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We stayed at Econolodge , Orlando airport on March 2nd. It was the most horrible stay we have ever had .We rented the room because they advertised wifi and breakfast . We got neither. The wifi didn't work at all and they said they couldn't fix it. The phone in the room didn't work at all.
So each problem we had to go outside and to the front desk. The Tv was not programed properly so we only got a few channels. The room stunk when we entered. They sprayed a chemical . When we checked out at 8am to catch the shuttle there was no breakfast not even coffee. We were told it was too early. Very disappointing stay.
3835 McCoy Road
Orlando ,Florida 32812
(407) 601-0928


we stayed at the redroof inn 250 phoenix north 17222 n black cayon hwy phoenix az 85053 we stayed there for a week from feb 25 to march 4 on the 3 day we came in late our bed was not made our floor was not clean our garbage was still full I went down to the counter to get some clean towels waited a few minutes no one there seen a cleaning cart too some towels in the morning said something to person at counter shy said it would be cleaned that night we came in late also the same the room was not cleaned dirty floors garbage over full and some on floor went down to the counter again to get towels waited again talk to the guy he told me they clean the rooms every 3 days told him I never herd of the ever in any motel I have ever stayed in in thee morning when I was going out talk to a girl at counter told her my room was not clean for 2 days sheets not change for 4 days shy said shy would make sure it would be clean when we got back I told her I was very unhappy also ice machines where not working the hole week this was my first time I ever stayed at the red roof inn thank you norman thunter please reply


I stayed at the Comfort Suites Choice Hotel in McAlester, OK off of George Nigh Freeway February 3-5, 2019. My Account number was: 632754967. While my stay was pleasant when I checked out and got to my next destination I realized I left my maxi dress on the back of the bathroom door. This was about 6:30 pm when I realized I didn't have it. I never received a call or email from the hotel stating that I left an item. When I tried to call, the phone just rung, they seem to never answer the phone or state they had phone trouble so I called customer service, Reference number 933454. The customer service rep contacted the hotel, of course they answered her call so clearly there was nothing wrong with the phone. When she came back on the line with me she was told no one turned it in. If they cleaned that bathroom they had to find , I left at 7am that morning. It's not like its worth a lot of money but it was the last gift my mother gave to me before she passed away. The cost of it was only $50 but what it meant to me was worth a whole lot more and I only had it for 2 years. I'm very disappointed that either someone kept it or threw it away instead of following protocol and turning it in. I travel a lot with my job and I have left an item or two behind and each time the hotel contacted me that same day and if I had left the area, they mailed it to me at their expense. I'm not sure if I will stay at another Choice Hotel. Renee Thomas


I have had numerous correspondence with customer service who claimed they were sending my issue to their up depart that was over 3 months ago and even though I have tried to contact them I get no response, To cut to chase on your web site I was trying to book a room with points and money. Your website said it did not go through and try again which I did and got the same response. Finally on the 3rd try it took. Since it did indeed book 3 times I was automatically charged for insufficient points at $135. I was unaware of this since no where did it state I lacked the points to book until my credit card statement came in. I explained what happened and Kate at customer resolution wanted the last 4 digits of the credit and notified me of sending it the highest resolution desk. I have not seen any credit on my bill or you taking back the additional points that were unjustly put on my account and charged. You stated that I'm a valued customer but I'm not treated as such. I would like to resolved this directly with you and not having to go public.


The place was horrific and unsafe along with the front desk person not only stealing money from our card but they also lied to cover it. Charged us amenities when none were available except access to dirt needles


I made a complaint on 11/22/18 concerning the molded,damp.bad smell. Old furniture,stains and no tv room. I was suppose to stay there from 11/21-11/24, but I could not take it. I was charge $80.73 for a couple of hour. This happen at 2364 S Loop W. No one has respond or call me about my complaint.I would appreciate my money back. This is very unprofessional. Thanks for nothing.


Quantity Inn on 2364 S Loop W, Houston Tx. I reserved a suite for 4. We drove from Mobile Al and check in at 11:51. The outside was unpleasant looking and I started not to go in. We went to our room #155 the hallway and the room has stains on the carpets, the bedspreads has stains, the lamp shade had holes, the sofa has stains and it was cold and dreary. Plus the tv was not working which the manager said it we be up in a hour. We stayed until 6pm still no tv. So I checked out and paid 80.73. We had to find another hotel. But, the most disturbing part was the price. The new hotel was the same with better accommodations. I will appreciate a feedback.


No problems with our stays with you. The problem is with your advertisement bada
book bada boom. Terrible! Makes no sense! Annoying as hell! Did I say annoying?

nsulting! Makes no sense! Tiresome! Hate it. Did I say hate it.


Grounds in disrepair pool closed for six days or more not enough employees to keep hotel at even a one star rating Did not tell us the pool was closed until after we arrived


I feel you need to be aware of the horrible; unprofessional, and incompetent experience I had at your hotel last night.

I booked a room with my jobs discount provider., as i do very often, and have never had an issue. After the person registering me complained and snapped at me for using the site, and made me wait 20 minutes because he clearly wasn’t competent with the process, I was told my hotel stay could not be checked in because “he wasn’t paid”....When you are part of a discount group the customer pays them, and has a reservation, which I showed him and he confirmed he saw...There he went on to yell, embarrass me in front of other customers, and frighten my son, when I had paid for my service..I showed the staff my CONFIRMED reservation and he was yelling at me “ I can’t check you in”...He was trying to register me when the discount provider confirms my registration is sent when I booked my room..I called the discount provider and she told him multiple times there was no REASON I could not get a room he has confirmation was paid for, and that he had NO right to deny me services that were paid for...Then he tried to say he didn’t get my information, but you could hear the fax coming through both times she re sent it during my call, and later he admitted I showed up...If you don’t understand the process to partner with a discount provider don’t do it!,. I was screamed and yelled at in front of my son when I was seeking refuge from a 90 degree house due to broken AC....I will never stay in any choice hotels, EVER!,,,the discount company was disgusted and has it all on a recorded conversation where there was no valid reason I could not check in, you’ve lost their business ALSO, and they will be keeping a record of that conversation as it proves you’ll received payment and denied service!...I had to go three days without 200$ waiting on a refund when I still had to book another room...I am a nurse who servers the community every day, what type of people or business kicks out a person WHOSE paid because your too incompetent with the process...SHAME on YOU!...I will be contacting 12 on your side to report this ( our local service and they will put your business on camera). To make matters worse I asked he cancel the reservation after I was denied staying, and asked for a receipt, the receipt showed he registered my name to a room, when I was not even staying there..

If this is how you treat people, then you’ll need to close your doors.


I reserved a room online at the Econo Lodge, Mesa on 8/26/2018. The total was $41.00, after tax $50.66. The clerk had a hard time charging my card, as a result I wound up being charged two charges. One for $48.79 and another for $7.20. The motel is still repeatedly charging a different card amounts from 10.00 - $4.00 over and over since. This needs to stop and I need a refund of $5.33 TODAY or I will never stay at another Choice Hotel AGAIN! The clerk says my card charges a hotel fee of $10.00 which is bogus because I frequent that Econo Lodge quite often and have NEVER had this happen before! Also my OPT+ card people verified that there is no such charge.


Dirty urine stained and bloody mattresses in room 225 and 229. Attn: allie #91438882 Please see photos Quality Inn Union, SC, 315 North Duncan bypass Union Sc 29379 reservation number 1176136215. i do not know how to send photos as an attachments please excuse my ignorance may we use with text messages ?


My wife and 1and half year old little girl and i have been staying at the econo lodge in gastonia nc for going on 4 weeks and never once had any one of the hotels staff come and say a word or writen complaint toward my wife or me about anything no the baby is being to loud or us coming in and out of our room at all diffrent hours threw the day or night from ice or snack machine and ive always paid on time everyday by11:00am maybe i might have been late once or twice because i over slept but never was i ever more than 2 hours late paying my $67.84 everyday and then as i go up to pay this morning at 10:15am on 5/7/2018 the desk clerk tells me that he cant except payment for the room today until i talk to the manager Nirmal Patel witch is the general manager and he wont be back in for a half hour so i told him i would be back at 1045 to speak with him and pay for my room the clerk said ok so after i returned at 1045 the manager stilll not back yet the clerk then said 15 more min and that he asked me to let me know that he would not be renting or leasing me a room there any longer that i needed to pack my things and check out and asked the desk clerck what the reason for me to check out was and he said he didnt know that i would have to talk to the manager and i asked him could i have a hour to pack up and load my things in my car so i could check out and that would give time for manager to get back as well so i could speak to him cause it wasnt fair that im being asked to leave a motel that i havent had any conplaints against me nor have i not payed on time for my daily room rental rate so i went back told my wife what was going on we get everything packed up and loaded up the car and then at that point i went back up to the office and the manager was now there and i asked him for the reason that i was being asked to pack up and check out and leave the hotel property and his words was that the owner HD had asked him to have us check out today and not rerent us a room there today and i said for what reason did he have for that request and he said i would have to talk to him and he would be gone until the 3rd of next month my complaint is ive stayed at this mortel with no complaints against me i have payed on time everyday the full daily amount and never caused any trouble at all and then im asked to check out and not one person not one employee and not one hotel staff nor manager or assist. manager give me a reason for me being asked to pack up and check out today no question asked and cant know get me in contact with the owner/guy that has asked me to pack up and check out it is like a very big slap in the face after all the money ive spent everyday to stay at the hotel and to not have any trouble or any complaints towards me or my family in the 4weeks time that we have been staying with the econo lodge of gastonia nc at 1721 broadcast st gastonia nc 28054 im very very disappointed in the way this has been handled i could understand if there was a reason for me being asked to leave but not one employee nor manager can give me or say what the reason is so ill be glad to take my money to another local hotel and ill be glad to let everyone on socail media know of this incident and ill also make sure i spend all day every day on the review boards on the internet as well until someone has contacted me back in regards to this type of situation it really more less hurt my feelings on how my family and i have been treated its very sad i should say


We stayed in Dubois Comfort suites and you would think having reservations you’d be able to use the indoor pool. Nope, they had it closed for private parties. That was the only reason we went. That was in February. In March they took out our hotel stay and today I had a charge for the stay again. Definitely don’t recommend


I reserved two rooms for three nights for family visiting from Maryland. There stay was a very bad experience, they were unable to sleep comfortably due to the bedbugs, they were bitten while trying to sleep after a long day in the airport. My brother was unable to stay his full reservation and checked out after the first night. My sisters had no ideal of the bedbugs but took pictures of them prior to checking out and was able to provide proof to the management on checkout date.

The management offered to reduce the bill by $10.00 stating he will inform the general manager after 0800 hrs on the checkout date Sunday morning at 0530 hours. The Hot water heat went out Friday, The reservation for three (3) nights, my brother left after the first night, my other sisters stayed the full three nights and endured the bedbugs inflecting pain and marks on their bodies. Account#489416319, no effort was made to accommodate their bad experience they paid what the bill totaled. I am a shame to refer other family and friends to Quality Inn John Harden Drive Jacksonville, Arkansas.

I viewed Choice Hotels to be professional and provided excellent customer service, this was nothing less than poor accommodation and a very bad experience for my family.


This is the second time we have stayed at Oneonta Clarion. We usually stay at the Hampton Inn but every thing was booked since it was family weekend. We have stayed at several other hotels since we had a daughter graduated from Suny Oneonta and now her sister is attending the same college. We arrived at the hotel and 12:30am Saturday to a clerk that had nose rings ear piercing and a piercing on her mouth. We had a spill and I asked for a paper towel and she said she did not have any and just continued on with what she was doing. We left the hotel at 9:55am Sunday, our bill was $731.45 which is insane but we did it for our daughter.

We entered room 510 to find it a little moldy smelling but since we had no option we stayed. The room had a king size bed and a pull out couch. We asked to use the couch and was told that that would be an extra charge. The room had no clock and when I asked the front desk for one they responded we don't have one and there is nothing they could do but give us a wake up call. The room also has no microwave and when we went to the front desk to get the babies milk warmed up the clerk (a man) said Oneonta ordinance wouldn't allow microwaves in the rooms. My husband told him that is a lie because the Hampton Inn and even the Super 8 has microwaves in each room. The clerk responded very rudely "well we're just to cheap". My husband went to the kitchen and a very lovely lady helped us.

We use the air conditioner and it leaked all over the carpet and wet some of our stuff. On Saturday the cleaning lady came to clean the room and we said we didn't need it but can we get some extra towels. She never came back with the towels. I was very happy to leave and will never stay at the Clarion again even if that means we will have to sleep in our car. I will not be recommending it to anyone.


The room smelled horrible. The mirrors were filthly, cleaned them myself because I couldn't stand them. Definitely will try to avoid choice hotels again.


I checked in the room dropped my bags off and went out to dinner. Came back at 10:20pm and saw roaches on the base boards and bedding. Bed bugs on the side of mattress and headboard the top sheet had blood stain that was faded and old. I grabbed my things and left the hotel around 11pm and checked out online on no was at the front desk at that time. I felt like my skin was crawling. I've sent Roadway inn numerous messages no response. I paid 67 dollars and I want my money returned on my credit card or I will go to the Health Department.


I canceled and rescheduled a stay at the Comfort Suites in Concord NC to Charlotte NC and the customer service rep didn't cancel my stay but added the nee stay. I was charged $77 for a no show that should have never happened. I have been waited for 3 weeks on an investigation to be complete and never heard from a rep. Called Choice customer support back today and have to go through the same 7 to10 business day waiting period on an investigation.

This is incompetence on the reps part and I the one who has paid for it. Was also told someone reached out and left a message about this, not true. Who wouldn't follow up on a message about their money. I'm angry and will never stay at another Comfort Suites.


I check in August 15, 2016 at Econo Lodge in Lincoln City, Oregon. The walls in the room was dirty, T.V was very dusty, the baseboard heater was rusty and it was very dirty on top with hair stuck to the heater, bedspread had
spots all over it, cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling, and the trash can was dirty. The room wasn't fit to stay into it. I got cold in the late in the morning and turned on the heater and it didn't work.


My family and I had to leave unexpectedly to AZ for a family emergency, I booked a room with 2 beds and a request for a cot. Upon arriving at hotel, a guy who looked suspicious kept staring at us. I checked in and I asked the Front desk clerk if I could call him when we were ready for the cot, he said yes.

As we were walking to the room a guy approached my son and started interrogating him about how many people were in the room. It was quite disturbing. We then get a call from the front asking me to come down so I went. And I was immediately accused of booking a room for only 2 people. I asked him if he was the guy who approached my son and he stated he was Hotel security. I advised him that his badge did not identify him as security and why was he so rude to my son. He ignored my question and said my reservation was only for 2 people.

We argued back and forth before he finally checked my reservation. He then tells me they don't have cots. I asked him why did the other front desk person confirm he was going to bring me one when I called. He said was a new employee and doesn't know anything. He then said we had to leave and he wasn't going to refund my charges for room because we were already in there. My reservation clearly stated a request for a cot and the number of people. He then stated he was kicking us out because I was hostile and argumentative.

He stated we had 3 adults with us and I told him my son is not an adult, he is big for his age. I reminded him again, my reservation was correct and there was no reason for us to not stay there. He stated that we needed to leave and my card would be charged. After driving 5 hours and dealing with a family emergency, I never expected to be treated so rudely, instead of offering us another room, (they had rooms available) or charging us accordingly, he just simply kicked us out. I will be making my phone calls to Corporate and I will never stay at another Choice Hotel Rodeway Inn again. And you can thank Anthony Garcia at Rodeway Inn, Albuquerque, NM.


I have no complaints about the hotels we like all Choice hotels in fact when we are out on the road your hotels are the first we look for. My issue I had reserved rooms at a hotel we always stay at I was informed after I drove 300 miles (with reserved rooms) that your hotels will no longer accept debit cards for payment(Which is how I have always paid). I was told I had to have a credit card instead. I have a Visa card with a limited credit amount that was my choice because I do not need a credit card. But I was told that it was not acceptable. I was very disappointed we had to find another hotel to stay in.

Making this new rule has made it so that we can no longer go to some of the places or hotels we always go to in some locations your hotels are the only ones available or are our preferred choice to stay. I would understand if I had ever left a hotel with issues we never have. I have talked to other hotels they had never heard of a place doing this. I guess its your choice I am nobody important just before now a very happy customer I always tell people how good your hotels are. we have stayed at a lot of them in many states over the years we were planning trips for spring break and summer but we had to cancel spring break because of this new rule. the only hotel at the beach we go to was yours the desk clerk that is used to us coming for that week said he could not take my form of payment. so we could not go.

I am sure my opinion is not much. I am sure you have plenty other customers that can fill my slot as a credit card paying customer. like I said we really enjoy your hotels and would like to continue to use them but you made it so that we can't. If you ever change your policy could you let it be known until then we will be using other hotels. I have been a member of your card club since 2009 and a satisfied one for much longer. I would like to continue I travel a lot and your locations are more travel friendly.


The reason i booked our 3 night hotel stay was for a family getaway to denver from colorado springs. They were a cheap option and the only indoor heated pool/hot tub, which is the only reason we stayed there. The hotel was under constant construction, blocking all doorways, hallways, & elevator! Forcing us to take 2 flights of stairs constantly. Breakfast was too small for the amount of people staying there!

The 2 men running it were cranky and acted like we bothered them anytime we needed something. Pool broke after day 1! Carpet was being installed above our room so relaxing was impossible! No apology from the workers or advanced notice of renovations, we booked a month in advance. Rooms were filthy, no screen on our 2nd story window. We checked out 1 day early and were told no refund and treated us like everything was great and we were impossible guest. Vending machines were all broken as well. No rules enforced at all, open liquor in the hot tub by other guest. I should be refunded for the entire stay! Never stay at choice hotels!


We usually stay at one of your facilities and are satisfied with everything. Without previous reservation we were quoted $125.10 per night at comfort Inn and Suites, Amarillo, Tx 2-24-16. Were told by person at desk not to look further as all other hotels were full and there were no rewards, so " take the room as no others were available in the area so no need to look further". We then stayed. I looked later on my tablet and other rooms were available at $78.60.

I don't understand. We stayed at 2300 Soncy Amarillo. The next night we stayed at comfort Inn and Suites in Platte City,MO. for $75.00, a very nice clean place with friendly staff. We were also told there was only $5.00 discount with AAA., usually it is 10%. Yes, we are senior citizens but we have never stayed at any of your facilities for that much money. With taxes it was $143.87. We can stay elsewhere for less. We traveled 700 miles that day and were tired but didn't book ahead as we didn't know how far we would drive that day. Thank you for your time.


Staying at Comfort Inn in Greeley Colorado, 10/30/2015. Truly Yours bedding isn't in used here. Pillows so worn out and soggy they are about half the size of a standard pillow on the queen size beds. Pillow topper "if you want to call it that" in a flat worn out piece of fabric that shifts in the bed. Bedding has a dirty stale smell and there are used tissues next to the bed. Mattress is worn out and hard. I haven't even gone to bed and am sending this because it is so bad. I only stay at Comfort Inn for the Truly Yours pillows, I will not be staying again and ready to share my Choice Hotels complaint with the world.


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