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Comfort Suites is a subsidiary of Choice Hotels Hospitality Company and one of their eleven brands. Choice Hotels is publicly traded on NYSE:CHH. Comfort Suites numbers in Choices’ over 6300 hotels in 35 countries worldwide. Choice Hotels revenues in 2013 were reported as US742million.

To reach Guest Relations call 1-800-300-8800. To reach an online resource for Support look here. To write to CEO, Stephen P. Joyce address you envelop with: Choice Hotels Company, 1 Choice Hotels Circle, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20850, USA.

Comfort Suites is unique in the Choice Hotel branding due to: Earn Points Globally, Two Stays Earns One Night Free, each suite is 25% larger than other Choice Hotel brands, 100%  smoke free rooms, refrigerators in suites and more amenities. Free hot breakfast is still available. Social support may be found on Facebook and Twitter .  

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No phone in room. No information on restaurants, no clock in room, no tv listing in room, NO TOILET PAPER HOLDER, stale cereal at breakfast. The room was clean and comfortable for resting.


On Tuesday, October 23, I sent Jay Patel, hotel manager, the following text message for which I did not receive a reply:
"Jay Patel, we have spoken with family, friends, and coworkers for the past 3 days since the incident on Saturday. They too were stunned at how we were mistreated. You tried to call me twice without leaving a message. When returned your call after arriving home, you were more interested in telling me that you finally found the reservation I made on August 22nd and how the error "may" have occurred than in apologizing. We still feel disrespected and unheard. I don't understand how you can say you "see both sides." You asked me to consider returning. We don't feel comfortable with Rachel working there. Too, you should have offered a discount or free night stay. Rachel embarrassed us in front of customers and then lied about several things, including the number of people in the lobby. It was 7, not 50. It was akin to having your credit card declined and those behind you hearing the conversation. She was dismissive instead of kindly asking us to step to the side to see if there was a room available or to figure out what happened like you did. She even ignored your request to stop talking thereby disrespecting you. My daughter and I have a combined 30 years in management, trying to meet deadlines while working with doctors and scientists daily. Imagine the stress, but we've NEVER unleashed our anger on others; our managers would not stand for it and would have written us up or send us to anger management. It would have been easier to fire us had we been on the job less than 90 days. This entire situation could/should have been handled more delicately. So unfortunate."
The hotel lost our reservation. It had 4 power outages, we were told. Initially, we joked with Rachel at the counter stating that we understood her stress. Rachel was dismissive and loud. We were embarrassed, as if we did something wrong. It was not until I spoke to Jay on the phone and told him what happened and about Rachel's attitude that things went sour. Heated words were exchanged. Jay rushed to the hotel 10 minutes later. Rachel would not stop arguing with us, even when Jay told her several times to stop talking. By the time Jay figured out what happened, we were 30 minutes from home. We have NEVER experienced such behavior in all our years of travel.


We have been Choices Gold Star members since 2014 and have stayed in dozens of Comfort Inn/Suites all over the country. We were dissatisfied with the room of our latest visit. We were given an alternative room one floor up due to the keys not working to our door. Once inside we found two beds, one of which was very obvious it had been slept in as the pillows and sheets were crumpled and the bed was not made neatly. A used towel was hanging behind the bathroom door. I have attached three photos.


plumbing for shower falling off the wall..screws hot gripping on tub bottom..very slippery..10-4-18--rm229 spoke with owner and could not rectify situation now as maintenance man was in jail...really!! a/c controls did not work on the wall or on unit..had an odor..would not stay or recommend ever...


So I went to the airport as I was told and wait in zone 1when the driver arrived after I been waiting on him a hour he told me he don't go to the hotel who they partner with and told me to get off he was very rude and that's not they way u treat customers I have worked with WALMART as a manager for 10 years and it's no way I will allow any of my associate to speak to some one in that matter I am very upset about this I will need to speak to someone on about this woke who works for your company something needs to be done about this I will be calling to speak to some one


As advertised you offer free parking yet your nashville location charged me 40 dollars for my uhaul truck and car trailer which i emphisized as being nessecary prior to my reservation, the sink fauct leaked so bad i could not even use it.definatly a low guality experience, but what do you care you already have my money.


Hello normally we stay at a choice hotel w/o issue however we were not told of the construction that is going on nor the fact we will have no water tomorrow. We have had to use different entrances to enter the building. No warning what so ever we have a dirty elevator dust and workers everywhere there are no rugs only con create damaged floors . I am very disappointed to say the least I have allergies and asthma and believe me it’s been no picnic here. Please respond with a solution to this issue we are in Nashville TN Elm Hill Pike very disappointed .


I have been using comfort suites off and on for about 18 months -- took a break a couple of times b/c of poor accommodations. Although the noise and debris from the current renovations are a huge inconvenience, it has to be done. My complaints center around the lack of effort and sincerity concerning repairs. Specifically, since last August, I have been told by everyone that they are waiting on parts to repair the ice machine on the 3rd floor. And, I have been told the same thing for the indoor hot tub. The outdoor hot tub has never been available. Either I am being shined on b/c they genuinely don't care, or they/you need to find new service persons. I believe it is the former; and if that is the case, WOW! Can you imagine if I kept saying the check is in the mail( I know you don't take checks, but I hope you get the point).


Recently stayed at Comfort Inn Located at 2060 Crescent Centre Blvd, Tucker Georgia. Arrival Date 8/318.Departure Date 8/5/18
Account# 598433391
During stay experienced the following:
1) Room infested with cockroaches, sister stay in another room experienced the same.
2) After registering for Room #305, when approached room door was open and smoke alarm was chirping ( Low Battery)
3) Remote Control to TV was functioning properly, called desk was told someone would come up. No one ever showed up.
4) Found later in evening bathroom had no wash clothes, when advised desk, was told clothes were being wash very rudely
5) Bathroom faucet leaked badly when ran water
When advised Assistant Manager Kathlin Allen of these conditions acted indifferent and said the best she could do was transferred to another
room and give 12% discount. I advised her this was insufficient for what we had endured.. I asked her if she knew hotel infested with roaches,
she commented reluctantly, that she knew some rooms had roaches. I turned down the offer of being transferred to another room, since the
entire hotel was probably infested. Final receipt indicated there was room transfer, this information is false.
When advised Ms Kathlin, I was going to issue complaint about experience at hotel. She nonchalantly said ok..
During stay no staff person offered any apologies for poor conditions.


This was the best way I could send the pics. The pics show the disgusting elevator that had the SAME trash in the corner since the day I arrived on that Thursday. I trip on the crack in the elevator. Didn't take a pic of my toe that I hurt that morning, as I had on sandals. The carts stayed in the hallways all day but rooms were NOT cleaned. I NEVER ate there as the employees were eating in there and walking around with bowls of food during the times that the guest were suppose to be eating. The parking lot was dark, not sure if the cameras worked that I saw on the building. I took a pic of the television with the time one day to show the time and that the room STILL had not been touched. I did ask the young lady one day just for clean towels and that was on that Friday. The hallways were NEVER vacuumed. The clerk lied to me and said that her manager said they were going to comp my stay, I didn't get this particular clerks name but she was also appalled at the staff not doing their job. The toilet in my room was NASTY upon my arrival. There was a towel on the shower curtain from previous guests. The elevators were NASTY. The entire place was just HORRIBLE. I would NOT have this place on Booking representing the company. An employee even brought her children to work. I have pics and videos.


I was not Happy when I got in my room On July 15th I have pictures of the room I even call the front desk I told Her I have Hair in my bed and Stains in the bed and on the rug and chair . I went to go use the iron it was dirty the bored was dirty and stains. she was sorry but I have told her how to get the stains out . I work at a Hampton inn . we have inspections I'm sure you should have it to. I pay 100.56. I will sent you the pictures


Hello Good evening,

My name is Tyrell Hamilton I and my aunt stayed at one of your hotels in Waycross Georiga Comfort inn suites on June 30 Saturday night and Sunday night, July 1 and departed Monday morning. The reservations were under my cousin's name and she reserved the rooms for June 29-July 1. We arrived at the hotel Saturday morning June 30th at 1:00 am way after our check-in time which was 3:00pm Friday afternoon but we were charged for those three days in which we didn't stay the Friday night we arrived that Saturday morning. I am asking for full reimbursement for my stay on the behalf of my Aunt and myself.


My daughter was married at your Comfort Suites in Manassas Va.on June 2, 2018. We had the use of several of the rooms and the kitchen. We were told of the use of the rooms for the wedding, use of the kitchen for prepping the food and had the use of the ice bens. Upon arriving I was tild that I could not use the kitchen nor was I able to use the ice ben. The contract was signed by daughter with the understanding of what was included with the contract. The man that told me we were not able to use the kitchen or ice bens was Luis. I spoke with him telling him that it was included in the contract. Still told that we could not use. Now own that matter, I let him know that a prostitute was standing at the front door on the sidewalk. He looked at me sd to day what am I suppose to do. We had people arriving with her standing out side of your business. The hole situation doesn't look good for Comfort Suites. I think that Comfort Suites owes my daughter a refund of some sort for putting us in this situation. Had to go to the store and bring ice in, while their was ice bens right there. I would like a reply to this matter,on how it was handle. I'm the mother of the bride, Carol Scott, I will be waiting for the reply.


If you like to spend your night in a steam room this is the perfect place to stay ask the front desk if they had a fan got told they have gave them all out already to late to find a different hotel had to go buy a fans just to try to make it though the night. Hopefully we don't sweat to death in this poorly miss managed place. I would be ashamed to have my name on this building.


We are paying customers and cannot park in the parking lot because other customers have taken up 5 and 6 parking spots with travel trailers they are pulling and equipment. I arrived at 11: 30 at night With my 11 year old son after a ballgame and was informed I would need to park at Skyzone and walk. This is our last stay at Comfort Inn and Suites in Southport. Rediculous. Why weren't the people taking up all the parking asked to move? I have video but cannot get it to upload.


Our stay at Comfort Inn (IL106), checked in by swilki, was a regular stay, checking in at 11:36 p.m., 6/08/2018 on an overnight stay. Upon waking our receipt was at our door. We departed the hotel leaving the keys at the front desk with the very rude attendant, and drove back to MO. Our receipt showed "paid "owing a zero balance. Our account was charged another 200.00plus dollars, the very next day. We called the hotel and was told they had not received their payment. We called our bank and was told that the money was processing, but this look fraudulent to the bank because the hotel kept charging our bank over and over at different amounts for a charge the was being paid. So we called the hotel back to communicate this, and the attendant said she will continue to charge us everyday until payment is made. Today, we owe over 600 dollars, now the hotel won't answer their phone for us or for Patrick from customer service. We need a resolution QUICKLY!


READ THIS BEFORE BOOKING!!!! Booked my for Memorial Day weekend. I left Virginia Beach Friday after working 8 hrs and drove 12hrs to Portland Tn. We were in town due to a death in the family a week earlier. I booked the room to gaurantee I would hv a room after a 24 hr day for my family and I. I received a confirmation for the room .

When I got there at 5am there was no one at the front desk. After 10 min and me calling out anyone here. A young man came out of kitchen. He said he'd be right with me. He was in the middle of making pancake batter. After another 5min, he came to the desk, searched for my reservation and was told he didn't have one for me or a reservation with my number. That it must have been cancelled for a no show. Then said he'd be right back, he had to check the eggs. After which he looked again. He named off other names of no shows and advised me that my room must have been cancelled and given to someone that had been at hotel bar that didnt want to drive after karaoke night.
But luckily they had one no show room left that we could have. A nicer room for same price but he was unable to do the reservation. He gave us the room and told us to take care of details when we wake up
At 7am someone rings our room and wakes up my family. At 9:30 I go to desk to do reservation, no one at desk again! Erica, desk clerk in kitchen will be right with me.
After explaining the 5am drama, she said, they never received the reservation from booking company but I could have the room at same price. But I would need to call booking company to cancel booking or I'd be double billed which I did.

Later that day, I have a hold on my account for 2 days and another for 1 day but was told only would be billed for 2days by Erica.
Went back to front drsk, no one at desk again!! Erica outside smoking by door not in smoking area. This time I'm told, that I was billed 2 days when she did reservation and 1 day by young man from 5am. But she couldnt access the billing to call my bank, they could take off the 1 day hold. Then come back at 2pm when manager comes in.

On my way out after 2pm, no one at the desk again!!! I don't have time to keep dealing with this. I had family to see and care for after the loss of a loved one. I called my bank and transfered money due to an overdraft from this issue.

Next morning the bill is put under my door. The bill is for 3days. I go to desk, no one there again!! Erica comes in from smoking and says all you need to do is leave your card to check out. I advise her bill is wrong. Billed for 3days not 2days like she said yesrerday. She says she didnt say I'd only be billed 2days.

I'm very upset now. Advised I was only there Sat & Sun. That every time I came to the desk for help. No one was there!! That they need to eork on their customer service. That I talked to my bank about hold for the 1day yesrerday and I'd be disputing the charge. That they were taking advantage of the customer. She walked to the back and told a man to come out here. That she was not going to desl with me. He comes out. I start to tell him about working and driving all night with my family. He says not my problem. So won't even listen to the nightmare I dealt with. I tell him I'm not going to pay for 3rd day. That we got there 5am Sat and bank was disputing. I told him not my problem they had people that didnt know what they were doing and that they were taking advantage of customers. That they needed to work on their customer service since no one is ever at desk to help or know what they are doing. He walks away to back room leaving me stand there Saying I got your card. I'll charge you. Ileft my key and my family and I left. Drove home and my account was charged for 3 days.

Very poor customer service, No one at desk. Very poor people skills. Dont care about customets situation. Worst experience during a family's time of greif.


My one night stay at your Casa Grande,Az will remind me to never stay there again. When using the hair dryer it shit itself off after 45 seconds or less. Front desk advised these dryers overheat.....and no hand held dryers available or maintenance person either. This was an inconvenience to me for my morning meeting. Not a happy customer!


I stayed at the Comfort Inn Dulles Airport location on 9/22/2017. We were attending a fundraiser for the Basset Hound rescue, and had our dog with us. We had traveled quite a distance to be there. Upon arriving we knew our room had not really been cleaned. I left the room several times and spent time in the lobby because the room smelled like an ash tray.
I didn't want to rock the boat too much as we had our dog with us, and was afraid we would not be able to find anther place to stay. We dealt with it.

I checked out and proceeded... the following day, upon checking my credit card bill, I noticed a $265.00 charge.
When I called the hotel they said the room smelled like smoke. My daughter is expecting and neither one of us smokes.
we spent the majority of our time there in the lobby and even left the hotel for a bit. The manager was right the room did smell but not because of anything we did. I have tried to explain this to the manager who did not even want to talk about it.

I have done everything I can think of to get this resolved and am requesting your help. I can be reached at 443-632-8248


First off got to hotel and they didn't have reservation. Finally got room and the refrigerator was leaking on floor so they moved me into another room the 2nd room tv didn't work so I was moved to a 3rd room finally this room was okay told I was going to get a refund but when I got bank statement they charged me full price. Not happy about the whole situation. I had to elderly ladies with me and a child.


I stayed in the Comfort Suites off San Pedro in San Antonio Texas. I have to say I have never been so disappointed in a Comfort Suites as I was in this one. It was the most disgusting hotel with it's lack of upkeep and cleanliness. The plaster in the tub was peeling really badly, it was dirty, and I found a hair in the tub. There was dirt caked around the mirror. There was a tremendous amount of dirt and dust on the curtains. It was AWFUL! i will never stay in that hotel again and I will make sure I tell by business aquaintances and friends to not stay there either. I will make sure to spread the word. Yes, I did let the front desk clerk know and he moved me to another room that wasn't much better.


This has been the worst experience I have ever had. We booked the room yesterday because they are working on the house today. When we called the general manager, Manny, told my husband if we need to extend the stay to let them know. So last night the people under us complained at 7:00pm about the noise from our 4 year old running (we stopped him from doing it after the 4th time because we realized the nose it was making) because the floors are paper thin. Then just before 8:00pm, when my 4 & 2 year old were almost asleep the fire alarm went off. This terrified my kids. My older one understands and calmed down quickly. My younger one took 15 minutes to get him to stop crying and another 1/2 hour before he would let us put him down. He fell asleep an hour later begging to leave. If that was not enough, we left the room this morning and notified the front desk that we needed to extend by one night. We return to the room just after noon to find we are locked out of the room. When we talked to the front desk manager, Janis, she informed us that they cannot extend it by another night. On top of all of this, the a/c did not cool well and the toilet seat was broken.


Matress cover was noted to be soiled with brown/red dry liquid, blood spot noted on pillow under pillow case, white dry exudate all down side of sofa, extensive black mold in window sill as well as air vent sytem, carpets were extremely soiled, I have numerous pictures taken that was shown to the staff at front desk, she seemed to not be interested in improving things, offerred us 20% refund for two nights only, changed rooms two times without finding an acceptable room. would like to email you pictures directly to your email, thank you Paula Freitas

This was our stay at comfort suites columbus ohio , Clara st


When we walked into the lobby the mildew & damp smell was terrible. We were assigned a 1st floor room but that smell was mildew/dampness.
I requested a 2nd floor room and that was a little better. We were given a bottle of water each & told not to use the tap water. We could shower but
not to get the water near our mouth. We did not shower! In the morning we brushed our teeth and washed with our small bottle of water &
could not get out of that hotel quick enough. I know it was after the hurricane but if your hotel had those problems you should not have opened.
On top of all this you still charged full rate. $81.00 plus taxes for a total of $96.53. I'm sure the board of health would not accept this.
I spoke to my friends in Florida and they have stayed there and you always have that damp smell. We will never stay at Comfort Inn again.


Im a regular customer at the Comfort Suites in Waycross Ga 31501 I literally stay there bout 30times out the year. I knew I would have my nieces down for the weekend which I ended up getting the joint room bc I had 5little girls including myself. From the moment we were checking in our neighbor next door was also and she asked my daughter old lord all you in there whats it a party and immediately called to try and get her room changed. But she couldn't and From that moment on she called the front desk continuously. Which I can admit the kids were loud but I controlled them and she still was calling I told the lady to come up here bc they are sitting down she must hear someone else.

The kids wanted ice cream so I took them down stairs bc they sell ice cream in the lobby and I let them get ice cream and go out front to eat it bc I didn't want them dropping it on the hotel floor. So it was about midnight at this time and the kids were on spring break so kids get to talking and laughing loud but myself and another adult was out there with them reminding them to be quite and a little short black man come out the front door bare feet with no shoes fussing saying where Ms. Robertson and just immediately went to fussing at me in a un professional nasty hateful way like get these kids and take them upstairs now its bout one in the morning I got other people hear and you been disrespecting the front desk.

I didn't know who the heck he was because he didn't acknowledge his self at all until I asked him. Who are you? Than as I was trying to tell him you don't have to talk to me with such hate he told me to go pack my stuff and get out his hotel and Im banned and to call the police on me bc I told him its a way you talk to anybody. I asked him could I get my money back or at least some of it bc I paid $180.00 he said no get out and he held his phone up saying he been video taping me for an hour without my permission on his cell phone outside. I have stayed at this hotel where guests have made noise from the moment I walked in to the moment I left.

Ive never seen them treat and talk to nobody like Torran the Gm of the Waycross Ga Comfort Suites talked to me. I have spent a lot of money there and was planning on hosting my annual family reunion there. But I am so hurt and disappointed. I think that he could have handled that so much better. I talked to the girl working the desk that night and she even knew the lady next door didn't want to be by us from the beginning and she knew she was just being bad but when they call she has to do her job.


Ref: Comfort Suites Waxahachi, TX, 28 Oct Booking number 2004160728, reserved under my name (Richard Danielson). I had confirmed reservation for two king suites for the evening of 28 Nov. This was done two to three weeks in advance. My party included three of five guests who were physically challenged, (requiring walkers). We arrived as scheduled, actually a few hours earlier than scheduled to find there was no room at the inn. The desk, without apology offered to contact another hotel sighting it was probably due to a computer error.

Ultimately we were eventually placed in the "emergency room" ("reserved for just such occasions") with two queens and a fold out (which was extremely uncomfortable.) I was charged the same price for the one room with two queens as I was quoted for TWO King suites. I later went to the desk and asked for an additional pillow to hear an explanation as to how many pillows the room already had instead of simply providing the extra pillow as requested. I did eventually get the pillow after a discussion. This too was offensive and not in line with acceptable customer service standards.

I was offered no compensation for the error of lost "confirmed" rooms, let alone an apology. The room was clean and the continental breakfast was great to which I acknowledged the kitchen staff immediately after breakfast the next morning. I have rated our experience with only two stars for the cleanliness and continental breakfast. Losing a booking, especially with a large event in town at that time could have been devastating. I would most definitely like to receive a response to these issues.

1. Lost room despite confirmation of availability.
2. Customer service at the desk (pillow reluctance).
3. Same price for a double queen that was quoted for two King Suites.


My wife and I wanted to get away for a long weekend. We were going to stay on the beach but decided since there was a comfort suites 10 miles down the road we would drive it. We are long time stayers at comfort suites so we did not mind it. First Comfort Suites Foley (AL) double charged our room so that was not a big deal. Out second problem was the smell in the hallways and in the room. We could not figure out the smell. We went down stairs on the elevator and seen a man the some pesticides and said he was spraying for bugs. We said what kind of bugs and he would not say.

We left and got something to eat and came back to the room. I was taking a shower and my wife screamed out and she came running in the room and said there were cock roaches in our room. My wife video taped it at and they were everywhere in the room. Took the video downstairs to the hotel clerk and she did not even want to see the video tape because they were aware of the issue. They gave us a room across the hall and it wasn't any better. Had the same oder that the other room had but 10 times stronger. Had to go buy candles and spray to get the smell out the room. Then the WiFi did not work at all in our room.


Just checked. Pulled out sleeper sofa and mattress covered has urine stains and dark stains of unknown origin. Called front desk and politely asked for someone to bring new one. Was told to come to desk and get it myself. Reached in closet to get blanket to cover the mattress and it was full of pet hair. Obvious that the housekeeper just folded up everything and put back in place, or either assumed it was clean. Disgusting! Ran out of blankets due to full hotel for mustang convention.


I purchase two rooms on 26-29 May at San Antonio Comfort Inn & Suites 6039 IH-10 West San Antonio, TX 78201 and staying in one of the rooms was my daughter, her husband and my grand kids 10,7, and 2. They notice the desk in the room was turn around backward so, they turned it around the right way and there was a used syringe lying on the floor behind the desk. Contacted the person on duty, they came up took the needle and look for more paraphernalia found and pill behind one of the dressers.

Call the manager "Linda Westermann" She was on vacation at the time, She said she would take care of it and the would be a refund on my credit card. The was, $23.35. That was an insult to me and my family for what they went though. I called Linda back and she said she would talk to supervisor and get back with me. Its been almost a month and haven't heard from her or Comfort Inn. I can not believe how they handle this situation knowing children could have serious hurt because of the incompetence and poor management.


We stayed for one night at the Comfort Suites Hotel in Cicero, N.Y. We were in the area to attend a surprise birthday party. I felt we paid a ridiculous price for the area - but there wasn't a lot of choice - so "suck it up buttercup!." The rooms are advertised as having free wireless. There was free wireless, but it kept cutting out. We would just find the site we were looking for and it would cut out. This happened during the whole stay - it wasn't as if it was just for an hour or so during the day. We were waiting for an e-mail from another party goer to meet with them - the inability to depend on internet was annoying. Our room appeared to be between two different "wedding groups". The people on one side had about 6 people in the room talking til about 3:00 a.m. and the other side were going until about 1:00 We didn't complain because we were too tired ourselves.

The rooms are not very sound proof at all.
For the price we paid I would have expected that we would at least have real glasses (maybe even a couple of wine glasses) instead of flimsy plastic. The complimentary breakfast didn't earn any compliments from us! I'm not sure the eggs were ever near a chicken! The coffee was terrible (and we're not coffee snobs) My husband didn't even drink it. And Coffee Mate - really!! A decent coffee with half and half or cream would have gone a long way to make our stay a little more enjoyable. We do travel a lot and have stayed at some of your hotels in the past - not so sure we will quickly forget this over priced experience.


Comfort Suites was the best choice while I planned for a family vacation. We went to Myrtle beach and had a luxury five bedroom, four bath home offers a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, and a beautifully decorated back patio. It was a vacation worth it. My family felt relaxed and thanks to Comfort Suites where I was able to get detail of Banyan before booking it. They placed couple of pics on the website which allowed me to take a look at the place before booking it. We were around 8 family members on the whole and needed a larger accommodation and this was the right place. Comfort Suites allows you to choose your hotel after taking few details on how many adults and children and which dates we were planning, Based on this it searches and fetches the right place and hotel. Thanks CS for giving us an awesome vacation.

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