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Stub Hub Company is an American based online ticket exchange owned by eBay. Buyers and sellers exchange sports, concert, theatre and other live event tickets. German was added in 2015 and there are over 400 employees at corporate headquarters.

To reach Customer Support call 1-866-788-2482. Find contact information here. To write a letter to CEO, Scott Cutler, address an envelop with StubHub Headquarters, 199 Fremont Street, Floor 4, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA. The corporate office phone number is 415-222-8400.

eBay owes its most recent growth in revenues to StubHub and employees work amongst ping pong tables and conference rooms named after sports arenas. Social support is found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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In September 2017 regarding my stubhub account I was told by Amy Monroe, Executive Customer Care Department at StubHub, regarding complaint #51538 asking that my bank account information be removed from Stubhub, that "At this time due to ACH payment option being a new feature, StubHub does not have the ability to delete or remove ACH information from a StubHub account after it has been added. This is because the information is not stored on our systems. This option is being added to our system and is expected to be available by mid-year 2018"


Beth Guay


Subject: StubHub Order # 248617035 - Invalid Ticket Claim

My wife recently sold two tickets to the 7/5/19 Dave Mathews concert at Alpine Valley in Troy, WI. They were sold for $400 which $60 of that was taken as a StubHub service fee. We received an email from a William with Marketplace Investigations on 7/9/19 at 8:31 PM. Essentially, stating one of the tickets was invalid. The email went on to direct us through the StubHub required process to participate in this supposed investigation. We did everything possible on our end to participate in the investigation to move towards a resolution. As you will see the barcode referenced in Williams email did not match either of the two tickets sold. The investigation was a complete joke and entirely unacceptable. I had inquired several times during a phone call with William I believe on 7/11/19 how verification is obtained to insure the buyer did not use the tickets and now pulling a scam to recoup money from the purchase. There was no verification of this being done and in the end money that was deposited in my checking account $360 from StubHub was taken back out a total of $280. Leaving us with $80 from the initial sale of the $400 tickets. These tickets were obtained from a local reputable radio station in Madison, WI Magic 98. Please also see the email response that we sent to William on 7/10/19. Our entire experience was horribly frustrating and handled as unprofessionally as I have ever seen.

Todd and Becky Hayes
378 Wynnwood Drive
Verona, WI 53593


purchased tickets for Queen in San Jose on 7/14/19 in December of 2018 (8months prior to show!!)Was supposed to get tickets by 12am the day before the show. Wake up the morning of the concert and check e mail guess what NO TICKETS!! After multiple calls to Stubhub they tell me you will have your tickets in 1-2 hours. 45 minutes later I get an e mail saying call us at stub hub. So I make the call and you know what? The tickets I purchased 8 months ago are not available and would I accept differnt seats! Since these were a gift and my wife was on a 3 plus hour car ride to the venue of course I accepted the replacement seats.The frustration in dealing with this was so bad that I WILL NEVER USE STUBHUB AGAIN and will tell anyone who listens to avoid your ticket service! Totally dissatisfied we your service and the only good thing about the whole experience were the service reps who I spoke to on the phone (Abbie was one). Sure would like to hear back with an appology and some type of explanation as why this happened. Sad to see I am not the only one to have such a lousy experience with your service and definitely expected better! If I could have I would have given you a 0 star rating. Dan Prinvale


Listing No. 1489121764

I listed this event with Last Minute Services. I brought the tickets to the Manahattan Stubhub Office in early June so they could be listed for last minute services. Everything was fine until the day of the show (7/11). At Noon I went tocheck the status and the tickets were not listed. They had been deleted. Not by me. I called Stubhub and they tried to recytify the situation. Afetr a few hours, it was rectified nbut the lapse in time probably cost me the sale of the tickets. There was only 3 hours left before the show when the tickets were relisted. The tickets did not sell but I am upset because they were not on the site in the prime time wheen these tickets may have sold. I have no explanation as to wjat happenned, and neither did your agent on the phone who seemed to need a lot of supervisory help to figure this out. I would like some kind of compensation for this, Strngely, a similar thing happenned a couple of years ago with Diana Ross tickets I had with LMS at Times Square location, and I was compebnsated by Stubhub. I am a good customer and this seems to happen only with the LMS option. Please advise . I look forward to your reply -
Thanks - David Rosenberg - 646-717-4061 -


I paid $194 For tickets to NY Yankees vs KC Royals game in Kansas City on May 24, 2019. The Game was postponed because of Weather. I could not stay next day to see the RESCHEDULE game on Saturday May 25 . Because I live out of town, Iasked for refund and was told I can only try and resale tickets. TICKETS did not sale and now I'm out of $194 which is so unfair. Money should have been refunded in full from the seller her /Him who sold the tickets should be able to refund me if StubHub can't. I don't have money to give away and to not get a refund is robbery. I thought that StubHub was great service and now I feel totally different about the company. Can someone help me please. $194 is a lot of money .


After selling my tickets I was told there is only two ways to get paid, giving them my routing number and PayPal, totally unacceptable.,


Tried to purchase a ticket to SJ Sharks. They sent a transfer email and told me to update my password. When I did that the transfer email disappeared. So far it has taken me 1 1/2 hours on the phone to correct this. They apparently have no method in house when something goes sideways. I was disconnected twice during this process. Never will I purchase another ticket online.


My son bought tickets for Elton John this Saturday in Feb. He misplaced the=
m and said he put them in a place where they no longer are. Dumb, I know. W=
e have the receipt from Stubhub and PayPal. Upper 210. Row 6. $515. The se=
ller bought a row of 20, has sold 17, has 3 more left. He did not keep track=
of which seats he sold to whom. Stub hub will not contact him to ask if he=
would be willing to send an inquiry to the recipients (prob 4-5 or so. 15=
minus us. Prob groups of 2, 3, or 4) to check their seat numbers.=20

I have been mistreated by the foreign agents on Stubhub. Very low class corp=
orate co. Problem : can we possibly show up and wait for the 2 vacant seat=
s out of 20? We will wait until all are seated. We have our receipts. Amo=
unt paid. We are not trying to get away with anything. Maybe we can have our=
receipt authenticated so we stand back upstairs and wait.=20

Please please please. I beg of you, Help us.



I sold 2 tickets through stubhub on June 19th. I was supposed to receive my payment within a few days after the event was over (July 7th). I made numerous phone calls and wrote several emails and I am still waiting to be paid. Incidentally, stubhub received several hundred dollars in commission from the buyers as soon as the tickets were sold.


My complaint is, I was not aware I was paying $225.28 for a ticket that was originally priced at $129.99, and I bought 6 for friends & family!! A friend of mine sent me the link to the Alan Jackson concert here in Charlotte, NC to order tickets. I did not question it or do any research on Stub Hub, I just thought they were like Ticketmaster. I am 60 years and have not gone to a concert in about 25 years. Back in the late 70's there wasn't a concert that came to town that I DIDN'T SEE!! Back then you bought the ticket at the door and you knew exactly what it cost and exactly where you were sitting. Back then IF the tickets sold out, there were "SCALPERS" outside selling tickets for a "bit" of a profit AND if they were caught doing so, they went to jail. Now I guess it is all perfectly legal!!!! I am not happy and want my money back. I called you folks within 15 minutes and wanted a refund and was told you don't issue refunds. I am not going to give up hope that I can get some type of help from you folks before September 15th.

I looked you up on the BBB site and noticed there are several other "old" folks out there like me, that just don't know how it all works anymore. There were other complaints as well, but it was also stated that for a business of your size, there aren't an exorbitant amount of complaints. Me and my husband have been in business for over 30 years, he was 25 and I was 27 when we started out and our motto has always been, to "keep our customers happy" which we have. I will say, it has not been easy at times. I can go to sleep every night and am very proud to know in today's world we have done our best for our customers and have not in anyway, shape, form or fashion taken advantage of a working relationship. That is truly what it is all about "a working relationship for both or all parties".


I purchased two tickets (Order #522062148) and the concert was cancelled 40 minutes prior to the live show. It was then rescheduled for a later date and I cannot attend therefore, was attempting to relist and sell my tickets to recoup monies lost. I have repeatedly contacted Stubhub as the system has a glitch and not allowing me to list them. They have repeatedly advised that someone would phone me back and it has now been one week. Your system inability has shortened my window of opportunity to sell these tickets. I need this matter to be resolved or to be refunded 100% for the cost of these two tickets. Please advise what Stubhub is going to do to address this system failure.

Emily Cook


I am beyond upset right now with Stubhub right now, and am currently on hold with customer service. I am visiting my cousin in Houston and we just got tickets to the Houston FC cup game.

I hope for their reputations sake that they can resolve this. What happened? I ordered tickets online for a game and was told the tickets were available for "Instant Download" -- however, now I am finding out that I have to wait several hours to get my tickets!

Here is what the customer service rep said when I tried Stubhub live chat...

"I see your order is still processing. Some orders can take longer to process than others depending on the event, and some as long as a few hours. You will receive an email when your order has finished processing. Please call us at 1-866-788-2482 and they will be able to assist with that. "

What part of instant download translates into a long wait? If I miss this game I am going to tell everyone on social media I know.


I've bought exclusively from stubhub for the last 5 years and the only time I had any problem was fixed to my advantage. I purchased 3 tickets to a Texans game, 40 yard line on the 3rd row. The seller couldn't supply the tickets, so Stubhub offered some 50yd line 2nd row tickets and a 10% credit. I've been loyal ever since.


I went on Stubhub earlier this month to look for Super Bowl XLIX and was shocked at the pricing. It was over $2,000 for the cheapest seat I could find, unreal. Are companies like Stubhub driving up the price of event tickets like this or is it making it cheaper? I just checked again and there are 169 tickets left on Stubhub, starting at $9204. I will say at the end of the day at least this is a reputable company. I am hearing lots of rumors of other sports ticket websites screwing over customers at the last minute for the 2015 SB.  If you had tickets to see Super Bowl XLIX and didn't go through a place with integrity, chances are you might get screwed.

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