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Vistaprint is part of Dutch Cimpress Marketing Company. Vistaprint specializes in mass production of customized hard products such as business cards, signage, embroidery and other promotional materials for personal and corporate use. Revenues in 2014 were reported as 1.3 billion USD and employees as 5100.

To reach Customer Service, call 1-866-614-8002. You will find more customer contact numbrs on their website. To write a letter to CEO Robert S. Keane, address an envelop with US Vista Print Regional Office, 275 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451, USA.

Vistaprint offers ‘real time help 7days a week’ and has recently branded virtual products. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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We have been customers of this company for almost twenty years. Initially, it was a business account to order print materials for community work. Then. we added another personal account to do more not-for-profit materials and ceramics plus T-shirts and caps for family and non-family. Our original designs were well-researched with properly credited images, etc. Whenever a purchase had been misdelivered. lost or damaged, we immediately contacted both Vistaprint and the shipper (USPS, UPS, etc.) to resolve the matter. We did not abuse requests to redo designs replace lost or damaged goods. In fact, only the specific item was addressed, and if Vistaprint offered to or insisted on doing the whole order, we still stressed that only the minimal be done. Red flags that the account was internally being tampered with and designs plagiarized were 1) images being deleted on new designs before these expired, 2) coupon codes being voided before date and/or time specified AND 3) the recent blocking of access to the account, which includes order history, portfolio and images.

I tried to email the founder who is CEO again and one of his executive staff. I clearly stated that we would correspond by email only. The CEO email did not transmit, so the matter was relegated to a staffer who wrote me back as "Andrew" although this is not a social call. He completely ignored the valid issues I raised and provided a number for me to call him, ignoring the requested communication by email and detailed, valid concerns. He had the gall to state that he noted the matter was under review (only by my insistence since the reported "finance team" blocked the account). He condescended even more by stating that some customers are better dealing with local companies. We will not be disrespected nor allow our designs to be pirated like this. Whenever the shipper was lobbied to reimburse Vistaprint or us, the staff never followed up. We have family ties to Jamaica and the Philippines, so neither place, especially the former, gets a pass for these deceitful, unethical actions. By the way, Shareka (sp) claimed that an email was sent, not so, about the account being blocked. Someone is in for embarrassment at least since this company refuses to investigate the issues I raised. It is easy f0r Andrew to be dismissive, because is not his materials not money. When call backs had been requested, they were not done. The reason that the emails are not being replied to is that he and others do not want documentation.

We went to the lengths several times of sending photographs and offering to return the last shipment at our expense or deliver it personally on a day trip sincere are not far from Massachusetts. Andrew said to keep it, and while we were about to donate it, we realized that this was more deceit on his part. The personalized items are only suitable for the intended recipients so there are no others to give them to. If we give the items to anyone, it plays into the dishonesty we are dealing with as an excuse to keep the account blocked. The box remains unopened at our house.


I am owed money from you for a website that was ordered and charged on my credit card for over a year. I first contacted a person at your company in July 2018 about this and she said with it being that large of an amount they would credit my charge card back as much as they could and the rest would be mailed to me in a check. I am owed quite a bit and frankly I am tired of pissing around with you, so my next step is to write a letter along with this one to the Consumer Affairs Department to get a fire under someone ass. I have called on August 23, 2018:Sept. 14,18, 21,25. One time in Sept. I spoke with Lisha. In October 11, 21, 18th I was put on hold for 10 minutes with still no answer to resolve where the check is??????? One time I spoke with a Enue, he put me on hold for 4 min with still no answer to where my check is, You are a big Company and I would hope you had better customer support. This is my money that you owe me and I will not go away until it is return to me. My time is just as important to me as yours is to you so all the times I have called and been tossed back and forth with no resolution it money!!!!!!!And for rating my experience from you its a negative 10. you have 10 days from the date of this complaint to have my check in the mail or I will result to other means.


I have been a Vistaprint customer form 15 or so years buying items for three different businesses and up to now have always been satisfied.
I just received my credit card billing and saw a $10 billing from Vista Print. I knew I had not ordered since last summer for my B&B and could not fugure out what the charge could be for so I called into customer service. I spoke to a rep and she said it was for a monthly some local marketing and on line service which I knew nothing about. She sent me to another dept where I spoke to someone else but in the meantime, I pulled the last few CC statements and saw I had been paying it for past few months. Your rep then confirmed I had been paying if for almost a year (10 month x 12) and i got real pissed off. I don't recall asking for this service, never used it in any way and closed the B&B due to sale of property last November so it would have done no good even if I was aware of it. I recall last summer a rep answering some questions regarding the shirts I ordered but in not way did I knowinly agree to any annual or monthy service as I knew I was about to sell the B&B.
I feel a total refund is in order. Richard K Sanders


I have never been so upset with a puchase I just wasted my money the only thing there for is to line the bottom of waste can


It is a simple complaint really but it has thrown me as I was looking forward to getting some good wall caledars this Christmas as I have had good ones before. But I find out vistaprint are only doing photo calendars.


I ordered my checks weeks ago. I sent in a check for payment and even though the rep told me they would go ahead and print my checks, they would not be shipped until my check cleared. So once that happened it was still another week before my checks shipped. Then it said on my customer care email they would be here by Oct 13. Didn't come so I looked on the website and it said the 14th. Didn't come so I chatted with a Vistaprint customer service rep because at this point I have been out of checks for over a week and had bills to pay.

Some sites charge a fee if you pay online so I actually still use checks, The person said they were accidentally sent bulk and should be here by the 25. I can't wait another week to pay my bills. It is now the 18th, the mail just came and still no checks! I am beyond furious and will never use Vistaprint again and I am telling everyone I know never to use Vistaprint again as well.


I have lost my order and need someone at Vistaprint corporate to call me back asap. I cannot reach their phone number. Here are the details. Order number is PGWZD-04A34-4P8, and the Shipment ID is LJVOG-04A37-8V2. I can even tell you the tracking number for my order that is 42511987431. No materials yet!


I've been having trouble uploading photos to make Vistaprint posters or cards lately .When I'm uploading image from my computer a pop up comes up saying upload error, File transfer error. Even photos I have previously uploaded . I contacted your help line and after about 50 mins was able to get the upload by e-mailing the photos to you. Although the rep was very polite and tried to be as helpful as he could. the problem still remains. I have done a fair amount of work with you and have had no problem uploading before. Nothing has changed on my end. I used google chrome and always have. So I have to assume something has changed on your end. Please have your tech people look into this and correct the problem. My busy season is coming up and I cannot be e-mailing photos every time.


This Is a complaint email that I received today from Vistaprint regarding a "review" that I made about their customer service. Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our guidelines for publishing. We encourage you to continue to share your feedback and we hope to publish next time.

I refuse to share another comment. Do not ask me to share another comment with your company. You did not give a reason for why my comment was rejected. However, I feel this was very tacky and unprofessional. Considering I was giving a compliment for the Vistaprint customer service I received. I also intend on searching for a new Printing company. More than likely, I will begin to support my local, printing company, more specifically because if they did not like a comment that I made, then they would take the Time to Explain it, rather than send back a computer generated rejection.

Poor customer service Vistaprint, I would NEVER treat my customers like this. Nor will I recommend your company to any other business associates or friends. *I have posted concerns in the past, that were never even acknowledged by your staff.


I was not sure if I contact the right department to complaint about my car door magnet. When it came in the mail the first thing I notice was the Phone number was not on it. I look Forward to hearing back from you all to see if there is something that can be done about it. So far customer service at Vistaprint has been no help.


I purchase a car magnet which do not display my complete phone number on it. The car door magnet should have the same information the cards have on them. I have already registered my feedback with support and have not received a response yet. This is my second complaint.


I had ordered cards and marketing materials with no issues with vistaprint, but after I took up their "free 30 day trial" for websites within 2 days I started having successive, constant debits off my card almost like an attack that I had to have my card shut off. I could not reach anyone. I never knew when the next charge would strike and for how much. Its VERY difficult to manage your account ex: cancel/change features, downgrade etc., and even now I won't even return to buy anything, I don't trust them so naively with my financial information.


No seriously what's the deal with vistaprint. Why in the world would anybody want to print business cards anymore! I will say that I have used them for a few card packages and was pleased with the quality once they got the order right. However there is not really any help or QA process throughout. I ordered a set of several thousand business cards from vistaprint and they came to my house only to discover that they were printed on the wrong side. One side was glossy and the other side had the contact info, it was backwards. I had to send them back in, not to mention they misspelled "phne number".

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