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Wayfair, LLC is a publicly traded NYSE:W American e-commerce company selling home goods. With over 5,000 employees and revenues reported as 2.2 billion USD in 2015 Wayfair was started in 2002.

To reach Customer Service, call 1-866-263-8325. To write to CEO and C-Founder, Niraj Shah, address an envelop with Wayfair, LLC, 4 Copely Place, 7th Floor, Boston, MA 02116, USA. The corporate office phone number is 884-223-1690 Monday thru Friday.

With free shipping, Wayfair offers baby, kids, holiday, mattresses, kitchen, patio and game room furnishings and accessories. Social support is found on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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I complained about the bed I bought but didn't hear back. I am very disappointed. it is unusable .


I have a item delivered 18th July 2019 not on the agreed delivery date there was no one home as delivery was arranged for 1st August 2019. Delivery men actually broke by gate away from the wall to get into the back of my cottage and left the items balancing against the back door. They did not have the decency to text me or leave a note in my mailbox to advise what had happened. They left the gate so it looks like it was closed this is total disrespect from these people to treat my home like this, In fact you could class it as breaking in as the gate was blocked behind for a reason there is no need for people to use that gate. I contacted the delivery company who told me I have to contact Wayfair which I did I was promised a call back from both companies no call back from either. I am so diappointed with the way I have been treated. If you can trace and listen to the call I made a few days ago you will hear me say if no one is there (on correct delivery date) you can leave at side of cottage entering the back of my cottage was not mentioned so where you got the information from to leave at back of cottage was not from me.
I await your respone within 48 hours or I will be taking this complaint further. I have other pictures but for some reason I cannot upload them if these are required. I have never had a problem with any other delivery company you use and I love the items previously bought from Wayfair but this experience has been far from pleasant. Kind Regards, Sue Redmond


Stand with boycott.

I'll never purchase anything ever again for your company.


I am concerned that you would have employees who feel entitled to walk out because you are selling product to the US Boarder. I hope you have the decency to fire your entire Human Resources Department for profiling such people and hiring them to begin with. Then I hope you fire every one who walked out and replace them with caring patriots of America andviur democracy. As a business owner I am appalled with the behavior of your workers. I hope you have the sense to notvpay them for the time they spent protesting. What a mess you have! It does not look favorably on your organization.



My family (including many married children) will NEVER, EVER AGAIN purchase a product from your anti-Trump company. Your employees are disgraceful, like yourself, and we will all find another company without aN uber liberal political bias to do business with. In the past 3 years, we've purchased, in the aggregarte, over $10,000 in merchandise from your company. You have seen our last dollar, you liberal assholes!!!!


I noticed your employs are going to stage a walkout for your company selling beds to detention centers , I say if they do fire all them rehire new ones, employes should leave there political views at home not the work sight, if you do not I will take my business elsewhere , thank you tommy


I have been a customer for years! Spent thousands of dollars for all home related items. Large orders! A Wayfair Professional you call me.
I learn today that your Wayfair sold beds to the concentration camps for immigrants and refugees, a $200,000 dollar order for you!! Your profit from this sale, $86,000!
Your employees plan a walkout and I agree with them!
Your CEO said “No” to refusing to fulfill this order!!
You WILL give these profits to charity! Or you will NEVER get another order from me!


I purchase a dinning room set one of the chairs has a hole on the side your repair guy came out to fix tbe table and chair and he told them the chair will need to be replaced ,I was told it will take about a week to replace no one called so I called and was told the chair was on back order until May 31st and still no call no e-mail and I had to call and was told tbe chair was shipped out, so I waited and no chair so I called again and was told that the chair was not shipped but it's back order again now am being told that I have to wsit until June 20th ,I'm looking on your web site and see the chair for 319.00 and delivery date would be june 10th and its the same chair


Okay so this was my 3rd order placed for 8 panels burnt orange rod pocket order number
1. Panels were 1 week late arriving
2. when they finally arrived they were the wrong panels they were supposed to be rod pocket.
3. I call customer service and they change the order to rod pocket. They have been shipped will be there on WED.
4. I get an email on wed., saying the order was cancelled..how can they cancel an order that has been shipped??
5. I speak with a great rep Keith who tells me the panels are not availiable at all in rod pocket, error on the website.
6. Keith takes the time to look for panels that will work for my client. he finds some, he processes the order for overnight shipping they will be here on Friday.
7. Friday I get a text from wayfair saying fedex has the wrong address, I then call fedex and spend the entire day calling & waiting, because fedex told me they had my correct address and they would be delivered by the end of the day....this was confirmed 3 times as the day went on & on. Finally at 8:30 that evening I was told they would not becoming until Monday.

8. Monday I get a text saying they will not be here till Tuesday, so by that time I am completely furious, I have given my client close to 4000.00 discount on this job, ran out and bought substitute panels, because she was having a grand opening.

9. I call wayfair on Monday, after all of this they offer me a refund & a $50.00 credit. I have spent days waiting for these panels to arrive I will not even make any profit on this project because of having to cancel appointments, give discounts, running around trying to find burnt orange or sienna colored panels & my compensation is $50.00!!


I purchased a chair on clearance. Got sent a confirmation of it's shipping, an estimated delivery date and my card was charged. After waiting several days past that date and several phone calls later, I still had no chair. Well apparently Wayfair would have me believe that the chair just disappeared. A solid object, just disappeared in transit. However, through the magic of Bait and Switch Trickery, another one could appear. However I would have to pay full price, basically twice as much. Apparently no one at Wayfair has the authority to transfer an instock item into the clearance stock category in order to fulfill an order promised to one of it's customers. Terrible customer service, an insult to my intelligence.


No problem with your product. It's your delivery service. I cannot believe it's FedEx. One of the pkgs. went to a location in Cranbury. After 3 telephone calls I now have both pkgs. and both just left in the lobby. There is a big sign indicating that all pkgs. must be brought to individual apartments. Your delivery service just left both of my pkgs., on two different days, sitting in lobby for anyone to take. There is a lot of traffic in lobby & I had advised FedEx of this in one of our conversations, and also in one of my conversations with your rep. This is FedEx? They come here every day & I have never seen this degree of I don't give a damn.


scheduled an installation with handy...installer was late because he had to rent the tools he needed to complete job.that tells me two things,he is not a licensed electrician and the company was not properly vetted.I will never schedule an installation with wayfair again


Hi.. ordered a hot tub...was told it was scheduled for delivery 03/28 so I called at least 4 times trying to schedule...I live 1/3 mile off the road and cell service is not good and was worried the delivery people would not be able to reach me...I have made every effort to be available including taking the day off work ..I find out today that my delivery is not even scheduled...I don't want an email from your c/s telling me they will get in contact with me in 3 to 5 days..it cost me over $550 to miss work..how is it the four times I contacted you still resulted in a failure of communication...


I bought a bunkbed and the day after it was delivered I found the same exact bunkbed that popped up on a search of that same vendor. It was several hundred dollars cheaper and they are telling me that it is not the same exact bunkbed which is very confusing because it did not show up on any bunkbed searches before I made the purchase. But you can look at the photos and it is exactly the same bunkbed and it is made by the same manufacturer and sold by L C kids. I just wanted them to credit me the price difference since it was within the seven days that they are supposed to honor the sale price but their excuse is that it is not the same bunk bed which is ridiculous.


I ordered a blue office chair. The box arrived so I hauled it up the stairs to my second floor office. Not easy for a 74 year old man - the box is very heavy. I opened the box only to find out that the wrong chair was sent - it was grey. I called and a replacement will be forthcoming. So, just now I had to haul the wrong chair back downstairs and tape up the box. When the replacement arrives, I'll have to drag it upstairs again. I understand mistakes happen, but this is a VERY big deal for an elderly person who lives alone and has to do everything himself. I am VERY disappointed in Wayfair.


this is the worst thing ive ever had to do complain but I ordered a pool table on dec 27th 2018 and I still have not gotten it and I have called to complain they have done nothing but give me the run around if they dont have the item to send they need to tell me I dont understand what the problem is they need to get on the ball I have gotten other stuff and they delivered on time and very happy with the orther stuff I have received but now I cant get my sons pool table he is driving me crazy waiting on it well thats my complaint I think you should do something about it call me 6068245063 its under my daughters name on the order tonya morgan


Your credit card Comenity Bank Account ending in 4449
12/02/2018 ordered Headboard order #2646609207
40 dll credit with Comenity credit card
Payment due 01/11/2019
Payment sent 01/03/2019 Paid in Full
Bank received per them on 01/18/2019 15 days in transit
Was charged 25.00 late fee and 4.97 finance charge
Called bank on 01/25/2019 and they reduced to 10.00 dlls
Robert M. Schroeder 2607 W Aiden St Tucson Az. 85745
We have top credit rating and WE ARE NOT HAPPY


Placed order with a delivery date of January 4,2019. NO update to order as of today other that the status of processing which was that shortly after order was placed. Wayfair has my money but unknown if order will ever ship.


I order a desk and chair on the same day (Dec. 26th, 2018). The desk came in on Dec. 28th, but the chair not until Jan. 17th. This was supposed to be a surprise for my son who comes home Jan. 7th. Not too impressed... Very disappointed!


i Will never order another item from you all if it's from South Side i ordered a dresser 3 to 4 weeks there was a part missing plus 2 drawer fronts were damaged after coming for a replacement twice they still sended the wrong items twice but i did get the back board to my drawer that was missing the 1st time


UPS continues billing me for return shipping of barstools to Wayfair. Wayfair authorized 3 barstools to be returned after they had stated that they were unavailable (and I bought others). Although three barstools were involved, UPS driver came to pick them up with just 1 return label; he was told to pick up all 3 and return labels would be applied before their return to Wayfair. They were all returned... 2 without return labels. UPS seeks payment for the other 2. Total now, with 2 late fees, is $116.20. They are going to suspend my account (which I don't have).

So, UPS screwed up, but Wayfair has received 2 barstools without paying for the shipment which they authorized. I have some paperwork, but first I'd like to see email acknowledgement of this complaint. For 2 months, nobody has acknowledged receipt of my correspondence.

Thank You.


RE: Order # 2860176855
I purchased 8 boxes (11 units per box) of bathroom tile of the “Harrison 1"x 1" Natural Stone Mosaic Tile in Carrara White by Itona Tile # ITNA3159” at the advertised price of 1.27 per sq ft. When I received the tile, I only received 8 units of tile, not the 8 boxes I was expecting. I checked the price again on-line and verified I did not misunderstand the sale price of 1.27 per sq ft. Then I used their "calculate square footage" to determine the amount of tile needed, and when I entered 80 sq ft the Wayfair system calculated the following (see attached):
Boxes Needed (1 box = $13.99) 8
Sq ft included (1 box = 11 sq ft) 88.00
Total Price $111.92
I placed the 8 boxes in my cart and the quantity ordered at checkout also reflected 8, which I assumed represented 8 boxes, but upon delivery I only received 8 units of tile. I called Wayfair and explained the situation and advised them that I was only shipped 8 units and still needed 7 boxes and 3 units to complete my order. I directed the representative to search the Wayfair website and order to verify the price and quantity ordered. I was placed on a brief hold and later advised that the price was a glitch in the system and suggested I return the tile for a refund. Then I advised him that I would much rather purchase the quantity of tile at the advertised price. I was placed on another brief hold and advised that they would only refund the order and I did not need to return the 8 units, and then offered 20% off my next tile purchase.
I would requested that Wayfair honor their advertised price as they have acknowledged the pricing mistake but have yet to correct the website pricing and are still misleading buyers to believe they will receive boxes of tiles when in fact they intend to deliver units. I believe it is a bait and switch situation and would like for this situation to be treated as such.


The first problem that I have with Wayfair is the way they handling shipping. After my purchase of theater seating, I found out it would take approximately eight weeks for them to be delivered. My wife and I waited anxiously for our chairs to arrive. Finally, the day came and the delivery seemed to have went off very well. The men who handled the delivery were unpacked each item quite quickly and even took away the boxes and packaging materials that came with the boxes. There were instruction booklets attached to each seat and as my wife was reading them, she asked why it stated in the instructions to turn the chair over to find the plug. I told her it was because I ordered seating with LED lighting along the bottom and cup holder of the chair. As she looked it over, she found that there was no electric cord attached to it anywhere. It turns out that the chairs I received did not come with the LED lighting. I had also ordered tray tables as an accessory to go with the chairs and did not receive those either. I called Wayfair immediately and told them what happened and was greeted with a very understanding lady that stated how sorry she was for the mix-up and that she would do whatever it took to help us resolve this issue to make us happy. Needles to say, after all the "help" I was told that I had made a mistake according to the seller. What she found was that I had received exactly what I ordered. I know what I ordered and I feel as though I was duped. It turns out that when you click on the picture with the chairs with LED lighting, you are actually ordering something different. This seems like a bait and switch to me. The only "help" I really received was being shown that I had no idea what I was ordering. I will never buy anything from Wayfair again and will make sure I tell of my experience to anyone that is considering buying from them as well.


I ordered a Birch Lane Sommerset twin sleeper sofa. by Rowe Furniture(reference # 50-28-08-07-71 . I paid cash for it. I ordered in August and received in October. First, The color I ordered was the wrong color. It was to be trimmed in burgundy and that was not the color. I had drapes made to match the color and that was disappointing. I was told I needed a mattress for the sofa and the associate sold me a mattress I did not need, because a mattress came with the sofa. Speaking with one of your associate I was told if I kept the wrong sleeper sofa she would refund me $500.00 which I have never seen. This is very heart breaking to me treated this way. I have tried to contact someone and nothing has happen. Will some one please email me to help with this situation.


I used to love shopping on line at Wayfair & I could easily read ALL about the product & when I ordered it was SIMple and the products usually arrived in good shape. But now I am bombarded with zap, zap, zap different products I hadn't asked to view, not the even the basic product I want to order and switch to other products, and it's some mysterious puzzle to get descriptions & dimensions and reviews. I just soon decide I won't be manipulated and leave the site EVEN THOUGH I KNEW ALMOST EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! The last time I did order - a couch - it arrived 3 weeks after promised delivery (I can tolerate some delay) but it was not the manufacturer who was listed on line and it was scraped up on 3 edges. I had to hire a guy to come over & lift one end & put blocks under it so could reach inside to put in screws. I could live with the sloppy delivery stuff, but trying to shop online at Wayfair is likening through a bad haunted house with creatures jumping out and no way to exit. No, I am not demented, psychotic or under-educated. It's easier to go to 100 garage sales looking for a spine cone. I'll try other sites to shop & they're not simple either. But .....I just don't understand why.


I ordered the Bryce 2-piece living room set on 8/4/18. Only one piece was delivered to my local delivery agent. My Wayfair case manager was supposed to order the missing piece or order me a complete new set and she is no longer answering my emails or available by phone. I do not received status updates of any kind regarding my order. I hear nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This order has been paid for and I have not received my living room set. I cannot get any satisfaction when contacting Wayfair or any resolution
to this problem.

If this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction I plan to take legal action.


I have noticed an increase in frequency of wayfair commercials lately.,unfortunately,all of the music jingles are still off key and extremely
Obnoxious. Your products aren't that bad but your advertising department
has little to poor taste.I suggest you replace them all.Sincerely, a former
wayfair custom.


We ordered a new daybed with a storage drawer.. well they only sent the drawer... I called the company and they don’t even sellllll the actual bed.. it’s not offered on their site!!


I been trying for a year to get help with slipcovers I bought when I bought the furniture.
Can’t find anyone to help or call me back.
I’ve messaged multiple times with no response.
Please have someone call me
at 4102413741/leave a message
Thank you


We bought a rug which was delivered yesterday, it is not the rug we ordered, it is not the color we ordered; the attempt to contact you per phone on any of the multiple numbers displayed on the website has been futile, the attempt to arrange a return on the website has also been futile. I do not know what the problem is but one would think that some announcement of your problems and an apology would be helpful! Needless to say, I want my money back, how do I get this taken care of??? I now see online that you have multiple complaints regarding your lack of customer service, so I guess my best choice is to contact my bank and make an official complaint and then to pass this on to the Better Business Bureau.


As a previous customer, I wanted to express my displeasure with your corporate decision to no longer advertise on the Laura Ingraham Show on FNC. The inability of your company to differentiate between empathy and capitulation is something I cannot abide with, and as a result, will no longer purchase your products. It is my sincere desire that Wayfair experience the same financial effect that Target has in the recent past.


I have purchased a bedroom set augst gove from you I have been on to your dept all I wanted to buy is another bediside cabinet but told no I have bought a lot of your furniture I'm sue your depot can at least let me buy a single one I love your products but if I am unable to buy one you have lost a good customer you have single ones in cream so why not in grey hope to hear from you soon regards


I recently ordered an wicker glider chair through Wayfair. The items was a nice little chair, however, it looked like it was for a child and not an adult. The adult who I bought the chair for decided they did not want it as they could not comfortably fit into this chair.

There are a couple of issues that should be brought to your attention:

1) The shipping carton that the item came in was flimsy and looked like it have been run over by an 18 wheeler. I was amazed that the chair arrived in good condition.

2) This caused a significant problem with the return, as I now have to find a new shipping container. This was extremely difficult as most retailers that I contacted did not have a size of 40" (H), 30" (W), 30" (D). If they did, they would not sell me 1 carton as their minimums were at least 5 units.

3) I had to create a carton that almost fit what I needed by the measurements noted above. Three hours later, I have finished packing it for reshipment back to Wayfair. Not exactly what I wanted to do on a Monday morning!

4) After this experience, I will not be purchasing any furniture via Wayfair. I have a budget this Spring that I will use elsewhere. The budget is 5 figures to the left of the decimal point.

I recommend that Wayfair do something to fix this problem with your vendors as it does not depict your company in a favorable light! Given this experience, I would rate this past purchase with ZERO STARS.

Joe Russell


We recently bought entire bedroom furniture on Wayfair (two months ago,order numbers attached). Two night stands,chest and bed sleigh. Total over $3500.00 Three months later paint on night stands started peeling off,drawers are stuck and can not open,some open half way only. One drawer fell off. Chest has the same issue with drawers,they can not open . Bed sleigh,upholstered part came with two big stains. Terrible!I called they said return window is done,there is nothing they can do. Really?Like I have $3600 to spend every three months to buy new furniture!I will never buy anything again from Wayfair!


this company is new way of slavery era they send you for a job take 4 hours to do but the pay only 1.5 with cheap rate for example the will send you to do pluming job take half day pay you $ 90 but they charge the customer $ 450 its happen for me not once or twice or they send you to assemble an piece of furniture pay you $30 and they charge the customer $168 plus other fees and scams they do i need help to expose them and wayfair to the public so we can stop blood sucking this both company are the best example for legalize scam please help put down this unfair treatment for hard worker and share to every person you know and stop order their services


We were originally scheduled to receive a kitchen table (Order No. 2416230401/Conf. No. CS 88717816) on Wednesday, 27 September 2017, my wife took the day off so that she could be at the house to receive the delivery. Wayfair took it upon themselves to reschedule the delivery to Friday, 29 September 2017. My wife and I both took Friday off to receive the delivery. Friday came however there was no delivery! When we reached out to the local Wayfair Home Delivery Terminal the woman we spoke with, "Nichole", advised us that the driver had been to our house at 8:30AM, beat on the door and no one was home. We advised Nichole that this was not a correct representation of the facts as I was personally in my kitchen, less than 15 yards from the front door and less that 10 yards for the garage door, there were two (2) cars in the driveway and the garage door was open. Further to this we advised "Nichole" that we have two (2) dogs, a redbone coon hound and a labor-doodle, either of which could and most certainly would "wake the dead" should someone ring the door bell and/or knock on our door.

After several more minutes of bantering with "Nichole", and her repeatedly telling us that we were in the wrong, we asked to speak to a Supervisor. "Nichole" put us on hold for several minutes and then came back on the line advising us that our table would now be delivered between 4:00PM and 5:00PM that afternoon, Friday, 29 September 2017. We advised that this would be acceptable and we promptly cancelled our dinner reservations with family and friends for that evening. As in hind sight should have been expected, 5:00PM came and went.....no phone calls and NO TABLE. Classic example of "adding insult to injury"!! Again we call; however, this time we speak to Wayfair headquarters in Boston and receive further misinformation placing blame us and noting that the table would now be delivered Saturday, 30 September 2017. We once again changed our plans so that we could be home to receive the delivery. Well, true to form for Wayfair, 11:00AM came and went and still NO TABLE!

At 11:01AM we called 844-251-5573 (terminal) to enquire as to our delivery. We spoke with "Britney" who advised us that we were currently schedule for Friday, 06 October 2017. We promptly advised "Britney" that this would be unacceptable. She then transferred us to "Amber" who recited the same information and proceeded to blame us for the previous days failure by Wayfair. Not looking to engage in yet another long and drawn out controversy with "Amber" as to who was at fault for now three (3) missed delivery dates/times, we asked to speak with a supervisor. Again, after being placed on ignore (hold) for several minutes, we were connected with "Alicia", purportedly a supervisor within Wayfair. "Alicia" was in fact very understanding and advised that the actions that had transpired over the past two (2) days were unacceptable and that she would personally speak with the distribution/delivery center so as to ensure that our delivery was of the highest priority. "Alicia" put us on hold as she attempted to get in touch with the delivery center's manager. When "Alicia" came back on the phone, after several minutes, she advised that the Center's Manager was out at the present time and due back shortly. "Alicia" then advised that she would call us by 2:30PM that afternoon.......yep, you got it, NO RETURN CALL!!

Now it's Monday, 02 October 2017, after having been repeatedly lied to and accused of having caused the delivery failure by Wayfair employees and supervisors, I initiate yet another call to the Wayfair terminal, phone number 844-251-5573, this time speaking with "Shawnee", who now advises that our table will be delivered between 1:00PM & 5:00PM on Tuesday, 03 October 2017. Be reminded, this is almost one (1) week after the initial scheduled delivery date. I have contacted my wife with this latest Wayfair revised delivery date and she will once again take off yet another day so that someone can be present for delivery of our long awaited, extremely overdue, and much needed, table. This will be a total of three (3) days vacation for my wife and one (1) day vacation for myself lost due to failures by Wayfair outside of our control and/or understanding. Please note that these lost days constitute a lost value for my wife and myself of approximately $1,865.00 predicated upon our current salary rates.

Please know that both my wife and I are totally appalled by Wayfair's absolute lack of concern toward their customers, the inconveniences that they cause and the lies they perpetuate to cover their own failures and ineptness. If this is typical to the type of service and lack of remorse we should expect in the future from Wayfair then it is painfully obvious that we will need to take our business elsewhere where we can be respected and appreciated, rather than that for which we have been subjected to over the past several days by Wayfair employees.

I openly admit that I am ashamed for Wayfair and their employees and truly hope that the treatment that my wife and I received over the past several days is not indicative of the Wayfair culture.


Randy Holt
(202) 689-5136


We placed an order on Friday. Friday night attempted to issue cancellation request online. Would not accept. Called 8am Saturday. Just received notice items couldn't be cancelled. Completely unacceptable based on time span and fair customer service request cancellation be issued. Have done and was planned to make additional orders. Would not have issues this memo to you unless felt we had promptly notified in due time.


I order a chair that was defective and refused to accept the chair. I talked with someone in shipping at Wayfair customer service and they promise me a new one that was checkout. I was told the chair would be received Sept 8. It arrived several week ahead of this date and I was not informed. They said I was called (the only time I was out of my home in when I had a doctors visit. Now they are changing for the chair being returned. I use a cell phone and no call was ever recorded. They also said they tried to email me several times. Sorry that is not true, nothing appeared in my email an I look also in the Junk and Spam area.


I have never been impressed with Wayfair, and stopped buying from them after just one purchase, for a friend, who was sent the wrong item. The hassle to return and get the correct item was just ridiculous. When Wayfair stated they were going to set up shop in my area (Bangor, Maine) and numerous friends were hired, I wished them good luck. They stated the two week training period was a joke, and the trainers didn't seem to know what they were doing; except for telling everyone how they needed to think that Wayfair was the best company the could work for!

My friends had to start without knowing exactly how to do thing, as there were SO many ways to access the information, and the trainers didn't seem to understand how to tell them how to do it, while talking to the new employees like they were 5 year olds. If they asked for help, they were dinged for it. If they did help them, but it cost the company money, even when it was Wayfair's fault, they were dinged for it. Good customer service is NOT your strong point.

Numerous people you hired here worked for LLBean and other such companies, and know what good customer service is. When some of my friends tried to tell the trainers this, they were told they weren't 'one board' with the Wayfair way. When you have a room full of people with better skills than the trainers, take advantage of it, instead of knocking them down!

Why am I writing this? Because my friends are too scared to go to the bosses and say anything, as they don't want to be 'dinged' or told they aren't 'on board with the Wayfair way!' One friend tried, and she was told she needed to think on how she felt about the company and change her attitude, and that she was too aggressive and confrontational with those in charge. She wouldn't have to be any of that if 'those in charge' knew what they were doing and helped those they hired actually do their the jobs they were hired for.

She ended up quitting, as the stress of being the 'one' complainer was too much. Now my other friends don't have anyone to go to bat for them, and they won't do it themselves, as they would like to keep their jobs. They are sad and disappointed in what they hoped would be a great job, and it isn't. I am sad and disappointed for them, too. Your 'young and hip' company needs more training on how to train, and treat their employees, as well as their customers. I have never felt I needed to write such a letter to any company, but due to so many friends being unhappy and not being able to talk to their actual bosses about it, I am venting for them, as I am not foolish enough to work for Wayfair.

Get it together, Wayfair, before you can't hire anyone decent in this area.


Great customer service. I had an order that was delayed and I emailed them. They responded right away.


I bought an item 10/23/15 through Walmart wayfair for Christmas and upon our son opening it was not what he expected and we called about refund. They said it was too long ( it was bought for a Christmas present) they refused to do a refund and it was never used.

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