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I will like to why I can not sent money through western union to Ghana.
it is over six month now.
please this is important.


My money was stolen, two money orders which included 1 for $1000.00 and the second for $680.00. I contacted western union and had the money orders traced. Both of these money orders were manipulated. I had explained this to western union, and they mailed me individual fraudulent forms for each money order that was stolen. I was required to get them filled out, notarized and attached all evidence. I had sent my police reports and housing information. I then waited in the mail for a response. I only received a response after several months for one money order. I called and asked for a follow up on the other money order. I was told by staff that both reports were received and being investigated. However, I then received an email from another staff stating that I had never requested for both money orders to be investigated. I was also told that it is too late for me to now request for the 680.00 money investigated. I am shocked. My hard earned money was stolen and I did all of the necessary steps. Provided my proof for both money orders. Even received one of the amounts back but now denied my second money order. Why would I report one money order being stolen and not the second one which I had submitted evidence for both. Each fraudulent report was written separately because that is what they gave me for each check to fill out. Someone lost my paper work and it should not be at my expense. I feel revictimized !

The latest staff explained that fraudulent both reports were made.

call made on: march 9/ 2019: confirmed both reports were entered
call made at:12:45 pm
case # 55223477
direct hotline: 1800 999 9660 xt 1430
staff named: liam

I was told to resend a copy of the forgery request for both checks. However, I can not find them. It is not my fault that my paper work was lost. I had submitted evidence for everything, both money orders. Why would they only acknowledge one. This was the response I had received.

RMO Product Operations

Direct line: +1 877 245-6780 ext. 2590441
Fax: 1-720 325 2678

Western Union Processing
12500 E Belford Ave
Englewood, CO, 80112

Hello Ms. Rogers,

Please be informed that we have received only one Forgery Purchaser’s Affidavit for Money Order 17598240145. Please see below.

We have not received any separate Forgery Affidavit for Money Order 17598240146. If you state, that you have sent the Forgery Purchaser’s Affidavit to us for Money Order 17598240146, please send the copy of it, thus we could investigate what really happened.

Please assist me in this manner. I am hopeful western union will find a way to rectify this situation.

My contact information is listed below
ell phone : 1(631) 565- 9912

Thanks in advance,
Ms. Rogers


I request proof of all money I picked up for the year 2018 and I go the run around. It's been 4 weeks since I mailed, emailed, called 4 times and no response from Western Union.


WU travkkng # 880 189 2175 money transfer 400.00 was not paid to receiver Ighodaye Samuel but was posted as picked up. He claims they never paid him. Please tell me what your records are showing.


Why is Anamarie Villanueva Manuel blocked from receiving a money transfer from me on 7/4/18?
From USA to Hong Kong
Tracking # 416-641-7135


Money sent to me twice was refunded to the sender last week. What is the issue with Western Union? If someone has the phone number for corporate, I think they would appreciate hearing about what happened to me.


I went to Enterprise, Oregon Safeway store earlier this evening to shop , use ATM machine and pick up a western union. There was nobody in their office as is the case many times but tonight was ridicules ! The ATM was not working and no one around to ask about it. When somebody did finally blow buy me and go in I showed him that I had a money pick-up Western Union. I was not too politely informed that he didn't have time for that then and maybe he would in an hour and a half. I was not going to stand there for that long to see if he had time in an hour and a half. I have a family I had to get home and fix a meal for. My time is also valuable. I know he is one of the store managers although I do not know his name at this time. Having people like that employed is a good way to loose customer.

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