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Etsy is a global online and offline community styled marketplace of creative entrepreneurs and inspired shoppers and is publicly traded on NYSE:ETSY. It has connected sellers/buyers with unique goods since 2005. There are 1.7 million active sellers with over 40 million items for sale. Revenues in 2014 were reported as US195million and in 2015 there were over US2.3billion annual gross merchandise sales.

To find tailored support click here. If you would like to contact CEO, Chad Dickerson, address an envelop with his name and 55 Washington Street, Suite 512, Brooklyn, NY 11201. The corporate office phone number is 718-855-7955.

The spectrum of items available for sale include home, living, wedding, entertainment, jewelry and uniquely crafted item massive and tiny. Etsy charges $.20/per item listed and 3.5% of each sale. Social support is found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Etsy was unable to verify any of my bank accounts for sale deposits and when I asked what the problem was, I was sent a cut and pasted email with no real explanation why they wouldn't accept my bank account information. Due to too many verification attempts (because no one tells me what was wrong with the statements in the first place), my shop was suspended. Etsy then had the nerve to send me a "good luck in your future endeavors" email and is keeping the money owed to me. I have asked numerous times how they will be sending me the money owed me and they send me another cut and paste email about uploading a bank account. The account is suspended and I cannot upload anything. No one reads the emails. How do I get the money owed me?


If I could give it a 0, I would. How does a company not correct an issue? This was my first time dealing with Etsy. I placed my order and then got a notification saying I wouldn't get my product for a few weeks due to COVID-19. Understandable. What's not understandable is not being able to get the product I ordered over a few months ago. I had two accounts - one personal and one for work. I ordered one item for work and another item for my home. They took it upon themselves to send both items to one address, and they decided to send it to my work address. I was off from work for two weeks, upon my return, neither product showed up. Checked with the office at my apartment, nothing there. I then emailed them to let them know, and they said there's nothing they can do because the post office lost it. So they only sent what I was supposed to get at home again to my home address. Couple weeks later, and still nothing. So, I emailed them again, and again they said they're not responsible because the post office lost it. Terrible customer service and I'm not getting a refund for either my work purchase and my personal purchase. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!


Search feature changed so need to search through too many items, not able to filter like before. Not liking , too time consuming.


I paid/for/a/hand/painted/denim jacket/by/credit/card/to Olga/at/Nigelola art/onmay4.


I ordered an item from an Etsy dealer.

It came damaged.

The dealer said that he would mail me a prepaid envelope to return in.

The prepaid envelope never arrived.

I want to return the damaged object. Of note. The mailing envelope was not damaged but the item was damaged.

Etsy deactivated my account. Etsy contact person Bernadette (aka Bernie).

Discover CC is checking into this for me as I won't be paying for damaged goods.

I informed Etsy Bernie that this has happened to me before--I received damaged goods and Etsy panders to the seller of the damaged goods and I am stuck with the damaged goods.

Check my account. It is the last item that I ordered.

Photo of damaged goods on my Etsy account. It won't load on this report.

I simply want to return the damaged goods to the seller.


I ordered a shirt and it is just a sticker on it and peeled off easily. bad shirt


i ordered a rainbow moonstone ring from bansiwala jewels on december 9th it was sent out december 12th. i still have not received it. i keep being told to wait. well still nothing even on the tracking.i think this could be a scam. please let me know if it is


I ordered a Christmas engagement ornament in November, thinking I had plenty of time to receive it before Christmas. It is December 26 and I never got it to give to my granddaughter for Christmas. It was from Snazzy Nest and I was never told that it would take over a month to receive it (if I ever do) I am very disappointed and was not told how long it would take for this to arrive. I doubt if I will ever order anything from Esty again.


I ordered a pattern for stuffed elephants, simplicity pattern #7140, from Nancy's Creations, in Portland Oregon, 10 days ago. It has not arrived as of today, 12-18-2018. I have sent her two emails, and got no response either time. Ad said one day shipping, which I doubted anyway, but wanted these to make our grand kids a Christmas present. As of 11:40 am, here in Victoria, Texas,77904, I have no pattern, and have still not heard from the seller. The seller still shows patterns exactly like the one I ordered. The day I ordered, 12-08-2018, the ad said,"only one left!" I'm very disappointed with this vendor at this time. I realize that due to the timing, usps is probably over run with mail. I did expect an email response back. just verifying that it was mailed, but did not recieve one.


I ordered 1 gal azalea plant Mrs. G.G. Gerbing, but was sent 1 quart plant instead. I want the 1 gal plant I ordered OR I will take 2--1 quart plants in exchange.

Let me hear ASAP.


I’m hoping someone can please assist me with my ongoing problem that I have been concerned over for many days now. The problem is with Etsy not depositing my funds into my account since the technical issue that occurred on the 6th due to Etsy changing agencies. Since then I have entered my bank details correctly several times but I have had no luck in receiving my funds. I have called my bank and checked my details and there is nothing wrong from my end. Etsy is not responding or resolving my problem. There are other Etsy sellers that are having the same issues. It’s nearly Christmas and the worst time for this to be happening. I want my funds into my account. I am worried over bills I have to pay and I am very concerned about where the money is going to come from so that I can cover the rest of my customers shipping fees.

I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I need my money

Deneice Ibrahim


I bought a tool from your shoe makers tool selection. That was almost a week and a half ago. I have yet to see it. I wanted to buy some other things but my information is not good. The email I uaed for my first buy doesn't work anymore.
i just want to be able to buy things. I dont want to go crazy trying to buy things. Now i want the tool i paid for andeasier access . if you can't do that then you are as bad a ebay,
Thank you


I went online at ETSY, one of my favorite websites, looking for Star Wars gifts for children for Christmas. I just typed in star wars. I was shocked to see a nude woman sitting on a couch completely nude except for a storm trooper mask on her face! This was in the name of art apparently. Tits for all to see. Just as shocking was seeing a woman's bare buttocks hanging out thanks to another artist seller. All this for young people to see who are looking for that great 1970's Star Wars toy for Christmas. Is Etsy now the primo shopping place for beginner porn? I don't Facebook but someone should put this out there. Parents need to know that nudity is now on Etsy, so keep the children away. So disappointing.


Vendor old mill village...order 1258745158 Dec.7 $ duplicate of another on same date and amount. Items were shipped on Dec.7.I notified vendor by email on Dec8 that this was a mistake as I only want one and intend to return...asked for reply.The fact that the vendor processed duplicate orders and rapidly shipped both is highly questionable.Reviewed vendors policy on returns and it looks to be out of bounds for ETSY.Please help and get this vendor to revisit this matter as he said idid not notify in time.I can't believe ETSY tolerates this behavior?If you do you have lost customer. Carl Guidice 904-541-1890


On Aug 21, I ordered a personalized backpack and lunch box form Divine Sewing Center through Etsy. Order # 1221811022/
Transaction # 1310310750. I paid for it using my Chase Visa Credit Card (see below for transaction information from credit card statement).

Aug 21
Show details about this transaction - DivineSewingCe

To date, I have not received the product. I have tried to contact the seller, Trina Jenkins, through various means but have not received a response.
When I checked on the Etsy listings, Divine Sewing Center is no longer a seller through Etsy.
I have checked reviews of Divine Sewing Center and discovered that several buyers have yet to receive their products after months of waiting.
Is there anything you can do to ensure a refund? Thank you.

Alice Haagen


I order 25 purse clasps from someone on Etsy and never received my product even though they have my money in hand. I have sent 3 messages to the gentleman and he has ignored it every time I have tried to find out what happened. How do I get my money back?


I ordered two items with etsy. The first item was substandard and the second item never reached me. My mails to the seller and etsy customer relations went unanswered and no refund for my payment was made. Deplorable services! I will now shop with other handcrafted stores and be happy with the things I purchase there.


An etsy shop completely screwed me over. How can I contact corporate and be sure this doesn't happen to anyone else? I demand a refund. She does not know how to run a business and she has ignored my messages for months. I have been waiting for a shirt since October. it is now May. She is full of excuses when she does respond. Worst person to do business with!


Etsy closed my account saying I was connected to another shop which sold tee shirts. I sold only my hand made doll dresses. They just took down my shop and on top of that in 2 months time I have purchased from other shops over $200 in sales for them. Not fair to me so i want to let them know its not fair. But I Etsy customer service will not return my phone calls or emails!


We ordered a Quimper plate (#1065885831) from Dutch Antiques, Etsy # 1094978242. The plate had been broken in transit, when it arrived on 12/24/15. We contacted the seller and sent him photographs of the broken plate & the package. He has refused to reimburse the purchased price and shipping costs, totaling $56.62. We have attempted to contact Etsy several times to open a case against Dutch Antiques and have been frustrated at every turn.


We ordered a Quimper plate from Dutch Antiques #1094978242 on It arrived broken on 12/24/15. We took photographs of the broken plate and the package, and sent them to the seller. He has refused to reimburse us for the purchase price and the postage of $56.62. We wish to open a complaint against the seller, but need to contact customer support dept. first. Does anyone have their claim number?


Some disturbing images, at least to me, came up on the page where Etsy indicated "similar to what you have viewed" They appear to be premature babies, the shop is "baby creatures "somewhere in Italy. I get upset when I see these images and have never sought out anything like this product on Etsy. I emailed Etsy asking them to remove these images, they have not responded. I hate looking through my Etsy suggestions page now when before it was rather fun and informative.


I was on cloud nine when my boyfriend gifted me Tote bags from I got my favorite colors Pink and Blue in an exciting offer. We can design our favorites in different colors and add to the cart. It has Craft supplies, jeweler with our own designs, bags, clothing, Home & Living items, Gifts, Weddings,Vintages,Art related items and many more. Payment modes are pretty comfortable. All we need to do is to register online, sign in and place our orders anytime and any where. I would like to do my further shopping with my own choice designs only in

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