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Red Roof Inn Hotel Company is an economy US hotel chain and franchise. There are 450 locations with employees numbering over 45000. 

To reach Guest Relations in English call 1-800-733-7663 or in Spanish call 1-877-733-7244. Find Contact Us information and form here. To write to CEO, Andrew Alexander, address an envelop with Red Roof Corporate, 605 S. Front, Ste. 150, Columbus, OH 43125.

USA Today rated Red Roof Inn as one the ‘10 Best’ in the economy category. With pet friendly policies, Veterans discount, Redi Card Program Points, Red Roof Plus and Red Roof Suites, they are ‘staying red but going green’ on environment. Social presence for pets is on pet social media/Facebook. Other social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

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I booked one room for December 8, 2017. I could not make it because I was sick. I cancelled the room. Red Roof Inn charged me for two rooms on my credit card.

This is an issue they need to resolve immediately.

Beth Moore


I asked for a room they put us on 2nd floor. I went to change the room the girl said no 2 bed rooms avaiable. The maids heard us complaining they went to the desk to help us. My husband nearly fell trying to climb the steps. We had had no trouble before there. We were a repeat customer this 9-15-17 wasl15)lllthis year. I was exteremly dissapointed with the service of the desk staff. I dont know if i will return or not just not sure. I have never had a place with such a disagreeable attitude .before.


i've stayed here at the red roof brookhollow in houston for 6 momths...i have raised over 28000 ''ready points'' during this care giver filed a complaint


I am emailing you about the Red Roof Inn Springfield Ohio I had a reservation through Expedia for Friday and Saturday of this week I cancelled the reservation on Thursday thinking that everything was taken care of evidently the cancelled did not go through and I was charged $225 on my credit card I am currently in New Albany Indiana and never checked into the hotel I called the hotel explain the situation they refused to give me the money back I called Expedia Expedia talk to them and got me one night back but set up still be charged for Friday night even though I went ahead and cancelled it through Expedia and it didn't cancel I like to see how I can get my money back for not staying there I'm sure this is not how Red Roof Inn wants to be known as doing business.



The whole building is dirty, nothing is ever cleaned. Used panties left in room under the mattress and a useless manager(stacy) and the rudest front desk staff member I've ever met(Glenn) there all dozes of complaints about him and months later, there's nothing done,There are a lot shadier and low life things that keep going on there by the GM Raj Patel. He knows all about this for months and keeps doing nothing and nothing about the bed bugs that are there week after week. He seems to be incompetent and the rudest of them all. Making threats at employees and scolding them in front of guest and others without a care. He treats his staff like garbage and slaves, mainly one(Kyle) cutting his hours and always changing them last second to work all hours of the day, because they can't find people to work and having him work other at their other business to make his rent to fit their needs and schedule, which I find sickness and unjust. He's the best employee they have. He's the first one in and the last out, rain or shine. and always does 110 percent and never has an issue with a guest. Kyle is a real team player, one of the best, I love seeing him at check in, always takes care of us and goes the extra mile with nothing in return. Just think management should really think about what they have and rethink current positions before they lose another, like the previous manager Cindy.


We stayed in arcata. The motel was ran down, the management and owner man was rude and the front desk told me she k out was at noon if I join the club and the owner/man knocked at 1@ and argued with me that checkout was at 11 and was resistant and rude therefore forcing me to stay another night in that dump. Earlier that morning at 8:15 when my daughter and husband went to get breakfast their was another guest walking down the hall with a stack of doughnuts and when my disabled husband got down their the waffle batter was all gone and there wasn't anything to eat. There was pot smoke from the room next door and also what seemed to be seeping in my room from just outside the entrance and from next door.

The Jacuzzi was dirty the first day and the water was at least changed the next but with a 3 hour wait. I really want my money back from at least one of the nights because if I wasn't harassed that morning about QuickTime time I would have if any way possible ,I would have checked out and done somewhere else. Also when I asked for clean pool towels I was told that I had to go all the way to the front desk when I was dripping wet and some towels were at hand there in the laundry room where I asked him. it was not even a half of star in my opinion and I will never ever stay there again. May husband has a picture of what we think may be mice poop that was seen on the base of our tub. I want a full refund and I demand it because we are not lowlife like the people that stated at the scummy motel.


Was told daughter could not check in our reserved room because she's not 21' when clearly on web site states must be 18! Was irate and told the young man at first as soon as we walked in I was just upset had bad day was ready to get in our room and that the web site said.

I went to wrong site and long story he said we needed to leave! Now I would understand if I was mad at him or rude to him but I explained to hi, at the start I was just having a day. So then I had to go somewhere else and I was employed at the exact property in 92 for a few years.

I'm very unhappy with our treatment and with the young man that was supposed to be customer service representative!


I made a reservation for yesterday didn't make it to Red Roof Inn until 9 p.m. yesterday. Just had got off the Greyhound go straight to sleep woke up in the heat don't work at 2 in the morning Monday so I called to the front desk because the sheets were dirty. I just got a real bad car accident so as to get moved to the lower level floor and could I check out for my inconvenience at a later time. So I asked him let me speak to a supervisor or management he said they will be here today. I asked him what time he said he don't know because I want it for my inconvenience either my money back. Caught me another room or just give me later to check out for today at less until 5:00pm.


We stayed at the Red Roof Inn ( 803) in Crosseville, TN on 11/12/16. When I woke up to go hunting at 5:30 am on 11/13/16 I instantly saw a bedbug on the bedside table. It crawled under the radio/alarm clock, when I moved the clock, another big fell from it.

There was also stool falling from the clock. We packed our stuff as quickly as possible, putting loose clothing in bags from the trash cans. When I went to retrieve my husband's insulin from the refrigerator, there was yet another bug on a vial of insulin. There was at least one dead one that I saw in the fridge. These were NOT roaches. I left them (the bugs, on a piece of tape)with the front desk and she apologized profusely. I didn't want to cause a scene so I just left.

Upon returning home, my panic overcame me. I wouldn't allow anything to be taken inside. My kids did, however, take their electronics in he house. We had to wash hundreds of dollars worth of hunting clothes in hot water, that is a big no no. It made me sick to do It, they were brand new and I had never had anything so nice.

Another concern I have is for my Labrador Retriever that accompanied us on this trip. He laid on the floor, next to my bed side while we slept. His parasite preventative is not effective towards bedbugs. I've been watching for him to scratch and show signs of being uncomfortable, so far I've noticed nothing unusual. Being upset about clothes is one thing, these bugs hurt my dog and we are talking about a whole new game.

I called the Inn at which we stayed, I was met with a condescending attitude and was told it was unknown when the manager would be there to return my call. And that a refund was unlikely. I should not have been so nice when I was there, but I was raised to be respectful and polite. Obviously these are traits that the young man I spoke with on the evening of 11/14/16 Is unfamiliar with.

I am only requesting 70.34$ be refunded to my credit card. (That's almost a whole days wages for me). However, I can assure you, If I have brought these nasty little bugs into my home, through way of our luggage, or if they have made a host of my more than beloved pet, because of my trust of your organization, I will request a more substantial amount.


Horrible experience stay. The toilet would not flush could not get no one to come fix it the shower head did not work properly the sink leaked the blow dryer didn't work. The floor needed vacuuming. When I spoke to someone the desk about it he didn't even reply just stood there looking thru paperwork. I called the 1-800 Red Roof service number and they said they will send me back 50% of what I paid but I'm still not happy. Me and my boyfriend were trying to have a relaxing night but couldn't.


They were rude the whole time we stayed there. Then after we had left we realized I had left some stuff in the room but we was already 2 hours away and most hotels will mail the things too you, the manager told me she was not mailing it to me then hung up on me. We will not be going back to this Chain of hotels!


Called an made reservations for our crew working the Storm in Florida. After working 16 hours and being really tired there were many problems. There was no door knobs on any of their rooms, so we can't leave room one key for all their rooms. Guess what? We have to leave doors open to go smoke. These are filthy rude people, and will never recommend or ever stay at red roof again. These men deserve better accommodations after 2 weeks of helping the state of Florida after a hurricane! Just Not Right.


I stay at red roof inn in North Harrisburg pa for many years. But my stay on 8/25&8/26 on the first night we had no AC so the issue was resolved but in move to a different room. I left a good pair of shoes behind I went to the desk in the am did not find them and did not get back to me yet. I don't know where they could have gone since the air.conditioner was down.


We booked into this Red Roof Inn, and were not informed of the extra charge for the Labor Day Weekend. We were there Friday and Saturday nights and got charged a lot for Friday and Saturday. It was not the rate on the computer for those nights. No mention of this until we just happened to go to the lobby desk and told them our stay was completed and we would not need the room for longer. Then we got charged for 9/2/2016, $85.10 + $16.07 Tax and $148.10 + $24.26 Tax for 9/3/2016. The clerk said it was Labor Day Weekend and over-charged us without any previous knowledge of this increase. We are also military/seniors and felt that this was a raw deal. Do we have any recourse to get some of our money back?


I was supposed to be staying location #133 Detroit-Southfield from 7/30 to 7/31 we were check in at 12:07am and left about an hour and a half later because of roaches. We were refused a refund from and worker (Sarina) and were told to come back when manager was there. We got the run around from manager the following day and encountered another rude worker (mike) who only gave half a refund. I would like to receive all of my money back because this is totally ridiculous and something needs to be done. I told the employee that the health department, BBB, corporate and the news station will be contacted if I do not receive all of my payment.


Is the Red Roof Inn corporate office so use to complaints that you just continue to except them and don't do anything about it? I just check out of the St. Pete Clearwater airport property. Trying to sleep with kids running in the corridors and dogs barking until late was totally inexcusable. Your front desk people should take classes in guest relations. Your front desk person Scott personality truly sucks he shouldn't be at your desk, and you have the nerve to have an envelope in the room asking to tip your housekeepers, what are you doing to correct all of these issues. We are your customers and we have choices to stay with your competitors, that's what I will do in the further.


I was in Trevose PA doing training the first of May till 12th went back to Alabama and on the 19th charged me for a week I wasn't there they fixed it the following week on May 25 pulled another week out of my bank account, today is the 28th still not fixed no manager there. Plus if I haven't been there how are they charging my card this is fraud from Red Roof. Shouldn't corporate know about these problems?


I would like to express my frustration with your current promotion “Spring stay 2 get one free”. This promotion is false and contradiction. Its say if I stay 2 nights I get one free well, I stayed 2 nights and now I’m being told I have to stay another night separate to receive my points/free stay so that means I have to stay 3 nights to get one free. This is clearly false advertisement on your website. As a redicard member I find this very disturbing that your promotions are under false pretenses. As a redicard member that has stayed at the Red Roof Inn on several occasions, I will be sure to look elsewhere before booking with Red Roof for my next stay.


My husband and I had reservations for April 8 to April 10 for our anniversary. We were given room 232 at the Red Roof Inn. I have asthma and the room was very dusty. My husband had to dust and the bathroom was just like being outdoors, the bathtub facet was stripped you could hardly take a shower.

We got up Saturday morning April 9 went out to breakfast got back at 10am and the room wasn't clean. We left again came back at 1100am and we called the desk and ask when would they come to clean the room. They said at 1200pm, so we left again got back at 100 pm the room still wasn't cleaned. My husband went to the office and talked to the manager, she said go back to the room and wait until they come to clean the room and my husband told him we had left 3 times.

We need another room, we are not waiting any longer to clean up this room. We did not get into another room until 215 pm, but that room was 225 and it was also very dusty. My husband had to dust, this is very unacceptable conditions it cost us 154.54. I would like to compensated and given a full refund by Red Room Headquarters. If not I will be contacted my attorney and the BBB.


Jon at the front desk was very rude said the key wouldn't work because I was a idiot and told me i would have to wait my turn and shut up. I complained to customer service at Red Roof corporate and they told me not to raise my voice when I never did raise it at all.


I booked a room at the Red Roof Inn, San Antonio near SeaWorld Northwest. The reservation was for 4 nights, 2 rooms. The total price on my credit card was $485.59 and I was charged on Debit Card before I had to cancel. Now it seems they won't refund the safe charge that we never used. If I do not get a refund soon I will be submitting my complaint to the Red Roof Inn corporate offices.


On July 5, 2015 I took my children to the Red Roof Inn at 5215 W Willetta St, Phoenix, AZ 85043. We were getting ready for bed when my young daughter turned down the bed and found yellow stains on the sheets besides the ones that were on the comforter. I complained to the office and they asked if I wanted a new room. I agreed to move to a different room. The next room was a wreck. This one had light fixtures missing the protective covers in the bathroom.

The lights were over the sink. This is totally unsafe. The walls had black marks on them and the bed again had black stains and marks on the comforter and on the sheets. I went back to the office again. We were fed up with the rooms and the service. I decided to try a different motel. The office at the Red Roof would not refund my money. I ended up moving my family late at night to another motel and now I had to pay for 2 rooms! I want a refund for all the the trouble, wasted time, and danger to my children.


I had to travel to Texas city last month on a business deal and was looking for a hotel accommodation for around a week. Since the rates would be very high, I decided to check out good deals on Red Roof Inn. To my surprise, I found lots of hotels with their rates and was able to pick the right choice for my stay. That's not all, on the website they mention if there are any packages associated with it along with what's nearby the hotel that makes it convenient for people like me. Amenities and Details are mentioned which is an additional factor. Red Roof Inn has done a good job in giving complete information to users and easy to check the hotel before actually booking it. Highly recommended site.

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