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Better Business Bureau is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(3) (6) not for profit consumer protection agency founded in 1912. Over 123 million requests were processed in 2013. There are 112 independently incorporated local BBB offices in US and Canada staffed by over 2500 associates. Revenues in 2013 were reported as US 215 million.

To reach BBB Customer Service call 703-276-0100. You will also find helpful contact and bbout information here. To write to CEO, Mary E. Power, address postal correspondence with: 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Suite, 600, Arlington, VA 22201, USA.

Besides processing consumer inquiries the BBB takes requests for Accreditation from businesses and performs Dispute Resolutions. Social presence is found on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Bought a Friedrich Air Conditioner 7/7/17 with warranty of five (5) years. Air conditioner stopped working Brandsmart will not honor warranty nor replace the air conditioner. R/A #108082 AN JOB #1061254


Spectrum installed 2 boxes on 2 tvs. During the process they unplugged 2 vcrs. Now the vcrs are plugged in and do not work. Spectrum said they could do nothing about the vcrs. The 2vcrs were working before the installation. I have had nothing but trouble with spectrum to numerous to mention here. In the mean time I can not use 2vcrs. Sandra Rogers. X813 634 3419. 735 Fremont greens. Sun city fl. 33573


Purchased 2002 Ford Thunderbird from Gateway Buick GMC, LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas on Friday November 30, 2018. Left dealership @ 4 pm. It was about two hour drive from my resident. On my way home it became dark so i turned on headlights only to discover i did not have dash lights. ( speedometer,tachometer,fuel and temp gauges). I contacted the dealership on Monday December 3rd 2018 to discuss this issue with Eddie Vargus (GM). Mr. Vargus advised me that there was nothing they could do. I have contacted him several times since just to recieve the same response. My vehicle is in Bill Utter Ford Dealership at this time. In my opinion this an safety issue, Can't see your speed or temp gauge. I feel if Gateway Buick GMC would not do anything about this they should pay the bill at Bill Utter Ford when vehicle is repaired. Since this happened on my way home just leaving the dealership, that's not good business. I was told by Bill Utter Ford they would have had me bring the car back in as soon as possible and they would have taken care of it. This is just not right by Gateway. Please help if possible.


i ordered some stuff from wish an i changed my mind and cancelled my orders i cancrlled my order nov 7th 2018 they tell me or texted me if i have not recived it by the 21st of nov to contact them well i been contacting them all month lon\g im a senior citizen i just want my money put back on my card an iv been pateition with them


we placed an order with (Instantly Vivid) for a free trial for a $4.95 fee. We never got the product but we did get a charge for $89.97 that was applied to my credit card. I did a check on the internet which is rife with other similar complaints and some report that they are being charged monthly. Please give me a call at 928-515-4024 I am including several web sites with the same complaints.


I recently worked for BBB companies. The office is very dirty and no supplies. The branch manager and operations manager are very nasty. They have no business in running a company. They do not know how to run a company. They have no book of business. So people just sat doing nothing. Some of the employee talked on there cell phones took pictures and played game. They have a lot of Spanish so all you heard was Blah Blah Blah on there cell phone, figured they were talking to friends and family, no borrowers.

The loan officers are so frighten by management to talk to the processors they automatically go to upper management for answers. That is they way they run this company, but it is not the nor. They are not very nice to borrowers either. They do not return calls either. So no one should ever have to put up with nasty people. This needs to get out there. I have been in the business for over 30 years and never ever saw anything like this. This company needs to be banned from doing business in Naples, FL.


I have been given the run around, all day long on 9/22/16. my account has had 2 withdrawals from my checking account in the sum of 645.15. I have tried since 7 am to get the issue resolved and I have talked to 15 different people. I have had no success. it is very hard when you work from a mobile office to try and talk to 15 people on a regular basis. your customer service is disaster and there is no way to get this situation resolved. Please call or have someone call me as soon as possible to resolve the issue. I am also taking this matter to the BBB due to the fact this is not the first time it has happened.


My Name is Arvis Deloney and I go by My nick name Cookie I got a call from the General Manager, stating that her Desk manager called her to tell her that my Cheerleaders picked up their table and umbrella and threw it in the pool I was at the local Walmart when she called me. I tried to get a understanding as she was threatening to kick me and my group without a refund. I asked that did her manager see the girls she said yes it was cheerleaders.I was trying to ask what was the damage and explain to her that my girls were in their rooms getting dressed to go to eat and I kept telling her that we had just got back from competition.

I have an all black squad and I know that my girls did not or would not do that. But she kept over talking me and insistent that yes they did and she told me that if I did not try to get to bottom of it she would be calling the police she said that about 4 or times that I was in the phone with her. I then told her that I was on my way back to the hotel and I was calling my coach to have take the girls down to see if she could Identify which ones. So as I drive up and get out it was a lot of commotion I walk in and say everybody hush I asked the lady to point them out she refused because all my parents and girls she claims were rude and disrespectful.

As I walked over to where my coach was to what the General Manager was saying I took the phone from my coach and told her to hush let me handle it so the General manager then said Ms Cookie I want your group to your things and get out of my hotel so ended talking to a little bit more finally I ask the parents to move out the way then I ask her to show me who did she had my girls lined up in a row looking at their shoes. Making faces at the girls. And one of my cheerleaders was recording her and she stated to me so are just going let her record me. I'm going take out my phone and record her.

So then identified 3 of my girls by their shoes. I asked so did you see them throw the table in the pool she said no but I did see them at the pool. Now mind you the weather was bad there and wind was blowing really hard. It was other kids white kids at the pool and my girls had been gone from the hotel since 9:00 that morning and we didn't get back to the hotel to almost 6 that evening and a white boy with a soccer team told her that wind blew it over.

She never saw any of my girls actually do it. Two of the girls identified one is another room she hadn't even been downstairs and the lady identified them by their shoes we ended staying be we where threatened that if she gets another call or complaint she would come to the hotel herself if it was 2:00 o'clock in morning and have the police put my whole group out. It ended up being that weather did and the fact that she said she did not see them and she identifies them by the shoes they were wearing. I have filed a complaint with the NAACP and I'm filing one with the better business bureau.


I took a prescription in to be filled at 10:00am the girl there Marbell took it told me it would be ready the next day after 3:00pm. I told her I needed this medication so blood clots do not form on my heart stint, she assured me it would be ready. I went to pick it up the next day and they had not even called it in, they had not done anything. The girl helping me that day was rude and acted like I was stupid. Told me it would take 72 hours? the prescription had on the bottle refill up to 4 times on it.

I pointed this out to her and she just kept saying it would take 72 hours. If they had just been honest on day one I would have gone elsewhere. My heart doctor told me to not miss one day, go to emergency to get the pills if I had to. I was totally upset. Apparently talking to other customers there it happens all the time. I will never shop there again, I will tell everyone I know to not shop there. I am also filing a complaint with BBB and CA state board of pharmacy.


We booked a room at the Motel 6 in Plymouth MA. My wife did this as a surprise for our 1 year anniversary. We walked into the room and it smelt like someone had been smoking and someone tried to cover it up. The hot tub only had one jet that worked. We were told that there was free appetizers in the lobby.

We looked and there was something in a warmer that looked old. We wanted to watch the red game but had no cable. My wife was crying and pretty upset. I went to the front desk and complained. Asked about another room and was told they did not have one. I complained about the cable and then had to deal with people coming and going in our room. This was supposed to be a romantic evening. Thank you Hampton for a ruined night. Your 100% BBB guarantee is a joke.


I really need to speak with a BBB corporate manager regarding my issue, it is very personal. if you look at my purchase you will see the mess, my salesman put on my application that I live with a family member so that I can get approved. I don't remember if he mentioned it to me but when I verified my residency to the bank they sent my loan back and I had to give my car back after having it for over a month. I then met Tony Ivery he works for Bedford Kia and he said he will take care of me.. a manager ended up finding a bank to finance me, he was great but I now have17 hard inquires on my credit report.

The salesman Tony Ivery continued to communicate with me he even picked my new car out. I didn't even get a choice. He told me I was beautiful and wanted to see me and have a relationship with me, at first I felt obligated because he picked my car out, but he manipulated me. I would really like to discuss the rest with a head manager .I'm so disappointed in my experience with Kia, my entire family buys from this company but now they will no longer do business with kia, I also am filing a complaint on Better Business Bureau website.


I was there with my sister and her family and my complaint to the Better Business Bureau is the way the manager treats the employees, belittles them if you will; one in particular. I don't remember her name but she had shoulder length brunette in color hair. This woman was cordial, professional and efficient. The manager, she has jet black hair. I know she is the manager because she was treating a house keeper in a very callous manner also reminding the house keeper that "she" was her boss.

Anyway she was trying to belittle here something awful but this desk clerk in question stayed professional even when her manager was belittling her in front of guests! and trying desperately to make her look incompetent. My only guess is this desk clerk intimidates the manager and probably the manager is jealous of her. Roxanne! that's her name. I remember now because The Police did a song after her name and there's a movie, "Roxanne" with Steve Martin. I have a news flash for this manager, just because she is the boss doesn't give her the right to treat the employees in such a callous manner. I found the manager very unprofessional. Kudos to Roxanne for keeping her cool and staying professional.

Five stars for Roxanne and none for the manager.

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