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JustFab is on subscription only on-line shopping company. In 2011 there were 4 million members growing to 10 million members in 2013.

To reach Membership Services call 866-337-0906. You will also find Membership Support here. To contact CEOs, Adam Goldenburg and Don Ressler, address an envelop with JustFab Corporate Office, 800 Apollo Street, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA. Find a helpful FAQ here.

Monthly “opt out” feature keeps members from getting charged during a month they don’t want to shop. Social presence is found on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Good Morning,
I wanted to make a complaint about a customer service representative that I spoke to last night. I did not appreciate the way he was speaking to me. He spoke to me like I was a child. During several times of the phone call he was speaking over me and that is very rude. His tone of voice was unacceptable! I am not a child and I wanted to make a complaint. I spoke to him last night around 11pm.
If you want more information about the phone call, please feel free to contact me at+13477258722.
Thank you very much!
Shantel Williams


My daughter has mental health issues and ordered son boots from justfab. I let her use my card which was fine but unknowingly she was added to the membership this meant they have taken another £35 from my account without my permission. All they keep saying is you have credit.. They have not listened to any explanation.... When someone has mental health issues it Mena they don't comprehend or understand or even look for misleading information. I thought it was a one off payment. They are advertising there site under false information.


JustFab was my top online shop until this summer. I went to go cancel my subscription because of an extra charge and no explanation.
After canceling, JustFab charged me THREE times between June & November although my account was cancelled. Those mistakes should never occur especially after three times, let alone ONE time!... AND they keep hitting me at my hard times (LOL) Not really funny, being as though I should have NO ties with them!


I am a new VIP member to JustFab and placed my order #609834111 on Sunday, September 30, 2018 during an amazing sale that was going on. I ordered 4 pairs of boots for a total of $70 and was ecstatic. I could not wait until they came in. There was a delay in the initial shipping but they finally arrived yesterday, October 10, 2018. I was so excited to open the huge box with my 4 new pairs of boots. The first pair I tried on was a pair of short booties and fit amazingly, I was immediately pleased. The next 3 pairs did not go so well for me. They were all taller riding boots and I had purchased the "wide calf" option as I know that that's what will fit my larger calves. Now, when I say that I have larger calves, I do not have abnormally large "wide calf" calves. I have purchased several other pairs of "wide calf" riding boots from DSW and other shoe stores that have fit perfectly on my wide calves. I was so upset that I could not even pull the zipper together on my calf on these boots. This not only upset me because I felt bad about myself and my body, but also upset me because now I realize I cannot purchase another pair of riding boots from JustFab because they will definitely not fit me. I also realized I can't even exchange these because no other "wide calf" option is going to fit me. Upon the initial opening of these shoe boxes I also realized that one of the pairs of boots had a stain on the back heel area. When I opened up another pair of the boots, one was a size 6.5 and the other was a size 7. So not only did the boots not fit, but if they had I would've had to send them back anyways for these obvious mistakes and defects. I chatted with a customer service representative named Julie this morning and was consistently told just to return or exchange these boots. I realize that that is what needs to be done and the ultimate solution to my situation, but I am trying to make a point here that this is ridiculous customer service. As a new member of JustFab, my first order is almost completely unsatisfactory and I am completely dissatisfied as a new customer. Also, I went onto the website and realized that your "wide calf" option is ONLY one inch larger than the regular calf circumference...THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! There are so many people out there in need of "wide calf" sizing and for it to only be one more inch larger than the regular width is just absolutely crazy and borderline discriminatory. For a company that is as big as JustFab is and makes as much money as it does, there should be more options for wide calf customers than ONE INCH larger. Maybe nobody in your offices has ever had to buy wide calf boots or has wide calves but they are not just one inch larger than regular calf width. I feel as though your company is tailoring to one size of woman and that is completely wrong and in the year 2018, completely repulsive and ridiculous.


JustFab has been taking money from my account. I want to know what the cancellation phone number is immediately so I can skip the emails and leave my account for good.


I really like this store, the only complaint I have about JustFab is their checkout process. The first time I visited the website I could not figure out how to buy things easily, and when my cart was full it took me a second to realize the checkout process was halfway complete. It was a bit confusing compared to other online shopping websites. I consider myself a loyal shopper, without having many problems to complain about. Hopefully this review helps a few of you out.


2 pairs for just $39 at JustFab.com. Wow what a deal. Convenient, a lot of selection, good fashion, comfort. The selection is huge and the prices are good, especially compared to the quality of the products. I usually buy shoes or purses off of them because they are inexpensive and one doesn't have to worry of the money spent. I like the style and comfort it gives. Not all companies give such deals but JustFab.com has something for everyone.

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