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Comfort Suites is a subsidiary of Choice Hotels Hospitality Company and one of their eleven brands. Choice Hotels is publicly traded on NYSE:CHH. Comfort Suites numbers in Choices’ over 6300 hotels in 35 countries worldwide. Choice Hotels revenues in 2013 were reported as US742million.

To reach Guest Relations call 1-800-300-8800. To reach an online resource for Support look here. To write to CEO, Stephen P. Joyce address you envelop with: Choice Hotels Company, 1 Choice Hotels Circle, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20850, USA.

Comfort Suites is unique in the Choice Hotel branding due to: Earn Points Globally, Two Stays Earns One Night Free, each suite is 25% larger than other Choice Hotel brands, 100%  smoke free rooms, refrigerators in suites and more amenities. Free hot breakfast is still available. Social support may be found on Facebook and Twitter .  

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Im a regular customer at the Comfort Suites in Waycross Ga 31501 I literally stay there bout 30times out the year. I knew I would have my nieces down for the weekend which I ended up getting the joint room bc I had 5little girls including myself. From the moment we were checking in our neighbor next door was also and she asked my daughter old lord all you in there whats it a party and immediately called to try and get her room changed. But she couldn't and From that moment on she called the front desk continuously. Which I can admit the kids were loud but I controlled them and she still was calling I told the lady to come up here bc they are sitting down she must hear someone else.

The kids wanted ice cream so I took them down stairs bc they sell ice cream in the lobby and I let them get ice cream and go out front to eat it bc I didn't want them dropping it on the hotel floor. So it was about midnight at this time and the kids were on spring break so kids get to talking and laughing loud but myself and another adult was out there with them reminding them to be quite and a little short black man come out the front door bare feet with no shoes fussing saying where Ms. Robertson and just immediately went to fussing at me in a un professional nasty hateful way like get these kids and take them upstairs now its bout one in the morning I got other people hear and you been disrespecting the front desk.

I didn't know who the heck he was because he didn't acknowledge his self at all until I asked him. Who are you? Than as I was trying to tell him you don't have to talk to me with such hate he told me to go pack my stuff and get out his hotel and Im banned and to call the police on me bc I told him its a way you talk to anybody. I asked him could I get my money back or at least some of it bc I paid $180.00 he said no get out and he held his phone up saying he been video taping me for an hour without my permission on his cell phone outside. I have stayed at this hotel where guests have made noise from the moment I walked in to the moment I left.

Ive never seen them treat and talk to nobody like Torran the Gm of the Waycross Ga Comfort Suites talked to me. I have spent a lot of money there and was planning on hosting my annual family reunion there. But I am so hurt and disappointed. I think that he could have handled that so much better. I talked to the girl working the desk that night and she even knew the lady next door didn't want to be by us from the beginning and she knew she was just being bad but when they call she has to do her job.


Ref: Comfort Suites Waxahachi, TX, 28 Oct Booking number 2004160728, reserved under my name (Richard Danielson). I had confirmed reservation for two king suites for the evening of 28 Nov. This was done two to three weeks in advance. My party included three of five guests who were physically challenged, (requiring walkers). We arrived as scheduled, actually a few hours earlier than scheduled to find there was no room at the inn. The desk, without apology offered to contact another hotel sighting it was probably due to a computer error.

Ultimately we were eventually placed in the "emergency room" ("reserved for just such occasions") with two queens and a fold out (which was extremely uncomfortable.) I was charged the same price for the one room with two queens as I was quoted for TWO King suites. I later went to the desk and asked for an additional pillow to hear an explanation as to how many pillows the room already had instead of simply providing the extra pillow as requested. I did eventually get the pillow after a discussion. This too was offensive and not in line with acceptable customer service standards.

I was offered no compensation for the error of lost "confirmed" rooms, let alone an apology. The room was clean and the continental breakfast was great to which I acknowledged the kitchen staff immediately after breakfast the next morning. I have rated our experience with only two stars for the cleanliness and continental breakfast. Losing a booking, especially with a large event in town at that time could have been devastating. I would most definitely like to receive a response to these issues.

1. Lost room despite confirmation of availability.
2. Customer service at the desk (pillow reluctance).
3. Same price for a double queen that was quoted for two King Suites.


My wife and I wanted to get away for a long weekend. We were going to stay on the beach but decided since there was a comfort suites 10 miles down the road we would drive it. We are long time stayers at comfort suites so we did not mind it. First Comfort Suites Foley (AL) double charged our room so that was not a big deal. Out second problem was the smell in the hallways and in the room. We could not figure out the smell. We went down stairs on the elevator and seen a man the some pesticides and said he was spraying for bugs. We said what kind of bugs and he would not say.

We left and got something to eat and came back to the room. I was taking a shower and my wife screamed out and she came running in the room and said there were cock roaches in our room. My wife video taped it at and they were everywhere in the room. Took the video downstairs to the hotel clerk and she did not even want to see the video tape because they were aware of the issue. They gave us a room across the hall and it wasn't any better. Had the same oder that the other room had but 10 times stronger. Had to go buy candles and spray to get the smell out the room. Then the WiFi did not work at all in our room.


Just checked. Pulled out sleeper sofa and mattress covered has urine stains and dark stains of unknown origin. Called front desk and politely asked for someone to bring new one. Was told to come to desk and get it myself. Reached in closet to get blanket to cover the mattress and it was full of pet hair. Obvious that the housekeeper just folded up everything and put back in place, or either assumed it was clean. Disgusting! Ran out of blankets due to full hotel for mustang convention.


I purchase two rooms on 26-29 May at San Antonio Comfort Inn & Suites 6039 IH-10 West San Antonio, TX 78201 and staying in one of the rooms was my daughter, her husband and my grand kids 10,7, and 2. They notice the desk in the room was turn around backward so, they turned it around the right way and there was a used syringe lying on the floor behind the desk. Contacted the person on duty, they came up took the needle and look for more paraphernalia found and pill behind one of the dressers.

Call the manager "Linda Westermann" She was on vacation at the time, She said she would take care of it and the would be a refund on my credit card. The was, $23.35. That was an insult to me and my family for what they went though. I called Linda back and she said she would talk to supervisor and get back with me. Its been almost a month and haven't heard from her or Comfort Inn. I can not believe how they handle this situation knowing children could have serious hurt because of the incompetence and poor management.


We stayed for one night at the Comfort Suites Hotel in Cicero, N.Y. We were in the area to attend a surprise birthday party. I felt we paid a ridiculous price for the area - but there wasn't a lot of choice - so "suck it up buttercup!." The rooms are advertised as having free wireless. There was free wireless, but it kept cutting out. We would just find the site we were looking for and it would cut out. This happened during the whole stay - it wasn't as if it was just for an hour or so during the day. We were waiting for an e-mail from another party goer to meet with them - the inability to depend on internet was annoying. Our room appeared to be between two different "wedding groups". The people on one side had about 6 people in the room talking til about 3:00 a.m. and the other side were going until about 1:00 We didn't complain because we were too tired ourselves.

The rooms are not very sound proof at all.
For the price we paid I would have expected that we would at least have real glasses (maybe even a couple of wine glasses) instead of flimsy plastic. The complimentary breakfast didn't earn any compliments from us! I'm not sure the eggs were ever near a chicken! The coffee was terrible (and we're not coffee snobs) My husband didn't even drink it. And Coffee Mate - really!! A decent coffee with half and half or cream would have gone a long way to make our stay a little more enjoyable. We do travel a lot and have stayed at some of your hotels in the past - not so sure we will quickly forget this over priced experience.


Comfort Suites was the best choice while I planned for a family vacation. We went to Myrtle beach and had a luxury five bedroom, four bath home offers a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, and a beautifully decorated back patio. It was a vacation worth it. My family felt relaxed and thanks to Comfort Suites where I was able to get detail of Banyan before booking it. They placed couple of pics on the website which allowed me to take a look at the place before booking it. We were around 8 family members on the whole and needed a larger accommodation and this was the right place. Comfort Suites allows you to choose your hotel after taking few details on how many adults and children and which dates we were planning, Based on this it searches and fetches the right place and hotel. Thanks CS for giving us an awesome vacation.

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