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Comfort Inn is a subsidiary of Choice Hotels Hospitality Company and one of their eleven brands. Choice Hotels is publicly traded on NYSE:CHH. Comfort Inn numbers in Choices’ over 6300 hotels in 35 countries worldwide. Choice Hotels revenues in 2013 were reported as US 742 million.

To reach Guest Relations call 1-800-300-8800. To reach an online resource for Support look here. To write to CEO, Stephen P. Joyce address you envelop with: Choice Hotels Company, 1 Choice Hotels Circle, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20850, USA.

Comfort Suites feature their premiere bedding line, Choice Privilege Rewards Program, free hot breakfast, free wife and newly renovated sites all across the US. Social support may be found on Facebook and Twitter .  

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Stayed at Comfort Inn on Warm Springs in Tualatin, Oregon. I was told by several desk staff that it was a management requirement that the lobby TV only be tuned into Fox News station. I was working in the comfortable part of the lobby where the TV is located. When I asked that it be changed to something else I was told they were required by management to not change it. I find this policy of imposing management politics on their customers appalling. Find something less offensive, neutral or leave it off. I won’t be staying in Comfort Inn or its affiliate hotels again.


My stay was @ the Comfort Inn located at Address: 1421 Golden Gate Blvd., Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
Phone: (440) 442-8400 over Labor Day weekend. I was attending a wedding. While getting dressed, I leaned against the sink area looking into the mirror, in my brand new body support undergarment it was a (Spanx- the cost 40 after taxes; I have the receipt.) Unbeknownst to me the marble slab is broken and jagged, and tears a hole in my new undergarment. I called the front desk-management (Mike and maintenance) came to my room, inspected the sink area, looked at the photo I took of my undergarment, and apologized. I indicated that I would like to be reimbursed for my undergarment; as it is brand new, and this was my first time wearing it. I was asked to put all this in writing before checking out. I graciously complied with their request. I was not given a discount or offered any other considerations when checking out. I did receive a call a couple of days later, offering me a discount on my next room. I declined as I don't see me staying there again, and as I stated I would like to be reimbursed for my garment. She said oh "nooooo I can't do that." I haven't heard from anyone since.

I called to follow up, and spoke with someone in customer service, twice now, and still nothing. NO ONE has called or addressed my concern. I know it may seem like a small thing, but it is still an expense I can not benefit from since it is damaged. Due to the material, the garment runs like hosiery, and the hole is in an area that it got even larger. I would like to be reimbursed. Its only a matter of $40. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


Ms. Renee Cooper
](216) 278-2356


Was supposed to check in at 4:00 pm Arrived at 4:10 pm and they told us the room isn't ready to leave and come back in twenty minutes. We left and came back at 4:35 pm, twenty five minutes later, and the room was still not ready. I took a photo of the cleaning person still cleaning the room at 4:35 pm, still not done. We got into the room about 4:45 pm finally.

The room was not clean! I took several photos of the dust on the night stand, tv, and dresser. The room had not been dusted for a long time by the thickness of the dust. When I checked out I showed the photos to the clerk and she said, "Maybe that is specs in the paint". I was extremely insulted that she could think that, by looking at the photos I took. Especially since the tv is not painted the same as the wood, it is plastic. We were very upset at the circumstances! We stay in several hotels throughout the year and we have never experienced a situation the way we did.

I have photos of the thick dust in the room on several items if you want. I am not sure how to attach them, but I can mail them if need be. Again, we were/are very dissatisfied! That clerk should be reprimanded for her comments and never saying anything that she was sorry for the conditions of the room or it not being ready on time.

This is the first time ever we have filed a complaint and I would hope to hear from someone.


Wet carpet when I checked in...fridge not working properly.......No response or day fridge room temp...called desk...."what would you like me to do about it????" ....How about fix it.......probably replace all my food and other items ruined...Also do not appreciate having religious notes from room service...." I can have a blessed day on my own....totally inappropriate......Really want to talk to some one because I am totally pissed -will not EVER stay here agian...dropped the ball 100% NOT COOL Patrcik Burke 828-390--0933


I booked at Comfort Inn in Marianna, FL for Aug. 31 Sept.1, 2 and checkout on the 3rd.I called today and they will not give my money back to me.
I have stayed in a lot of hotels and never had an issue like this. Please help with this issue I have given 3 weeks notice. Thank you for your help.


we stayed at the captain suites located 2901 nasa pakway seabrook texas 77586 folio # 120518101815 which was supposed to be totally smoke free. their were people smoking in stair case and also in the elevator everytime called front desk switched voice mail said comfort inns message recorder was full, call back went to desk several time no one to be found when we returned from the boardwalk someone had propped the left side door open so no key as needed for entry. i tried email on businesss card four times and have not received any response no security smoking thru out hotel..we need a full refund on our room 139.23 immediately 281/989/0162 would appreciate a response as i have been dealing with this since mothers day. Thank you


My husband and I stayed at a Comfort Inn in Towson Maryland. Our reservations were from July 13, 2018 to July 16,2018. Upon arrival I found that they only had us down for one night July 13,2018,so this started off on the wrong foot. They did accommodate us which meant that my credit card was charged twice. Upon arriving to our room only one key worked, when we went into the room we found a dirty rag rolled up on the bathroom counter where the coffee pot and cups were located. I took a picture and showed it to the person on duty at the main desk, I was told they would take care of it right away, they did not, not only did they not do it that night I took a picture the next day and showed that to another person on duty at the main desk and again I was assured that it would be taken care of and again it was not. For three days I took pictures of this dirty rag and showed it to the main desk, it wasn't until Sunday July 15,2018 in late afternoon was it finally removed. In the past my husband and I enjoyed our stays in your Comfort Inn's, this I'm sorry is unacceptable. We have another vacation coming up in August and another in September and we were planning on staying at a Comfort Inn but now we are not so sure. Looking forward to hearing from you and how we can remedy this or should I be looking into the Holiday Inn? Thank you Mrs Diana Urban


We went to Niagara Falls for a family trip this weekend. We booked a room at Comfort Inn (6645 Fallsview Blvd) From Thursday July 12 to Sunday July 15. Upon walking into our room my husband slipped on a wet tile floor in the sink/washroom area and hurt his knee. The floor was soaked with water. We used our towels to clean it up and looked around for the source. We thought maybe it was the fridge we rented but it didn’t seem to be so we figured the cleaning person must have left the puddles. My husband went to the desk to complain and ask for towels. We were in our room for a little over an hour and no one brought us new towels. We left the hotel to begin our vacation. We had a lot of walking to do and my husband complained his knee was sore which continued on for the entire duration of our vacation. When we returned to our room later that evening my husband walked into the room first and notice right away that the floor was soaked again. As well the carpet was also wet. I noticed a man (who I later found out was the supervisor) about to walk out of the building and told him that our floor was wet for the second time. I complained that my husband had slipped and twisted his knee earlier and that we had asked for towels and received none. He was very friendly and helpful he called a maid and told her to bring towels and he now looked for the source. We finally noticed that the ceiling was leaking in the bathroom. The supervisor (Carl) told us he was unable to do anything for us that night as all the rooms were taken. He got us more towels to cover the floor and told us to talk to the manager at 8 am when he arrived the next morning. We put a bucket under the dripping ceiling and wore our flip flops on the wet carpet for the rest of the night. The next morning the ceiling was no longer leaking and it was determined that the person above us must have had some sort of flooding in their washroom and cleaned it up. I certainly hope it wasn’t toilet water since when we would use our washroom this water was dripping on us! The manager did move us since the carpets were wet and he gave us a better room. He gave us a voucher to get a free dinner. We went through the rest of our vacation with my husband still complaining of a very sore knee when we had to walk which was often since we already had to pay a disgusting 18 dollars a day for parking at the motel we paid for and it would have cost a fortune to pay elsewhere as well. Anyways we left Sunday and after arriving home my husband went to the emergency room to get his knee checked as he was still complaining it was hurting. He has a bruised or strained meniscus. This will be a 2-4 week recovery period. This is just wonderful since he works in an oilfield where he does strenuous work with a lot of walking. Upon checking out we were refunded the 33$ we had to pay for a fridge (which should come with the room in my opinion) for our inconvenience. Not once did anyone ask if my husband was okay after his slip. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to inspect your rooms before having your customers walk in to something like this? We did not have a good experience with comfort inn and our vacation could have been much much better than it was.


I made reservation at Comfort Inn Suites in Pearland,Texas on June 29th 2018 for date Friday, July 6th to July 7th. Call on July 3rd to cancelled the one for July 6th to July 7th and changed dates to July 7th Saturday, to July 8th Sunday. Clerk failed to change dates. I called at 10:21pm. Clerk stated to me it been changed. Call Saturday morning, July 7th. Clerk stated it shows No Call No show. I called. Very upset with clerk.


I am currently staying at Comfort Inn in Abilene, TX. My first night was very uncomfortable because the room was very humid with the ac unit on in addition to the people above me making so much noise. We are here for my daughters track meet so rest in imperative. After a day at the track, we return to hotel for rest but the running and jumping above is still going on. I notified the front desk several times, no resolve so I decided to call customer relations only to be told that they could not interfere while I am here so I would need to call after I check out to complain. I am very unhappy and tired. You have lost a customer


No compliant very very pleased with all staff. Hotel clean, pool clean and breakfast great.


This email is not a complaint, but rather a compliment. Recently we had to evacuate our home because of Hurricane Matthew and we booked the Comfort Inn in Macon, GA. We were greeted by a caring staff at the front desk, and the General Manager, Melvina Palmer, was a super star. During this disaster, she worked round the clock to try and keep us happy, and she maintained a professionalism throughout the week during very trying times. In situations such as this, people can get nasty, but she handled the bad with the good with great human relation skills. On a scale of 10, Melvina is an 11.


Beds were OK but the carpets were stained. The room was over priced. Could have stayed at another hotel for $10 more and got a beautiful room and clean one. Just because there was some type of convention on, doesn't mean you should jack the price up by $100. We usually pay between $75 - $100 at your location and it wasn't even on season. We booked for Sept. 10th which should not be In season. We spent $286 for what we felt was a dump. your The breakfast you offer was was pitiful.

They should have provided some fruit and muffins. We have stayed at the Fallsview location before and never has any complaints. Have they changed management? You should look into this location especially with the competition all around. I will not recommend this Inn to anyone anymore. We had friends come with us and we were truly embarrassed.


I was an employee for this Comfort Inn for almost 5 year minus 1 month I was terminated for no reason I have always worked hard came work everyday by the Head Housekeeper cause I stopped smoking with her so there for she didn't now where my head was at! This Head House keeper smoked pot in back at the gazebo in front of me I sent John Lott a message detailing all no reply from him why is she still there. I just retired due to this didn't know what to do Feel free to contact me on this situation.


We also stayed at the Hummelston, PA Comfort Suites 2/28/16- Member Act #EXN28231 and #EXN6274 Both under my husband's name. Your company's promo at that time in March stated stay 2 nights and earn 1 free night. Upon checking out I inquired about the procedure to obtain the free night stay promotion. I was informed that it would be thru customer service.

1. On May 30, 2016 called customer service 888-770-6800 on hold for 7 minutes and was told by Rick that it would take 3 -5 business days.
2. On June 15, 2016 I called customer service (same #) on hold for 9 minutes and at 2:07 PM was told by John that we were definitely qualified for the free night promotion but stated he had to speak to my husband Edward due to the charge being on his Discover card. Ed was not home at the time.
3. On June 16, 2016 I called 1-877-424-6423 on hold for less than 3 minutes and was told by the woman to hold (4:36 PM). No one ever picked up.
4. On June 20, 2016 I called 888-770-6800 on hold for 11 minutes I was told by Ben that the accounts would be combined and it would take 3-5 business days. He transferred me to the "promotions department" same loop recording, no one ever picked up.
5. On June 21, 2016 I called customer service 888-770-6800 at 10:05 and listened to the ever familiar as well as irritating loop for 6 minutes, and spoke to Al. Once again I explained the entire hotel reservations, dates, promotion details etc. and he said the accounts HAD NOT BEEN COMBINED and he would gladly do so for 3/15 & 3-31. I was then told we did not qualify and that Ed had to call Customer Service for the stay 2 get one free.
6. On June 23 I called 1-888-770-6800 at 4:36 PM and was on hold same lovely loop of recordings, at 5:02, someone (I think the name was Hum) said "there is nothing I can do" and he put me on hold as I requested to speak to a Supervisor or MOD on duty. He put me on hold - I hung up. This has been the most terrible customer service I have ever experience. Having worked in the Hospitality Field (Holiday Inn)...I cannot believe what transpired.


Exchanged rooms w/son to get non-smoking. Ours:333;David's:343. Room not ready by 5:30pm. Maid in room left cut toe nail; blue toothpaste: etc. on floor: white toothpaste in sink; red ? spill on toilet. Had to remind her re rice crumbs piled on rug! Towels removed 5/14 not replenished; also asked for extra coffee (tip left)...not received. After 9pm 5/14 noticed no coffee cups & ask for coffee again. Waited for someone to get "some out of closet." Very understaffed. All rooms booked. Can't believe they had NO backup help. Rooms were mostly sold out by March.


We stayed in the Comfort Inn in Franklin, In on April 30 Saturday night. The first room we were put in was a no smoking room and reeked of smoke. The carpet was dirty was not swept, the fitted sheets did not fit the bed, the bathroom had toilet paper on the floor. They have us a new room was better but we felt still not very clean still issues with the sheets and the shower curtain had black looked like mold on it. Staff member was strange had a big hole in her shirt did not look professional at all!!! Not a great experience. I felt for 124.00 was definitely not worth it. Not happy with that Comfort Inn.


I was charged $336 for smoking in a room when I do not smoke the lady was very rude and disrespectful I told her I don't smoke and she said they had video proof I asked for the proof and she hung up the phone i am very up set and never been treated so horrible when I booked the room it said smoking room so I told her maybe someone before me smoked and she proceeds to yell at me and tell me they have proof I want my money back and this is unprofessional and wrong to get treated like I did.


The only real problem that we had was the breakfast. It was very skimpy. There was not much to choose from and what there was didn't look real pleasing to eat.


I recently had a workers comp hearing held at the local Comfort Inn. Imagine my surprise when the next day someone approached me about the hearing. They knew time place attorney etc. The only one who knew was my attorney and husband. The person who approached me heard it from a coworker who's daughter works at the Comfort Inn and makes the arraignments for these hearings. If you do not have a policy on privacy in place maybe you could put one in place to avoid future customer complaints. This is not the first time things have been told from this hotel but it is the first time I have been involved.


On a recent trip to the east coast, I reserved a room at a Comfort Inn in Trois Rivieres QC approx. 5 days prior to our overnight stay of July 29 2015. When I reserved I stated that I wanted a pet friendly room for 2 adults and 2 dogs. There appeared to be no problems and I was given a price of $109.99 plus taxes and at this time I did confirm that this was indeed the cost. This reservation was made directly with this hotel. When we arrived at the Comfort Inn after a long drive to register I was informed that there was a $25.00 charge for each dog for a total of $50.OO!

I was also informed that they only allow 1 dog per room but would make an exception--none of which was I informed at the time of reservation. With very little alternatives at this point in our trip we grudgingly accepted the ridiculous extra cost. So our total charge was $187.40 not $129.46 as was quoted. I have stayed at several hotels on this trip as well as previous ones and have always willingly payed extra for my dogs ranging from $5.00 to $15.00 which does include Comfort Inns.


We stayed at the Comfort Inn on Chestnut Ridge Road in Grantsville, MD. At check in I asked Lori (who never cracked a smile) for a quiet room. She said all the rooms were quiet. She seemed offended, so I explained I meant a room not facing traffic. She still seemed irritated. She put us in a room with a light right outside shining into our room. The shades did not close. The room smelled of mildew. However, the room was very clean. It was especially irritating to us as we opted for Comfort Inn over a much cheaper Motel 8 down the road because of your reputation.


There was a piece of metal standing about an inch away from the bottom of bed at the Comfort Inn. You couldn't see it because it was covered by the bed skirt. Walking by the bed my ankle slam into it. I was in a lot of pain; it was swollen, bruised and it bleed a little. I looked at the bed and saw the piece of metal.( I have pictures if needed).The previous day my daughter hit her leg on it at the time we didn't know it was the same piece of metal I hit. When I checked out I told the front desk, she took my information down and said the manager would call me the next day. I waited 4 days and still no call, so I called. The manager apologized and said they could give me 20% off my bill. To me that feels like a slap in the face for the pain I went through. For something that should have been caught by housekeeping when making bed and cleaning room or should of had the piece of plastic on it to cover the metal.
Comfort Inn at 1290 W. Valley Pkwy. Room 330 the second bed when walk in.


Comfort Inn was one of the best place to lodge in for tours along with family. User friendly services, broad rooms, free internet, free breakfast, cozy beds and lot many on the floor for visitors in Comfort Inn. If you are regular visitor, you can earn points, redeem for great rewards at any time in Comfort Inn. Welcoming Rooms, Kids oriented services, game places, easy payment modes, online reservations are always available in Comfort Inn. I really thank for Comfort Inn's hospitality in my last trip with my family.

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