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Hilton Hotels and Resorts is a worldwide provider of hotel and resort properties for vacation and extended stay use. It is publicly traded on NYSE:HLT and has over 4820 locations worldwide. Revenues were reported in 2015 at 11.3billionUSD and employees numbered 164,000.

To reach guest assistance call 1-800-HILTONS or 1-800-445-8667. You may also find contact information here. To write to CEO, Christopher J. Nassetta, address your envelop with: Hilton Global Headquarters, 7930 Jones Branch Drive, #1100, McLean, VA 22102, USA. The corporate office phone number is 703-883-1000.

Founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919 in Cisco, Texas, the Hilton holdings now include: DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, GardenInn, Hilton Grand Cavation, Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts and Hampton Inn. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Management may threaten to barge in any time. Privacy not a value here. Be careful.


I provided a survey - this is the response provided below (not requested from your mgr) is this acceptable?

The email is below and attached to this complaint!

Please feel free to contact me by email dawncjohnson7373@gmail.com or 405.512.4093 (email for quicker response)

Danielle Howard <noreply@app.medallia.com>
9:50 AM (47 minutes ago)
to me

Dear Dawn Johnson:

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback from your stay. We had multiple noise complaints for the children left in one of the two rooms you occupied. I do apologize that my team was not more clear with you in regards to the complaints. My front desk attendant was called and notified of the noise complaint, so he went upstairs to verify that there was loud noises coming from the room before calling to disturb you. You seen my front desk attendant doing what he was instructed to do and at that point he had not had the opportunity to call you as he was investigating the noise complaint. After my attendant informed you of the noise complaint, the noises coming from your room did NOT get quieter and resulted in us having to refund a guest that had rented the room next to yours.

The broken trash can was brought to our attention by the other women staying in your room. She stated to our Assistant General Manager that she was "taking full responsibility" for it and asked if she thought the price would be more than $30. The AGM told the women that she wasn't sure at the time but would find out and let her know. The trash cans and ice buckets are not glass. Our property that you were renting should have never been kicked.. They are not made to be kicked or pushed with a foot, therefore, you were charged the $25 for damaging the trashcan.

We are a franchised hotel and are not associated with the other Hilton hotels. I do apologize that you experienced that with your previous reservation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Danielle Howard
General Manager
Home2 Suites by Hilton Oklahoma City - Yukon

dawn johnson
10:35 AM (2 minutes ago)

to Danielle

My kids were not LEFT in a room we had two rooms and two adults we were in both rooms - GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT

Nobody "KICKED" the trash can and you need not to put words into anyone mouths.

This is the EXACT unacceptable BS - your hotel provides - THANK YOU for putting it in writing!

AGAIN - your unprofessional behavior is not needed nor did I ask for your email. I filled out a survey!

This should be handled through your corporate office NOT you - DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN!


Bad Service Experience at Hilton Property

Manny V <mannyv442@gmail.com>
Fri, Dec 28, 2018, 4:38 PM (7 days ago)
to julio.granajr, me

Last night, December 27, 2018, we got to the room and noticed that there was no housekeeping.
Went to front desk and they said whether I had declined or put a tag on the door for no service. I said no.
From desk supposedly on the phone with somebody, that they said we didn't want housekeeping.
Front desk was very adamant that we told housekeeping no service.

I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Julio Grana Jr
Fri, Dec 28, 2018, 5:55 PM (7 days ago)

to me

Good evening

I am currently out of the country and will not be returning until Jan 4th, but my front desk staff did message me about your complaint.

I spoke quickly to both my head housekeeper and assistant housekeeper. Both girls said they went to your room and your family did not want service they requested clean towels when the attendant was at your door . They were given a clean set of towels.

I apologize and I am sorry for the inconvenience or miscommunication you encountered.

At this moment I can offer you 3,000 bonus points.

Hope the rest of your stay was pleasant.

Thank you
Happy New Year

Best regards
Julio Jr.
Sent from my iPhone

This transmission is not a digital or electronic signature and cannot be used to form, document, or authenticate a contract. Hilton and its affiliates accept no liability arising in connection with this transmission. Copyright 2018 Hilton Proprietary and Confidential

Manny V <mannyv442@gmail.com>

Fri, Dec 28, 2018, 6:46 PM (7 days ago)

To Julio

December 24, 2018, we requested no service in being sympathetic to housekeeping being that it was Christmas Eve.
The day in question is December 27, 2018.

Last night and this morning front desk was responding in a manner with her choice of words that came short of calling me a liar. I do not appreciate that. She couldn't produce evidence.

Also this morning, December 28, 2018, I asked to speak to a manager and same lady from last night said he wasn't available.
She calls somebody from housekeeping and flips to a page and tells me, it is noted that no service required. When I asked; Who, What, When,Where, ..., she had no answers, couldn't give me an answer. Started talking about something else.

Housekeeping had the opportunity to present paperwork to be considered to show real detail evidence.

The wife told me, did you see the sign in front about service. I told her no and later pointed it out to me.
After seeing that, it was starting to make sense why your staff was assertive, almost aggressive.
Last night my issue was mostly about front desk and whoever was on the phone insinuating that I was lying.

Again, I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Your stay at Home2 Suites by Hilton Brownsville

Julio GranaJr <noreply@app.medallia.com>

Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 1:51 AM (4 days ago)

to me

Dear Manuel Vera:

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience about your recent stay at our hotel. As a Hilton Honors member, you are among our most valued guests. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and we're very sorry you were unhappy. We will take your comments under consideration as we continually work to improve our guest experience. We hope you will consider staying with us in the future.


Julio GranaJr
General Manager
Hampton Inn & Suites

Manny V <mannyv442@gmail.com>

Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 4:22 AM (4 days ago)
to Julio

This is a generic response.
What do you really mean or plan to do about it


The experience I received at the Doubletree Tallahassee was unacceptable. When we arrived the rooms were not connecting and 1 of the rooms was not ready until 5 pm. The front desk manager Taylor, was rude and very unprofessional. I have stayed a this Doubletree several times and never had this poor service. This was suppose to be a exciting weekend as my daughter graduated from FSU. Invited family in. They facility was dirty and not kept. Due to graduation and FSU using the hotel for recruits, the valet was short handed. The front desk specified not our problem, they are out sourced. The Starbucks was closed due to computer issues. Then after coming home and receiving my bill, they charged me 2-vehicles at valet, We only parked one. I have never been greeted so rudely and will never go back to that hotel. Attached are 2-pictures of the trash outside the front door from the previous night. Picture was taken at 11am the next day.


Hello Adam,

My name is LeKeicha Scott and I just occupied two rooms at your hotel, Embassy Suites in Memphis, TN. For years my family has visited your hotel for staycations, as well as our of town vacations in other cities. My daughter turned 16 this month and wanted to spend her birthday with her old friends. I say old friends because we now live in Tampa, FL. I flew her back to Memphis and reserved two rooms with your hotel to ensure she had the 16th birthday of her choice. When I mentioned allowing her to get rooms at Embassy, that was icing on the cake - literally.

I am still in Tampa so she is there with my mother. I contacted Embassy early Saturday morning and spoke to one of your representatives that has some what of a difficult name to recall. I apologize if that was harsh. I asked her the following:

1. Is there going to be an issue with getting the connecting rooms I requested. She said no. At check out they would start placing the rooms on hold.

2. I am in Tampa, FL right now. I made the reservations. Is it going to be a problem that I am not there to show you my card? It is the same card that I used to make the reservation. I do not want my mother to have to do anything but get the keys to the room. She specifically said NO, there would not be a problem, we can just use what’s on the reservation. I mirrored what I asked her for clarity and she responded with the same.

Please help me understand why my mother called me upon check in saying that she needed my card??? I called in a sufficient enough time to make sure all was handled and in the event I needed to send additional money, I had plenty of time to. My mother had to pay for that room, which was not her responsibility. When a customer contacts your facility, they expect to receive accurate information. I was in a position where there was nothing I could do, which is why I made the morning confirmation call in the first place.

I am going to ensure this email reaches the corporate office as well. Misinformation can be a detriment to a business. Most times the front line associates do not care as they have no idea the overall impact when they provide incorrect information. When my mother placed me on speaker to inquire about the change from what the morning representative said, the representative that was in front of my mom said nothing. She didn’t even care. These are the people that are the face of your hotel and they don’t care.

Please spare the corporate jargon that has become most company’s definition of an apology. Training and instilling true exceptional customer service would have prevented this misinformation in the first place. If you care at all about the overall affect that this can have on your hotel, focus more on customer service training. As a former trainer, I am fully aware of how the lack of training can eat at a business’s bottom line, as well as it’s reputation. This could have ruined my daughter’s 16th birthday if we were not able to adjust to the misinformation. As a result, however, my family will not be returning to an Embassy Suites. This was a very important event in both my and my daughter’s life and we chose your facility to help make her day a success. The misinformation from the morning representative, as well as the lack of empathy and acknowledgement from the representative that greeted my mother and daughter spoke volumes of your hotel’s level of care and emphasis on exceptional customer service.

Hopefully this can at least result in a teaching moment for management, as well as your frontline representatives.

LeKeicha Scott,
Disappointed Former Customer

Sent from my iPhoneX


made an error on an online booking and instead of booking the Hilton double tree in cape town, I booked the Hilton in the city centre. The call centre in the far east could not help and told me to call back the next day.


September 29 2018 Embassy suites HILTON
I check in for an hibjab inc.
At 3am My sister was sleeping in the sofa bed .my sister woke up screaming we searched the bed and found a bed bug we packed up and left by 330 am we were gone , the woman at the front desk was rude I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO CHECKOUT SHE CLAIMED COMPUTERS WERE DOWN ..... She did give me the managers card “[YOU CAN CALL HIM AT 3PM’’
I left him a message he never responded so I called once again and spoke to him And emailed him the picture he said he would investigate.
We’ll sadly no one has reached out to me at all not one email , no one phoned to say I’m sorry, by the way our findings were .
I expectedthe truth would not be told to me why because I asked for a refund!
I was not even a valued customer to apologize,
WOW [I Couldnt make this up]


I had called Hilton, Mystic, Conn and booked via phone. I checked in 9/5/2018 and check out was 9/11/18. Online website site had stated there was a 50.00/day charge added to account daily if using a debit card. I used my Visa charge card. On 9/13/18, my online banking had a 250.00 charge that had been added. I called Hilton and spoke to accounting. Stacey stated it " should have said and " charge cards." She related the bank initiated this fee and they would remove this in 5-7 business days." I called my bank who stated that Stacey gave me false information. The Hilton had added the charge. I recalled Stacey and related that I had filed a dispute with my bank and requested the 250.00 be removed by her. She made no comment. She did however remove a $19.99 charge that had been credited on my print out when I left. I do not appreciate incorrect CS information nor her lack of response to my request. As of today, 9/20/2018, the amount remains on my charge card.
I had left Stacey a voice mail yesterday advising that I would contact corp. CS. Total waste of my time spent with Mystic accounting.

Judith De Joseph


We stayed at Hilton Doubletree Tampa Bay. The Bill was 2002 USD which is paid in full. The problem is that they
keep on pulling money from my account. Today they have pulled another 2000 USD from my account.

Called them the other day and they promised to reverse the money, but in fact they pulled another
1000 USD today.


Hilton using made up small print to avoid price match guarantee.


I stayed at the doubletree down town Nebraska. The pool was not working. The cable went out, the elevator was not in service at checkout on the 22 of July. I was a guess there from 7/20-7/22. Room 1626 confirmation # 97174347. In order to swim we had to take a shuttle to another hotel. I was not informed at check in that the pool was out of order. Very disappointing when the kids and I thought we were going to swim that night.


Shame on downtown Omaha Hilton and good for 3 news for exposing Hilton's insensitivity. Corporate needs to fix this!!! A woman passing thru Omaha has her dog attached in Hilton's garage by pitbull. It will cost her 6K plus in vet bills to try to save here dog. It's an attempted murder of a dog but Omaha Hilton will not release video to help resolve who owns this pitbull? Then on top of that Omaha Hilton continues to charge this lady "dog rates" because she has a "pet room". Really... sounds like Omaha Hilton downtown has a cold hearted money hungry group of employees here. I rate the downtown Omaha Hilton a one for zero compassion for someone that needs help and is hurting badly... and Hilton doesn't seem to care. Does corporate care???


Your service in your resto - breakfast buffet sucks! You spoil our wedding anniversary celebration.
Yes, you refunded the payment but it gave me so much disappointment and frustrations. I almost have a heart attack due to high BP because of embarrassment to my daughter and my husband. Mr. Spencer offered me a dinner for 3 to compensate for the bad experience we had, hello! you mean all the way from Batangas, we will visit your place just for that dinner? Will we spend on the gas and toll fees just for that dinner for 3, which according to him cost around 2k ** each? Mr. Spencer told me that that's the only offer he can give me. He mentioned that if we will book again, he will upgrade it to a suite. He wants us back... really, Why?


On September 12, 2017, I went to your hotel, Hampton Inn, Cortez, Colorado, and inquired about the availability of a room. The young lady told me they had one and I would need to give her my ID and a credit card. After I did what she requested, I asked her how much the rooms were and she told me they were $150.00 a night. I thought this was excessive and told her I was not interested in staying at that price. Two days later there appears on my bank account statement a charge of $151.00.
I did not stay at your hotel and never will again, I assure you. This is pure and simple, theft! I want these charges reversed and added back to my account IMMMEDIATELY, if not sooner!.
I'll be returning to Cortez this week at which time, if these funds have not been returned, I'll be speaking with the District Attorney regarding theft charges by your employees and management who oversees these employees. Then afterwards I'll be reporting to the BBB for further action.


I have a complaint about the Hilton and Hampton Inn Minneapolis/Roseville, on September 20, we were looking for a room to stay after a long evening before driving back to Duluth. Being a Hilton Honors member, I contacted a number of Hampton Inn's in the area and found there were rooms available at the above hotel. We were given a rate almost 5 times higher than their normal rate which I understand to be $89 per night, the rate we were offered was almost $500 dollars for the night. I was quite upset to hear the rate was so high, and they said the manager said to charge this because of the nursing strike.

This did not make sense to me, and seemed liked the manager was taking advantage of the situation. Mu wife and I decided to cancel our reservation, we made earlier that evening and drive back to Duluth late that night. It certainly left a bad taste in my mind being a Hilton honors member, and I am concerned if this is a normal Hampton practice, as I will look to drop my membership and consider other hotels in the future.


This was my second letter to the Hilton management at the Springfield, IL Hampton. At this point in time I don't feel like I have been treated at all like a good standing silver member of HHonors. I have stayed at Hampton Inns at a lot of different places while traveling for work etc. in the Midwest even when there were other chains closer to where I needed to be. This situation that my wife and I were put in at Springfield, IL Dirksen Pkwy, was by far the worst experience I have had at any Hotel.

I had 30,000 Hilton points taken from my account which I feel needs to be credited back. I was given 2063 points for the stay. I have the actual pictures of the room which I plan on sharing if I don't see something to show the customer actually does matter, bugs in the carpet, very dangerous broken chair, mold along walls. Our room was not even cleaned AT ALL the first morning. I had to go to desk to get towels etc. If this can't be taken care of at this level I am very willing to escalate it.

I am not trying to "pull" anything over on anyone. The individual that checked us out and printed the receipt walked to that room to look at it with me and was equally as disgusted and seemed very surprised that the room was even let out. I hope to at least get a response from Corporate.


We made a reservation for Thursday Aug.18th, at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Conference Center, trip # 121-462-692-72. We called the Conference Center on Tues. Aug.16th to cancel since we had a death in our family. The Hilton had no reservation for us. They checked their records several times and still no reservation. They told me to call Priceline to let you know that there was no reservation, so you had better not charge our credit card. The representative I spoke with put me on hold, call the Hilton, and came back and said there was a reservation.

I hung up with her and called the Hilton customer service again, just to confirm once again there wasn't. I spoke with Joey, and again she confirmed no reservation. I charged this reservation that wasn't on my AMEX, and filed a dispute with them, because I don't care what your no cancellation policy is, there was never a reservation made, and I am not paying for your charge. I will never use Priceline or Hilton corporate services again, and intend to advise my friends and relatives not to either.


Terrible experience at the Hyatt by Hilton hotel in north Austin, TX. I stayed here with my wife for the night and it's a typical Austin experience. Nice looking hotel with bad customer service. The employees in the attached photo were incompetent and on their phones checking Facebook instead of helping guests. When I complained about a leak in our room, the front desk said "they acknowledged it".

What does that mean? Can't a hotel fix problems anymore. It seems that Hilton corporate has gone downhill. They are hiring cheap employees who are a joke, then running the hotel at maximum profit. I will never stay at a Hilton property in Austin again!


I am extremely dissatisfied and frustrated with my Hilton experience this evening. I am attending an out of town wedding on October 1st in New Haven CT and guests are staying at the Hampton South on Saw Mill Rd. I was unable to book the room using points through the Bride's wedding site so I called the hotel directly. To my surprise I was told that once I stated the reason for my visit I was not allowed to book any room in the hotel using my points. This was confirmed via two more calls to the Diamond Desk.

My account number is 878636159 - you can check and verify. While I understand that the hotel is offering a discount I find it to be illegal to allow the bride and groom to sign an agreement which prohibits me from using my points at this location. There are many guests who will book rooms and pay - courtesy of the bride and groom for choosing this hotel for their guests. The "legal" restriction that was quoted to me several times this evening is outrageous. There is no value in being a Hilton member when I cannot use the points that are in my account. I am seriously considering moving on to Marriott unless this is rectified.


Now I understand why Hilton Hotels and the Hampton Inn only has 2 stars. When you value your supposedly "valued" rewards members so little . We had a medical emergency which resulted in us having to cancel our trip at the last moment and this company was not willing to work with us or reimburse us. Shameful! Our MD had even offered to give us the hospital notes. Interestingly enough, the other Inn where we had also purchased a special package, was willing to make an exception, once they understood the situation. yes, they lost our money, but they gained our respect and appreciation.

By the way, we were not any kind of quote "special members " either. They were just willing to do the decent and right thing. Shame on you Hampton Inn and Hilton. You have now lost not one customer but 2. There are more than enough other hotels out there that will be happy to take our money and loyalty. Maybe it is time to put your money where your mouth is. If you truly do care about your customers, let's see if you contact us???? We will be happy to provide you the confirmation# for the Hampton Inn in Ashville, N.C. and other personal information.


We stayed at one of your hotels, the Hilton in Chesapeake VA. for a family reunion on aug. 22nd 2015. We booked these rooms five months in advance for a bus load of 50 people, the sales person told us that the rooms would be ready at three o'clock, we waited until four o'clock to make sure the rooms would be ready when we checked in. At four o'clock we starts to check in; one front desk person checking in all of us said the rooms was not ready yet but would be ready in 20mins, we should have not have to wait. My daughter, my sister and I Phillip Goins waited over and hour to get our rooms, the whole bus load of us miss part of the reunion activities due to these issues. 100% customer satisfaction, right. I stayed in room (419) my daughter and sister. We stay at Hilton hotels a lot but this one, not a happy camper. I Phillip Goins called the GM Mr. Earles twice when I got back to Baltimore and he have not returned my call yet. We checked out aug 23rd I still have not heard from GM .


Received a bid for this conference room at a Hilton hotel through Expedia. Made an appt and went to see facility. Stated we were interested. Several emails going back and forth, especially requesting updates, because a response never came back unless I requested an update. Initial offers on bid were not being offered after viewing facility. Sent in a copy of original bid. Again back and forth with hotel. Last email to say meeting room no longer available. Very upsetting and a waste of my time, money, and efforts. Going to view your facility from Miami-Dade to Deerfield. Then being led to believe the entire time that there was availability. Then only to be told that meeting not available. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate of my time by the Hilton corporate offices. Expedia will definitely be advised.


For $152 I purchased a 2 night hotel stay at Hilton Garden Inn Technology Center in Denver, thinking, erroneously as it turns out, that we could have 2 rooms for 1 night. Disappointed but reassured that I would be able to use it for a future stay as assured by Groupon's promise that there is not expiration date and it would be honored toward the purchase of a future night's stay, I accepted the blame for not reading it more carefully. It's now 3 years later and the hotel won't honor the Groupon and Groupon won't honor their promise.

I'm done with purchasing anything expensive from them ever again. Their "guarantee" is obviously bogus. When I inquired about the fact that it was printed on my Groupon, the representative I spoke to said that the phrase actually just applied to local deals and that they would refund the amount if a store went out of business. She said she would turn it over to an account manager who would contact the hotel and if that person was able to arrange something with the hotel, they would contact me. Otherwise I would not be getting any value for my $152 purchase. Not a happy customer, to say the least.


I'm a diamond Hilton Honors member with over a million points and have seen how Hilton trimmed expenses on the account of the comfort of their guests. In this case Hampton Inn decided to upgrade the thermostats in the rooms. After a long, hot July work day I walk into a 82 degree room and wait 1.5 hour for the temperature to drop to 75 degrees. It took additional hour for it to get down to the comfortable 70. Thanks Hilton for providing the comfort I expect. What should I expect in the winter time? Freeze till the temp goes up to 70? I'm not willing to play this game. Upgrade all of your hotels with these new ECO thermostats and I'll see me upgrading to a different brand.


On a recent stay in Texas, we checked into a Hampton Inn where my dog was poisoned by rat poison left on a Dixie cup lid INSIDE the hotel lounge, which we had to walk through to get to the room. The nearest vet was 120 miles away, and I drove at 80 mph to an emergency vet for emergency care. I have the invoice for that care. The Hampton did pay for that bill. My dog has survived but is still under treatment for severe pancreatitis, which can be lethal. We do not know the eventual outcome. I plan to complain to whatever TX agency checks hotel safety, plus the federal agency which does the same. A child could have easily sat down and eaten these pellets. As the vet said, "you saved some lives".

I am seeking monetary compensation for both the dog and myself. Hampton cannot treat a guest the way I was treated. I have had two phone conversations with guest relations and no one seems to care about this occurrence. My offer is $5,000 for the dog and $50,000 for myself, which I plan to donate to PetSmart charities deworming program for heart worm positive dogs. The program is already set up. If you think these sums too high, I think they are too little to really punish a chain like Hampton/Hilton. Just think: poison in the lounge on a window ledge! If I do not hear back I will do whatever necessary to get satisfaction. This case can be quickly put to rest by an apology and the requested compensation, or we can go forward with legal action.

I do have the funds to pay for an attorney, and even if I do not get the compensation I am requesting the publicity which will occur with an attorney involved about this very negligent and foolish placement of poison inside a Hampton will be of great satisfaction to me. Please do not insult me by offering Hilton points.


I recently had a stay at the Hilton Garden Inn. When leaving I was charged for the wrong room. Upon discovery I called to take care of the issue. It took several days to straighten out the mess. Then was charged to the wrong card. Maybe this will be resolved before my expenses are due.

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