension of my bill would not endanger my receiving the TV. Last month, after many telephone calls to ATT and Samsung, I got an e-mail saying I would not get the TV.

I have been a customer of AT&T for over forty years, and I have found that this company, who used to be an excellent company, not only for service but customer relations, have gone down the drain and is a nightmare, one which, I believe, should not continue to be in business since your representatives did not give me full information with the purchase of the Samsung phone.

If Fios ever comes into my area, I will move my internet from AT&T, and I will close out all U-verse service. I, in all my years with ATT, before Pacific Bell, and after - until U-Verse came into the picture, was a fantastic company, but now it should be in the garbage can. Service is bad. When I had land line, I had phone, internet, and fax. When some bad customer service rep talked me into U-Verse, nothing was said that fax service would be extra. Shortly after getting U-Verse, my husband fell and after getting him through surgery and therapy, about a year, and him losing his job because of his extended time off (and I believe, his age), I discover I had been paying $15,00 a month for fax, which I only used at tax time to send papers to my CPA and maybe once or twice in addition to that.

Upon discovery of this charge, I said put me back on land land fax, and I was told it would be $25.00 month. I told the person you could take it and know what you could do with it. This is truly a down slide from an excellent company to one that does not deserve to be in business anymore, due to its hiding information and bad practices. I want the CEO to know about this as well, as as expected, you can't even get in touch with him/her. This is truly an invasion in the normal practice of business, where the company CEO cannot be contacted.

I have had all my cell phones with Verizon, and ultimately I will see that they get all my phone serve. Customer service there equals what AT&T used to be. It's a disgrace that an excellent service and product company has degraded to the point that they shouldn't be in business. Everyone I have mentioned my unhappiness with that has AT&T has informed me they hate AT&T.


Okay, so I called Samsung support and they said that they couldn't help me because my phones from Italy. I don't care where it's from its your product and it's clearly not my fault that it's trash. I've had problems with it for 6 months now and it continues to turn itself on and on. The last time I called it wouldn't turn on at all. I got it in December and shouldn't be having these problem. It is extremely frustrating that you guys said you couldn't do anything about it. It has your name on it making it your product and if your product is shitty I expect you to fix it instead of telling me you can't do anything for me. It's also extremely frustrating that I paid $900 for this phone and it's a Samsung s6.


On July 20th my wife called to report the LCD on her Samsung Galaxy S6 had stopped working. She was advised to send it in, which she did. I'm going to save all the details in between, but suffice it to say we were originally told that we were going to be charged for the repair, after a BBB and much frustrating conversation, Samsung agreed to waive the fee. Instead of repairing the phone, it was returned unprepared, according to Samsung, by "customer request", we made no such request.

After numerous additional phone calls with support, the phone was recalled to Samsung for repair. I then spoke with Roosevelt and Kristen in the RMA Center (both managers) who assured me that the phone would be immediately repaired and returned. On 8/5 I was told I would have it 8/8, on 8/8 I was told I would have it 8/9, on 8/9 I was told I would have it 8/10, on 8/10 I was told I would have it 8/11. It finally arrived 8/12. On 8/12 (23 days after the original shipment) I opened the box to find a repaired phone without the SIM Card Tray, meaning I am unable to use the phone. An additional hour on the phone yields the answer that it will be 7-9 days for me to receive a SIM card tray.

Each and every step of the way I have been given inaccurate information by Samsung reps, told things that were just plain untrue and then even after escalation and "everything being taken care of" I was returned a phone that can't be used. If this weren't so awful, it would just be comical. How is it possible that this is the customer experience for a company that is providing a premium brand and where we paid nearly $700 for the phone?


My wife got a text about a free Samsung Galaxy S7 from AT&T. I want Samsung customers to understand that this did not work out for us and is a total ripoff.


I am a disillusioned victim of the hype created by your marketing department for selling me your premium class phone Samsung Galaxy Edge. I am shocked to learn that an investment of Rs.50,000/- plus in a mobile manufactured by the world leader Samsung is a no guaranty of its performance. The phone developed various faults immediately after its purchase on: 19th May, 2016 (bill attached).

Heating problem + Battery auto discharge (attached with this mail). Touch stopped working (attached with this mail). The service center which was to solve my problem took days to repair thereby creating new problems for me as I had to manage those days without the so called excellent business phone. Even now the defects have not been rectified and I am told that there is also a problem with the hardware. This I am sorry to say is more of harassment or than an after sale service. Anyways, I am convinced of my suspicion that I have been sold a faulty piece by the Samsung dealer to begin with.

Why should I give a defective piece for repair? Why can’t it be replaced immediately? And why does a brand like Samsung has a warranty for the set change only when it is within the 7 days limit? For a refurnished phone the cost is less than half the market price. Why should I accept it for 50,000/- price? This can’t possibly be the marketing strategy of Samsung which has climbed to No.1 spot with the patronage of premium customers like me.

Please give immediate instructions to the nearest dealer to replace my defective set with a brand new at the earliest. Else, I am will be left with no choice but to take up my appeal to the consumer court. I have attached the invoice as well as the service center registered complains with the mail. Looking forward to the right Samsung approach which Samsung claims to stand for.


I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 battery on May 27, 2016 at 6:14p.m. Oder number FOS637818E with a 2 day shipping for a total of $70.09. The battery was $17.95 with 2 year warranty $4.29 and shipping $47.85 for a total of $70.09. I called on June 17, 2016 to advise that I did not receive the battery. Was informed that it was shipped on June 3rd, and to call back on June 13th. I called back on June 13 and was informed to call back on Monday, June 20th.

I called Galaxy customer service back on June 20 and was informed that they will reimburse me the $70.09. They will send confirmation within 24 hours. I called again on June 24, and was informed that reimbursement will be sent within 24 hours. The person I talked to was Anthony and he said he will personally send me confirmation on reimbursement of $70.09 within 24 hours. Today, June 26, 2016, still no reply or confirmation!


i just bought a Samsung galaxy note 5 on Nov 2016 and this is the first time I bought a phone which is this expensive. I was very upset with the screen as it is appear with ink spilt on the screen and it spread day by day. I went to the service central to fix this problem and they say I need to pay RM700+ in order to get it fix. This phone is still under contract. Why should I pay if there is a plan which is not expired.what is the use of it if I still need to pay during the warranty period.


On 5/27/16 my wife and I purchased galaxy s7 phones (2 for 1 deal) and with them we each received a 32" samsung smart tv. On 6/4/16 I upgraded my 32" tv to a 48" smart tv buy paying $250 - we were not happy with this tv so on or about 6/9/16 I called best buy in york, pa (where purchased) and talked to a csr - she informed me if I wanted to bring back the 48" tv I had till 6/19/16 to do so and I could do that & I would receive a refund plus my 32" tv back. On 6/15/16 I was at the york store and told I could get my refund back but no 32" tv - something about a promotion expired. If the csr I previously talked to would have told me I had to return by 6/12/16 I would have done so. All I want is my 32" tv back.


I went in on Xmas to up grade are 3 phones. I got 2 special samsung galaxy and note 5 I told them I wanted all 64 gb. On the s6 one black and one white well we get home I go find out that they are 32 had to take time and go back on Xmas eve to find out that they didn't have a white one they only had a black and gold well my daughter that has seizure didn't want the gold the guy said he would find her one she was okay with that to replace the gold one. Well it is now been a month I have not heard from him when I have gone in the store they are still working on it. My daughter is not happy.

Now the second they talked me into stopping my insurance with Verizon and taking Geeks insurance I did I asked them when would they be taking it out cause I live on a budget they said they couldn't tell me on the first one but they would send me a email letting me know first well guess what they didn't I checked my account today I needed to get medicine and they have taken it out without a email, when I called the lady at geeks said they don't email and that it would be taken out on the 24th in the billing date I asked her why couldn't they tell me that she didn't know. This has caused a BIG problem. I have always been happy with best buy until now. Very not HAPPY being lied to.


My Samsung Galaxy A3, Model SM-A300FU, which I received from the Beacon Bay Retail Branch I July, stopped working on the night of the 5/10. I took it back to the Retail Park branch and was told to take it to the Vincent Park branch. On submitting my phone I asked for a loan phone & was told that I had to come back after 24 hrs, which I did and was given a micky mouse phone as a loaner (not a smart phone which I use for my business). On 2 occasions when I queried my phone I was told that they are waiting for parts. I spoke to Imran at Vincent Park on 16th Oct and he claimed it was the charging port which needed to be replaced. I informed him that this was not true as I had been shown a copy of the job card on the PC and there were at least 6 components listed for replacement.

I insisted on a replacement phone & Imran undertook to call me within 24 hours, which he never did. I received a text yesterday to say the phone was being dispatched from Jhb and one today saying it had arrived in E.L. I went to collect and after trying to open the sim port with a paper clip, the technician said he would take it to the workshop and the phone was gone for 20 minutes or more. I expressed dissatisfaction with this and my concern for any damage that might have occurred. On checking my phone, my address list, collected over years and all my apps were gone and the settings completely changed.


My note 3 galaxy had issues with charging and took it to the totenham court road based samsung store as early as February but due to staff negligence it was only fixed on the 22 of may 2015. While they carried out software tests they did damage my phone with other internal issues whereby calls stated to drop on both ends intermittently. Once I reported it they failed to fix it. This was taking place as my phone was covered by the 2 year warranty. Unfortunately my device has sustained physical damage to the screen and on the 1st of July 2015 I was told I don't qualify for the 2 year warranty due to device having physical damage.

In the first place if my device was repaid efficiently this could have certainly being avoided.moreover lack of attention to detail and competency to get the issued fixed on time. My problem with my device started in February and it is still on going. I spoke to the manager at the store he did the bare minimum in fact he showed total disregard to my problems with my note 3 samsung galaxy phone.

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