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Ancestry, L.L.C is a privately held internet company based in Lehi, Utah. It is the largest, for profit, genealogy business in the world and has over 1400 worldwide employees. Second quarter 2016 report stated revenues were US211.4 million.

If you would like to reach membership support call 1-800-262-3787 or you may find other support info here. To reach CEO, Tim Sullivan by postal correspondence, address you letter with Ancestry Corporate, 1300 W. Traverse Parkway, Lehi, Utah 84043, USA. The corporate office phone number is 801-705-7000. Email support is found here for 24/7 hours a day service.

Online membership has access to DNA testing, family tree building, historical collections such as census, military, vital records and obituaries. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest

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In spite of accepting my termination you are continuing to receive the monthly payment from Paypal.
Please cancel immediately.
Ann Rimmer


I have been trying to attach the 1860 U.S.Census to my Great-Great Grandparents but the best I can get is to save it under the person right before them on the page. I went through page by page of the Census in Mobile to find them and it won't even recognise them. It is very frustrating and makes me laugh at your tv commercial where the woman enters her grandmother and there they all are. My cousin George! MY BUTT.
There are ALOT of pages that have mistakes or missing information on them, but I had to Google to find away to contact you outside of your program.
This is really disappointing and maddening.
The information is on page 69 of 84 pages and my ancestors names are Andrew Estavia, Mary, Louisa, Bart, Margaret, Rosina, John and William Estavia. It saves under James Jackson.
How do I get it to download for my family?


Customer Service was great!


I called telling them in January I’ve cancelled the service the rep in April was respectful and ready to help only stated I was not the account holder. I changed it to where I am the account holder, you hit the home person key it goes to me called back in today got a rep that acted like I was a “home girl” wanted to talk to me like I was dirt then tells me girl you are not the account holder excuse me! First off I’m not your girl! Second off I am you hit home it goes to me, are you blind then she wants to act like we’re in the ghetto to get ready for a fight and she wondered why I lost my patience and cool and started screaming seriously! I am calling corporate first thing! I better get my money back! And she better be fired!


I was going to get on my tree on ancestry my home page had a porno of a rectum picture by Gail mohler for Billie d nixon so i called ancestry to take it off so they said they couldn't do that so I'll guess they allow you to put p*** or nudity pictures on your ancestry tree to show to the public and ancestry can't block them from doing it my grandkids seen that now it's to late I am sick over it i can't rate them on a scale they don't have - five star rating


Good morning To whom it may concern,
I help an 84 yr old lady whom was adopted as an infant. Her name is Kate A.S. Horton. Kate is legally blind and wanted to do her DNA to see if she has family out there. Kate is does not have a computer sooooo I had to go on mine. This whole experience has been a nightmare because if I log Kate's info on my account her DNA will come up as mine !!!!! NEVER once did anyone say well lets get Kate her own account or Dottie you use the kit for you reimburse Miss Kate and maybe we can work something out for Kate !!!Something I thought of after I hung up. This is so important for Kate she's has no one. I went back almost a thousand years in my tree and now because if it I'm a member of the D.A.R. My question to you is there anyway we can help Kathleen out ??? Thank you in advance


You all are a fraudulent company. I have cancelled this service 2 months ago and you all are still charging my credit card!! Then when I go to your online “support”!people you send me to a page that tries to get me to sign up for your service for $5!!! I have cancelled that charge with capital one! And will be filling a complaint with what ever authority that over sees your company!! You people are horrible!!


I pay almost 50.00 a month for membership but there's only a bot to help me? Your Thurl line for every connection says it's unavailable and try reloading the page later!! This has been the same response for days! And when I try to make a public complaint your site has NO subject for that on your community board! Shame on you guys!


Why are your discount ads so deceptive? Please state in them if you ever used a discount you never can use one again.


Just received a bill for $145. This is the second time I'm billed for some unknown service. Please remove the charge or I will disallow it through my credit card provider.

Peter Breyer
4205 Chesterwood Way
Somerset NJ 08873


There customer service is poor. I have been a member for at least seven years. The links betweem Family Tree Maker, latest version is very poor. No customer service available on line, that works, The CS always has told me to call them. When you call you are on hold. My current problem has to do with Ancestry message center. Contacted them on their web site and got a lady by the Christy M who told me she was an expert, but could not help me. Someone will get back to you shortly, if not call THE NUMBER. I consider this very poor service, but that is what "WE" have come to expect from companies that have to make money to line there pockets. MORONS


I saw a commercial to discover your family tree that looked very interesting. Turns out that it was quite expensive to do the search, and they wanted to ask a lot of information as well. The 14-day free trial does not tell you the cost after, so I'm very suspicious of using it.


On April 17, 2015. I paid for a DNA test. I have been trying to get results from the DNA line only to be told I never ordered it, no record. Today I conformed with my credit card company that it was paid to ancestry on April 17, 2015. I received the kit shortly after that and returned the sample in two days. I would not have received the kit if I hadn't paid in advance. My ID number for the kit is as follows H4F-6P2H-3R4J-9S5K. Since this was already paid for, and returned, I feel has both my money and test results. I would appreciate prompt attention to my complaint from I feel like I have been taken advantage of.


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