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Webcortex is an e-commerce cosmetic tools, nail, hair, lips, makeup, eye lashes, oral health and supplements company. Customer search for over 1 million items on their site.

To reach Customer Service, call 646-657-8981. You will also find Contact Us information here. To write a letter to CEO, Shay Sabah, address an envelop with Webcortex, 60 E. 13th Street, New York, NY 10002, USA. Also useful email is info@webcortex.com. Free shipping is standard and social presence is minimal.

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on11-29-18 ipurchased a boreing bar with inserts for 23.85 at 11:38 webcortex 409 charged to my card ending in 1330 so far i have not recieved this purchase. I would appreciate if you would look into why i havent recieved it yet . thank you


good store)


I always order from these guys and think they are making a good job.
I can not say anything bad about this store as they delivered my items in time and they were nice !
Personally recommend this store to everyone !


on july 15 I ordered a carburetor for my Yamaha Kodiak 400 atv. it was supposed to be delivered in 2 days. it is now 4 days and have not received it yet but you have my money.


Double billed for product. Telephone calls and emails ignored. Cannot get a response. This is a terrible company to deal with.


I ddid not receive my order. I suppose to get it yesterday. I need the avera faux leather storage sofa futon right now or I will file an official response against WebCortex. There is no phone number, no place to chat, it's just ridiculous.


I placed a order on Sept. 2nd, and today is the 28th, and I have not received my order. I called WebCortex customer support and they gave me 3 different tracking number and none of them worked. I talk to the chat line and they were going to look into the problem and see the status of the order and see if they could tell me where the order was, and that never happen and I have e-mail them and they sent me another tracking that did not work and today I requested money back. WebCortex as a company is a scam and I am going to call PayPal billing and the Better Business Bureau. I hope the people out there that can read this, and that they will stay away from that so called company. I have tried multiple times to contact them, so I will post my review here and hope that customers are warned.


On August 18, 2016, I ordered two (2) fly swatters through the WebCortex website at a cost of $17.05. My order went thru PayPal. However, it is now 7 days since that order and I have not received them. Was not given a tracking number but the order no. for the swatters is: 5160-6659-3848-5070. This is called a receipt ID on my document I printed out, but when I call WebCortex billing department nobody can track down my order. Can anyone help? The fly Swatters have this number: SKUB0019Z42EK.


I bought a fuel pump & kit for my 700 ranger from WebCortex they told me it would be here last Saturday but I haven't got it or heard from them. I tried calling the customer service phone number but just get a recording that they are not available. Left message and asked them to phone me back but nothing. I have called two days now. I think I got ripped off. What should I do next? Hopefully somewhere here can help me.


This company is a total scam. Need I say more? You will call & get a voicemail, email and get the same response for months, return emails say you will receive by April 15, then May 1 then May 15 ....always 2 week intervals. My granddaughter asked me to order this for her and asks me still is it ever going to come? No more WebCortex, they do not respond to billing complaints either.


Paid for the WebCortex product no shipping no, no product nobody seams to know what is going on. I either want the product or my money back!


Have tried to call and email customer support regarding an order with no response. I will never order from this company again.


I sent for a Wraptastic for my clear plastic wrap. When it was sent to me it was faulty and the box outside did show that also. Inside was a partial and we needed the two springs to complete the Wraptastic. I asked the WebCortex customer service people for a return page as I was compelled to send the whole thing back even though we only needed the two springs to complete the whole unit. Now I see that you are going to refund me $12.59 and I originally paid $17.59 for the unit. I do not believe that I should be penalized for this item as it was of no fault of my own that the merchandise was faulty. This is a horrible way to do business and even though it was not a lot of money, I do not think this was a fair thing for the Webcortex company to do.


My complaint is about the WebCortex customer service office. I have not received my order; Vibran women,s vi-B Fitnes yoga shoe. Black 40 EU / 8 m US, items # SKUBOODZOPMVO $91.44. Please, can you instruct me why do not you sending this to me?


What do you expect from WebCortex? This is an online e-commerce store that sells cheap items for a markup. I have read complaints online about this store lately, but it really does not matter. If you want nice items go to Amazon to shop, if you want cheap go to WebCortex.


I intended to purchase a barbecue kit from WebCortex and they didn't send me a tracking number nor did they answer any phone attempts. So I filed a claim by calling the Paypal customer service number and in the meantime I bought a kit from another vendor. I am asking you to send me return this item sticker so I can return this item to the WebCortex store that I bought it from online.

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