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The name Budget Inn is one of the largest low cost hotel, flight, car rental business names. It has become an online travel agency with over 700 inns in 46 states. Although Budget Inn, in name, has been around since the 1960’s some references say it started in 2001.

The totally automated “central reservations” 1-800-780-5733 never connects to a person and according to loopnet.com there are over 263 Budget Inns available for sale. The Sales Desk 1-877-477-8592 is automated as well.

Without any social media presence or customer support information this appears to be a locally inn-by-inn managed business.

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My wife and I stayed at your Budget Inn at 3200 S. Orlando Dr, Sanford, Fl 32773 from 02/05/2018 and checked out at 11 am on 02/08/2018 for a total of 4 days. (Monday night thru Thursday night) We were in room #217. The bathroom ventilator did not work and halfway through our stay, the air conditioner quit working in the middle of the night and we requested to be moved to another room. My wife and I both have heart conditions and are in our 60's. The night manager (finally) agreed to give us another room. This was room #207, which was completely on the other side of the building. Not only did he not offer any help in moving our belongings, but he actually had the gall to call us and ask if we could hurry it up because he was getting noise complaints that he said was us moving to the new room. I assure you, we were being as quiet as we could possibly could be. We were not angry at the time and were glad to get a room with a working A.C. The night manager (a gentleman with a middle eastern accent and I only refer to this for identification purposes) gave me 1 key/card to room 207 and I gave him back the 2 keys/cards to room 217. The card to room 207 worked 1 time and would not open the door anymore after that. Rather than bother the management anymore, we simply made sure one of us remained in the room or we left the door slightly open in order to not get locked out. We have stayed at Budget Inns in the past, with no unpleasant experiences. The attitude of the management and condition of this Budget Inn is shameful. When we checked out, it was on time and the 1 key was returned. We did no damage to the rooms and we don't smoke. Now we see an additional unexplained $50 charge to my credit/debit card. Thank you, Webb Brewer.


When we first arrived at Budget Inn the manager told us it would be a different (much higher) price than first said said on phone. We get in the room and we found that the cieling leaked, there was mold under table. We asked for a room change and the owner said that the leak would stop. We told him our 9yr old daughter would get sick from mold and he said sorry he couldn't do anything about it. There were no other rooms. A week later he's trying to kick us out. What do we do?


This is the nastiest motel I have EVER been in! There is blood splattered all over the walls from people shooting up, it is dirty and nasty! I was greeted by a cockroach when I entered the room, I have been unable to sleep one second because of the filth! The lampshades are falling apart. I have taken pictures because the filth is shit unreal and no one will believe the extent unless they see the pictures!


Came back to my room 239 approximately 5:30 pm and to our surprise our room was not cleaned. Beds were not changed and made, dirty towels were still on the floor in a pile and garbage was sitting in our room for 2 days. I saw a guy on our floor vacuuming an empty room, i asked him if we can get towels and he said he didn't know he's in this room now.. Really. Then after that, we went to front office to get towels and to find out why our room wasn't cleaned and the lady at the front desk said she couldn't tell us and she said the person who does overnighters he picks and chooses what rms he wanted to clean. They send a guy up knocks on the door and tells me that i had to remove my garbage and gave us one towel, one hand towel and a wash cloth. I paid for 4 night stay and maintaining the rooms very poor service. The lady in the front office very honest and she didn't understand why either. Very honest and tries to find out why.


No Dont get no stars when you get sent to three different rooms with a can of Roach spray we have a problem Please Contact (704) 775-0193 or ill contact Better Business Bureau!!! Have a Good Day


Stayed at your location in sevierville, tn. Was charged 70.00 for ONE NIGHT. Had NO hot water, horrible dim lighting, roaches and other bugs crawling everywhere, cable on TV would come loose. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!


No working light in bathroom or above sink, tub hasn't drained in 3 days. Pay 300$ a week and my family and i can't even take a shower. What exactly am i paying for?


My husband and I are traveling and we stopped in Laytonville Calf on hwy 101 to get a room from budget inn. We've never had a problem before at a budget inn until now. I am disabled and I travel with a service dog that is federally registered. When my husband signed into the room, he informed her of the dog she then told him there was a $50 deposit required. He then informed her it was against the law to charge for a service animal. She told him she didn't care what the law was and this was her policy and if we didn't like it we could leave. It was 11:00pm and unfortunately there was nothing else available or trust me we would have.

My husband paid the demanded amount and we stayed the night. When we got up this morning they would not check us out until they inspected the room, her husband then came to the room and walked through checking the closet, bathroom, tub, walls, carpet, bed and even checked the windows and looked up at the ceiling! My husband and I are 57 and 65 years old and not likely to destroy a room. We will not be staying in a budget inn again and will be informing the federal registry to take further actions in regards to my service animal.


Checked in at Budget Inn in Durant, Oklahoma went to room. The room was dirty and smelt bad. Bedspread and sheets were dirty. Roaches in room immediately, so I went to the office and checked out. So called refrigerator dirty with frozen over freezer. Used my credit card lady said my card would not be charged and manger would have to cancel credit on Monday this was a Friday afternoon. I asked the name of the Manger lady said they do not give out this information. I would need to call back Monday. My concern is that I will be charged for the two nights. Don't even rate a one star for customer service.


Crisfield budget inn is not clean. In all there was black dust I wiped; light hung up broke with black tape: dangerous hazard beside the window; not well kept; I have pics can you give me email address so I will send you can see. They don't use pesticide kills mosquitos I itched. I showed my AARP they don't give me discount. Friend my sister and I are seniors. Beds don't protect bugs by bed covers. I smell old smell inside. I ringed and waited pretty long. Budget corporate needs investigation on it's conditions and environment. The address is Crisfield budget inn 127 North Somerset, Crisfield MD 21817


Customer service by Budget Inn is terrible I have never felt more unwelcome in a hotel in my life and I stayed in a lot of hotels. I will never stay or recommend anyone to stay at the one on hammer lane in stockton California. I hope I wasn't treated badly because of my race. They tried to make me feel like they was doing me a favor by letting me stay at their hotel. I respectfully asked for my money back and went to a different hotel.


My complaint is that the owner or manager at your Richlands and Claypool Hill Va. location is very rude. I called to see if he was hiring for front desk and he told me to get off my rear and go look for a job. Then he says that he isn't trying to be rude and yes he was. How this place stays in business I have no clue. I worked for Holiday Inn Express for 8 years a company bigger then yours and I have never in my entire life been spoken too like that.


I was a guest at the Budget Inn in Okeechoobee Fl Saturday night August 20th. When I went to pay for another night and ask for more towels. The lady at the front desk asked the man that is remodeling the hotel to get them for me. As he was handing me the towels his girlfriend came in and was verbally attacked. She started calling me names and throwing things. I called the police. They took her home, which was great for me. But I went to the front desk to make sure that she wasn't coming back and the guy who came into the office with his wife. Told me that he didn't want me at the hotel.

Mind you I did nothing wrong. I was just making sure that she wasn't coming back. He wasn't even there when any of this happened. He had his wife refund my money for the 2 nights. I felt it was a great injustice as I did nothing wrong and to kick me out of the hotel. As a paying guest infuriates me. I had to wait for my boyfriend to get there but the guy at the front desk didn't care he told me to leave and it didn't matter if I had a ride.


It's a fraud motel and worst place ever. I want to complain to the corporate officials so that it will be closed. I canceled my stay and they refunded me and then after a week they charged me again. When I called the front desk, they are very rude and behaved like did not matter. Please stop scammers. This was the Budget Inn Austin, TX.


I stayed at the budget inn numerous times some times for months and one day me and my fiance just paid a week and went back to room no hot water no electricity bed bugs that they refused to do anything about.and the week was like that with two days comped for inconvenience and. Pay time comes for following week and they expect payment? I contacted city inspector who is also on my side and management. Threatened me I have all this on film and was put out got other patrons to watch me and my fiance belongings till we found a place.

Came back two days later and the fellow and young lady I got to watch our stuff said acting management said they would kick them out of they held our stuff so she told the couple to put our belongings outside so they did. I called police every thing was verified and they and city inspector said that they would go to court as well I have all evidence and witness's Completely dissatisfied.


We, me, my dad and step-mother, stayed at the Budget Inn at El Reno, OK. We were all attacked by bed bugs. When my dad called the hotel he was told, "We do not have bed bugs. We check every 15 days." and then the woman on the phone hung up on my dad. The room was in very poor condition with blood stains on the curtain that was hanging off the curtain rod. I have pictures of the condition of the room and of our bed bug bites. Also, I have the paperwork from my ER visit and my parents visits for their doctors along with prescription information.


Just like the old adage says: "you get what you pay for." Well, I got a good deal at Budget Inn and Suites and that's because it was the worst hotel experience in my life. The rooms were ill-kept, the staff was rude, and the place overall just looked dingy and unbecoming. It's worth it to pay a little more and stay some place nicer. Preferably with a clean bathroom and nice staff.


Stayed at the Budget Inn for a tounament competition. Most of the people participating stayed at the Budget Inn as well so we all got a group deal... or so we thought. They were over-booked and understaffed. I requested a King bed for me and my lady friend, and when we checked-in they said that they only had rooms with 2 queens available and that's it. Well, we got the room–making sure that it was smoke-free–only to walk into the room and it reaked with smoke. 2 lamps didn't work, we were only allowed two towels at a time. After my lady friend took a shower, she had to the give the attendant one of her used ones in order for me to get a clean one. When asking the front desk for anything, it took so long for them to reply or help. Will not be going back there again. 

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